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  1. Rushies tash

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That's why they barely left the edge of their own area against us. A simple punt up the middle and they shit themselves. Badly exposes their crisp bag handed keeper as well.
  2. Rushies tash

    Burnley (H) Premier League 11/7/20 - 15:00

    Good to see Jones and Williams get a start in a strong line up.
  3. Nice car indeed. Looks like an rs2000. If the owner kept it in that condition, it'd be worth a fortune. https://www.classicandsportscar.com/auctions/mk2-ford-escort-sells-almost-ps100000
  4. Rushies tash

    Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 0 (Jul 5 2020)

    Well you're spoiled for choice at the ground mate. It famously has a pub at each corner. In fact you dont have to go far in Brentford itself to find an alehouse. Handy place to go out for a pint.
  5. Rushies tash

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    His books offend me because I find them shite. But he's sold alot if them and made a fortune, so what do I know eh?
  6. Rushies tash

    Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 0 (Jul 5 2020)

    Not sure Brentford supporters would agree with you about Dean Smith Dave. In fact, given my lad's connections with the Bees, it'd be great (and somewhat poetic) if they passed each other in opposite directions at the end of the season.
  7. Rushies tash

    Shit players that had worldie's against us?

    He did from what I can remember. Rush got a late equaliser but we were shite that day as well.
  8. Rushies tash

    Shit players that had worldie's against us?

    I went to the game at Burnden Park. Fucking shit hole, and missed half the action because of the Asda (or whatever it was) half way across the away end.
  9. Rushies tash

    What Constitutes Your Perfect Roast Dinner

    I bet that tasted as good as it looks. The Yorkshires turned out well.
  10. Rushies tash

    Who was your favourite Spice Girl?

    Ginger for me. Until she spoke.
  11. Rushies tash

    Your Top 5 Wrestlers of All Time?

    1. Ryback 2. Sin Cara 3. The Rock 4. Kofi Kingston 5. Goldberg The sheer athleticism of Cara, Kingston (and the Rock to a slightly lesser extent) is immensely impressive. The other two are just massive fuckers who make me laugh.
  12. Rushies tash

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They had no problem demolishing a row of houses to expand the Glwadys Street in 1938. http://efcheritagesociety.com/?p=1188 Best thing about that article is them explaining how the Bullens hasn't changed since 1926 apart from a roof.
  13. Rushies tash


    40 years of media brainwashing will have that effect.
  14. There was an article in the Mirror about how he received abuse from people in the street along the lines of "I've got to go back to work, why shouldn't you?" However, the headline simply said "Troy Deeney opens up on disgusting abuse" so of course they think it must be us. Everything is about us.