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  1. Media/Uefa/PL spun into overdrive to keep their golden goose. People lapped it all up whilst cheering on Dot Cotten and two clubs that played a massive part in ruining the game. Open season for City and Chelsea. I hope none of you were expecting money for transfers this summer.
  2. If they've signed a multi year contract yeah I'd expect them to hold on unless you're all happy for players to be sold to pay for this contract.
  3. It's time for these fans to stand up and take the game back from Sky Gary you fucking sycophantic Manc Rat cunt. The shit this tit comes out with.
  4. It would have probably evolved into something like that. I'd be surprised if they didn't have FFP sorted from the start though.
  5. To the European Super League
  6. The remaining 10 should do the cheats for breach of contract.
  7. Never heard of the cunts
  8. Players jumping on the bandwagon after this has already fallen apart. Have the bollocks to front up like Milner when this was still happening or keep quiet.
  9. We're fucked but atleast City and Chelsea can carry on spending like cunts.
  10. Yeah, he went balls deep. Fair play.
  11. He wa going in the Summer anyway.
  12. Next time (there will be one) pick teams that don’t shit themselves within 3 days of the announcement.