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  1. Tuesday May 19: Last week I mentioned how my Boy Troy was against footy coming back. Initially I lumped him in with the rest of the relegation threatened clubs just out for their own self interest. That disappointed me as he’s better than that. There’s a lot to like about Deeney I think. It was only today when I read about his reasons for not wanting to play that I think he’s probably right. His kid is in a high risk group and he isn’t prepared to put him in danger. I wouldn’t either if I were him. He also said that he doesn’t care if he doesn’t get paid, his only concern is his son. What are his options here? Just going back and playing would be crazy, unless he is prepared to then completely stay away from his son. Training is fine, he can stay completely safe at the training ground where precautions are being taken, but when it comes to being a contact sport again, how can he be completely sure he won’t be infected. Short of being tested before and after every session / game I don’t think he can. Even then I’m not sure how effective it is because how does this even work? I mean, if you pick up the virus and get tested five minutes later, does it even register that quick? If Deeney doesn’t want to play then unlike most he’s actually got a valid reason for it and I respect that. There will be others in this position too, but it’s only really valid if they live with the at risk person, otherwise they need to just do what the rest of us have been doing and stay away from parents, grandparents, the vulnerable etc until it’s safe to see them. Well, most of us have been doing that. Callum Hudson-Odoi was pictured going to his brother’s house last week, which is against the rules as we all know. I sort of understand where he’s coming from though, because he’s had the virus and is now clear of it, so he feels like he doesn’t need to lockdown. I’m in the same position but I’m still following all the guidelines anyway. Still, going to his brother’s wasn’t the worst crime in the world. Inviting a bird he met online round to his gaff on the other hand, well that’s not good is it? Especially when she ended up phoning the police at 4am claiming he raped her. Fucking hell. Some of these footy players have really lived up to the stereotype in this lockdown haven’t they? Grealish, Walker, Keane, now this. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  2. Tuesday May 12: I saw this today and it pissed me right off. John Barnes told a story about swapping shirts with Cantona after the 96 FA Cup Final and that Neil Ruddock nicked it and years later sold it for nine grand after he fell on hard times. The first Barnes knew about it was when Ruddock was boasting about it at an after dinner engagement they were both at. Yeah, really impressive that, ‘Razor’. Where’s that nine grand now? Shared out three ways between your local bookies, bailiffs and Wetherspoons no doubt. You big fat ‘pass the pound’ playing, boozed up couch potato. In other pissing me off news today, Laurie Sanchez says Liverpool would be ‘champions with an asterisk forever’ if they are awarded the title. Funny that, as this cunt should have an asterisk next to his name too. The explanation for the asterisk would be “utterly irrelevant skid mark whose one claim to fame was a ball brushing off his head in an FA Cup Final”. This fucker should be kissing LFC’s hairy beanbag as without the Reds he’d be nothing. This is what he said. “It is ironic that Klopp was the manager pushing more than anyone else for a winter break and since they had that interruption in the season, Liverpool lost all their momentum and the dip in form and the time taken out of the season means they could have won the league by now if they didn't have that break". Dip in form! We lost one game, you soft cunt. Played 29. Won 27. Lost 1. Drawn 1. The draw was back in October or something, so what the fuck is he talking about? He was part of the ‘Crazy’ gang I suppose. Seems he’s also part of the ‘thick as pigshit’ gang too. What a tit. Wednesday May 13: We keep getting linked with Koulibaly. Not sure why, as there’s no way we’re paying big money for another centre back. Yes, we’re probably going to lose one of ‘the best in the world’ when Lovren departs but that doesn’t mean we can go out and replace him ‘like for like’ with Koulibaly. For one thing I can’t see us spending big in this climate, but even if we had the money it wouldn’t make sense because we’ve got Gomez and signing someone who is so good that he’d have to play would probably end up seeing Joe move away, and no-one wants that because he could become one of the all time greats. If we did sign Koulibaly though it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the league. We’re already 25 points clear so imagine how many we’d be winning by if nobody could score against us ever. Another player who we won’t be signing but we keep being linked with is Jadon Sancho. Owen Hargreaves said today that Sancho would walk into any side in the world, including ours and City. I’m not saying he’s wrong because I’ve barely seen anything of Sancho. What I would say though is it’s easy to make outlandish claims like that, but any time someone does they should immediately be made to say who would make way. Is Sancho getting in ahead of Mané, a player in his prime and who was a strong contender for world player of the year? Messi actually endorsed him for that honour if I remember rightly. Salah then? Again, that’s a bold statement. As for City, well he might get in ahead of Mahrez I suppose but let’s not forget that Mahrez is only playing because Sane got injured. And Sane is fucking brilliant. You know what else is fucking brilliant? Djibril Cisse wants to come out of retirement to play in Ligue 1 because he didn’t reach 100 goals and can’t live with it. "I have always said that passing the 100-goal mark was something very important to me. Being four goals away bothers me. If it doesn't happen, at least I would have tried and I could close the book of 100 goals, but until I try everything, I won't be at peace." Cisse added: "You have to see this as a bet, as an additional player in the workforce and not as an element that can play 90 minutes. Even I can't lie to myself to that extent, but I can still contribute." Fucking hell, just imagine. He was a shoot on sight merchant anyway but now it’d just be ridiculous. Remember that front cover of the fanzine when Rafa was giving Cisse tactical instructions and the caption said “Opposition half. Shoot. Got it”. If he comes back now in a desperate search for four goals he would literally be shooting from anywhere. I hope it happens. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  3. Tuesday May 5: Well this is interesting. Most transfer rumours can be dismissed as bollocks even in mortal times, but stories that come out while we’re in this mess are almost certainly just clickbait to keep the hits coming in when there’s no footy. There’s no substance to anything, just lots of ‘it is believed’ and ‘reports suggest’ and that kind of vague nonsense. This one today is a little different though, as a former manager of Turkish keeper Ugurcan Cakir says: “Liverpool will sign Cakir at the end of the season. Trabzonspor will not say no to Liverpool’s offer.” He then added “I met with Ugurcan. He told me that Liverpool took care of him”. Of course that doesn’t mean it will happen as things can change, but that’s pretty definitive stuff in terms of us being interested at lest. I’ve heard his name before as we’ve been linked with him regularly, but this would seem to confirm that something is definitely afoot. In theory it sounds great. He’s meant to be top drawer so he’ll therefore be a big upgrade on Adrian. The problem is this kind of two goalie set up just doesn’t work. I’ve played enough footy manager over the years to know that. Shit, I’m playing footy manager now during lockdown and I’m trying to juggle two brilliant 21 year old keepers. I’m telling you, you can’t keep a top keeper happy just by giving him cup games and you can’t rotate two keepers because they both end up getting pissed off and you have to choose between them. That being said, we could maybe bring him in for a year and then sell him for a profit when he gets pissed off. Maybe that’s the way forward. Keep buying boss keepers to back up Alisson and sell them after a year. Maybe if we’d done that last summer we’d still be in the FA Cup and the Champions League. Probably the hardest position to fill when building a squad is the back up keeper. If you have two goalkeepers of a similar level then you have no goalkeeper, because as soon as one of them fucks up there’s a clamour for the other to get a chance. Karius would never have had a sniff if Mignolet was top class. This still applies if they’re both really good though. Goalkeeping controversies do nobody any favours. You need a clear number one and the back up generally needs to be - and to accept that he is - inferior. If he’s too inferior though then you better hope you don’t need to call on him, otherwise you could be knocked out of two competitions in the space of a few days. Meanwhile, Melwood has opened up for players who want to train on their own. Some have found it difficult to train at home so this is a good thing for them. When I heard this, the first thing that popped into my head was an image of Milner in a little tent camped outside the gates making sure he was the first one in. Wednesday May 6: Ok it’s your now weekly Stevie Nicol assessment. He’s been talking again and he’s not happy. He’s become embroiled in a war of words with our throw in coach. When I heard about this I assumed I’d be on the side of the throw in fella to be honest with you. Some of the mocking by old pros of what he’s brought to the table has irked me a bit. It seemed like they were completely dismissive of him but after reading this little exchange I think I’m coming down slightly on Nicol’s side. Gronnemark said: "First of all, a guy like Steve Nicol or Andy Gray who also did it earlier, it's really clear for me to see that they have no knowledge around throw-ins. It's also clear for me to see that they're like stuck in the football world of 30-40 years ago where we were like drinking 10 pints the night before we had to play. "Of course they had passion at that time but there are, not old, but there are some old players who haven't really been following modern football. I think the fans and social media have answered for me because a lot of people are calling them outdated, dinosaurs, so I don't have the need to call them that." Nicol responded: "What an absolute load of nonsense [that] the game's moved on. Listen, I've spoken to players who have been in his sessions on the field, I've spoken to players that have been in his video sessions and sat for 40 minutes, and there wasn't one thing they said that they hadn't already been told. "Listen yes, I'm sure this guy can teach a player to throw it harder or throw it longer with some technique, but the stuff about moves, it's been the same for moves. And this nonsense people talk about that 'the game's moved on'. Well, let me give you an example. The game's moved on in terms of full-backs for example. When I played, and certainly when I coached, a huge part of a full back’s responsibility was to cover his centre-back - that's not the case anymore. That's when you can say the game's moved on because it's completely different. "Throw-ins aren't any different. Yes this guy can make you throw it longer or faster, yeah I can see that. And if you've got the money to splash out on a throw-in coach then good luck to you, on you go. But don't tell me he's doing anything that we weren't trying to do 30 years ago. I'm sorry, not having it." I reckon he’s probably right there. Saying “Nicol knows nothing about throw ins” was pretty insulting really, considering he took them for virtually his entire career and played under Paisley, Fagan and Dalglish. Having some one trick pony nerd throwing shade at him like that doesn’t sit well with me, but I understand why he’d want to hit back to defend himself. It was good to see Nicol explaining his reasoning for once though rather than just scoffing “a throw in coach!! What a load of old bollocks. What next, a goal kick specialist!”. It’s not so much about doing it differently now, I just think that maybe they’re spending more time working on it and so bringing this fella in is a good thing because that’s his area of expertise. If we needed one, I’d have a corner specialist too, but apparently that’s something that Pete Krawietz does very well so we don’t need one. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  4. Tuesday April 27: Ah eh, Michael Robinson has passed away. I don’t remember much about him as a player. He was only here one season and I was only 10 or 11 at the time. The thing that stands out about him to me is that although he was only here a short time, you can tell how much of an impression the club had on him because he spoke about it as well as anybody. Souness was a good mate of his and he gave a heartfelt tribute to Robinson on Sky. He was getting quite emotional towards the end of it and you could see him struggling to keep it together. I then scrolled to the comments and it was mostly overseas United fans making cracks about it somehow being Pogba’s fault. The fuck is wrong with people? I’m not just talking about United fans here, it’s people in general. Someone dies and people think it’s fine to start making stupid fucking tribal comments. Twitter is a cesspit, but it’s only a reflection of people in general. In lighter news today, Big Nev said on twitter that Boris Johnson is ‘the Mike Walker of politics”. Bit harsh on arl Mike that, but we can all see where the big fella is coming from. It’s mad how old rivalries can often be put to bed as soon as a player retires. Not Southall, as I always kind of liked him anyway, in a grudging kind of way. I didn’t know back when he was a player what a sound fella he was, but I liked him because he was such a great keeper and never gave me any reason to not like him, other than being so fucking good. Peter Reid is another. I didn’t particularly like him but I respected him because of the way him and McMahon went to war with each other but always kept it sporting. There are quite a few others I hated though who I now think are somewhere ranging between alright and sound. Lampard is one. I think he’s alright but I fucking despised him in his Chelsea days. Ian Wright too. He was a knobhead when he was a player but I really like him these days. Proper sound fella. Then there's Gary Neville. I’m not sure I’d go quite as far as to say he’s ‘alright’ but I don’t actively dislike him anymore. The biggest about face I’ve done though is without doubt on Cantona. He’s fucking boss, I love him. It’s almost like he never even played for United now. When I look at him, I don’t see the collar turned up, arrogant fucking wanker who turned United around and inflicted years of misery on us. I see a sound fella and proper funny bastard who I'd love to spend time in his company. Meanwhile, I saw this today. It’s from a few weeks ago but I never read it at the time because any time I see something Damien Commoli related on the forum or twitter it just makes me roll my eyes and keep scrolling. I saw a link on the forum today and didn’t realise what the article was about, but even though it was the usual waffle from Commoli justifying his mistakes, I’m glad I read it because of this little anecdote: "I was talking to Arsene Wenger after Liverpool lost to Barcelona (in the Champions League semi-final last season) and asked him what he'd do. He said 'the first person I'd put on the teamsheet is Jordan Henderson because he is the soul of that team and will refuse to give up and could carry the team on his shoulders in the second leg'. That's exactly what happened." Add Wenger to the list of people who are fucking ace now that they aren’t competing against us. Still, some cunts will always be cunts. Like Michael Ball, perhaps the bitterest of all bitter blues. He wants the season voided like the Dutch are thinking of doing. Course he does, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this fucking turd. He’s an utter embarrassment. I know some of our former players are a bit cringe, but do we have anyone as bad as him? Dean Saunders maybe, but other than that I’m struggling. Hamann too I suppose, but I’m not sure there is a more embarrassing twat out there than Michael “Klopp’s celebration showed how worried he is about Everton” Ball. Cunt. Wednesday Apr 29: The Anny Rd development is on hold for ‘at least’ a year. On one hand I get it. The financial situation in football is going to be uncertain for a while, plus we don’t know how long it will be before we’re allowed to go to games again. Even when we are allowed back, it might not be like it was before. Maybe it will be reduced capacity and social distancing? So yeah, it makes sense to put the expansion on hold, but it would also make sense to do it now. It would cause the minimum disruption in terms of reducing capacity while the work is done, because they might actually get it finished before we’re allowed to play in front of crowds again. Ultimately though, what the fuck do I know about it? It’s easy to say “do it now while there’s no footy” but there are probably all sorts of logistical reasons why that’s not feasible. What if there’s a second wave and another lockdown, and work has to be suspended on it? This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  5. It looks like Liverpool youngster Ovie Ejaria could have played his final game for the Reds following another uninspiring loan spell where he failed to set the heather alight in the English Championship when plying his trade with Reading. 22-year-old Londoner Ejaria, a product of the Anfield club’s youth academy, is currently out on the third loan spell of his career. Having stuttered at Sunderland and thrown in the towel at Rangers, things have not been too much more productive at the Madejski Stadium this term. Player has accepted his fate The midfielder, who has been capped at U20 and U21 level by England, has made 32 league appearances in what has been a below-par campaign for Reading who are just nine points above the relegation zone heading into the final chapter of the season. Finding the net just three times during that period, reports suggest the player has already accepted his fate and is on the lookout for a new full-time club. Breaking into one of the best Liverpool midfields in years was always going to be a big ask and with Jurgen Klopp eager to slim down his squad size, the writing looks to be on the wall for Ejaria as well as other prospects who haven’t progressed as quickly as the coaching team would have hoped. What is next for Ejaria? The 6ft centre mid surely will not be short of offers during the summer. He is remembered best in Glasgow for a stunning strike for Steven Gerrard’s Rangers against Russian club FC Ufa in the Europa League, playing an instrumental part in ensuring his club’s progression to the next round. At Reading he has shown glimpses of the quality Liverpool scouts saw in him, credited with four assists alongside his goals. Bowen promised first refusal The Royals may see him as a potential summer transfer if the price is right. Mark Bowen’s crew are said to have a contract clause that would give them first refusal on the player when the transfer window opens later this year. With Liverpool, seemingly, desperate to get rid, they are not going to stand in the way of a permanent deal or push for a sizeable transfer fee. Reading narrowly avoided relegation last season and are stuck at the wrong end of the table again this season. The Championship betting odds available before the break suggested Reading will retain their place in the second flight of English football with Barnsley, Luton Town and Charlton Athletic more likely to take the plunge. At the opposite end of the table, bookmakers have Leeds United as betting favourites to be playing Premier League football next season. The Elland Road club sit top of the pile with 71 points on the board, one more than West Bromwich Albion in second and seven clear of Fulham in third. Ejaria has arrived at a crossroads in his career so the next move will be pivotal in deciding which turn his career takes. He is still young so all isn't lost and he could very easily find himself in the Premier League in the next few seasons, albeit with a different club.
  6. Tuesday April 21: The Saudis are close to buying Newcastle. This is bad on so many levels. These cunts all need to fuck off and stop buying clubs just to try and ‘sportswash’ over the human rights issues in their countries. If Newcastle fans had anything about them they’d be protesting to stop it, but I won’t hold my breath. I honestly think that the only set of fans who would do anything to prevent their club being bought by fuckers like this are us. But then we seem to be the only ones with any kind of social conscience. Certainly as a collective anyway. I’m sure there are plenty of Geordies who are horrified about this but in terms of them doing anything about it, that’s not going to happen. Other than Everton, I can’t think of a fanbase who would be worse if they were taken over by rule breaking, money no object, cheating cunts like these. You just know they’ll be at the first home game of the dressed dressed as Sheiks, the bad knobheads. Wednesday Apr 22: Stories floating round today about Jurgen and his missus and how they’ve been supporting the Formby community. Ula reportedly gave the staff in Waitrose £50 each just as a thank you for the work they’re doing, while Jurgen is meant to have given Tescos a big wedge of cash and told them to use it towards the bills of any NHS staff shopping in there. He was also applauding ambulances as they passed him on the road, which made me smile because I can picture that vividly. The same ‘hands above the head’ clap he does when the lads have put a good move together and nearly scored. He’s just ace isn’t he. The best manager in the world and yet he's an even better human. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  7. To say that Liverpool FC has come alive under Jürgen Klopp is an understatement. What was once the greatest team in the English Premier League metamorphosed into an ordinary middle-table team. The arrival of the German coach in 2015 saw Liverpool going all the way to their first UEFA Champions League Final since 2007 in 2018. That wasn't all; the Reds finished 2nd in the 2018–19 Premier League with a haul of 97 points. The best way to come with the first silverware for Liverpool after a long time in the form the UEFA Champions League Cup, UEFA Super Cup and Liverpool's first FIFA Club World Cup. While the team is already out of the Champions League this year, they have an incredible 25 point lead of at the top of the English Premier League (EPL). However, it's the remarkable nature of their performances that have excited fans across the globe. The indefatigable football team has broken multiple records this season. Take a look: 44-Game Unbeaten Run With Liverpool's performances on the pitch, it had seemed that this was the team that would finally break Arsenal's record of going unbeaten through the season. However, their 3-0 loss to lowly Watford brought an end to the fairy tale. However, this was a remarkable record that fans will talk about for a long time. Most Home Wins In A Row All teams want to win at home and transform their home bases to fortresses. It doesn't always work, but for Liverpool FC, the 3-2 win over West Ham United marked their 21st consecutive Premier League home win. They took the record for most home wins in a row from their rivals Manchester City (20 home wins). Best Start Ever The team's haul of 61 points from their opening 21 matches was a record for the best start ever in Europe's top five leagues. The Reds even extended their tally to 79 points from their first 27 games before losing to Watford. Biggest Lead At The Top The 25 points gap that Liverpool has created at the top gives the team another record of the biggest lead at the top in English top-flight football. Most Points over 38 Matches When Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur in January, it might have looked like another casual win. However, the team won another record for amassing104 points from 38 Premier League matches. If you are a Red’s fan and a sport betting enthusiast, these stats help you determine the performance of the team at any time. To get a better idea, simply check all currently available football odds for the Reds’ and compare them with their latest performance stats to improve your chances of winning. Most Assists For A Defender It's not always easy to follow up on individual player records especially on assists. However, Trent Alexander-Arnold's impact as a defender is not easy to miss. It's no wonder his tally of 12 assists is a record for a full-time member of the defense. First International Treble For An English Team Most football fans might not know this record but it is a proud one nevertheless. Liverpool is the first English team to win an international treble. They hold theUEFA Super Cup, Champions League, and FIFA Club World Cup titles. Final Thoughts Liverpool FC still has many records they can break when football resumes. As a football fan, it's such records that make the game exciting. Such records distinguish ordinary teams and special teams. Whether you are a Liverpool fan or not, you have to admire their resolve and, of course, their beautiful game.
  8. Sunday Apr 12: Hodgson says the season needs to be completed, regardless of how it’s done. Now this is a fella whose team is 11th and has no real stake at the top or bottom. It would be easy for him to jump on the ‘void it’ bus but his comments on this were a lot more sensible than most I've seen of late. Basically he said that everyone will have to make compromises on how long they get to prepare the players for the restart, and also that there may need to be a lot of games played in a short space of time. Good stuff from the old boy. Not so good stuff from Bernardo Silva though, who proved that it’s not just Man City’s press office that has a massive chip on their shoulder about the Reds. "I hope this is not a bad example, and people don't take it badly. But I always think about the last three seasons, Man City and Liverpool. Three seasons ago we win the league and they were 30 points behind. Kevin De Bruyne, unbelievable season, Mo Salah, scores a lot of goals. He's a great player and I admire him a lot, and they give the award to Mo Salah.” The way he casually dismissed Mo there - “scores a lot of goals”. He scored 44 goals you cunt. We’re talking about about the most historic goalscoring seasons in English football history. De Bruyne was phenomenal that year and could have won it, but you can’t blame anyone who was swayed by someone scoring 44 goals. Plus, he scored home and away against City in the CL, whereas De Bruyne did fuck all. Like it or not, that influences the voting. Silva wasn’t done whining though. "The season after, very tight. Raheem Sterling was on the run with van Dijk, they give the award to van Dijk. This season again, Kevin de Bruyne, another unbelievable season. We're behind, but because Liverpool are champions probably one of them is winning the award again." Cry me a river, short arse. If you want recognition, join a big club. Simple as that. Monday Apr 13: Didi Hamann says Werner wouldn’t fit our style. This is completely at odds with the general consensus, and Werner himself has spoken about how the way we play suits him perfectly. It feels like just because he runs around a lot everything thinks he’s a “Klopp player”. There’s far more to it than that though and I agree with Hamann, which is not something I say very often as, much as it pains me to say, he’s a bit of a knob. His logic here is sound though. Werner would be a huge drop off from Salah or Mané out wide, and his style is completely different to Bobby’s so if he played central we wouldn’t be able to play the same way. As I’ve said before, I’m basing this on a small sample size but based on the limited amount I’ve seen him I reckon he’s a bit of a bull in a china shop and doesn’t have the guile required to play in our front three. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  9. tlw content

    How Is AI Changing the Football World

    Football is a sport that is about to be infused with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of AI has made rapid changes in technology and now, it is making remarkable waves in practically every sector. It has helped in the reduction of workloads for workers by making menial jobs automated. This, to a great extent, is shifting the workforce in almost every field, with football being among them. Here are various fields where present and upcoming AI technology will find application in football. Scouting and Recruitment Although human beings are far-off from being evaluable with the use of quantitative, objective metrics, their performances can be subject to quantifiable scrutiny. Football, among other sports, is using players’ performance data to measure their potential. Nevertheless, the performance data that is used for scouting potential players does not mean using knowns stats such as passes, home runs, or goals, but utilizing complex metrics that consider multiple factors. While this is the case, the perceptual limitations associated with humans can hinder accurate recording and assessment of such metrics. This is where AI comes into play. With AI recording as well as measuring the indicators of possibly succeeding in future becomes not only easier but also reliable. Reason being, it can utilize historical data, which is well documented in football to predict the future capability of players before a club or country invests in them. AI can be used to estimate a players market values, enabling the making of right offers when acquiring them. Maintaining Fitness and Safety Artificial Intelligence is transforming the healthcare industry in various ways. The predictive capabilities of this technology can be applied in the realm of football, where overall health is of great importance. To make this possible clubs are making use of technological tools that continuously monitor the health and fitness of their players. Often, they under physical tests that utilize AI to evaluate different health parameters. AI is playing a vital role in this in that it can detect signs of fatigue at an early stage as well as injuries that are induced by stress. The early diagnosis helps medical personally if various football organizations to maintain the fitness of their members as well as keep them safe from any form of injuries through timely intervention. Further to this, leading teams across the world use AI-powered wearable technology to track the movement of players and physical parameter. The aim of this is to track the overall health of every player. AI is used to analyze the data that these wearables collect, making it possible to identify symptoms indicative of a player developing health conditions like cardiovascular and musculoskeletal problems. Streaming and Betting Besides revolutionizing football for manager and players, AI can revolutionize live broadcasting and positively impact how fans experience the sport. AI may also change how broadcasters monetize various sporting events. Artificial Intelligence can be utilized to choose the perfect camera angle to display matches on viewers' screens. In addition to this, it can provide subtitles in multiple languages, which ensures players can watch live matches in their preferred language. On the flip side, bookmakers are increasingly using AI to offer punters better experiences. Betiton, for example, uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to personalize a bettor’s offers, betting markets and customer service. It also uses technology to learn punters’ behaviors to improve their future experiences. Training and Performance Scrutiny As stated, using general metrics like goals scored is not the most suitable way to assess players performances. To estimate performances in football, coaches and analysts need to analyze several sets of data about individual and collective performances. Doing so enables them to identify the various areas where a specific player excels and where he/she lags. While not all aspects of a players' performance are quantifiable, a growing part is becoming quantifiable, and thus, measurable. Artificial Intelligence makes this possible in that through it, the correlation between quantitative variables and qualitative traits can be derived. After this is done, the variables are measured to predict the overall value of a player. Therefore, AI has changed the football world by making it easy to identify the performance of players and their weak areas. Coaches are then able to know the area to focus when during training sessions to improve their player's weakness while enhancing their strengths. Strategic Decision Making Artificial Intelligence can help refine teams strategies and at the same time make pivotal decisions. By making use of AI tools, coaches and managers can analyze data such as the strengths and weaknesses of their players, and then develop tactics to use when making different decisions. Most importantly, AI takes out emotional quotient present during decision making which can limit the making of strategic decisions. This makes it possible to choose a team that is based on facts rather than on favouritism. clubs have been harnessing AI tools to understand their rivals better and come up with strategic plans for the team. Providing Additional support to referees Video Assistant Referee (VAR) and Goal Line Technology (GLT) were among the first technologies in football. They have further been sharpened using Artificial Intelligence and these enable them to be not only faster but also efficient. The two provide support to referees by enabling them to make the right decisions when matches are ongoing. Advanced GLT that is powered by AI enables referred to know if the ball has crossed the goal line through the use of an embedded microchip. VAR powered by AI can improve the ability of the technology in making offside calls. One of the top beneficiaries of this is FIFA and according to it, AIs optical tracking ability is immense. Artificial Intelligence In the End Whether AI is being used to protect player welfare or help determine the best set of players for a play in a game, AI is helping shape the world of football as we know it. The future may bring many more surprise on the horizon as the sport and the technology evolve together. Football is a fascinating game and as long as the fascination remains, businesses will always have chances to benefit from it. As long as there are profits to be gained from football, the incorporation of AI will continue, and this will definitely make the sport more thrilling.
  10. Sunday Apr 5: Man City wasted no time sticking the knife in, announcing today that they won’t be furloughing their staff. Their press office will have been running around like a dog with two dicks when they saw that clusterfuck from LFC yesterday, but they have no moral high ground here considering how much they were charging the NHS to rent their building. I say ‘they’ because although it’s technically not Man City, it’s Abu Dhabi which is the same thing. Well if LFC are tarred by the decisions of greedy bastard owners then why not City? In truth though I’m not even mad at City’s opportunism here. LFC gave them the open goal, all they did was take the tap in. I’m angry with FSG, not Man City. They’ve played us like a fiddle here, especially as I heard a whisper that at the Premier League club meeting the other day they intimated that they’d be using furlough for their staff. That may or may not be true, but if LFC hadn’t gone fucking diving in head first and had sat back to see what other clubs did and what the reaction was, we wouldn’t have this mess now. I don’t get why they felt the need to a) furlough so soon, and b) announce it before all the other big clubs had declared their intentions. History tells us that the reaction of the fans will probably force a u-turn, but this is such massive, unnecessary PR own goal. Monday Apr 6: Well at least when they fuck things up they aren’t afraid to admit it and back-track. It would be nice if they didn’t get things so wrong to begin with that they have to climb down and apologise, but there’s something to be said for the fact that they will admit when they’re wrong and they don’t just dig their heels in. The statement about not furloughing staff was as good as we could have hoped for. They misjudged the situation and are “very sorry”. Fair play, I suppose. Last week Jack Grealish was guilty of one of the most tone deaf, stupid acts I can ever remember from a footballer. I didn’t think that would be topped, but then up pops Kyle Walker hosting a sex party complete with hookers. I’m almost impressed, as that’s some next level don’t give a fuckery. What an absolute cunt. Stories like that make all the headlines, but there is so much good going on too. For instance, an elderly Everton season ticket holder had his house burgled and the cunts nicked his telly. Duncan Ferguson heard about it, rung the fella up for a chat and bought him a new telly. I like to think he promised to track down the burglars too so he could complete that particular hat-trick. I like Ferguson. There, I said it. There’s something endearing about how much he understands his hero status at Everton and the way he responds to it. It’s easy for us to laugh at the fact he even has legend status (the example I often use is it’s like us making Andy Carroll a hero), but the fact is they love him and he lives up to what they want him to be. I hated him when he was playing, but he comes across as a genuinely decent fella these days and this was a great story. Well in big man, nice one. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  11. The Premier League season for 2019-20 hasn’t yet reached its final stages, but the break due to the Coronavirus means that we can start to begin to look towards the future. It is expected that Liverpool will be the outright favourites in the betting to win at least one more trophy next season, but could back-to-back honours be their preferred piece of silverware? Liverpool began the 2019-20 season as the second-favourites for the Premier League title behind Manchester City, but they have blown the reigning champions away. Most of the sportsbooks have now settled bets as winners for wagers on Liverpool to win the title, which means eSports betting, free bets and more at freebets.co.uk are the only way for those gamblers to get returns between now and next season. It is incredibly hard to see Liverpool going into next season as anything other than favourites for the league title, but could the summer hold the key for the Reds? A title next season would be a landmark occasion as they would tie with Manchester United for the most league championships in England. We believe this type of bet will be an interesting one to try, with good odds from bookies when they are published. Therefore when the time comes keep this in mind if you are a thriving punter. Summer Business The transfer market has been a constant source of positivity for the Reds over recent seasons. The signings of Virgil van Dijk from Southampton and Alisson from AS Roma has helped shift the tide in their direction. However, the secret to reclaiming a title is by strengthening when you are at the summit. Jurgen Klopp will be aware of that, and he will already be identifying potential players to bring in over the summer months, with Raheem Sterling also teasing a return to Anfield in the future. Philippe Coutinho is looking like a player that will attract a lot of attention from around Europe, as Barcelona want to get the Brazilian off their wage bill and it is unlikely that Bayern Munich will make his loan permanent. A return to Anfield would be a huge signing for the Reds, and would add a new layer into their attack, but whether Klopp will make a move looks uncertain. The most likely signing appears to be Timo Werner from RB Leipzig. The German has enjoyed a stellar season this campaign as he has scored 21 goals in 25 games. He is a completely different striker to Roberto Firmino and can also operate on the flanks. He would be a landmark signing that would indicate that the Red will be the favourites in the betting for the league title. Possible Contenders As is the case with every transfer window, the summer gives the chasing pack a chance to catch up on the Premier League winners. Manchester City will be looking to strengthen their defence, while the departure of David Silva will leave a question mark. Phil Foden looks the most likely option to fill the Spaniard’s position, but keeping hold of their players will be essential following their ban from UEFA competitions. Chelsea have already brought in Hakim Ziyech, while the Blues will also go head-to-head with Manchester United for the signing of Jadon Sancho. Whichever club manages to bring the winger in will have a better chance of competing for the league title, but there are still questions in other positions for both sides. Tottenham will be hoping for a better season with Jose Mourinho at the helm, but the future of Harry Kane will impact their chances. At present, it’s difficult seeing any of the chasing pack closing the gap on the Reds, which means they will begin the 2020-21 season as the outright favourites for the league title.
  12. Sunday Mar 15: There’s been a lot of talk of how we might or might not be crowned Champions and that even if we do it will be an anti climx. Big Virg is having none of it though: “Will it be an anti-climax? What do you think? No! We should enjoy it even more because of the wait. “To win the league here is something that we can all be remembered for and will be remembered for. We should just go for it and we are very close now. Just enjoy it. We don’t play for records, we play for trophies. "I have been here now almost two-and-a-half years and been very blessed and happy to have experienced two Champions League finals. We won one of them and I was very close to the Premier League title last year and now very close to the Premier League this year. "Obviously you want to deliver the Premier League to this club. It has been so long I wasn’t even born and is something the club is definitely hungry for. So let’s just go for it and see what happens in the next weeks and months and be positive.” Nice sentiments but it will be an anti-climax. We were on course to not only win it, but to break every record in the books and be viewed as the greatest team of all time. Now that’s not going to happen. Not this season anyway. So yeah, if and when we eventually get it there is going to be a sense of disappointment mixed in with the joy. Right now though there are more important things to worry about, because by the time the footy does come back people’s lives are going to have been turned upside down. Scary times. Monday Mar 16: Steve Nicol describes Mo as the ‘most frustrating player in the Premier League’. Predictably it didn’t go down well. Nicol does talk a lot of shite but I don’t have it in me to let that bother me. He was known for being a loveable dope as a player so it’s hardly surprising that he talks a lot of bollocks now. I’m biased towards him though as he had my back on ESPN last year when some slapdick pundit they had on was ridiculing my player ratings because I gave Robbo a 9 after we lost 3-0 in the Nou Camp. He was being a right smug prick about it but Stevie put him straight, so I’ve got his back now. “Winning is the deodorant of the game, but it covers all bad smells. Winning covers a lot of bad things. You can say it with Salah. Salah’s form this season, is there a guy that frustrates you more in the Premier League or anyone else with the things he does in a game? Then all of a sudden he will produce something. But again, he plays every game and why? Because they win.” Anyone who says they haven’t been frustrated watching Mo is lying. It just seems a bit ungrateful to say it given everything he’s done since he got here. It’s not just Nicol though. Don Hutchison said this - “You watch Mo Salah and the guy does genius things but he does the most basic things so bad it's untrue. He can’t pass a ball five yards. He does the basic things really, really badly, yet his numbers are frightening and he scores a ridiculous number of goals.” They both could have worded it better, but Mo IS frustrating as fuck and then yes, all of a sudden he will produce something. He’s a complete paradox. Two years ago everything he did came off and the results were spectacular. Since then he’s been more erratic but he’s a victim of his own success. Take away that 44 goal season and I doubt he’d be judged quite as harshly as he is. I mean, take Aubameyeng for example. He’s erratic as fuck too but no-one ever says anything about him other than he’s a great striker. Mo’s numbers compare favourably with his but because he’s not hitting 44 every season some of us view him more harshly than we probably should. Tuesday Mar 17: Spurs and Arsenal reportedly want Lovren. I have so many questions, but the biggest one is why the hell is this story coming out now? With all that’s going on, are we seriously expected to believe that the staff of Arsenal and Spurs are sat around planning transfer moves. And for Dejan Lovren of all people? No disrespect to the big man but the world is being turned upside down, the idea that there are people out there trying to plot a transfer for Lovren while all this is going on just seems too outlandish for me. Still, it seems to have provided some cheer to a number of our fans during this miserable time, so at least there’s that. Meanwhile, Phil Thompson says we still need a player like Coutinho. I disagree. We don’t need it, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like it. Thommo admitted that getting Coutinho himself back is unlikely but says ‘someone like him’, as well as a striker and cover for Robbo is what we should be looking for. When should we be looking for them though? Not gonna lie, I don’t see footy coming back any time soon and when it does everything will have changed anyway in terms of player contract expiry, transfer windows and the season schedule. How’s any of that going to work out? Are contracts going to have to be redone? Timo’s Werner’s release clause needed to be activated in April, but that seems unlikely now, so how will that affect his value? If the season resumes in the summer then Lallana will be out of contract. Not a huge problem for us, but what of other teams who have key players out of contract? Can they just leave or will they go on week to week? The whole thing is completely up in the air and because nothing like this has ever happened before we have no point of reference. Fuck knows how any of this is going to play out. This is just a teaser, click to view full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  13. You are probably a major football fan and that means that you have a great amount of knowledge on this popular sport. However, you’ve probably found yourself only using it to discuss matches with your friends. But did you know that you can make plenty of money with your knowledge of football? You probably already did know that but you didn’t know how to properly start making that money. This is your year if you want to get some profit and finally use that knowledge for something great. Yes, you guessed it, you can use it to bet on matches and get some serious wins. Betting on football has been here a while, but this year and with the availability of stats and betting sites, you can carefully pick yours and make some serious cash. However, before you start, you should get some advice on football betting if you want to be successful. Avoid Rookie Mistakes When you first start betting you might be unaware of the most common mistake you’re about to make. Most rookies believe that their favourite team is unbeatable and that you should bet on them. It is perfectly fine to use passion when betting, but you have to be realistic and follow your mind over your brain sometimes. There are people who follow their hearts and place bets on their team, but as you do have a significant amount of knowledge on football, you will know that if the other team is doing better, that that’s a safer bet. Put Your Efforts in Research Even though you possess enough knowledge, you should do some thorough research before placing bets. You probably already follow enough teams that you like or every game played and their stats, but further research won’t hurt you - it will only lead to a safer bet. This is important because the information is power and just when you think you know everything, something could suddenly change. You need to keep up-to-date, analyze the stats, read the news and record everything that might be helpful when betting. Make Use of the Football Index Football index is a great way to make some extra money using your knowledge of your favourite sport. Football Index is a stock market where you can trade players instead of companies. Plus, it is really easy to use and it is a lot of fun, especially if you are a clever football fan. What is more, with the Football Index you can bet on the success of a player from real-life by simply purchasing shares in them. The more people buy the shares of the same footballer the more their value will go up and thus increase your reward. And you can sell them at any time or simply keep them to build your portfolio. For more information and tips on how to utilise Football Index, you can visit this site and get the best advice. Learn to Place Bets Besides trading players and buying their shares, you can simply bet online and use your knowledge towards winning. Once you’ve done enough research and predicted the right scores, you can place the bet. You can look for trustworthy sites that you know are good and definitely make sure to check their guidelines and FAQs. Also, make sure to understand the odds and types of bets they offer in order to create a profitable combination. Lastly, you can make use of bookmakers’ offers. Most online bookmakers will create all kinds of promotions and bonuses that you can use. They do this in order to attract new bettors, but with your knowledge, you can really take advantage of them. Most of them will offer you a certain amount of bonus money that you can easily use to play a few games, but there will be some conditions of use or wagering requirements. So, before you accept anything be sure you are able to meet those requirements and take advantage of the bonus. The times of only using your football knowledge to discuss games with your friends are over. If you are methodical enough you can easily use it to your advantage to make some serious money through bets and trades. So, do your research to make sure to support your knowledge, be careful and you will manage to gain profit in no time.
  14. Betting, in general, is a high risking game, but it can get even riskier when it comes to football. No one can correctly predict the behaviour of players if they are going to get hurt, miss a shot and whatnot. That is why you should be careful and only be loyal to trustworthy betting sites and companies. However, besides loyalty and trust, you will need some help and knowledge before you register on a site and start spending money to earn it. Listen to the Statistics Statistics don’t lie. Yes, there can be occasional anomalies, but when it comes to football betting the stats are on your side. You can look for stats at your trustworthy sites or even check Bettingmetrics. No matter which site or program it is, they will digest a huge amount of data every day and will provide you with the best odds and calculations. Also, you can follow the stats for your team and look at their past performances, scores and odds, and if you’re good at maths you can know which one is the safest bet. Educate Yourself on the Categories If you are a beginner and you’re about to make your first bet, make sure to gather as much knowledge as you can beforehand. Look through several betting sites, read up on betting reviews, check the terms and conditions and how the site works. You can even find a lot of sites that do reviews, such as soccerbetting365.com and go through reviews of many different betting sites. Among others, they have a detailed review of Betfair Sport, which can be of great help for your first bet. Then, learn about the categories and principles of betting. There is always something new to learn and you should learn about the entire world of betting and the subtleties. Those are often gained from experience, but as a football gambler, you should have knowledge of the basics before you start betting. Utilise the SMART Method SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. When betting on football, you have to act like a businessman and know that there are no shortcuts to easy money. And this means that your approach to gambling should be methodical and scientific if you want to earn a decent profit in the long run. Establish Your Earning Target If you are planning on getting the profits in the long run, you have to establish the amount you want to earn - the goal. Every businessman knows that without a goal there is no clear plan and great execution, and this is why you need to have a goal. Determine in advance what you are shooting for, whether you want to make sure to have big profits that will last or you simply want a quick way to earn a little extra money. After that, you can come up with the plan, utilize the knowledge you gathered and move on to placing the bet. Discipline and Patience Your strict discipline and a lot of patience are paramount in betting. The sooner you realize that there are no shortcuts to getting rich, especially from betting on football, the better. If you wish to secure constant and consistent incomes from your activity, you have to refrain from taking risks and taking the dangerous road with high payoffs. Your best bet is to stick to betting on events that can be predicted with statistics with a high degree of certainty. Plus, you need to discipline yourself to follow news and events related to football because these will be a valuable source of clues about what you can bet on next. Gamble ONLY with a CLEAR HEAD If you want to make money and not lose too much of it, it is crucially important to only bet when your head is clear. If you’ve had a few too many beers, and if you think you are getting that “gut feeling”, it’s probably the beer talking and avoid placing any bets. Also, if you’ve had a hard and exhausting day, refrain from logging in and placing your bets. Your tired mind is not clear and there could be miscalculations or bad decisions which can only stop you from reaching your goal. Gambling is an activity that should be reserved for your prime hours, so don’t rush and be realistic. Most people think that football betting is their shortcut to success and fortune. However, that attitude will only lead you to much lost money. What you need to do is approach this as a businessman and be very methodical about everything. Be smart, keep a clear head and discipline and you will manage to reach your profit goals.
  15. Liverpool were surprisingly knocked out of the Champions league, which meant they failed in their defence of the title. The reds were also looking to reach their third final in succession but on this occasion could not get past Atletico Madrid in the round of 16. They went into the second leg at Anfield, looking to overturn a 1-0 loss, so were strong favourites to progress through and very well supported by punters using offers at bookmakers.tv. Georginio Wijnaldum scored the only goal of the game, which meant the match went into extra-time. Roberto Firmino then added a second and his first goal of the season at Anfield, which it appeared would be sending Liverpool through to the final eight. However, the visitors responded minutes later through Marcos Llorente, who then added a second just eight minutes later. This meant that Liverpool now needed to score two further goals, which they were unable to do, as former Chelsea player Alvaro Morata then added a third on the night for the Spanish side. The result meant that Atletico Madrid progressed through to the final eight, winning 4-2 on aggregate and both ties. This was a tough result to take, as Liverpool dominated the second leg with 72% possession and creating 34 shots, with 11 on target. Despite this result, Liverpool are still in the process of producing a memorable season, as they draw ever nearer to picking up the Premier league trophy. However, the league has now been postponed due to the coronavirus, which is now being stated as a global pandemic. It has now resulted in endless sporting events being cancelled, with the European championships also being postponed until next year. The Olympic games have also now been postponed and will now take place next year. The Premier league are now looking at a solution in order for this current season to be completed, with Liverpool just a few points away from the title. From 29 matches played, Liverpool have picked up 82 points, winning 27 matches, drawing one and losing just one. This meant the side have built up a lead of 25 points over defending champions Manchester City, who do have a game in hand. Liverpool are now just two wins away from the title, so it is simply a matter of times until they are crowned the champions. So the big question now is, when will the current Premier league season be finished, with the continued postponement due to the coronavirus.