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  1. Don't get a Disney+ subscription.
  2. cloggypop

    Things I can't do that seemingly everyone else can

    How do you annoy waiters?
  3. cloggypop


    143 blerts arrested yesterday for an illegal demonstration against coronavirus at Museumplein in Amsterdam. There was over 2000 of them. Police used water cannon and horses.
  4. cloggypop

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Convinced me. Signed up for the gun training.
  5. cloggypop

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    Wijnaldum is an underrated midfielder who plays for Liverpool.
  6. Obstinate forumites who think they’re too cool for school....


    This might be of interest.



  7. cloggypop

    GF’s who don’t go to the dark side...

    Good luck with it. Now fuck off.
  8. cloggypop


    Fuck this shit
  9. cloggypop

    GF’s who don’t go to the dark side...

    Dodge the draft
  10. cloggypop

    Football Manager Comp.

    Slam the forum door shut. There's a draft getting in.