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  1. Chris

    Most Exhilarating Sports Moments

    Fuckin' A! You're right about the commentary too. Many of these moments have commentary tracks that are indelibly etched in the memory. @Remmie's Linford Christie post, for example. I remember being at my Grandma's 60th birthday party that night and sprinting around the garden totally exhilarated after the race. David Coleman's "and Christie comes storming through... IT'S LINFORD CHRISTIE!" was ace.
  2. Chris

    Most Exhilarating Sports Moments

    "Top he wants... and he gets it! Barneveld is the champion of the world..."
  3. There's loads of great alternatives. I don't miss meat in the slightest. Sign me up for the lab-grown shit too.
  4. Chris


    Ah yeah the little guy in the school boy uniform duck walking. Classic.
  5. Chris


    I mean, basically they're the greatest thrash metal band in history and the best live act in the world. Despite a few decades of mediocrity since their prime, which no band ever has managed to overcome. You have it, then you get old and you lose it. Saying they're shit is just a bit silly, tbh.
  6. Chris


    "Metallica are shit." Great insight from the community that brought you "Best Rock Group: Nickelback vs Kings Of Leon."
  7. Chris

    World Darts Championship

    Van Duijvenbode is such a weird cat. Fucking love him.
  8. Chris

    Trailer Park Boys

    https://www.vice.com/en/article/dy8x77/this-corner-of-england-is-ground-zero-for-brexit-chaos-and-it-literally-reeks-of-piss Residents face a terrible cocktail of miles of gridlocked traffic, delays to COVID vaccine deliveries, school closures, giant, thudding construction sites springing up on their doorstep without consultation, and the lingering smell of actual piss. For Tony Bessent, the daily reality is a reminder that reeks: he’s unable to work in his garden because of the overriding smell of urine. “They chuck two-litre Coke bottles full of piss straight onto the roadside,” says the 77-year-old retiree living on the outskirts of Dover in Kent, who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum. “I like to work on my garden and in my workshop. But you can really smell the fumes of it.” It comes from thousands of truck drivers who, every day, are now stuck waiting in line along the A20, a key road that passes directly by Bessent’s house on the journey from London to Dover’s port, which processes 4 million lorries a year. As Britain lurches toward independence, last-minute trial border checks have seen those queues multiply.
  9. Chris

    World Darts Championship

    Ah man, that was lovely. Was devo'd he beat my man Steve, but fair play.
  10. Chris

    World Darts Championship

    You sound fun.
  11. Chris

    World Darts Championship

    I've got a tenner on Dimitri Van Den Bergh at 25/1. Feel like he's come on massively this year and there's a real steel about his game now. MvG still the man to beat for me. I'd have probably said Price a couple of months ago, but he seems out of form. Wouldn't bet against Wright finding his game and retaining the title either.
  12. I'm envisioning something like this, no?
  13. Bale instead of Salah. I know these are posted in the main to wind people up and get people talking, but fuck me. That's some retarded shit.
  14. Chris

    The world of a woman.

    Then why on Earth would anyone respond to that plea? Zero incentive there.