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  1. You can fight Gnasher next time you're in Wales. You can fight me next time you're in the Netherlands You can fight Fuge in Scotland if you are ever smart enough to work out he's in Scotland. You can fight Turdseye anywhere. Sure there's more takers on here for a fat bullshitting racist twat.
  2. She'd welly you everywhere
  3. I'm going to cheat totally with Get Round Town by The Pastels because it's boss
  4. I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones on a dulcimer
  5. I love them but not sure it would be worth a trip to Sweden even if it is a hometown gig. They seem to come around to Amsterdam at least a couple of times a year.. Here's them with Amy out of Amyl & The Sniffers And definitely go and see Amyl & The Sniffers. They really are something else live. Amy is like a young female Iggy Pop.
  6. He's nowhere near as much of a twat as the lad from Formby that was here a couple of years ago though.
  7. New loud Scouse lad in the bar here. Very loud. Very important. Very Scouse. Met him outside after about 2 hours while having a smoke. Elsmere Port.
  8. Seren, Fen, Umbrella, The Crew, Asgard Everything is on those. Choose which one you prefer.
  9. The best thing about Paddy Pimblett is that all the Dutch lads in work now pronounce the word tomorrow in a pure scouse accent. It's not from me.
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