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    Indeed, be like calling someone TucKer - or pooblood - or ToryofTuebrook. Like a third grader would. Or the ex President of the United States. Childish.
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    Ok so with that confirmation we can review McCullough on the topic of myocarditis. It is a 1 minute video that has been watched 645 times - well 646 now. He states that the cases he is seeing now from young folks who have been vaccinated are not mild. Interestingly he does specifically use the word mild. There is no mention whatsoever on where or how many cases he is referencing. We can hope he is monitoring these cases as closely as the US Military and it would certainly be of benefit to everyone if he could give some idea as to numbers and outcome. What would also have been helpful in this discussion would have been to point out that increased chance of myocarditis in similar percentages are seen in other vaccinations, notably smallpox and influenza. I did also listen to his bit at the 18th World Seminar on Covid 19 and Vaccination - pretty mundane with the exception of a few additional treatments that have caused him trouble. Background info on McCullough learned. Graduate of Baylor University Many years at a number of top medical facilities. One of the top donors to Baylor facilities, has donated millions - has a wing named after him. I asked @Pureblood if he was the hydroxychloroquine guy - he is. He has a number of studies on early treatment of Covid with hydroxychloroquine in spring of 2020 publishing a few as the Editor in Chief of Review of Cardio Vascular Medicine. Also published one entitled "Unfavorable hydroxychloroquine COVID-19 research associated with authors having a history of political party donations." https://rcm.imrpress.com/EN/10.31083/j.rcm.2021.01.262 Seems a strange one for a scientist but whatevz. One of the studies through Baylor is shutdown and it seems his work there dried up. The Trump White House uses his study to tout the treatment, eventually going so far as having him testify before the Senate at the bequest of the very open minded Sen Ron Johnson, on it. That proved to be a death nail in the scientific discussion of hydroxychloroquine. As for being shutdown by the mainstream media it couldn't be farther from the truth - he becomes ever present on Fox, specifically their "opinion" shows, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. Into the summer and he is at the head of the ivermectin charge. The study referenced above at Baylor was for use as an anti malarial. At some point he begins to use this information re Covid and apparently the school does not like it. He catches Covid in the fall and treats himself with a combination of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and zinc. By this time his alma mater (and recipient of millions in donations) begins work to remove him from the University. A non disclosure comes in Feb 2021. Far from being censored in the mainstream media his appearances with Carlson and Ingraham continue through the spring. At some point Baylor contacts him about ceasing to claim any connection with the school, eventually suing him for breach. His most recent work has been public speaking - a summary of one last month is here: During his presentation, McCullough did not shy away from politics and bemoaned what he said has been a loss of freedoms since the pandemic began. "This is more than a medical topic, now our freedom, our jobs, our school, somehow everything got linked to COVID-19," he said. "COVID-19 went from being a medical problem to now being an issue of somehow everything you do is related to taking a vaccine." Rep. Wendi Stearman, R-Collinsville, saw the event as an opportunity for a call to action. She urged those attending to share McCullough's information with others because it will take all of them to "fight the tyranny and lies" spread across the state. She urged everyone to pressure their local representatives and the governor to prevent vaccine mandates. While McCullough said that doctors were probably afraid to show up to the event, one of Oklahoma's top infectious disease physicians, Dr. Anuj Malik, director of infection prevention and control at Ascension St. John, said that the doctors he spoke to were not afraid to attend. They were just not interested in sitting through what would be seen as a “politically-motivated, ideological speech by a modern-day quack.” In summary, an increased rick of myocarditis is indeed a valid concern. My opinion is that there are any number of qualified doctors studying it carefully.
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    @Pureblood Typing Peter MCullough myocarditis into youtube returns one result Is this the video you are referencing?
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    Mohamed Salah

    Which guess are you using then?
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    Mohamed Salah

  6. TheHowieLama

    Mohamed Salah

    Go back in the thread mate - there is a listing of his wages/bonus structure and his off the field earnings. Either way it is moot. If the wage demands were a flat 300k a week it would be done in a heartbeat.
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    The AHA findings on myocarditis: https://scitechdaily.com/most-young-people-recover-quickly-from-myocarditis-side-effect-of-covid-19-vaccine/ Most young people under the age of 21 who developed suspected COVID-19 vaccine-related heart muscle inflammation known as myocarditis had mild symptoms that improved quickly, according to new research published today (December 6, 2021) in the American Heart Association’s flagship journal Circulation. Using data from 26 pediatric medical centers across the United States and Canada, researchers reviewed the medical records of patients younger than 21 who showed symptoms, lab results, or imaging findings indicating myocarditis within one month of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. Of the 139 teens and young adults, ranging from 12 to 20 years of age, researchers identified and evaluated: Most patients were white (66.2%), nine out of 10 (90.6%) were male and median age was 15.8 years. Nearly every case (97.8%) followed an mRNA vaccine, and 91.4% occurred after the second vaccine dose. Onset of symptoms occurred at a median of 2 days following vaccine administration. Chest pain was the most common symptom (99,3%); fever and shortness of breath each occurred in 30.9% and 27.3% of patients, respectively. About one in five patients (18.7%) was admitted to intensive care, but there were no deaths. Most patients were hospitalized for two or three days. More than three-fourths (77.3%) of patients who received a cardiac MRI showed evidence of inflammation of or injury to the heart muscle. Nearly 18.7% had at least mildly decreased left ventricular function (squeeze of the heart) at presentation, but heart function had returned to normal in all who returned for follow-up.
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    The US military has been actively tracking any cases of myocarditis in its ranks. A June study on the U.S. military had similar findings: 23 service members experienced myocarditis symptoms within days of their Covid-19 vaccine of more than 2 million vaccinated service members — all 23 were male.
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    Pfizer Covid pill https://www.verywellhealth.com/pfizer-covid-antiviral-pill-omicron-5211637 Merck Covid pill https://health.ucdavis.edu/health-news/newsroom/what-to-know-about-mercks-covid-19-treatment-pill/2021/11
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    Mohamed Salah

    No man - there is no chance he wants to play two more years at his current rate. Without a doubt his preferences would be - sign a new contract here or get sold and sign one elsewhere in the summer. If his contract gets run out it will be because FSG made that decision, not him.
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    Mohamed Salah

    By all reports he is on that already. If that really was the number the deal would have been done.
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    Mohamed Salah

    If he does that it won't be because he choose that. That would be FSG's choice.
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    I see you have brought up the Swedish model. How is that going??
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    Mohamed Salah

    You can't write the history of English OR European football without a chapter on Liverpool.
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    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    Good result