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  1. Chris

    Definitely Maybe - 25 Years Old

    it's all good, we'd just send in the dungeon monster from Return of the Jedi afterwards.
  2. Chris

    Definitely Maybe - 25 Years Old

    Thanks. They're a pair of smug manc cunts who I'd pay money to watch fight each other to the death.
  3. The Lebowski Urban Under-Achievers are back.
  4. Chris

    Best James Bond?

    Holy shit. I didn't for one second twig that was the Rob Stark actor in Bodyguard.
  5. Chris

    Best James Bond?

    This point may have been made already, so sorry if I'm repeating. I don't care whether Bond is male or female, black or white. I've always thought the movies were just really bad. But seems they've missed a trick. Why not just create a new agent? 008 or some shit. Then boom! Two franchises running concurrently, crossover event a few years down the line, etc.
  6. Chris

    Branston Pickle

    Hmmm. Never thought of adding crisps to that combo. As far as crisp butties though, it's gotta be a coupe of slices of heavily buttered and shit white bread with no goodness. Then crack open a big bag packet of Walkers cheese & onion. Crush the bag in your grasp, liberally douse with Worcester' sauce and then empty the contents onto the bread. For the perfect accoutrements, pair with a pickled egg and 14 pints of real ale.
  7. Chris

    Branston Pickle

    I'm not saying its better, but lashings of Coleman's mustard is the only competitor.
  8. When you suspect someone might be a cunt and then they say "oftentimes"
  9. Chris

    Boris Johnson

    To bury the story within the world's most powerful information source, for sure.
  10. Chris

    Boris Johnson

    We're being had.
  11. Chris

    Boris Johnson

    That's been the thing all along for me. The whooping and hollering and near-Thatcher-level celebrations when she resigned was so shortsighted. This worst-case-scenario eventuality was obvious to anyone with half a brain. Better the devil you know, than the lying, treacherous, self-serving Eton scumbag piece of shit you also know.
  12. Chris

    Boris Johnson

    Look at the fucking tory horse face on that...
  13. Chris

    The Virtues

    Watched two episodes and I'm not sure I have the will to continue. Damn, it's grim. Goes with the territory I know, but fuckssake.