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  1. Grinch

    Other Football 2021/22

    Shite penalty by a shite player for a shite team in a shit league. DeGea went early and Noble was too useless to tap it down the middle or other side.
  2. Grinch

    Other Football 2021/22

    West Ham might have been better to string two passes together before going 2-1 down. This league gets worse every year.
  3. Not even close. Forward was dreadful and lunged in instead of getting his body in the way and taking the hit. City also had a goal disallowed at the end that looked level tbh. Won’t stop the cries of corruption tho. End of the day, they dropped two points to utter shite at home so crack out the whiskey.
  4. There’s no foul there at all. Southampton player lunges in for a tackle for some bizarre reason.
  5. I might let her book meals during the football if moving another two points ahead of city is the result.
  6. Tbf we should be careful what we wish for. To get a back up left back for the first time in years. Klopp had to go into the season with three centre backs. We know how that turned out.
  7. The big club without a back up right back. Disgusting
  8. Grinch

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    If they ever push that quota up, forget about doing anything in Europe. Even the better names mentioned like Saka are absolutely shite.
  9. Grinch

    Div or Dom?

    Solanke…was actually our only back up to the front three. You couldn’t possibly sign anyone to compete with them, they said. Both are fucking shite.
  10. Even coming off when there’s fuck all wrong way him tells you a lot. First start since January and doesn’t want to leave it all on the pitch.