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  1. Looks like an abstract piece of art called ‘Brexit’.
  2. El Rojo

    Boxing 2018

    ‘These shorter guys.’ Ha! Six foot too. It’s all relative I suppose.
  3. El Rojo

    Boxing 2018

    He’s a brave/stupid man getting up after that first knockdown.
  4. El Rojo

    Boxing 2018

    In Soviet Russia, fighter gives referee countdown.
  5. El Rojo

    Boxing 2018

    Please don't send me on any stream details, cheers.
  6. Hearing Joshua’s going to arrive in on Robbie Fowler’s shoulders.
  7. El Rojo

    Boxing 2018

    I’d be disgusted if somebody directed me towards a stream.
  8. El Rojo

    Boxing 2018

    Haha! He’s just trolling Hearn at this stage. Fair fucks to him. Still, he’ll be back not lasting very long in a PPV undercard bout soon.
  9. Mourinho’s a genius. He’s completely taking the focus away from his team by running their season into the ground.
  10. Yeah, you’d expect to be ahead by a bit with a six game winning start. The head-to-heads will be huge, and we might even need our friendly rivals Manchester United to do us a favour or two. It’s already a three horse race.
  11. El Rojo

    Cheese coffee

    Might start a thread on my idea for fish-flavoured lemonade.
  12. El Rojo

    The Jurgen Klopp appreciation society

    Nobody is bigger than the Klopp.
  13. El Rojo

    The Jurgen Klopp appreciation society

    Apparently Jurgen vetoed a Manchester City or Being Liverpool type behind-the-scenes atrocity being filmed at the club this season. Starting to think this fella can't do any wrong.