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  1. YorkshireRed

    What's your preference?

    3 4 D
  2. I guess both these bands have a certain influence and are leading creators of their chosen style of music. They’re also, in their own way, popular with audiences and critics alike. Neither are genuinely one of the best two bands in the rest of the world though. My vote goes to AC/DC but not with any great umph.
  3. YorkshireRed

    Things I can't do that seemingly everyone else can

    Give a woman an orgasm. It’s a good job I have other talents, e.g. keepy uppies, or the wife would have left me long ago.
  4. YorkshireRed

    Things I can't do that seemingly everyone else can

    I was and still am a brilliant unmentionabler (in my head anyway) so have enjoyed reading through this thread and feeling superior. To cut myself down a peg or twelve, I am absolutely useless at any kind of DIY. The wife is chief shelf putter upper, lightbulb changer, fixer of broken things in our house. I’ve learned, over the years, to stay out of the way, perhaps in the garden doing keepy uppies, while she dons her tool belt and walks around the house tutting, measuring things and scratching her arse.
  5. YorkshireRed

    Most Exhilarating Sports Moments

    Usain Bolt, 100 metres at the Beijing Olympics. A bit under ten seconds of wonder then several minutes of excitement at what I’d just seen.
  6. YorkshireRed

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    The Serpent is a good show, nicely made, occasionally gripping and well acted. 8/10. It also has Jemma Coleman in it, looking sexy in her 70’s outfits and sounding whatever the next level up from sexy is with her French accent. 147/10.
  7. YorkshireRed

    Have a rant thread

    The ageing process. Who ever invented that is an utter cunt and needs a sound thrashing. No doubt it’s the same scoundrel that gave the world cold weather, which acts as a double whammy for those of us approaching death. I’ve woken up this morning with more aches and pains than is befitting of someone still with aspirations to make it as a professional unmentionable. Both knees ache, my ankle is throbbing, I have stiff shoulders, a sore lower back and my toes are full of arthritis. Added to this my fading eyesight, memory loss and pathetic attempts at erections and you can see I’ve every right to be livid.
  8. YorkshireRed

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    Indiana Jones Toy Story Matrix Marvel Back to the Future
  9. YorkshireRed

    Work Nicknames

    I’m known at work as Stud Muffin. Sometimes it helps to be self employed and spend all day alone in a home office.
  10. The Dubliners as I’m still sore about The Bee Gee debacle in the last round. Also, I like them. I also like Toots but they’re not as ‘great’ as the brothers Gibb.
  11. YorkshireRed

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    Our Window Cleaner has gone missing. I think he may have been murdered. I could obviously do them myself but I’m too busy cooking with the Ninja and spying on the lesbians next door.
  12. YorkshireRed

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    I’ve kept it pretty simple mostly. Bacon, Sausages, Burgers are really easy. Cooked the wife a Steak dinner the other week and it did a couple of Ribeye’s perfectly. Same for some pork chops. Tried homemade chips which were less successful but it actually vastly improves oven chips which I don’t usually like. Managed a full roast chicken and roast potatoes on Sunday. It will be perfect next time but probably did the pressure part of the cooking for ten minutes too long this time. We live and learn. Next up will be some blueberry muffins, just because.
  13. YorkshireRed

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    Mentioned elsewhere but I bought myself a Ninja Foodi for Christmas. I’m still learning but it’s really good.
  14. Voted U2 but disappointed to see that ABBA are going out this early. I’ll balance this out this afternoon by reaching for my ABBA albums, removing the records from their sleeves, giving them a spin and celebrating my masculinity by dancing my bottom off.