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  1. Chris

    Retro beauties

    She looks like the actress who played Skylar in Breaking Bad and the Sheriff's wife in Deadwood.
  2. Chris

    THE Sopranos thread

    I was actually really disappointed in that documentary. I can't imagine how they could have presented that information in any more of a bland way.
  3. Chris

    Retro beauties

    Rescinded the neg. misread your original post and thought you were hating on Wayne’s World when it was the opposite.
  4. Chris

    Retro beauties

    Exsqueeze me? Uh... baking powder? I mean she was pretty good, but Wayne's World is the greatest movie of the 90s in its own right.
  5. Chris

    Exagerated Scouse Disorder (ESD)

    Been an ungodly amount of this given today's news. My entire timeline is full of people trying to out "I hate the royals, me" each other.
  6. Chris

    The Masters 2021

    Too bad.
  7. Chris

    THE Sopranos thread

    The jaaaaaaaaaaaaacket! He took that jacket from Rocco DiMeo. Cocksucker had the toughest reputation in Essex County. But he never came back after Richie was through with him.
  8. Chris

    Andrew Cuomo

    Ain't that the truth.
  9. Chris

    Tiger Woods

    What an absolute cunt.