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  1. The weird thing is how stuff lasts much longer these days. Packaged vegetables and salads are pumped full of C02 to keep them fresh, milk never seems to go off anymore, eggs last forever. This is why they have sell by date to make you throw good food away.
  2. I am going to drop it now and wait for the appeal transcript. I have maintained for years , ever since she was charged, that there isn’t much substantial evidence against her but maybe the transcript will prove otherwise. If I’m wrong I’ll hold my hand up and say so.
  3. Which is consistent with what I said days ago “Not one person saw her do anything.” I haven’t changed my position at all.
  4. Witnesses provide evidence. In the same way taps provide water. This doesn’t mean the sea is composed of taps. They are different concepts. In this case there were a lot an expert witnesses providing evidence based on data but no witnesses who witnessed her do anything criminal which is my point.
  5. You’re just wrong about this. You said there were “fucking loads” of references to witnesses in the judge’s summary and there simply aren’t any. Just back down and admit you used the wrong word. Everyone makes mistakes.
  6. I genuinely don’t think you understand the difference between witnesses and evidence.
  7. Why don’t you answer the question ? 3 pieces of actual evidence that points to her guilt.
  8. “When you say ‘witnesses’ what do you mean. Because there’s fucking loads mentioned here. “ Here’s a simple thing, go back to the judges summary of the case,download it then use the search button to find the word “witness”. You get zero, not “fucking loads” but zero. See that’s the thing, words have precise meanings and if you get them wrong you look dumb.
  9. I think we’ve established that you don’t know the meaning of the relatively simple words “witness” or “loads” so you’re not a credible source when it comes to definitions.
  10. No that’s simply not true. I said there are no witnesses mentioned in the judge’s summary even though Rico said there were loads and nobody saw her do anything which is still true unless you count standing by a bed ax doing something. So it’s other people moving the goalposts, not me.
  11. I haven’t moved any goal posts. I’ve pointed out that 5/6 of the pathologists didn’t think the poor babies had been murdered at all and nobody saw her do anything. I think that’s grounds for doubt.
  12. I don’t think a nurse standing by a bed is suspicious. It’s the same problem, she’s being found guilty by association. I think the risk is that for emotive cases, the jury is hugely reluctant to let people go free so get to a point where they “just know” that someone is guilty despite a lack of evidence.
  13. I’m in the food waste industry, about 1:3rd of all food produced goes to waste. Loads goes straight from the warehouse to the food waste plants without ever going near a shop. I’ve seen whole lorry loads of in date steak go straight into the bin becuase of the cost and time of driving it to a supermarket. Sell by dates are a terrible idea, create huge amounts of waste.
  14. Yes I read that. He’s the only one and all he saw was her standing by the cot as the baby died. It’s hardly conclusive. I think it’s worth noting that the jury took nearly 3 weeks to reach a verdict so obviously they had doubts. I think she should be allowed to appeal, it’s clearly not a rock solid conviction.
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