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  1. The best thing to ever come out of this forum. Even Code and Stringvest get a mention. Paddyberger at the forefront of beheadings long before Isis.
  2. He was one of England’s best players in the WC. He's played better for England than us in recent times. It also makes watching England more palatable when he plays.
  3. No fucker was taking them off our hands for a price we wanted if anything so we were stuck with them on huge wages. What Phillips are you on about Kalvin?
  4. haha you tit that was edited. Get down the gym you jock strap sniffing loon.
  5. It didn’t make sense you posting on a public forum about stalking some random woman at a gym. No wonder you fucked off for a while you were probably put on a list.
  6. Near everyone of those players you can call a sicknote now. Expecting them to be fit is more of a surprise. We were ok injury wise last season swings and roundabouts trimming your squad of players that could offer something is probably not the best move and one we should have learned from a couple of years ago when we finished 3rd. Saying that the home grown crap is an issue as well.
  7. Up there with your gym stalking, nearly.
  8. Nunez replaced Mane, Gakpo bought because Diaz was fucked for the season and is likely to be Firmino’s replacement if anything. He’s been here a couple on months. Neither were replacements for Minamino or Origi. If anything Carvalho was Minamino’s replacement but he’s just a kid.
  9. Is right, people were gagging to get rid of those three but all offered something we no longer have off the bench.
  10. The only players I'd keep would be Alisson, Konate, Tsimikas, Trent (yeah I know), Nunez, Gakpo, Diaz, Youngsters not including Jones, plus VVD, Robertson and Kelleher unless someone offered stupid money for them. The others sell over the next 2/3 years sadly they can't all be fucked off in the Summer. I'd keep Milner as well.
  11. I wonder how many points he's cost us this season.
  12. We were that shit last night I didn't even notice him.
  13. I’m more worried the Manager keeps playing the joker. A whole season of shit performances and he’s still picked every game. Anyone of Gomez, Milner and Henderson are better at rightback at this point.
  14. I like Owen nowadays. Was pissed when the little fucker left us for a pittance mind.
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