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  1. El Rojo

    Mohamed Salah

    Always a wonderful idea by either party to play these things out in public with leaks when a compromise hasn’t yet been reached. Classy and dignified.
  2. Yep. Had to double-check that myself. Looks like he's out until after the next international break. Shame we can't rely on him being readily available, as he's top quality.
  3. El Rojo

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    City being prepared to sell him to us would be telling enough, but I would have said the same about Milner back in the day. If Klopp wanted him the strong likelihood is it would work out well, but I reckon it’s all just paper talk.
  4. El Rojo

    Other Football 2021/22

    The Lazio, Roma, Spurs treble that I almost put a tenner on at a special price of 5/1 would quite easily have been the worst bet of all time.
  5. Our 4-2 win there earlier this year seems completely forgettable given the absence of a crowd there. It was a means to an end in terms of getting a European Cup place and in no way memorable like the 4-1 under Rafa or 3-0 under Rodgers. Time to beat them again in front of their own crowd.
  6. El Rojo

    Geordie Arabia

    Last few lines are like an outtake from that Bowie song on Extras. ‘Chubby little loser…’
  7. Volley aside, it wasn't much of a departure from previous performances for us. He's just far too lightweight for the game we play. Maybe he can have a role in allowing rotation in relatively low-risk games like Watford.
  8. I thought Alisson had given himself an eight month injury too for a few horrible moments.
  9. El Rojo

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    It's great that we're winning but we still miss him, especially with Thiago being out a lot. He was generally excellent in big European games.
  10. Yeah, probably not the worst scenario. If they lose again tonight they'll be like Burnley in a cup final on Sunday trying to salvage something. (I'll still enjoy them getting beaten though).
  11. El Rojo

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Should give a simultaneous trial to both Koke and Pepi. Could call it the Pepi challenge.
  12. Bar being cajoled into booking Milner, that’s as strong a refereeing performance as you’d get in a cauldron like that.