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  1. Three Watford players were filmed at a gathering of over 20 people last Friday, according to Match of the Day. I googled it and the ‘gathering’ was a birthday party for Andre Gray, organised by Gray himself. All three players were left out of the squad for the Southampton game for ‘health and safety reasons’. Translation: They were told to stay the fuck away because Nigel Pearson was going to kill them with his bare hands. Seriously, how fucking irresponsible is that? Watford aren’t mid-table with nothing to play for. They’re still in a relegation fight, but their players can’t social distance for the next few weeks? No shock that Andre Gray was involved. If I had to pick one Watford player who’d do something like this he’d have been top of my list. I daresay my boy Troy won’t be happy. He didn’t want to come back and play at all because his little lad is in an at risk group. Now three of his team-mates are putting him at risk by… well I’ll let Gray himself tell you what happened. "It was not a late-night party like what is being portrayed. It was only a gathering of friends which turned into a sort of football tournament on my birthday.” A ‘sort of football tournament’. In other words, a kick about with a load of his non-footy player mates, who unlike his actual team-mates are not being tested twice a week. If I was Deeney I’d want to smash their faces in. They probably wouldn’t have made any difference to the result against Southampton as the Saints were just too good for them, but it’s not really the point is it? Ings fired Southampton ahead with a terrific goal and then doubled their lead with another sharp strike. 21 goals for the season, 18 of which have come in the league. I referred to Timo Werner recently as a “Harrods Danny Ings”. A massively more expensive but only slightly superior version of the actual Danny Ings who you can pick up at Asda. I’m quite pleased with that analogy but it might actually be flattering Werner. I was thinking about this the other day though. It would have been difficult for Klopp to justify (to himself as well as Michael Edwards) spending so much on Werner when he’d sold virtually the same player for less than half that price. How do you rationalise that? Ings is one goal shy of being the leading scorer in the league this season. If Werner matches that next year then he’s done well. If Mo can’t win the Golden Boot this year (and he still might, he’s only two back of Vardy) I’d love Ingsy to win it. Anyway, Bednarek put through his own net to give Watford hope but a stunning free-kick from Ward-Prowse wrapped it up. Great technique that, as his entire body shape suggested the ball was going around the wall into the far corner but he whipped it right back across and over the wall into the opposite corner. Final note on this. Bednarek is a dead ringer for short haired Milan Baros. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  2. Report by Dave Usher After the Lord Mayor’s Show as they say, and as far as results go this was a dung cart and a half. The performance didn’t really reflect the scoreline but against City you only have to be a little bit off and this is what can happen. I’m just glad our Etihad nemesis Aguero was missing otherwise this could have been really embarrassing. Ordinarily 4-0 would be embarrassing enough but with the title already won and this result cutting our lead to a mere 20 points, embarrassment isn’t really the right word. Neither is humbling, or chastening or whatever. We’re the Champions and we’re 20 points ahead of City regardless of what happened in this game, so I don’t actually know how to best describe this loss. I know I hated it though. I had a proper cob on for the rest of the night and I’m still irked about it this morning. Maybe that’s unreasonable and if you’re not arsed about what happened at the Etihad then more power to you. I just hated seeing us lose like THAT. And to lose like that to THEM. Judging by how tetchy Klopp was afterwards on Sky you could be forgiven for thinking he felt the same. It’s only when you watch the interview he did with LFCTV straight afterwards that you understand how he really felt about it. He was more philosophical than angry, but that’s almost certainly because of the line of questioning. When assessing Klopp’s post match mood you have to take into account just what a monumental dick bag Geoff Shreeves is. He’s probably the worst one out there as his questions are just fucking moronic half of the time. Lowest common denominator, basic, shitty redtop style questions. He’s the Jim White of TV. Usually Klopp shows more patience with him but I completely understood why he got so arsey this time. There’s a reason every top manager has had run ins with this tool. After a bad result the last thing you need is Shreeves pushing his own little narrative and trying to get you to take a stroll down “Whopper Avenue” with him. He asks a stupid question based on his own agenda and when he doesn’t get the answer he wants he asks the same stupid question in a slightly different way hoping he’ll get what he’s looking for. Instead of asking Klopp “so, how did that happen?” and just letting him talk (Jurgen is great analysing how the game went) he wanted to peddle the story he’d tried to get going pre-match about our players not being prepared or focused because they’ve been celebrating all week. Like I say, it’s lowest common denominator, redtop shite and it clearly got Klopp's back up. The players had one night on the ale, a week ago, and have been training hard ever since. There was no lack of effort from them and they took the game seriously. They didn’t lose because some of them got bevvied a week ago. They lost because they were wasteful with the countless opportunities they created and they made far too many stupid mistakes in defence. The effort was there in spades, it’s insulting to infer that it wasn’t. If you want to put the result down to partying or them not being arsed about the rest of the season then that just tells me that you haven’t been paying attention. It’s not who these players are and it’s definitely not who Klopp is. That was why he was pissed off in his Sky interview, not because we lost. The LFCTV interview was much more informative simply because Peter McDowall basically just says “disappointing result there, Jurgen. What went wrong?” Klopp then tells him what went wrong. Not clinical enough, too many mistakes, can’t do that against such a strong opponent etc. And that’s exactly what it was. The easiest and laziest thing in the world is to put this down to the players not being up for it, but it’s nonsense. They were still running and trying to score even in stoppage time at 4-0 down. Effort wasn’t the problem. Intensity wasn’t the problem. Sloppiness at both ends of the pitch was the problem and yes maybe that’s in some tiny part due to them not playing for the highest stakes possible, and therefore not quite being fully switched on mentally. Rather than it being a lack of effort, I think it was more a lack of fear. By that I mean usually when we play City everyone has to be completely focused on not making any mistakes because the stakes are so high. You have to play almost the perfect game because if you don’t the consequences can be catastrophic. That wasn’t the case this time though as we already had the title sewn up. Maybe players were taking too many risks? Being a little too casual? Some of the decision making was terrible so I'm just saying, maybe the ‘nothing to lose’ thing comes into it, even at a subconscious level. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  3. Tuesday Jun 23: Uh-oh. Some girl drops a bombshell on twitter claiming she was touched up by Keita back in January but that the police wouldn’t take it further because it was her word against his. What followed was predictable tribal nonsense from some of our fans calling her a liar and then rival fans bringing up ‘yeah and you defended Suarez too, this is why everyone hates you”. None of us know what happened and we never will. It’s easy to pick holes in her story and plenty have, but some details not seeming to add up doesn’t automatically mean that she’s lying. Every word she said may be true, or none of it might be. We’ll never know and given the lack of evidence the police can’t really do anything. Just because it wasn’t prosecuted doesn’t mean she’s lying, but it was enough for some of the "LFC Family" to go right after her. Sickening really. It’s mad how some people wanted to immediately insist Keita couldn’t have done this and even madder that they chose to say that to the girl herself. They were the only two people there. Literally nobody else knows what happened, but I even saw one crank (there may have been others, I stopped reading as it was too infuriating) who insisted that Naby couldn’t do it because he’s muslim. I mean where to even fucking start with that? Are we seriously claiming that anyone who follows a religion is incapable of crime now? Incredible. Just imagine going on Twitter and calling some girl a liar just because you want to defend a lad you’ve never met and who, let’s face it, we know absolutely nothing about. It’s mental. To be fair we don’t actually know anything about any of the players and what they are or aren’t capable of, but at least with some of them you like to think you have a feel for their character and personality because we see and hear from them all the time. I feel like I know much more about what Henderson is like as a person than I do Fabinho for example. And I feel like I know what kind of character Mané is because we’ve seen him do loads of interviews, there’s been a documentary about him and generally you just feel like you ‘know him’. I realise that’s daft really as we don’t actually ‘know’ any of these lads, but Keita is like a complete stranger. I know nothing about him, have no feel for what kind of lad he is at all. We never see or hear from him because he never bothered learning English. He might be the nicest lad in the world (I doubt it because I’m fairly sure Sadio has that honour) or he might be a twat. I have no idea, which is kind of the point here. I’m not saying he did it or he didn’t do it because what the fuck do I know? I hope he didn't and he's innocent until proven guilty, but going after the girl who made the accusation is pretty appalling as other than the two people involved no-one else has a fucking clue. It would be typical Naby though. Started full of promise, looked like he was making good progress and then all of a sudden he's stopped in his tracks by forces beyond his control and it all ends up with his fanboys defending him on the internet. Sorry, sorry. I know, I shouldn't make light of it but I couldn’t help myself. Right, moving on before I offend anyone else. I just saw something on twitter from sky sports news who were quoting Jurgen over something he said about BLM and why those banging on about “White Lives Matter” are missing the point of it all. I looked at the replies, and here’s the first five that showed up….. I scrolled down, and here were the next five…. After that it was a mixture of both sides of the argument. Here’s what I’m struggling with here though. Look at the time of the tweets. They aren’t listed in order of posting, they’re just pretty random. Yet the first TEN replies shown by Twitter were all basically anti BLM and ripping into Klopp. That can’t be a co-incidence, surely? Anyone know how that kind of thing works? This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  4. It’s hard to be arsed about any of this in the week when we finally ended our 30 year title drought, but the season doesn’t stop just because we’ve won it. I expect our lads to continue putting in maximum effort until the end of the season and therefore so will I. So, while I appreciate that you probably don’t give a shit about West Ham losing to Spurs or Bournemouth’s perilous slide towards the Championship continuing apace, I have a job to do here and given that I’ve always had a work ethic that makes Dirk Kurt look like Homer Simpson (stop laughing at the back) the show must go on. There’s only one place to begin this. Stamford Bridge. An empty Stamford Bridge, which was great because it meant that there were no Chelsea fans there to sing about Steven Gerrard all night. You know they’d have been banging that one out for the entire 90 minutes, just to try and sour our moment of glory. Not that anything could, but still, it was nice not having to listen to them. Chelsea were the thorn in our side in 2014 and they’ve dined out on it ever since (which is actually fair enough, it’s all the other fuckers who had nothing to do with it yet jumped on the Demba Ba song that really pissed me off). So this was a nice situation. Their fans won’t have wanted their team to be the ones who confirmed us as Champions, but it was a really important game for them and they needed the points. Lampard’s men carried out his gameplan well and fully deserved their win. There were a lot of encouraging signs for Chelsea but it’s funny because nobody, absolutely nobody, gave a fuck about how they played. Normally after a win like this the conversation would be about how Chelsea look like they’re a coming force and what a good job Frank is doing. They weren’t even an afterthought really. All of the talk afterwards was rightly about the new Champs. Chelsea barely even got a mention. It was well over an hour after full time that BT eventually showed a post match interview with Lampard. In the meantime, it had been all about the Champs. Even the next day Talksport was wall to wall Liverpool, to the extent that loads of listeners were texting, calling and tweeting in kicking off about it. Glorious. We don’t even need to rub anyone’s noses in it because the media coverage is causing meltdown’s up and down the country. Chelsea should be encouraged by how their team played and this was a huge win for them under the circumstances. United and Wolves were breathing down their necks and if they’d lost they’d have been on the brink of dropping to 6th, but you’d think that this result and performance cements them as firm favourites for a top four spot. They’ll probably get third actually as they’re only a point behind Leicester now, who’ve looked shite since the break. This result wasn’t too surprising as it was City’s most difficult game other than when they play us. Prior to us smashing Palace on the Tuesday night I full expected City to win. After the statement made by our lads at Anfield though I began to get a sneaky feeling that City would falter. They’ve been dominant since the restart but they lost Aguero for the rest of the season and with us playing so well against Palace it had to have had some impact on City. They knew they weren’t going to catch us anyway, but after our draw at Goodison they might have felt they could prolong it a bit longer and make us sweat a bit. So seeing us looking so formidable against Palace, they must have known once and for all it was over. Guardiola was even talking about resting players for the FA Cup this weekend. He didn’t exactly follow through on that but even in the absence of Aguero he did leave Jesus on the bench. Additionally, he included Mendy at left back and that’s enough to weaken most sides in fairness. He plays football like he acts on social media. Doesn’t seem to take anything seriously. His defending for Chelsea’s opener was comical. Future Arsenal player there if I ever saw one. What a fucking clown. Credit to Pulisic though, he took it really well. The little “slow and go” move was vintage Torres. Arl Fernando perfected that before he just went shit and it became “slow and slower”. Lovely goal though from Klopp’s former protege; the balance and the finish, just lovely. I didn’t celebrate it too much. I may have said “get in” and made an ironic “Captain America” comment (usually I fucking hate that) but I wasn’t overly excited. I’m not entirely sure why but I think it’s because the title has been a foregone conclusion for a long time in my eyes. If Chelsea couldn’t hold on then no biggie, we’d win it soon enough anyway. Of course I wanted to win it as soon as possible though. Some may have preferred to win it at City next week. Yeah obviously that would have been sound, but fuck that. I’d rather win it in record time and then have them applaud us onto the Etihad pitch next week, but the stakes weren’t really that high in my eyes as we won this title months and months ago. That would explain why I wasn’t especially deflated when De Bruyne equalised. Great strike but sorry, Alisson doesn’t let that beat him. I find myself saying that a lot, which is a combination of Alisson being great and most other keepers being… well, not so great. Kepa is young so may go on to become one of the best, but he’s not very good right now is he? If Abramovich is indeed splashing the cash again then the first thing he should do is sign Oblak. Let’s hope he doesn’t. Anyway, City’s equaliser lifted them and they had a good spell in which Sterling hit the post. Had he squared it Mahrez had an open goal but he went for glory himself and blew it. Following that let off Chelsea weathered the storm, if you can call it that - it was more of a mild breeze really - and always looked dangerous when they attacked. They just didn’t really attack much for some reason. Maybe because they couldn’t get the ball. It’s not easy against a Guardiola side. The good thing is now though that a lot of teams who play City don’t need much of the ball to hurt them. When Chelsea did win it back the counter attack was on every time. Pulisic ran City ragged and Willian was quality. If we can’t get a shit hot wide forward this summer then we could probably do worse than Willian on a free to give us much needed depth. He wouldn’t be my first choice by any means, but he’d definitely add SOMETHING if we couldn’t land one of the stellar names out there. Can’t see it though. The pace and skill of Mount and Pulisic combined with the energy and nous of Willian gave Chelsea a real threat on the break all night and City never looked comfortable. Their goal led a charmed life at times. Pulisic should have restored Chelsea’s lead when he raced clear, rounded the keeper and then produced a real wet wipe of a finish that took an age to reach the goal and allowed Walker to get back and clear. You have to credit Walker for the sense of desire and urgency he showed to get back so quickly. It was as though someone told him the knocking shops were about to open again. It was all a bit surreal to me because most of my mates were kicking every ball and stressing out over Chelsea’s near misses, but I couldn’t have been any calmer. I genuinely wasn’t really arsed because if City went on to win it didn’t really mean anything. I just kept thinking “imagine if we didn’t have a huge lead and this game actually meant something”. It would have been unbearable. Last season was stressful enough but this would be ten times worse. As it was, with a 23 point lead I had a serenity about me that is never normally there when watching City. So when there was an almighty scramble when it seemed certain that Chelsea would score only for City to somehow get the danger cleared, I was actually laughing. I can imagine most of you will have been on the verge of a heart attack at that moment, but personally I just found it funny and shrugged. What will be will be. I didn’t even have a clue that Fernandinho had handled until I saw a Chelsea player going mad and chasing the ref. Then they announced the VAR review and you could tell by the guilty look on Fernandinho’s face that he knew he was done for. The replay showed a clear, deliberate handball and the worst case scenario now was that even if Chelsea missed the pen they’d still be playing against ten men. So all of a sudden, the title was suddenly within our grasp. Willian buried the pen and we all knew then. Game over, and I love saying that. City weren’t scoring twice with only ten men. It was done. We finally had our title and all that was left was for the game to play out. To their credit, City still looked like they were trying to get back into it even though they had no chance. I don’t think there’s too much wrong with them that a couple of new defenders wouldn’t solve, but that’s eight defeats for them this season now. Unthinkable back in August when this all started. They set the benchmark over recent seasons. What they did points wise in their last two title wins hadn’t been done before. They averaged 99 points over that period. Staggering. That meant that for us to overhaul them we’d have become the greatest side this country had ever seen. And guess what, that’s exactly what we did. We’re light years ahead of everyone else now, even City, but that could change. I don’t see anybody else threatening us any time soon but City still might. We’re 23 points ahead of them but we’re not 23 points better than them, if that makes sense. They’ve lost games they wouldn’t normally lose and it’s entirely conceivable that next season they get back to the level they were previously. And yet it’s also conceivable that they won’t. David Silva is off, Aguero is another year older, Fernandinho is on his last legs and who knows what will happen if that ban is upheld. Maybe De Bruyne and Sterling will want out? Then again, maybe with FFP rules possibly relaxed due to the current situation they will just go out and spend a billion quid and rebuild the team. If they signed Koulibaly as has been mooted today then that immediately solves their biggest problem. The big thing though is Guardiola. While he’s there they’re a big threat. If they go back to the likes of Pellegrini and Mancini type managers they’ll never catch us while we still have Klopp. Guardiola’s City have been one of the greatest sides this country has seen but they needed some friendly officiating to finish above us last season and now they’re 23 points behind us. What does that say about us? It says we’re the best ever, that’s what. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  5. Report by Dave Usher Well that’s how you bounce back from a disappointing performance. Bloody hell, that was something wasn’t it? Complete dominance from first minute to last. We were so good that OPTA reported that Palace didn’t touch the ball in our box (turns out they managed one touch about a foot inside the box) and I can’t even remember seeing Alisson touch the ball with his hands all night. Absolutely incredible. This is what you’d expect from a team urged on by a full house, not one in an empty stadium. You don’t see intensity and desire like that in behind closed doors games. Certainly not when a team is 4-0 up. I thought Klopp summed up the performance perfectly when he referenced “in the 86th minute four of our boys were chasing one poor Crystal Palace player like he had the last ball on earth”. That’s it. That’s exactly it. It was relentless pressure on Palace from the start of the game to the end of it. They weren’t helped by losing Zaha through injury early on as he was their main route of escaping their own half, but honestly I don’t think it would have made any difference if he’d stayed on, and in fairness Hodgson said pretty much the same thing after. We were very good with the ball but we were fucking unbelievable without it. I reckon if you talk to those Palace players privately they’ll say it’s the hardest game they’ve ever played in. They didn’t get a second on the ball and Jordan Ayew never had a Palace player within thirty yards of him all night. He was so isolated up there, partly because he himself couldn’t hold onto the ball to allow anyone to get close to him. Van Dijk and Gomez just smothered him every time the ball went near him. This was everything that Sunday wasn’t. When you see this you wonder how it could have been so lacklustre at Everton, but maybe it’s just as Salah said afterwards, that sometimes you just have games where you don’t play well. Or maybe it was that he was back. And Robbo too. Both played a big part in this, but especially Mo. We just looked a completely different animal in this game and he was a big reason for that. Without harping on too much about Sunday, the main problem was we were just too stagnant and didn’t carry a threat in behind. This couldn’t have been more different. With Robbo bursting forward out wide we then had Sadio able to move around and get involved more, while Mo was always looking to play quick give and goes around the box and making runs in behind. Palace defended just as deeply as Everton and with even more numbers behind the ball. They couldn’t deal with us though. Mind you, the derby could have been hugely different if Trent had done what he did in this game from the first free-kick he had. There’s one big difference right there. Goals change games. You can credit me with the assist for our opening goal as I reverse jinxed the shit out of that with what I wrote in the Everton report. In case you missed it…. "I think that might have been the last time we even remotely threatened until Fabinho saw a decent free-kick tipped over by Pickford. We don’t usually see him on set-pieces but that was a decent effort. Maybe he’ll get another chance, as I do feel we all vastly over-rate how good Trent is at free-kicks. He’s alright like, but he’s not the lethal dead ball specialist he’s portrayed as (here’s hoping I’ve reverse jinxed him there and he pings one into the top corner against Palace or City)." Absolutely nailed that one. On a similar note, what the hell was going on with Gini’s finishing in this game? He had two great chances when the game was still close and he scuffed both of them. Gini’s ball striking isn’t as great as we think it is (here’s hoping I’ve reverse jinxed him there and he pings one into the top corner against City). This is just a teaser, click here to view the full report Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  6. Ok, the games are coming thick and fast and it’s difficult to keep up. The best way to do this I think it to do the Round Up after each round of fixtures, but because there’s no break in between this means that the next round of games will have started before I can get this out there. For example, I’m writing this while Leicester and Brighton are playing, and there’s another game after that. Those will be in the next round up, not this one, so bear with me as I’ll try to keep up as best I can. Right, to kick this one off we go back to last Friday’s game at the new White Hart Lane or whatever the fuck they decided to call it… *checks google* Hahahaha Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Fucking hell. Bet they paid a fortune to some marketing dick in a suit to come up with that one too. Christ. If that’s the best they could come up I’d love to hear the suggestions that were rejected. Anyway, Spurs took the lead against Ole’s resurgent Yernited (mad the way they’ve been talked up lately. They seemed to get better with every week they didn’t play) when Bergwijn sliced thorough the middle of the United defence and beat De Gea with a shot that was straight at him. How many times have we seen that over the last year or two? Maguire’s ‘defending’ was a sight to behold too, as Bergwijn went round him like he was a cone on the training field, but De Gea’s blunder meant that most people overlooked that. Not Roy Keane. He wanted to murder both of them with his bare hands. Ok that’s not true. He only wanted to murder De Gea. He’d have been happy enough just slapping Maguire about a bit. I don’t care what people think of Roy Keane, I’m going to come out and say that his assassination of Maguire and De Gea is the best thing I’ve seen since footy came back. It’s an admittedly low bar. The goal wasn’t really deserved and I thought Spurs were fucking woeful. After going ahead they sat back and tried to ‘Mourinho’ a result out of it. Why are they playing like that when they’ve got talented attacking players and one of the best centre forwards in Europe? That’s a rhetorical question. I know why. We all know why. It’s who he is. He can’t help himself. Enjoy the next couple of years, Spurs fans, because this is what you can expect on a weekly basis. The football is going to be brutal but Daniel Levy won’t be sacking Jose any time soon as he’ll need to pay him off, and that’s simply not an option with Levy controlling the purse strings. With Spurs just camped in their own half United were able to apply some pressure but it wasn’t until Pogba arrived that they looked threatening. He was good to be fair. I don’t say that often because I’m not a liar, but credit where it’s due he looked decent in this game. He played one terrific through ball that caused a collective orgasm among his army of twitter virgins. They’ll be showing the gif of that for the next decade in response to anything and everything, because that’s what the Fifa generation do. It’s not just United fans, but they might just be the worst for it. Arsenal are bad too, you only have to see how many times that gif of Pepe sort of slightly not really dribbling past Virgil has been posted. But United fans seem to be the specialists in celebrating minor moments and making out that they’re much more significant than they actually are. When Henderson lifts the Premier League trophy you’ll see underneath a clip of Pogba playing that pass along with the comment “yeah but can he do this?”. Kevin De Bruyne will surge past three players, ping a sixty yard ball to Sterling and then race into the box to convert the cross and you’ll see the Pogba pass with the comment “My midfielder > your midfielder” I’m not even kidding. United fans have gone fucking loopy these last few years since they became shite. They’ve been spoiled and now don’t have a clue how to handle not being successful, so they’re claiming all sorts of little ‘victories’ and embarrassing themselves on social media. These absolute dangers will big up Wan Bissaka as the best right back in the world just because he slide tackled some fucking slapdick winger from Carlisle or Rotherham in a League Cup tie. They usually have names like @Tactical_McTominay, @Martialista, @Rashfordology, @Pogba-Fernandez-Goal! or some other cringey shit like that. Cunts. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got the same type of wanker posting the same kind of shit about our players (usually Keita doing a stepover). The difference is we’re miles clear at the top of the table and we’re the reigning World and European Champs so we can do that without looking like our hard drives should be checked. Actually that’s not true, the Keita obsessives definitely need their hard drives checking too, but I digress. So yeah, Pogba made the difference after he came on and United drew level when he skipped past the lumbering Dier and then conned his way to a penalty, which was converted by Fernandez, who is surely the most over-rated player since…well since Pogba actually. In fairness Fernandez is actually very good, he’s just been massively overhyped due to United’s midfield having been so fucking bad until he arrived. Tell you what though, Jon Moss hasn’t lost anything during the lockdown. Either in poundage or incompetence. He was fat and shit before the break and he’s still fat and shit now. He actually gave two pens to United. One was allowed to stand and the other was overturned by VAR. The truth is neither of them were pens. Pogba dived for the first and Fernandez dived for the second. Thank fuck for VAR or Fernandez would have gotten away with that. I genuinely don’t get how come more wasn’t made of the Pogba one though. Everyone other than me and Jose seems to have just said “yeah clear penalty, you can’t do that in the box”. Do what? That’s not a foul in a million years. I know Eric Dier is shit but what’s he supposed to do there? Pogba went past him and then reached back to hold him off. Dier sort of reaches out to move Pogba’s arm out of the way and then Pogba just fell down. Dier doesn’t push or pull him, he doesn’t really do anything at all. Still, if he had moved his feet in the first place instead of standing there leaden footed like some kind of Harry Maguire tribute act then the penalty incident doesn’t happen. He’s terrible. Always has been. That’s why I always used to refer to him as Eric Dire until he nailed Sergio Ramos and I felt that he deserved a little bit of respect for that so I started to spell his name correctly. So God bless him for that horrendous challenge on Ramos but the lad is a terrible football player. Remember when there was a national debate about whether he was better than Henderson? Kinell. Like arguing that (insert any band you like) are better than Bon Jovi. Absolute insanity. Spurs are now an awful shadow of the side they were under Pochettino. It’s night and day in terms of how they play, but is anyone other than Daniel Levy surprised by that? Why would you appoint that fucker? Busted flush. Still, it could be worse. They could be Arsenal. Rant incoming.... This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  7. tlw content

    Top 4 Games to Win the Lottery

    The lottery is a game of chance. Through this game, a random set of numbers are drawn. A certain prize is awarded to an individual who holds a ticket with numbers that match the random numbers drawn for a specific date. Certain states and countries prohibited lottery as they considered this as a form of gambling, but there are also those jurisdictions which regulated it instead because the proceeds generated from the lottery can contribute to the overall economy. If you are keen on trying your luck, below are some of the top games you can play to win the lottery. 1. Multi-state Games
 There are multi-state games that you can try to play to win the lottery. In these games, you can win lucrative jackpot prizes, but because of the number of people playing the game across many states, you will also have a slimmer chance of winning. Powerball and Mega Millions, which are available on https://redfoxlotto.com and other online lottery sites, are only some of these multi-state games. To win in the Powerball, you need to be able to pick five numbers drawn from 0 to 55, as well as correctly choose the Powerball number drawn from 0 to 42. 2. Lotto
 Lotto is one of the lottery games that can potentially turn you into a millionaire. In the past, you needed to visit a lottery booth to buy a ticket for this game but in this modern-day and age, you can already access lotto through online lottery sites. The mechanics are still the same though wherein you need to choose six numbers that will be indicated on your ticket. Once your ticket is generated, make sure that it bears the correct numbers you have selected, as well as the date when you have purchased it. The reason behind this is that you will need to present this ticket to claim your prize in case you hit the lotto jackpot. The schedule of drawing the numbers is usually held twice a week, making you hold onto your ticket longer. 3. Dailies
 If you want to try your luck any day of the week, then play the dailies. There is a better chance for you to win a prize through the dailies because your number selection doesn’t need to match size numbers drawn. Rather, you only need to choose any random three or four-digit number from 000 or 0000 to 999 or 9999. The prize that you get depends on whether the play calls for an exact order of the digits, any order of the digits, or a certain combination of both. 4. Instant Games
 Finally, there is also the option for you to play instant games wherein you can try your luck in scratching cards. There are several types of cards, each having their own prizes. Some can easily win you your bet back, while some may surprise you with a hefty sum. To wrap things up, you can win the lottery by playing the lotto, as well as the little lotto, which is a version of the former. You can also try your luck with the dailies or go for major prizes through multi-state games. There is also the option for you to scratch a card and win instantly should the odds be in your favour. Just keep in mind not to rely solely on luck because, sometimes, it takes quite a while before luck is finally on your side.
  8. Tuesday Jun 16: As expected, the Government were forced into a u-turn on the meals for kids because of the pressure put on them by Marcus Rashford. This was always going to happen because that tefal headed cunt Hancock called on footy players to ‘do their bit’ and Rashford turned it back on to them. Great work by him by saying "well I've done this, so how about YOU do YOUR fucking bit". Of course, Johnson initially claimed he knew nothing about it until that day and that it’s a great idea and the right thing to do blah blah blah. Great idea? Making sure that kids don’t starve isn’t a ‘great idea’, it’s just basic fucking humanity. Something Johnson and his ilk have no concept of as it doesn’t line their pockets. Hancock then went on telly and got Rashford’s name wrong. So transparent this shit. Instead of people talking about why the government needed to be railroaded into making sure kids aren’t going hungry, now the discussion will be how Hancock called him “Daniel Rashford”. This shit happens constantly. It’s all about deflections. Politicians these days are like Mourinho's Chelsea when Cole and Lampard seemed to score with th ball flying in off an opponent's arse every other week. Deflect. Deflect. Deflect. Get people talking about the unimportant things to shine the light away from the big fucking massively important issue that isn’t being dealt with in the manner it should be. And it works every fucking time. Meanwhile, footy’s back tomorrow and I can’t wait. Not just me who’s excited about it though. Funnily enough, those same pundits who were so against footy coming back are now banging the drum about how excited they are. Rio Ferdinand for example. The same cunt who wanted footy scrapped and claimed that “Liverpool fans should think about people’s health” is now tweeting “Buzzing the @premierleague back this evening.... just sorting my Fantasy Football! Who’s going up top... Aguero or Aubameyang?” How about going with “Null” and “Void” as your front two, you fucking hypocritical manc turd. When they announced the fixtures and I saw that the first Saturday was basically wall to wall footy I was made up and envisaged just locking myself away in my office watching game after game. In reality what will probably happen is I’ll skip the first one because I’ll have to run the missus somewhere. I’ll catch a little bit of the second one before having to take my daughter somewhere. I won’t be arsed about the third one because it’s two shit teams. I’ll start watching there fourth one but then get bored and switch off because there’ll be something on Netflix or Disney+ I fancy watching. Still, it’s great to have it back and for those of who who will have the dedication to watch all the games, I salute you. I’ll defo watch City v Arsenal tomorrow because it’s going to take us one game closer to the title when Arsenal win. No, hear me out. Arteta knows City like the back of his hand and he’s had months to prepare his game-plan. The three months has also given them time to get everyone fit, as you know Arsenal always have an injury list as long as a pensioner’s lockdown shopping list (those of you who’ve been shopping for parents know). This will be the first and last time Arteta has a full squad to choose from, and with City not having any motivation get ready for Arsenal to shock the world. I’m actually mildly excited about Villa v Sheffield United tomorrow too but I daresay that won’t last. It’ll be like when German footy came back and I watched 20 minutes of Dortmund’s game out of curiosity before I got bored and went in the garden. It’s highly unlikely I’ll sit through a full Villa game, especially knowing I’ll be watching Arsenal beat City afterwards. Wednesday Jun 17: Yeah I’m a dickhead. You’d think I’d know better by now, especially as under normal circumstances the only people with a lower opinion of Arsenal’s players than me are DT and Troopz. They might have held out for a draw if they hadn’t had to send in the clown, but they didn’t deserve anything as I don’t think they even managed one shot did they? Arteta is so fixated on tightening them up at the back that they appear to have forgotten how to attack. Then again, when you’re leaving Lacazette on the bench for that Nketia kid you probably deserve all you get. Has Lacazatte shagged Arteta's cat or ran over his wife or something? The other game was fucking dire. I managed to sit through an hour of it, although after about ten minutes it had been reduced to background viewing as I did some work instead. Yeah, it was THAT bad I chose to do some work. But yeah, footy is back which is great. I already know now that I’m only really going to be watching our games though, as well as the occasional other fixture that takes my fancy. Most of the other games I’ll just catch up on through MOTD, as I can’t be arsed watching shit teams in empty stadiums. I’ll leave that to Evertonians. Also today, there was a rumour that we want to swap Naby for Ruben Neves. Of course it's bollocks and when do 'swap' deals ever happen except in the gossip columns? Even when they do, they don't. To all intents and purposes we swapped Kev Stewart for Andy Robbo, but in reality they were two separate transfers that just happened to be made by the same two clubs in a similar time frame. Players don't get swapped like Panini stickers. This one is clearly just nonsense anyway. A lot of fans might have given up on Keita but Klopp hasn't and is unlikely to for another year at least. And why would Wolves do that deal? They've proved to be shrewd in the transfer market and have made some great signings. They aren't going to swap a top Premier League star for a player who is usually injured and isn't the most consistent when he isn't. What's tomorrow's bullshit rumour, a swap between Adama Traore and Shaq? Speaking of bullshit rumours, the Echo are trying to talk us into a move for Ryan Fraser. I like him, or at least I did, but he's nowhere near good enough to even make our bench. He isn't as good as Harry Wilson and chances are we won't keep him, so why would we sign Fraser? The answer is we wouldn't, but the Echo has clicks it needs to accumulate I guess. Besides, even if Fraser were good enough (he isn't) he's refusing to play for Bournemouth now because he's out of contract after this month. To me that puts him a pretty bad light and if I were a club looking at signing him that would make me pull the plug on it. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. 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  9. Report by Dave Usher We waited three months for THAT?? Jesus. Even allowing for rustiness and the fact that Goodison derby games are usually dire, this was unexpectedly woeful. Suddenly the whole ‘scrap the season and decide it on points per game’ doesn’t seem like the worst idea in the world. Seriously though, I don’t know what I was expecting but obviously it must have been too much because this was a really tough watch. I was far too wound up about it considering how far ahead we are and that there really wasn’t too much riding on the result. I’ll be honest, I was fucking fuming for most of this game even though I can see that's not a rational or fair reaction. I thought we’d batter them without their rabid home crowd hissing them on and dragging every last ounce of effort from their players. We always twat them at Anfield but at their place it’s a different story. I put that down to their crowd. Turns out that has fuck all to do with it. There was very little difference between this game and other recent Goodison derbies. We usually create one or two clear chances (this time we didn't) but generally the pattern of the game has been exactly like this one. I’ve always put it down to their players getting energised by their baying, frothing at the mouth, consumed by hating the redshite fans, but now we know different. For whatever reason, we’re just shite at Goodison. It’s the same at Old Trafford too. Why I have no idea, but the evidence is there for all to see. Of course there are mitigating circumstances for this performance, not least the three month lay off that makes this and the next few games almost pre-season fixtures. “Our identity is our intensity” said Pep Ljinders earlier this season. If that’s true then we’re going to look like imposters for a while, because it’s next to impossible to achieve our usual level of intensity after such a long lay off and without a crowd to provide the adrenaline. This is completely understandable, yet I didn’t think it was just the lack of intensity that was our problem at Goodison. It was more a lack of quality and of ideas. Jordan Pickford barely had to extend his little arms all night. He made saves from two free-kicks and I think that was it. In open play we created absolutely nothing. Ancelotti clearly knows how to set up against us as any time Klopp has faced his teams it’s been a war of attrition. I don’t know what he does that makes it so difficult as my eye isn’t trained enough in that area. He plays with two up front and two banks of four behind, but other teams do that too and have been swept away by us. Whatever Ancelotti does seems to work though. He’s a wily old fucker and obviously being Italian he knows about blanket defending. I give credit where it’s due but I also think the way we played was equally if not more responsible for how easy it looked for them. A central defensive pairing of Keane and Holgate managed to restrict us to virtually no shots on goal in open play. That's criminal. Ancelotti is good, but that’s as much on our failings as it is anything else as those two are fucking woeful, especially that donkey Keane. The game started in farcical circumstances with our lads having to change in a porta-cabin in the car park and then walk onto the pitch from a side entrance. The Blues, meanwhile, had their usual dressing room and came out through the tunnel. Imagine Wimbledon making Roger Federer take to centre court by climbing through the crowd after getting changed in the bogs. It’s not acceptable. We’re the World Champs. Fucking tramps with their shitty old rickety stadium. Our lads resembled a Sunday league side as they walked onto the field. Little did we know they’d then play like one afterwards. Then we had the kick off and everyone taking a knee. Everyone except Mané that is, who on the whistle took off sprinting into the Everton half and then had to sheepishly run back before kneeling! As it turns out, these farcical scenes were a sign of what was to come. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. Hugely. This wasn’t how I expected it to go at all. All week I’ve been thinking that we’d batter Everton. I’d talked myself into a 4-0 or 5-1 win. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full report Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  10. So we’re back and it’s kind of fitting that the biggest talking point from the opening game was the exact same thing we were all harping on about before everything was shut down due to Covid19. Fucking VAR. We’ve had a lot of farcical incidents this season relating to technology but the decision not to award a goal to Sheffield United in this game might be the worst one yet. It might also be the reason the Blades miss out on Europe, or that Villa survive at some other poor bastard team’s expense. It was so clearly a goal that everyone near the incident knew it. Players never argue with refs when hawkeye has made a decision but the Blades players were on at Michael Oliver because they saw how far over the line it was and that clearly something must have gone wrong for his watch not to have beeped. Oliver himself probably suspected it was in but that’s not his call to make. All he could was signal that his watch didn’t beep to signal the ball was over the line, and without that he is unable to give anything. Perhaps it would be different if the ball was a couple of yards over (like that hilarious disallowed goal of England’s against Germany in the World Cup a few years back!), but even though this one looked in it was close enough for Oliver’s hands to be tied. He’s blameless in this really as referees can’t really be over-ruling hawked as all hell would break loose. Referees need help in these type of situations. Something like, oh I don’t know, maybe another ref who has access to various camera angles who could let him know to stop the game while they check it out? A novel idea, I know. This is the problem when you rely 100% on technology and believe that it’s infallible. We’ve seen this happen in movies. We trust the technology and then before you know it society is breaking down. Terminator, the Matrix, War Games…. Technology is there to help us, not to fucking call the shots. So this is mostly on Paul Tierney, the VAR official who must have known that the goal-line tech had failed for whatever reason (I’ll get to the ‘explanation’ shortly). Why didn’t he stop the game and let Oliver know that something was up. They could then have tested the hawkeye to see if it was working. Yeah there’d have have been a lengthy delay, but surely the important thing here is to fucking get it right and avoid the grave injustice that we saw. Honestly, it’s a fucking scandal really. Sure, if the goal had stood then Villa might have come back but we’ll never know because we were denied that by a cowardly VAR official and a failure of what we’ve been told is a foolproof piece of kit. When we didn’t see the computer generated ‘no goal’ thing with the ball and the line it was obvious that hawkeye had fucked up. The question I have is was this a failure of the technology, or of the person charged with setting it up? My guess is that someone probably forgot to plug it in. The explanation given later was that the cameras couldn’t pick up the ball because players were obscuring it. Doing we believe that? I don’t. Not for a second. In all the tests they ran and in all the games that have been covered this has never happened. So why now? Like I say, because someone forgot to plug it in (perhaps not literally, although I wouldn’t be shocked if it was that simple). They won’t admit to human error so instead they just blame ‘unique circumstances’ that weren’t really that ‘unique’ at all. And if the cameras really couldn’t pick that up because a few players were in the vicinity, then the system is not fit for purpose. If I’m Sheffield United I’m demanding the game be replayed. This isn’t just a case of a referee getting it wrong, or even VAR fucking up. No this is completely different. For whatever reason, the goal-line technology that football has put 100% trust in, failed, and the consequences of that failure could be worth tens (hundreds?) of millions of pounds to the clubs involved. If the Blades finish one point off the top four it will be because of this. If Villa survive by one point (or goal difference) then it’s because of this. I’m serious, I’d be demanding a replay if I’m Sheffield United, and if I’m one of the other sides battling with Villa at the bottom I’d be equally as furious. The fact I’ve spent so long on this is because it was the only thing of any note that happened. The game was dogshit and while I think the lack of fans made it seem even worse than it was, it was a game so bad that it would have been almost unwatchable even if it were played in front of a full house. I’ve spent weeks counting down the days to football returning and it didn’t even matter to me that the first game was Villa and Sheffield United. I told myself “No matter how shit it is it’ll just be great to have it back”. Didn’t take long for me to realise that was bollocks. I jibbed it after an hour but in truth I was only half watching it from about 15 minutes in. I had it playing in a small window on my computer screen while I was doing some work. It certainly didn’t have my full attention, which is fairly damning given there’s been no footy since March. Couple of things I noticed before I got bored. The fake crowd noise is horrendous. Thankfully Sky did provide the option of watching without it, so that shit was abandoned after a couple of minutes. Can’t be doing with that at all. As bad as that was though, it wasn’t as bad as Jack Grealish’s hair. He probably should have been locked up after his antics during the lockdown, but having seen the kip of his barnet I’d be throwing away the key. Prior to the break I was thinking I’d happily see him at Anfield is the opportunity was there to sign him. Fuck. That. I’ve seen the light now and gone back to my long held view of him. Lee Hendrie wannabe who has Manchester United player written all over him. In fact, if you cut him open he’d have “Yernited” stamped through him like a stick of rock. Fuck Jack Grealish, and fuck me for ever deviating away from that opinion. Another individual who has suffered in the hair department during lockdown is Michael Oliver, who was looking a little rough around the edges. I’m good with that for two reasons. Firstly, this is the fella who a few years back had tramlines shaved into his head, so anything is better than that. Secondly, and most importantly, anyone looking like they’re in need of a haircut has my respect because it shows they’ve stuck to the rules and not had a barber round their gaff on the sly. So Michael Oliver, fair play. Other than I don’t really have anything as like I say, I wasn’t really paying much attention. A bit like hawkeye really. 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  11. Tuesday Jun 9: Harvey Elliott is signing a pro deal. Only three years, which seems a little odd, but probably nothing to be alarmed about as the kid is a fanatical Red and won’t want to play anywhere else, and judging by the way Pep Ljinders talks about him (our ‘little diamond’) it’s clear how much the staff love him. For him to get games though something needs to give. Shaq will go (assuming he ever gets over this fucking calf injury), but Harry Wilson might be lined up to take his place in the squad, which would leave Elliott’s position unchanged really. The games that remain in this season might be a useful exercise for him if Klopp can get him some minutes, because if he lights it up then you’d think we’ll probably sell Wilson and fast-track Harvey. Personally I want to see Wilson have at least one year with us to see what he can do, as he deserves that opportunity. Andy Lonergan is signing a short term extension too, similar to the one Lallana penned. He’s not going to play but this is only right I think. He’s been a part of the squad, training every day and building a rapport with the other keepers. Not sure whether he’ll get a medal without playing any games, but I suspect he will because that’s how Klopp operates. He’ll probably get a shitload of medals made for everyone, I reckon Carol and Caroline will get them too. A far cry from the farce after Istanbul when the likes of Mellor and Sinama-Pongolle didn’t get medals (even though it would never have happened without their contributions against Olympiakos) and Rick Parry said nothing could be done about it. I never understood that. If UEFA won’t give extra then just pay someone to make them replicas that look exactly like the real thing. Pisses me off that those lads had to make do with runners up medals that Pellegrini cultured from the Milan dressing room for them. Meanwhile, it’s reported that some progress has been made in talks with Gini over an extension. Hope so, but recent history has shown us that nobody really has a clue where contracts are concerned. The first we usually know is when they’re signed, and everything is dealt with in house and on the down low. I remember being more than a little concerned that Sadio hadn’t signed anything, and then just like that out of nowhere the club are announcing it on social media. On the face of it there’s no reason for Gini to want to leave, but after this season he’ll have won the Premier League title and the Champions League and might feel like he’s done everything he needs to here and that he fancies a change. He could easily play for either of the big two in Spain if he wanted and for his contract to have run down to this point you have to wonder if that’s in his mind. Real and Barca are on the decline though (Barca will be screwed when Messi's legs eventually go). Worth keeping that in mind, Gini. I hope he stays as he’s a good player and a sound fella but if he doesn’t I’m not at all concerned about how we will replace him, because other than Alisson and Van Dijk I reckon Klopp would be able to go out and replace anyone else if he needed to. Oh, and Robbo, obviously. No-one can replace him. Not in my heart anyway. Wednesday Jun 10: Having agreed a deal for Werner, Chelsea are now favourites to land another one of our reported targets. Kai Havertz seems to be the bright young hope of German footy and every top club in Europe is looking at him. Not sure we’ll pay the £75m asking price if money really was the reason we didn’t go for Werner though. The more I think about that, I don’t think that was the case. I mean, obviously it IS about money, but I don’t think it’s that we don’t have £50m to spend. I reckon there’s money there and Klopp decided he didn’t want to spend the bulk of it on Werner. Maybe he’s got someone else lined up and knew he couldn’t get both? Who that someone might be I don’t know. Could be Havertz I suppose, but maybe it’s Sancho? I’ve seen hardly anything of Sancho so I’m not going to bang the drum for us signing him, but what I would say is that I’d much rather we sign a player like him (skilful, creative, goalscoring wide player) than a player who doesn’t really fit with how we play (Werner). Maybe we don’t have anyone lined up and won’t be spending any money because of the corona effect. I’m not ruling that out, but we’ve got a number of players that we could sell to raise cash (Lovren, Shaq, Wilson, Grujic etc) so I have a hard time dealing with the notion that the well has run completely dry. After some initial reports that the derby was going to be played at Southampton it has now been confirmed it will be at Goodison. I’m glad, even though it would have been hilarious if we’d won the title at St Mary’s after buying half their team. While there’s a chance we could win it at Goodison (come on, Arsenal!) I’m all in on that just because the sad bitter bastards have been trying to claim that we ‘lost’ the title at the Pit last season when we drew with them. So yeah, here’s to an Arsenal win at the Etihad and then our lads winning the title at the Pit, thus ensuring Goodison lives up to it’s name as “the home of the Blues”. Make it so. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  12. The coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every industry, including sports betting companies. With Liverpool matches on hold, online sports bettors have been forced to turn towards alternative forms of entertainment to get through the quarantine. One UK betting service provider said that sports wagering was down almost 75%. So where are all of these sports bettors going to place their bets during the pandemic? Luckily, as long as you are willing to switch up the events you are gambling on, there are plenty of other options like e-sports, card betting, and others to keep you going until matches are back on and betting on live sports is available again. You can even place bets on some of these sporting alternatives on sites like this. Here are some of our favourite alternative forms of entertainment until Liverpool matches resume. 1. eSports eSports have become widely popular with their growing base of fans. Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, eSports were on the rise thanks to the highly-realistic graphics and frequent competitions. And even though most eSports events have been canceled, there are still a wide number of competitions going on, which helps to reduce the amount of risk of coronavirus spreading, but allows competition to happen on a regular basis. Now, fans who might have been betting on football matches are starting to pay attention to eSports and placing bets on those games. And, you’ll find that it isn’t just bettors that are flocking to eSports betting sites, but also investors and sponsors that are also turning toward this world as well. Thanks to the resilient nature of eSports and its ability to thrive solely online, the potential of eSports is growing every day. What is particularly interesting is that there has been an increased number of upsets in the eSports world, which is what makes betting on eSports even more exciting. As a bettor, you might be more willing to bet on the underdog and this chance of an upset is causing the number of bets to increase in the eSports world. The reason for the rise of upsets is unknown, but it might be because of connective problems, technical issues, or just the simple fact that players are more comfortable or distracted at home. While people might turn to live sports betting after the pandemic is over, it is clear that the industry might have gained at least a few new fans. 2. Online Casinos Online casinos are another thriving industry that replicates the in-person atmosphere of brick-and-mortar casinos. Online casinos have an advantage because there is often a greater variety of types of games available to play. In addition, many online casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players, which helps to incentivise people to check out a new site and play a few games at almost no financial risk. Here are a few of the games that are available at online casinos: Poker: Poker has always been one of the most popular casino games because it requires a little more skill than other casino games. You'll be able to find live dealer games, allowing you to feel like you are in a Las Vegas Casino, or you can choose a video poker if you want to focus more on the game and get through hands more quickly. Slots: Slots are the most prevalent casino game available, with more than 90% of online casino games falling into this category. The reason why they are so popular is it is relatively low-risk, but the potential for a big pay-out is what makes it so fun. The graphics on the slot games tend to be high-quality and help to emulate the feeling of a live casino. Progressive slots tend to be popular because of the millions you could potentially win if you hit a jackpot. Blackjack: Blackjack might be another game that Liverpool fans might want to turn to during the pandemic. It requires skill to play and tends to be an exciting way to pass a few hours. You can join a table by yourself or join a live dealer table. Roulette: Roulette is another high-energy game for new players. It requires just a little bit of knowledge, so it might be a great game for people to break into at an online casino. The game is based on chance, and you place your bets based on the number you think will come out. Online casinos can be a great option because it allows you and our friends to come together and still play games. The sense of competition is still strong, and it can be a fun way to pass a few hours while in quarantine. 3. The Lottery The lottery has been going on for lifetimes now, but more people might start paying attention to it now that they are stuck at home. The lottery is still going strong, with daily and weekly drawings. The best part is you don’t even have to leave your house to purchase a lottery ticket. You can simply head to the lottery website and enter the numbers you want to choose. And, to make it even easier for you, you can set up an advanced play, where the same numbers will be drawn for you week after week until you win! During the pandemic, more people might be dreaming of hitting it big and winning millions of pounds; the lottery can be a fun way of making that dream come true. 4. Bingo Online bingo is booming in Europe. The popularity of the game might be because of its fast-pace and the fact that you can bet as much or as little as you want on each game. There are different variants available, including 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, and 90 Ball Bingo. These games will vary in how quickly the game goes, the card arrangement, the number of fields, as well as the number of balls called. You’ll be able to find tons of games online that are available to UK players. While it might seem like the pandemic will never end, it will be over soon, and life and matches will resume as normal. Matches will be held again soon at Anfield but, until that officially happens, find a new hobby that allows you to still bet without having to leave the comfort and safety of your own home.
  13. Tuesday Jun 2: Lovren kicks off on social media about littering. This was great. He was out for a walk on Formby beach and was so disgusted by all the garbage he saw that he live streamed his walk and went off on one about how we need to be better. Good for him, I thought it was ace, if a little surreal. Looking forward to tomorrow when he walks around the local park pointing out all the dogshit and calling out the bastards who didn't pick it up. Say what you like about big Dejan, but he's certainly not dull. I was browsing youtube today looking at the video uploads by the club and I stumbled across one from a few weeks back that I’d somehow missed. Pep Ljinders interviewing Harvey Elliott. It was great, Ljinders is just such a lively, enthusiastic fella. He’s so positive in everything he says and does and as much as Buvac was well respected and had a lot of success with Klopp, this fella is just so happy and loves his work so much it’s impossible for it not to rub off on others. I want to see more of Ljinders this year. Let him do all the league cup press conferences again and give him his own weekly show on LFCTV. In fact, partner him up with my boy Steve Hunter, perhaps the only person on the club’s payroll who’s more enthusiastic than Ljinders. Wednesday Jun 3: The Mirror publishes a result of a survey of fans asked about football’s return. No surprise our fans were most in favour, but what struck me was that the most opposed were not those facing relegation. It wasn’t even Everton, which would have surprised no-one (they were second, on 76%). It was City, the sad obsessed pathetic little cunts. 80% of them didn’t want the season to start again. It’s laughable. I’m just embarrassed for them, the pathetic little fucking worms. Taking their title just got even sweeter. These are the absolute fucking worst. From top to bottom, that club is pathetic. There are countless reasons to despise United, and I never thought Chelsea fans would be beaten when it came to not knowing how to act like a big club, but City have taken it to a whole new stratosphere. It’s like everything they do just makes me cringe. The owners are cunts, the press office are sad obsessed bitter little cockroaches, the manager is a dick, half the team are wankers and the fans… the fans… fuck me. I don’t know what’s happened to them as they used to be alright. Now they’re the absolute fucking worst in the entire country. The kings of ‘whataboutery’. Enjoy choking on our dust you pathetic little crybaby cunts. Christ, I needed that, I feel like I’ve lightened the load a little now. Some of the other results were interesting, especially that only 53% of West Ham fans were against relegation. Fair play to them, but then West Ham’s fans have never really been the problem have they? I don’t mind the Hammers fanbase, it’s the vile owners who my beef is with. Mind you, 65% of Hammers fans polled did want the season scrapped, which isn’t great, so fuck them too I guess. If I could pick one team in the bottom half to go down, then it would be… *checks table to see where Everton are* Ok it would be Everton. But if I had to pick another then it would be West Ham. In other news today, there was one positive test for the virus in the PL. It was from Spurs. Obviously it’s not being made public who recorded the positive test but I think we all know who will be claiming it. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  14. Tuesday May 26: Ok so you know I said yesterday that I’m over all the Istanbul stuff and it does nothing for me these days? Turns out I was wrong. LFCTV had Carra and Xabi doing a watch along of the game together so I thought “I’ll give it a little watch for 5 minutes”. 45 minutes later I’m sat there thinking “that was fucking boss”. The thing that I didn’t really appreciate at the time but it stands out massively now is just how much better than Milan side was than ours. I mean I knew they were better, but not to the extent that I see it now. Not only did I go into that game thinking we could win it, but at half time at 3-0 down I was STILL telling people it wasn’t over and if we got an early goal etc Now fair enough, I was shitfaced and I’m sure without the benefit of alcohol I wouldn’t have been so full of bravado, but it’s only really now when I look back that I realise we shouldn’t have had any chance. They were better than us in virtually every position and some of the all time greats of the modern era in their side. I didn’t see it that way back then because I was in the moment and had a vastly inflated opinion of just how good some of our lads were. Classic example being Baros. He was my boy, I loved him and at that time I wouldn’t have swapped him for Shevchenko or Crespo. I look back now and just have to laugh. Gerrard is probably the only player we had that would have got into Milan’s starting eleven. Xabi was great but he was only 22 back then don’t forget. Carra and Sami were top players but Milan had Stam and Nesta. I thought Carra summed it up perfectly when he said that apart from that six minute spell Milan played brilliantly all night and we were barely able to lay a glove on them. Those six minutes though. Fucking hell. Meanwhile, Mbappe is praising us again. I don’t know if the financial side of it could ever be sorted (especially now), but this lad would come and play for us in a heartbeat I reckon. I think he’s part of the reason I’m so underwhelmed by Werner you know. That and the fact that any time I’ve watched Werner he’s looked like he couldn’t trap a bag of cement. We’re being linked with my boy Adama Traore today too. Another player I’d take over Werner all day (which I'm fully aware that in time might make me look like a massive fool). He’s developed hugely over the last 12 months but is still really raw. Imagine what he could be though after Klopp worked his magic on him. I get that there are a lot of you reading this who aren’t sold on Traore, but look at it this way. Even his critics would surely agree that there are days when Traore is completely unplayable, right? Shit, we’ve seen it against us, Robbo even spoke about it recently. Well Klopp would make those days much more frequent, like he's done with Salah and Mané. So what’s not to love about that? If we signed Adama, I wouldn't just be posting the dancing Van Damme gifs, I'd be acting them out. Wednesday May 27: Liverpool and Cheltenham were among the worst hit areas when Covid descended upon us in March. Can’t think why that would be, can you? The government isn’t buying it, of course. “There are many factors that could influence the number of cases in a particular area, including population density, age, general health, and the position of an area on the pandemic curve.” Yeah, I’m sure allowing 250k race goers to congregate together in a confined space and then go off to spread it into all the local bars, coffee shops and restaurants had nothing to do with it. Or allowing 3,000 fans from Madrid to fly in to attend a footy match, even though in their own country that was no longer allowed because of the escalating rate of infection. I’m 99% sure I caught it at that Madrid game. I know without any question that I passed it onto to my wife and daughter but thankfully we’re all ok (although my wife still isn’t fully recovered and has had various other issues as a result of it), but for all I know though I’ve passed it on to someone else who may have died, or who spread it to someone else who did. There’s no way of knowing, so I try not to think about it too much but it is in the back of my mind. I tell myself I probably didn’t because I work from home and don’t often come into contact with others, but maybe I’ve been in a shop and touched something and passed it on that way? I didn’t show symptoms until five days afterwards so who knows what may have happened in those five days. Thankfully I’d already decided the week previously that we were all staying away from my parents, or I would have passed it on to them too. How many others like me got it that night and then spread it around? People died as a result of that game being played and because of the decision not to ban the away fans. There have been so many bad decisions taken by those in authority that this isn't even the worst of them, but no-one will ever be held accountable for any of it. They never are. Onto lighter things now, and Newcastle reportedly want Shaqiri. He’s better than that, although if he did go there he’d be a massive cult hero and they’d worship him because he’d be their best player. Maybe that would appeal to him, rather than being a little fish in a big pond? Wait, I’ve just realised something. I haven’t seen him in any of the training videos. Is he still injured? *sends message to journo mate* Yes, he is. This has to be the longest lay off with a calf injury since Pat Van Den Hauwe back in the day. Has Shaq been messing around with the Bennetts too? Random rumour of the day. We’re in for PSG right back Thomas Meunier. Not having that at all. We’ve got the best right back in the world and behind him we’ve got a kid who looks like he’s got everything it takes to be a great fill in any time Trent needs a rest. If you ignore his age and the fact he’s a kid that’s come through the Academy, and just judge Neco Williams on the performances he’s put in when he’s played in the first team, I reckon he’s not been spoken about anywhere near enough. He’s been man of the match in at least half of those appearances, and you can make a case for it in all but one of the others too. Neco is going to be a top player, so no, we don’t need an expensive, highly paid established international to act as cover for Trent. This is uncannily like a situation I found myself in as Portsmouth boss on Footy manager last week. I’ve got a brilliant young Danish right back (you won’t know him, he’s a regen as I’m into my 12th season now) and I had Brazil’s first choice right back rotating with him. It was a perfect set up, except I had a home grown kid coming through who was class so I reluctantly sold the Brazilian to clear a path for him. These are the tough decisions us top managers need to make, and I’m sure Klopp is cut from the same cloth as me so Neco’s path will be clear and we won’t be signing Meunier or anyone else for that matter. Now onto your 'weekly Chico'. Today it's not Stevie Nicol talking bollocks, it's someone talking bollocks about Stevie Nicol. Tony Evans says Nicol was better than Maldini. Fucking hell is it any wonder we get so much shit from other fans? Maldini is widely regarded as the greatest left back of all time. Stevie Nicol was brilliant and massively under-rated by many, but just stop it, please. Now if he'd said that Andy Robbo was better than Maldini, I think that's something we could all get on board with. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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