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  1. They won't pay what we want. Next.
  2. J-V


    Cheers Boris you fat cunt.
  3. J-V


    It's normally lower than that for Covid 19 if the Guardian are correct which they're probably not.
  4. J-V


    I like a party etc as much as the rest of them. If it means keeping myself and family safe I'll chose the staying in option rather than being an absolute cunt.
  5. J-V


    I've got absolutely no issues with being paid to sit in my house for the next 6months or so.
  6. A 25pt lead isn’t handing us the League. if they void it and do not make us winners football as a whole can fuck right off.
  7. J-V


    I don't suffer from hay fever and I'll take the Doctors diagnosis over some ancient dickhead on here.
  8. J-V


    I've have a bad chest which isn't exactly painful I can just feel something not right and a shortness of breath. I first noticed the chest on the 16th though my throat felt strange on the 13th. Doctor confrimed over the phone yesterday my symtoms are likely a mild case and are exactly as She has currently. She prescribed antibiotics which she even said won't do anything and was told to take Paracetimol which is hard work as every cunt had snapped them up last time I went out. Other symptoms: Nose near totally blocked at times especially at night so I end up trying to catch a breath through my mouth which isn't a good feeling as it comes on suddenly. Cough which is not regular. I maybe cough once every 30mins. A lot of White phlem. The problem with this is all the above symptoms are also Pnumonia and Chest infection and without an actaul test it's just guess work. This is exactly how I feel. Feels like my lungs are full of smoke. Temperature has been normal throughout.
  9. J-V


    About a week late with that one
  10. All football below National League to end https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52052351
  11. J-V


    Good video.
  12. J-V


    The lengths he's going to just to get out of the Berlin showdown.