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  1. cloggypop

    GF music review club

    Skids knows.
  2. cloggypop

    Islamic Positive Thread

    It's a little known fact that quim is short for Quilliam.
  3. cloggypop

    Andrew Robertson

  4. cloggypop

    Liverpool 2 Fulham 0 - Player Ratings

    Sheridan Shaqiri? Robert Firmino? Bring back TK's far superior ratings.
  5. cloggypop

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Yeah, pretty sure that was Jeremy Dammers.
  6. cloggypop

    Fulham(h) PL-Match Thread

    Bobbing away like an unsinkable turd at the top of the league.
  7. cloggypop

    Fulham(h) PL-Match Thread

    Yeah. Fuck off rico.
  8. cloggypop

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    I wish he was a little bit taller.
  9. cloggypop

    Fulham(h) PL-Match Thread

    If Sessegnon can't stick the ball in our net there he can fuck right off if he thinks we are buying him.
  10. The single bean perched on top is the perfect finishing touch.
  11. A Polish woman I know put this up on Facebook and I can't stop laughing. It had "English breakfast - very tasty" under it in Polish. To make it worse, her son-in-law is Scottish and her daughter is a chef.
  12. cloggypop

    Boxing 2018

    An overweight, mulleted Brendan Rodgers is exactly what I was thinking.