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  1. TheHowieLama

    Racism in Southern America..

    “No, I don’t think there’s systemic racism,” O’Brien told Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union. Instead, O’Brien said “there are some bad cops that are racist and there are cops that maybe don’t have the right training.” Since we are mentioning things in this thread - in the last 100 years there have been two black Republican senators. There have been, I think, 5 black Republicans in the House during that time - 100 years.
  2. TheHowieLama

    Donald Trump

    Well, he wanted to be a war time President, now he is.
  3. TheHowieLama

    Racism in Southern America..

    I don't have to, you just did. But I will mention that the incident which has sparked this whole thing off was far from a violent crime.
  4. TheHowieLama


    Massive Death Troll is a great band name
  5. TheHowieLama

    The Space Thread

    We are Code Red - Code Red If this gets scrubbed again for weather they should just keep the two fellas in the capsule to cut down on the lead time tomorrow.
  6. TheHowieLama

    The Space Thread

    The suits do look like something out of a Mel Brooks movie.
  7. TheHowieLama

    Racism in Southern America..

    Who do they strike against? Boycott with what, majority all been laid off and have no cash at this point anyway.
  8. TheHowieLama

    Racism in Southern America..

    Or that. We could also stop buying into the idea that income/racial inequality is going to be effected by candlelight vigils. And that there are protesters who are not black and not all the businesses effected are small black owned operations. Stuff you already know.
  9. TheHowieLama

    Racism in Southern America..

    We should mention there are more whites than blacks if you are going to do that.
  10. TheHowieLama


    He is saying you could be more than 6 feet apart, you could even be in another room. The air filtering was the main issue on airlines. Every office, school, public space will be upgrading their HEPA filtration, would imagine some will go so far as adding UV.
  11. TheHowieLama


    How is the ADHD coming along?
  12. TheHowieLama

    Donald Trump

    "the most vicious dogs and ominous weapons I have ever seen" Impossible not to read this in the voice of Sassy Trump.
  13. TheHowieLama


    The 6 foot rule is/was based on how far droplets can be sprayed by speaking and especially coughing normally if you are not wearing a mask. If you are wearing a mask airborne transmission becomes less likely - surfaces and then transmittal by hands are supposedly more dangerous.