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  1. cloggypop

    Who will replace her? NSFT

    Well she's a Tory. It's pick a twat time.
  2. cloggypop

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Firmino is best in the Firmino position. Naturally.
  3. cloggypop

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    She's fucking shite
  4. cloggypop

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    They'll be pulling a massive yellow flag over the UK any time now...
  5. cloggypop

    When is Violence Justified?

    Tommy Robinson is like a shit version of that hobbit in Green Street with worse trabs.
  6. cloggypop

    When is Violence Justified?

    Fucking Morrissey fans
  7. cloggypop

    When is Violence Justified?

    What a twat he is https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Anthony_Walker
  8. cloggypop

    Top 10 Favourite Kid’s Television Programmes

    Ha ha Jamie and the Magic Torch. Good memories. Some lad over here with the same name used to be a coke dealer then had some kind of revelation and reinvented himself as a Reiki healer. I used to sing Jamie and his magic hands every time I saw him.
  9. cloggypop

    Tuesday 31st May - Panorama.

    You're a good man LF. Any chance of an autographed restraining jacket?
  10. cloggypop

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    He is deffo talented like.
  11. cloggypop

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I need Babbsburstnuts opinion on this
  12. cloggypop

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Depay was looking like a future great in the Eredivisie, then he went the Mancs and seemed to think he'd already made it. As well as this he didn't seem to fit in as he always seemed to be spending any time he could back over here. Plus I can never forget that hat and poncho get up. Maybe he'd be better with two talented international team mates who've worked hard to get their acclaim in the same squad. I have no idea what he's been like in France.