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  1. Are you old enough to remember when Phil Boersma was here under Souness?
  2. Ten Hag's game plan this season has been to sit deep, run about alot and rely on individual moments of skill to scrape through games by the odd goal. We didn't pump them at Anfield because we were too slow and predictable in attack, and had to resort to having loads of pot shots from distance. I'm not sure that their support will be too happy with them stringing six across the back at home, so hopefully we'll score first and then pick them off on the break instead. It won't be a drubbing though.
  3. Coote letting these cunts take forever for each goal kick. Plucky Man Utd clinging on for a famous win against mighty Luton.
  4. I just ring at the last minute usually to ask for an upgrade if they have any. That's about it really. I make sure to say it's a special occasion (which, to be fair, it usually is) and that I've booked a decent room to begin with - it's taking the piss to book their cheapest room and then expect their best one (also, if you don't get upgraded, you've not really lost out). On this occasion, they didn't actually upgrade me when I rang, but on the day I went online and saw that their best room was still available after I'd checked in. I nipped back to reception and asked what they could do - and the girl on the desk was brilliant about it. I think if an upgrade is available, and there's no chance of the room getting booked out, they'd rather offer it and have a happy guest than leave it empty.
  5. Especially when you consider what happened to Jota today. Edit: Just rewarched it, and apart from him being offside, he was also outside the area.
  6. Blagging an upgrade to the best suite in the hotel for Mrs Tash's birthday this week. Anyone on here who has children will know that, as much as you love them, any night you can grab away from them is bliss. Especially in a duplex suite. Cheers.
  7. A fact no doubt reflected in the number of yellow cards they've recieved for doing it.
  8. Are we now also back to players berating refs for decisions they disagree with then?
  9. Shit touch and cross from Gusto. Shit control from Jackson. Just shit all round really.
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