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  1. His agent has said he doesn't fancy it, apparently. I'd be fine with Conte to be honest. In the vein of Mourinho and Van Gaal.
  2. Chris

    Hangover Cures

    Sometimes, I feel like the only way to avoid it is through sheer force of will. I've managed to stave them off in the past by pretending they don't exist and carrying on as normal. Proper mind over matter shit.
  3. Chris

    What's the story behind your username?

    My username was inspired by my mother's selection of my Christian name, which is Christopher. If you shorten it, it becomes Chris, which is faster to say.
  4. That's much cleverer than I thought it was going to be.
  5. "There was an element of “stop hitting them, they’re already dead” about this. The thing is though, I’d have been kicking that corpse until my feet hurt. Then I’d have pissed on it, set it on fire, and then pissed on the ashes." Greatest paragraph ever written. Makes it feel like Ivan Drago went easy on Apollo.
  6. For the record, that’s twice this year Anthony Taylor has needed VAR to prompt him to actually award the most obvious calls of the season. Don’t want him in charge of our games.
  7. Just watched MOTD. The post match analysis barely mentioned we were playing footy today too. Long may it continue.
  8. Chris

    Songs That Mention Other Songs

    Yeah man. Phenomenal.
  9. That team is brutal. Any confidence I had is gone.
  10. Chris

    Songs That Mention Other Songs

    No Surrender my Bobby Jean. Still the best album of this century for my money.
  11. Chris

    The shitness of modern football

    That it's vegan and gender-neutral?
  12. I know it's a broken record, but the effective swap of him for Gini is becoming such a bum deal for us. One never missed a game, the other can barely make them.
  13. We knew this before we signed him. Still an absolutely baffling signing as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Chris

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Henderson, Thiago, Milner and Fabinho are hugely experienced. That's not necessarily what we miss. We miss his energy, we miss his ability to stem the flow in games where we're struggling, we miss his ability in tight situations, we miss how he helps us maintain control in games.
  15. Chris

    The Many Saints of Newark

    That's not exactly out of step with how he was often portrayed in the series though.