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  1. Harry's Lad


    Sad that. I always liked this with Jon Anderson. RIP.
  2. Harry's Lad

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Yep. Johnson attended the parties, other people were handed FPN's, some of them up to 5, yet he didn't get another? The whole thing reeks of corruption.
  3. Harry's Lad

    Is it time to start to question what's really happening?

    That speech deserved a full house when she delivered it because she's spot on.
  4. Unfortunately not, but never all at the same time. The worst thing is that after you've wiped them out of the way you can never find the sodding things when you want to cut them.
  5. When something waves in front of your eye and you discover rogue 2 inch eyebrow hair.
  6. Harry's Lad

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Getting told to park up at the Maccies drive through (notice the correct spelling) and either part of your order is missing/wrong or it's stone cold, or both.
  7. I thought Carra was already giving him one.