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  1. Chris

    Lord of the Rings

    Yeah it is. I love that show. Not exactly Stranger Things, The Mandalorian, or Game of Thrones in terms of mainstream, ingrained in the pop culture, status though is it?
  2. Chris

    Lord of the Rings

    I think that's half right. I think it's also a credibility thing for Amazon Studios. They don't have that iconic show that's synonymous with their platform yet. And yes, if it works out, the money will be incredible.
  3. Chris

    Getting Old

    Me at 18: Jumping down flights of stairs on skateboards, knowing I had no chance of landing it, and landing on my face = being sore for half an hour Me at 39: Stubbing my toe = knowing it's an ailment I'll carry for the rest of my life.
  4. Chris

    Lord of the Rings

    One does not simply travel back in time 6,000 years to die again.
  5. Chris

    Lord of the Rings

    *shrug* very familiar? familiar to most people?
  6. Chris

    Lord of the Rings

    Because it covers the second age of Middle Earth whereas the books/films covered the third age, which began when Isuldur took down Sauron. So the point is to explore an entirely different part of the mythology which, in all likelihood, will tell us all about the forging of the rings. The second age lasted for about 3,500 years prior to Sauron's initial defeat, Isildur's moment of weakness and the ring passing out of knowledge for 2,500 years before coming into the hands of Gollum, which itself is 500-odd years before we pick up the story in The Fellowship of the Ring. The only super familiar characters we are likely to encounter are Elrond, Galadriel and Sauron.
  7. Chris

    Lord of the Rings

  8. Chris

    Harvey Elliott

    I dunno, I kinda see Jones' best position as doing a bit of what Bobby does rather than him just slotting into a midfield 3. A bit like Foden for City too. I agree Klopp has improved him in the manner you're talking about, I'm just not sure it's for the best. I think you lose a lot of what makes Jones potentially so special.
  9. Chris

    Harvey Elliott

    Hope this doesn't mean we see a regression of Harvey's creative instincts. I'm not sure Klopp's work with Jones has had a positive impact overall. At least it's too early to say yet. He's been too disciplined, clearly been told to keep things simple. Hopefully it'll just be a case of uncoiling his natural game again when the time comes, now the maturity is in place when required. Perhaps it was more a case of what we needed from him at the time, but I'd certainly like to see him flourish a little more in the coming season.
  10. Chris

    Harvey Elliott

    Everton? Rafa will send him back to us as a right back!
  11. Chris

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Imagine if we... Nah can't even bring myself to complete the sentence.
  12. Chris

    Rangers/Stevie Gerrard 2020/21

    I'm just here to say: Fuck Rangers and Fuck Celtic too.
  13. Chris

    Fittest news reader

    There's loads of weather forecasters mentioned in this thread. Plus the weather is news. The weather is on the news. She is a newsreader as much as say, someone on Sky Sports News is.
  14. Chris


    Now I'm intrigued...