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  1. TheHowieLama

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The left handed fella looks uncomfortable.
  2. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Have that Bulgarias!!
  3. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Nice Dandy!! I like what you are cookin.
  4. TheHowieLama


    Cheap real estate.
  5. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    It definitely is
  6. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    It definitely is.
  7. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Watch the game, read the thread mate -- seems to be a little more than just black and white going on. You yourself mentioned politics.
  8. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    So it is racism - or they don't like England?
  9. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Why would a racist Bulgarian tangle with a white England supporter? As above -- are England viewed to be far left? Otherwise what is the issue - they just don't like you?
  10. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Twenty or thirty fans have caused this? No sir.
  11. TheHowieLama

    Alberto Moreno

    Mate , he struggled with "Alberto!!!"
  12. TheHowieLama

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    You seem incapable when spelling expletives -- worrying.
  13. TheHowieLama

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Of course it is not enough -- it is laughable to suggest waiting! Certainly they could set up something similar to what the NFL does and have a proper concussion check either in an area just off the field or in the tunnel. It takes them like two minutes to do it.
  14. TheHowieLama

    Serious things you shouldn't laugh at

    A wanted Texas man who challenged police to find him was arrested — after police found him. Jason San Miguel reportedly issued the bizarre challenge to the police when he was informed Friday he was wanted on a burglary charge, telling an officer that cops would have to find him to arrest him and that he doubted they were up to the task. Despite his confident boasts, however, San Miguel apparently was not very good at hiding because police officers said they found him within a few hours in what was probably the first place they looked: the attic of his home.