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  1. Sensational win in the circumstances. A real pisser for City to see too. Looking forward to seeing Danns, McConnell and Clark in the FA Cup. They look well able for it.
  2. Elliott still trying after all his misses. Brilliant attitude. He doesn’t sideways pass or hide.
  3. Quansah did well with that last ditch defending, even if it was offside.
  4. Delighted he got the goal, deserves it. Hilariously awful defending though.
  5. Meant for the match thread, but he’d probably be a great manager too!
  6. This would be the perfect game for someone like Kaide Gordon to come on and show he can be an option.
  7. Imagine if Kelleher goes down holding his hamstring early in this one.
  8. If, as seems prudent, we de-prioritise the Southampton game, there's over a week after the cup final until the Forest league game. We should have some back by then.
  9. Robertson was always going to be rested and maybe a rusty Tsimikas with Quansah and no Alisson could be tricky. A million miles from ideal, though, all this.
  10. I'm driving the Kjetil Knutsen train if anyone wants to hop on. @Code will be collecting your tickets and serving refreshments from his trolley.
  11. Liverpool’s injuries: ‘How am I doing, boss?’ Injuries from nine-day American Civil War battle: ‘You’re doing a great job, son… a great job!’
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