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  1. Kudus reckons that Heitinga is the best coach he's had (at Ajax). https://www.voetbalprimeur.nl/nieuws/1211976/ongeduldige-kudus-wilde-door-met-ajax-trainer-de-beste-die-ik-heb-gehad.html
  2. All I was getting for adverts on Facebook was harem pants. Fuck knows why I got the first one but I clicked on it and then loads of other ones suggested. Still haven't bought any.
  3. I don't think I've used Twitter since Musk bought it. It's partly because he's a cunt but mainly because he has destroyed what it was. I used to use a 3rd party app for it which only had what I was interested in so I didn't have a load of twats arguing. Musk stopped all that.
  4. Met another one of his cousins last night. He knew nothing about a Liverpool move but was a Feyenoord fan who wished Arne Slot well. He was also fucking steaming.
  5. It was down for 8 hours and they have added 4 days as compensation.
  6. I hope somebody took you up on it. I fucking love Love.
  7. My mate broke his leg falling off a stage whilst dressed as a bear for British Sea Power.
  8. Kinell. Why aren't I in Liverpool?
  9. You get given extra time for the time it was down for apparently.
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