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  1. Captain Willard


    Another cracker. I don't know too much about art but I reckon Dali had seen a few of these Dutch painting in his time. That face to the left hand side and the fish in the bottom middle is straight out of Dali. Monty python influenced massively as well, look at the fish eating the leg in the bottom right or the bug with the face in the far bottom left. They were painting this mad stuff at the time of the great fire of London when their contempories were making a living painting monarchs or scenes from ancient Greece. Had to be some sort of drugs involved. Totally brilliant.
  2. Captain Willard


    Ha ha. Yes maybe but actually no. I'm a hard no. My own attempts at painting will stay safe in the confines of the shed. I have learnt the GF is a cruel unforgiving place.
  3. Captain Willard


    Ha ha. I'm a big Jheronomus Bosch fan as well. Here's the Haywain Triptych then obviously the Constable one. How could two paintings of Haywains painted 300 years apart be less similar? Don't do drugs kids, stick to cider, that's the lesson here.
  4. Captain Willard


    Ha ha. Property taxes based on architectural features are never going to work.
  5. Captain Willard


    The fact that you think its only “ a bit fucked up” is the revealing thing.
  6. Captain Willard

    Favourite TV Theme Tune - Nominations

    Sopranos Grandstand match of the day
  7. Captain Willard

    Next Tournament Ideas

    well that holds true for the Gf at least
  8. Captain Willard

    Next Tournament Ideas

    I think you’ve got to limit it to UK and US telly. I’m sure there are some belters on late night french telly but most of the electorate won’t have heard of them.
  9. Captain Willard


    As you will all know, the window tax introduced in 1600s meant that you paid a tax depending on how many glazed windows your house had. To avoid this, people bricked up their windows and you still this on older buildings (it lasted until 1850). So far so good. A new development near us includes bricked up windows in the brand new houses to try to make them look like they were built pre 1850. So they are building houses that will be artificially dark inside just to pretend to avoid a tax that no longer exists and charging the poor buyers a fortune as a result. I will post a photo next time I’m passing.
  10. Captain Willard


    Reminds me of the KLF burning that £1 million. Apparently his kids give him a very hard time about it now that they are older and struggling to get on the property ladder.
  11. Captain Willard


    My youngest and I are currently trying to recreate this in oils as part of his homework on the Thames. I may post the finished creation but in the light of my experiences on the breakfast thread, maybe not.
  12. Captain Willard

    The Many Saints of Newark

    I think David Chase finally jumped the shark with this. Good fun for Soprano's fans spotting the in jokes and references but otherwise aimless and no real plot. The black riot's sub plot seemed very shoe horned in and the story about the rival numbers gang just fizzled out unresolved. If you watched this having no knowledge of the Soprano's you'd say it was utter shit. Please no more.
  13. Captain Willard

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    And you’d be wrong. Black pudding trumps Haggis. Second best thing on the plate after the sausage and before the egg. Tinned tomato bringing up the rear.
  14. Captain Willard

    Foods you really don't like

    Dill is vile. Anything containing Dill tastes vile. Humus - dreary shit. Baby food for adults. Coleslaw. Absolutely cannot stand it.
  15. Captain Willard

    Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Arguably the greatest comedy of manners. Pretty pretty good.