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  1. Harry's Lad

    Liverpool All Time 11 - Results

    I loved Shanks, and I love Jurgen, but it has to be Bob for me. A humble genius and the greatest manager of all time.
  2. Harry's Lad

    The BBC

    If you find him funny, you find him funny, no harm in that. I can't fucking stand him though, the smug, smarmy twat.
  3. Harry's Lad

    The BBC

    Not into game shows at all mate, still, at least it hasn't got that Mulhern cunt on it.
  4. Harry's Lad

    The BBC

    It was shite 40 years ago. It still is..
  5. Harry's Lad

    Liverpool All Time 11 - Forwards

    It's hard to leave any out really, so many brilliant players, but Kenny, Rush and Digger. It feels disrespectful leaving Sir Roger out though.
  6. Harry's Lad


    That's fantastic news mate. Superb!
  7. Harry's Lad

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    It didn't take them long to see him for what he is did it.
  8. Harry's Lad

    Watford (A) - Sat 16th Oct 2021 (12:30pm)

    That was a great goal, we all love to see a screamer, but that goal today was absolutely sublime.
  9. Harry's Lad

    Watford (A) - Sat 16th Oct 2021 (12:30pm)

    I don't think he's done much wrong to be fair.