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  1. TheHowieLama


    Yep, not like they would much care what others thought when they go out anyway.
  2. TheHowieLama

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    Got one of these coming in the post
  3. TheHowieLama


    @Pidge It boggles my mind why people want to engage in hysterical conspiracy rather than look at the obvious need to keep up the pressure for testing, contact tracing and availability of PPE. I wouldn't say questioning the reporting at this time is a hysterical conspiracy theory and I imagine the vast majority of anyone questioning that would also be advocating to keep up the pressure.
  4. TheHowieLama


    Actually 55% However, our latest figures show there has been a shift in public approval, with over half (55%) now having a favourable opinion of the Prime Minister and just over third (35%) having an unfavourable opinion. This leaves him with a net score of +20, his highest rating by some distance since becoming leader.
  5. TheHowieLama


    @Nelly-Torres Those fellas don't care a jot. They all know they will have the top level medical care immediately, for as long as they need it - all on the taxpayers dime.
  6. TheHowieLama


    I am not really arguing anything -- the comment was on the "best ever" rating being a little misleading. He is two tenths of a percentage point above what he was the day he was sworn in.
  7. TheHowieLama


    In the UK, maybe - doubtful, but maybe. Worldwide there are definitely countries that will suppress information. They have been doing for a long, long time, why would they stop now?
  8. TheHowieLama


    I imagine alot would have to do with which media you have chosen to read. My guess is the majority of governments response is thought to be wanting and this may come back to haunt him in November. People have rallied around him, you were the one who pointed out the ratings bump. As I said, that bump is not near what past Presidents have enjoyed in similar crisis'.
  9. TheHowieLama


    Every grocer here has employees cleaning the carts as they give them to you. They also have put out wipes next to the CC machines for the touchscreen when you enter your pin etc
  10. TheHowieLama


    Not sure what that would have to do with his approval rating tbh.
  11. TheHowieLama


    I am not sure that everyone has come to that conclusion. The bump is for the stimulus plan, not the handling of the early stages of the virus.
  12. How is Danny DeVito's second best sitcom in the quarters???
  13. TheHowieLama


    A little context is important here - he has had the lowest approval ratings of any President for nearly his entire term, his"best ever" approval rating is still below half of voters. Regardless, the 3-point increase in his approval rating so far is not much of a bump, certainly not the kind of increase other presidents have seen in other rally-around-the-flag moments, pollsters say. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/
  14. Ooh, not sure here - guess it depends on who you consider main characters. Frasier was a secondary character. Woody Harrelson was also good. Coach, good.
  15. Everybody Hates Chris>Everybody Loves Raymond