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  1. Harry's Lad

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    Even Mrs HL doesn't watch that shite.
  2. Harry's Lad

    Greatest 10's Movie - Semi Final 2

    Interstellar for me.
  3. Harry's Lad


    We had a lad in school, a horrible little shite who was known for picking on smaller kids. Anyway, it was six in one (bcg) time and everyone was lining up outside this room to go and get their jab. When it was your turn, you went in the room and you got your jab behind one of those screens on wheels, then you came out from behind the screen and the next kid took your place. When it was this lads turn, he went behind the screen, then there was a loud crash followed by 'no, no, NOOOO' and he tried to make his escape, only to be dragged back behind the screen. Next thing, he dropped to the floor with only his head and shoulders behind the screen. We're all pissing ourselves, but next thing they started dragging him back so he was sliding along the floor until his whole body was behind the screen which made us laugh even more. A few seconds later, they dragged him further so his feet disappeared behind the screen, it was the way it happened in stages, funny as fuck. He'd fainted, they have him his jab then gave him smelling salts. Needless to say he got leathered until he left school.
  4. Harry's Lad

    Greatest 10's Movie - Semi Final 1

    Tough choice between the two films I have seen, went for Django Unchained over The Wolf of Wall Street. Haven't seen 3 Billboards as yet.
  5. Harry's Lad


    Would. (The blonde on the edge of the photo obviously).
  6. Harry's Lad


    Hope you're all ok mate.
  7. Harry's Lad

    The Space Thread

    Alan Shepard said it according to Gene Kranz, but it does sound like something Buzz Aldrin might say. Massive courage those men.
  8. I've never used it either. I also know of terrible people who said the same things but also that this disgraceful app has closed before and then had the nerve to reopen with a stronger more stable app. These same people also believe the app will return in the future and 'are watching this space. Shameless behaviour.
  9. Harry's Lad

    Family Strife

    We have relatives in our family who are pure poison, always trying to poke their noses in and generally causing bother within the family. We found the best course of action is to just ignore them, don't feed them what they thrive on which is generally the advice given in here.
  10. Harry's Lad

    Do you agree with euthanasia?

    Sorry to hear that mate. Dementia really is a horrible illness. Having lost members of my own family to it the only mercy really is they're oblivious to it and any moments of clarity are quickly forgotten. That's how it was with my Nan and Mum on law anyway. Never forget that twinkle.
  11. Harry's Lad

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yeah, you'd think he'd be an obvious one.
  12. Harry's Lad

    Len Williams RIP

    Sorry for your loss mate. I've lost a couple of close friends myself over the last 18 months so I know how shit it can make you feel. I'll raise a glass to a fellow red.
  13. Harry's Lad


    David Attenborough for me.