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  1. Even the teapot is trying to distance itself from that nonsense breakfast.
  2. Piss wet through and getting drowned out by D-ream. Says it all really.
  3. He’s like a naughty schoolboy trying to make excuses in the headmaster’s office.
  4. I’m currently 73 days cocaine free. Granted this is fuck all compared to you but it’s the longest I’ve done in a decade, not that I was ever a heavy user really. Just weekends, and only then if I was out and about. The difference this time, compared with other periods of abstinence, is I have absolutely no desire to ever have any again. I’m fairly sure I’m done with it and good riddance to the stuff.
  5. Me too. Looking right down the barrel of it. Definitely the greatest Anfield night I ever experienced. Walking down towards the ground, that evening, you could just tell it was going to be special. It certainly was.
  6. Not something that’s ever acknowledged in these parts. I’m not 100% sure if it’s true or not, although something like this really wouldn’t surprise me. Even the possibility that something like this happened has been airbrushed from history in favour of a universal loathing for the whole country of Turkey. Whatever, what happened to the two Leeds fans that lost their lives was horrific. The long battle for proper justice, also shameful. You’d think this would also provide an essence of kinship with Liverpool FC. Unfortunately, in my experience anyway, it does not.
  7. These threads make me feel like a right thick cunt. I achieved an E at GCSE Physics. The E did not stand for Excellent. This failure can be blamed squarely on the shoulders of the teacher. I was once late as a ‘friend’ had thrown my bag out the window before he arrived, and I had to go retrieve it. When I arrived, he asked where I’d been. I told him about my bag being thrown out the window, but not who did it (snitches get stitches). He picked up my bag and asked which window, I told him, he threw it out again. The learning I missed, whilst retrieving my bag for the second time, was clearly the difference between an A and an E. It’s also the reason I can’t sensibly contribute to this thread.
  8. That large lady who used to be in Emmerdale, and was on Strictly, is just down from me on a train. Opposite but on the other side of the carriage. She has a banana in front of her that she’s not yet shown any signs of eating. It’s annoying me. Not sure why, but it is.
  9. And yet every single person I spoke to yesterday believes this to be the case. Of course, people believe what they want to believe, and some of it comes from a desire just to irk me. Liverpool’s numbers, in terms of trophy wins, is seen as failure. Man City’s numbers, in terms of charges, is seen as irrelevant. Now I am dealing with Leeds fans here, who are undeniably ridiculous in all matters; re: the beautiful game, but it’s a narrative that is shared by many other supporters of less idiotic fanbases than Leeds. Of course, despite me wasting some of what’s left of my life writing this. What they think doesn’t matter. It’s what we think, our truth, the truth.
  10. A cup of coffee, a bacon sandwich, and Nigella on the television.
  11. Should have said nothing until after Sunday. These are a Klopp’s moments, not his. He can start making his own from Monday.
  12. Bogie at the second. Crime does not pay.
  13. Birdie at the first. Fuck the Police (says Scottie).
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