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  1. Haha! The next family reunion could be awkward.
  2. Think I posted very similar when they introduced the peanut butter and white chocolate special edition Kit Kats a while back.
  3. If you can’t handle him when he’s doesn’t know where he is, you didn’t deserve him when he knew where he was.
  4. If you can’t handle him when he’s messy, you don’t deserve him when he’s Messi x
  5. Hopefully he’ll ping a winner into the top corner against Ipswich and then unveil a t-shirt that reads, ‘If you can’t back me when I’m not worth it, you don't deserve it when I’m worth it.’
  6. Impossible to say until we see our squad at the end of August. It will also largely depend on Man City and Arsenal. If they’re in any way flat we might have an outside chance of an unlikely title challenge. That’s probably a long shot though. Players are spoilt, privileged brats today, but they’re also overworked in what they do and it’s crazy that the best ones will have very little break between the summer tournaments and the start of the season.
  7. Great that Bajcetic is getting a full pre-season. Can potentially play a big role if he can stay fit. Tsimikas is going to be one of those players who’ll quietly stay with us until he’s 37 without featuring hugely, and then he’ll just swap over to the Legends team.
  8. We’ve proven once again that we’re ahead of the curve in this Edwards era by getting the IT outage a whole 24 hours before the rest of the world.
  9. If you couldn’t handle us not making big signings when we were brilliant, you don’t deserve to handle us not making big signings now.
  10. If you can’t handle the ticket office at its worse you don’t deserve it at its best.
  11. If you can’t handle the transfer thread at its worst you don’t deserve it at its best.
  12. Any word on this nonsense since? It will serve absolutely no positive purpose for anybody associated with the club if we’re being forced to revisit those awful few months. Just bin it or show it in five years time or something.
  13. On a not-very-related point, I recently read a biography of Frank Beckenbauer which said that Roy Hodgson was offered German manager’s job sometime in or around the turn of the millennium. Unfortunately, they came to their senses and withdrew the offer a day later.
  14. Great coach by all accounts, but I reckon he’d be devoured and spat out by that job. Also, it’s much easier to coach kids than egotistical arseholes who think they already know more than you. Anyway, I think the FA will want more of a ‘name’. Eddie Howe would be an hilarious choice, even more so if he brought the perma-tanned assistant who always tries to steal his thunder.
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