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  1. Brilliant job on this lads. In terms of the players who might struggle to get the same love from Slot, I'm worried about Harvey despite what Dave says. Just because of the lack of size, power and real pace.
  2. Let's get Leverkusen and Slot 'em.
  3. I'm glad I was able to articulate how I felt so effectively, then. I'm a really emotional guy. I love what I love deeply and I don't mind who knows it. If that felt like too much for you, or disturbing to you, then that's fair enough. But it's not necessarily too much or disturbing in general. I guess we come on the pods to say how we feel rather than try and gauge a level of feeling people will feel is the mean appropriate emotion.
  4. Can't wait to see the back of him (that's a metaphor for I don't want to see him anymore) to be honest, there's just been one concussion too many.
  5. As I immediately clarified thereafter, obviously that's not going to be the case. It was just a metaphor for inspiring leadership. See run through brick walls, jump off a bridge if he said so, etc.
  6. Both feet left the ground with Macca, if the other lad is slightly earlier Macca is in an absolute world of bother. The Wolves lad is trying to wrap his foot around the ball. As you say, there's no malice and I don't think that should be a red card. It's not all that dissimilar to Curtis' against Spurs and we all cried blue murder about that.
  7. From my seat it looked like Macca had jumped in two footed and the only thing separating the two tackles was he got there slightly earlier. A fraction of a second difference and it would have been Macca walking. I haven't really seen anything since to convince me otherwise.
  8. Haha. There was certainly plenty of hero worship. Genuinely interested in why it was disturbing to you, mate?
  9. Can't stop thinking about Sunday after the game before the presentations when George was playing some of the songs associated with the era. You To Me Are Everything came on and there was just such a joyous communal release of love and affection. As I said on the pod, that song choice for the video was just absolutely perfect and I hope it becomes just one of *those* songs now. Like Ring of Fire and Three Little Birds and it gets belted out in the stands, in the pubs and on the coaches. Just perfect. It's a really happy memory I've already inexorably attached to Sunday.
  10. if they're anything like most people I know from Waterford, they're all big Kilkenny fans anyway.
  11. Believe in what? There’s nothing to believe in yet because we know nothing about him. What you’re talking about is blind faith.
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