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  1. Grinch

    VAR Thoughts?

    The wrong team would have made a champions League semi final last night without it. Arguing against it is nonsensical.
  2. Grinch

    Cardiff (A) Premier League 21/4/19

    Sounds like Chelsea last week with worse players.
  3. Grinch

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Epi 3 is a battle that is one of the largest seen on telly. 55 days to record.
  4. Grinch

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    I've not got my wish yet, until we lift the league and that will require our big five fit every game. People are going to have to get used to champions League quarter finals, that's something we should be making every year now, barring a cuntof a draw in the 2nd rd. Title challenges on the other hand will be a rarer breed if City keep this sort of points total as the norm.
  5. Grinch

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Good call to give Bobby a rest. Absolutely pivotal to how we play.
  6. Grinch

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Just where the fuck has uniteds money gone actually. Still the 3rd most expensive squad in the world and they're playing Lingaard, Jones and McTomminey. Even the likes of Rashford should be no more than an off the bench player at a top club.
  7. Grinch

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    They should probably try and play him alongside better players than Fred and that McTomminey who wouldn't look out of place in the championship. Pogba will be class again once he moves to Madrid, like he has been everywhere else.
  8. Grinch

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Yes and we are 2-0 against a shit team. What you've thrown out is nothing more than a sound bite that ignores circumstances. Thankfully Klopp didn't do that during the group stages when he constantly played weaker teams to prioritize the league.
  9. Grinch

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Was it? Whoever it was fell to his knees quicker than a hooker when a schoolboy knows to stand tall. I've been blaming Hennessey for that all week.
  10. Grinch

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    In our hands without a defence and a joke of a manager. This team would have cruised that league. It's really unfortunate who we've come up against this year really.
  11. Grinch

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Hasn't heard much about the basics of goalkeeping if the weekend is anything to go by.
  12. Grinch

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Why? We're 2-0 up against a wank Porto game and can't afford to drop a single point in the league run in. This is our last chance too. It's not like we've been steamrolling teams with ease in the league or have a great squad to call upon when things aren't going right. Best chance to win the league since we last won it, that's what really matters.
  13. Grinch

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Possibly time to rest one or two. We're not really going to get another chance this season.
  14. Grinch

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    This is true but a real quality side wins the Dutch league with their eyes closed.
  15. Grinch

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Unfortunate that its city or spurs that will be handed the easy route to the final.