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  1. Chris


    Who's that when he's at home?
  2. Chris


    Seriously, who the fuck listens to this horrendous, bland, vanilla-ass, post-Oasis, lad-bantz, boys-on-tour, basic, no-actual-discernable-taste, spoon-fed-what-commercial-radio-plays, Carling-swilling, headlining V-festival garbage anyway? The absolute fucking worse. Even the name pisses me off. Kasabian. Fuck off.
  3. Chris

    Jodie Comer

    Well put.
  4. Chris

    Jodie Comer

    How is it becoming so prevalent and powerful though? It's genuinely, genuinely bat shit mental.
  5. Chris

    Jodie Comer

    Imagine a fan of a TV show thinking they have the right to tell someone who and who they can't date based on the character they played. What, does there have to be some kind of committee who the actress has to run potential matches by to ensure they fit the criteria? Fuck this shit, man. Yet they're the same people who'll scream "love is love" at the top of their voices while claiming to advocate for a society where people can openly love whomever they want without fear of discrimination. This person is clearly mentally ill.
  6. Chris


    Yep, that shout is the absolute nadir in the long, illustrious history of this forum.
  7. Chris

    Film and TV 'Fuck Yeah!' moments.

    Jamie Lee has one of the all time great figures. Trading Places? Marone.
  8. Chris

    Film and TV 'Fuck Yeah!' moments.

    Came here to post this. Damn near jumped through the ceiling when it happened. My opinion of Phil Leotardo as a man with a head just fuckin' plummeted. Laters, Shah of Iran.
  9. Chris


    Heh Heh. He said cleavage. Cool.
  10. Chris

    This VE Day thing.

    Christ there's some miserable killjoy fuckers on here. Let people have something to feel good about for one day, for fuck's sake.
  11. Chris

    THE Sopranos thread

    Love the podcast. You get the sense that Steve Schirripa is actually Bobby Bacala'.
  12. Who arranged the brackets for this? You can't have two of the absolute best in the first round.