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  1. The Premier League season for 2019-20 hasn’t yet reached its final stages, but the break due to the Coronavirus means that we can start to begin to look towards the future. It is expected that Liverpool will be the outright favourites in the betting to win at least one more trophy next season, but could back-to-back honours be their preferred piece of silverware? Liverpool began the 2019-20 season as the second-favourites for the Premier League title behind Manchester City, but they have blown the reigning champions away. Most of the sportsbooks have now settled bets as winners for wagers on Liverpool to win the title, which means eSports betting, free bets and more at freebets.co.uk are the only way for those gamblers to get returns between now and next season. It is incredibly hard to see Liverpool going into next season as anything other than favourites for the league title, but could the summer hold the key for the Reds? A title next season would be a landmark occasion as they would tie with Manchester United for the most league championships in England. We believe this type of bet will be an interesting one to try, with good odds from bookies when they are published. Therefore when the time comes keep this in mind if you are a thriving punter. Summer Business The transfer market has been a constant source of positivity for the Reds over recent seasons. The signings of Virgil van Dijk from Southampton and Alisson from AS Roma has helped shift the tide in their direction. However, the secret to reclaiming a title is by strengthening when you are at the summit. Jurgen Klopp will be aware of that, and he will already be identifying potential players to bring in over the summer months, with Raheem Sterling also teasing a return to Anfield in the future. Philippe Coutinho is looking like a player that will attract a lot of attention from around Europe, as Barcelona want to get the Brazilian off their wage bill and it is unlikely that Bayern Munich will make his loan permanent. A return to Anfield would be a huge signing for the Reds, and would add a new layer into their attack, but whether Klopp will make a move looks uncertain. The most likely signing appears to be Timo Werner from RB Leipzig. The German has enjoyed a stellar season this campaign as he has scored 21 goals in 25 games. He is a completely different striker to Roberto Firmino and can also operate on the flanks. He would be a landmark signing that would indicate that the Red will be the favourites in the betting for the league title. Possible Contenders As is the case with every transfer window, the summer gives the chasing pack a chance to catch up on the Premier League winners. Manchester City will be looking to strengthen their defence, while the departure of David Silva will leave a question mark. Phil Foden looks the most likely option to fill the Spaniard’s position, but keeping hold of their players will be essential following their ban from UEFA competitions. Chelsea have already brought in Hakim Ziyech, while the Blues will also go head-to-head with Manchester United for the signing of Jadon Sancho. Whichever club manages to bring the winger in will have a better chance of competing for the league title, but there are still questions in other positions for both sides. Tottenham will be hoping for a better season with Jose Mourinho at the helm, but the future of Harry Kane will impact their chances. At present, it’s difficult seeing any of the chasing pack closing the gap on the Reds, which means they will begin the 2020-21 season as the outright favourites for the league title.
  2. Sunday Mar 15: There’s been a lot of talk of how we might or might not be crowned Champions and that even if we do it will be an anti climx. Big Virg is having none of it though: “Will it be an anti-climax? What do you think? No! We should enjoy it even more because of the wait. “To win the league here is something that we can all be remembered for and will be remembered for. We should just go for it and we are very close now. Just enjoy it. We don’t play for records, we play for trophies. "I have been here now almost two-and-a-half years and been very blessed and happy to have experienced two Champions League finals. We won one of them and I was very close to the Premier League title last year and now very close to the Premier League this year. "Obviously you want to deliver the Premier League to this club. It has been so long I wasn’t even born and is something the club is definitely hungry for. So let’s just go for it and see what happens in the next weeks and months and be positive.” Nice sentiments but it will be an anti-climax. We were on course to not only win it, but to break every record in the books and be viewed as the greatest team of all time. Now that’s not going to happen. Not this season anyway. So yeah, if and when we eventually get it there is going to be a sense of disappointment mixed in with the joy. Right now though there are more important things to worry about, because by the time the footy does come back people’s lives are going to have been turned upside down. Scary times. Monday Mar 16: Steve Nicol describes Mo as the ‘most frustrating player in the Premier League’. Predictably it didn’t go down well. Nicol does talk a lot of shite but I don’t have it in me to let that bother me. He was known for being a loveable dope as a player so it’s hardly surprising that he talks a lot of bollocks now. I’m biased towards him though as he had my back on ESPN last year when some slapdick pundit they had on was ridiculing my player ratings because I gave Robbo a 9 after we lost 3-0 in the Nou Camp. He was being a right smug prick about it but Stevie put him straight, so I’ve got his back now. “Winning is the deodorant of the game, but it covers all bad smells. Winning covers a lot of bad things. You can say it with Salah. Salah’s form this season, is there a guy that frustrates you more in the Premier League or anyone else with the things he does in a game? Then all of a sudden he will produce something. But again, he plays every game and why? Because they win.” Anyone who says they haven’t been frustrated watching Mo is lying. It just seems a bit ungrateful to say it given everything he’s done since he got here. It’s not just Nicol though. Don Hutchison said this - “You watch Mo Salah and the guy does genius things but he does the most basic things so bad it's untrue. He can’t pass a ball five yards. He does the basic things really, really badly, yet his numbers are frightening and he scores a ridiculous number of goals.” They both could have worded it better, but Mo IS frustrating as fuck and then yes, all of a sudden he will produce something. He’s a complete paradox. Two years ago everything he did came off and the results were spectacular. Since then he’s been more erratic but he’s a victim of his own success. Take away that 44 goal season and I doubt he’d be judged quite as harshly as he is. I mean, take Aubameyeng for example. He’s erratic as fuck too but no-one ever says anything about him other than he’s a great striker. Mo’s numbers compare favourably with his but because he’s not hitting 44 every season some of us view him more harshly than we probably should. Tuesday Mar 17: Spurs and Arsenal reportedly want Lovren. I have so many questions, but the biggest one is why the hell is this story coming out now? With all that’s going on, are we seriously expected to believe that the staff of Arsenal and Spurs are sat around planning transfer moves. And for Dejan Lovren of all people? No disrespect to the big man but the world is being turned upside down, the idea that there are people out there trying to plot a transfer for Lovren while all this is going on just seems too outlandish for me. Still, it seems to have provided some cheer to a number of our fans during this miserable time, so at least there’s that. Meanwhile, Phil Thompson says we still need a player like Coutinho. I disagree. We don’t need it, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like it. Thommo admitted that getting Coutinho himself back is unlikely but says ‘someone like him’, as well as a striker and cover for Robbo is what we should be looking for. When should we be looking for them though? Not gonna lie, I don’t see footy coming back any time soon and when it does everything will have changed anyway in terms of player contract expiry, transfer windows and the season schedule. How’s any of that going to work out? Are contracts going to have to be redone? Timo’s Werner’s release clause needed to be activated in April, but that seems unlikely now, so how will that affect his value? If the season resumes in the summer then Lallana will be out of contract. Not a huge problem for us, but what of other teams who have key players out of contract? Can they just leave or will they go on week to week? The whole thing is completely up in the air and because nothing like this has ever happened before we have no point of reference. Fuck knows how any of this is going to play out. This is just a teaser, click to view full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  3. You are probably a major football fan and that means that you have a great amount of knowledge on this popular sport. However, you’ve probably found yourself only using it to discuss matches with your friends. But did you know that you can make plenty of money with your knowledge of football? You probably already did know that but you didn’t know how to properly start making that money. This is your year if you want to get some profit and finally use that knowledge for something great. Yes, you guessed it, you can use it to bet on matches and get some serious wins. Betting on football has been here a while, but this year and with the availability of stats and betting sites, you can carefully pick yours and make some serious cash. However, before you start, you should get some advice on football betting if you want to be successful. Avoid Rookie Mistakes When you first start betting you might be unaware of the most common mistake you’re about to make. Most rookies believe that their favourite team is unbeatable and that you should bet on them. It is perfectly fine to use passion when betting, but you have to be realistic and follow your mind over your brain sometimes. There are people who follow their hearts and place bets on their team, but as you do have a significant amount of knowledge on football, you will know that if the other team is doing better, that that’s a safer bet. Put Your Efforts in Research Even though you possess enough knowledge, you should do some thorough research before placing bets. You probably already follow enough teams that you like or every game played and their stats, but further research won’t hurt you - it will only lead to a safer bet. This is important because the information is power and just when you think you know everything, something could suddenly change. You need to keep up-to-date, analyze the stats, read the news and record everything that might be helpful when betting. Make Use of the Football Index Football index is a great way to make some extra money using your knowledge of your favourite sport. Football Index is a stock market where you can trade players instead of companies. Plus, it is really easy to use and it is a lot of fun, especially if you are a clever football fan. What is more, with the Football Index you can bet on the success of a player from real-life by simply purchasing shares in them. The more people buy the shares of the same footballer the more their value will go up and thus increase your reward. And you can sell them at any time or simply keep them to build your portfolio. For more information and tips on how to utilise Football Index, you can visit this site and get the best advice. Learn to Place Bets Besides trading players and buying their shares, you can simply bet online and use your knowledge towards winning. Once you’ve done enough research and predicted the right scores, you can place the bet. You can look for trustworthy sites that you know are good and definitely make sure to check their guidelines and FAQs. Also, make sure to understand the odds and types of bets they offer in order to create a profitable combination. Lastly, you can make use of bookmakers’ offers. Most online bookmakers will create all kinds of promotions and bonuses that you can use. They do this in order to attract new bettors, but with your knowledge, you can really take advantage of them. Most of them will offer you a certain amount of bonus money that you can easily use to play a few games, but there will be some conditions of use or wagering requirements. So, before you accept anything be sure you are able to meet those requirements and take advantage of the bonus. The times of only using your football knowledge to discuss games with your friends are over. If you are methodical enough you can easily use it to your advantage to make some serious money through bets and trades. So, do your research to make sure to support your knowledge, be careful and you will manage to gain profit in no time.
  4. Betting, in general, is a high risking game, but it can get even riskier when it comes to football. No one can correctly predict the behaviour of players if they are going to get hurt, miss a shot and whatnot. That is why you should be careful and only be loyal to trustworthy betting sites and companies. However, besides loyalty and trust, you will need some help and knowledge before you register on a site and start spending money to earn it. Listen to the Statistics Statistics don’t lie. Yes, there can be occasional anomalies, but when it comes to football betting the stats are on your side. You can look for stats at your trustworthy sites or even check Bettingmetrics. No matter which site or program it is, they will digest a huge amount of data every day and will provide you with the best odds and calculations. Also, you can follow the stats for your team and look at their past performances, scores and odds, and if you’re good at maths you can know which one is the safest bet. Educate Yourself on the Categories If you are a beginner and you’re about to make your first bet, make sure to gather as much knowledge as you can beforehand. Look through several betting sites, read up on betting reviews, check the terms and conditions and how the site works. You can even find a lot of sites that do reviews, such as soccerbetting365.com and go through reviews of many different betting sites. Among others, they have a detailed review of Betfair Sport, which can be of great help for your first bet. Then, learn about the categories and principles of betting. There is always something new to learn and you should learn about the entire world of betting and the subtleties. Those are often gained from experience, but as a football gambler, you should have knowledge of the basics before you start betting. Utilise the SMART Method SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. When betting on football, you have to act like a businessman and know that there are no shortcuts to easy money. And this means that your approach to gambling should be methodical and scientific if you want to earn a decent profit in the long run. Establish Your Earning Target If you are planning on getting the profits in the long run, you have to establish the amount you want to earn - the goal. Every businessman knows that without a goal there is no clear plan and great execution, and this is why you need to have a goal. Determine in advance what you are shooting for, whether you want to make sure to have big profits that will last or you simply want a quick way to earn a little extra money. After that, you can come up with the plan, utilize the knowledge you gathered and move on to placing the bet. Discipline and Patience Your strict discipline and a lot of patience are paramount in betting. The sooner you realize that there are no shortcuts to getting rich, especially from betting on football, the better. If you wish to secure constant and consistent incomes from your activity, you have to refrain from taking risks and taking the dangerous road with high payoffs. Your best bet is to stick to betting on events that can be predicted with statistics with a high degree of certainty. Plus, you need to discipline yourself to follow news and events related to football because these will be a valuable source of clues about what you can bet on next. Gamble ONLY with a CLEAR HEAD If you want to make money and not lose too much of it, it is crucially important to only bet when your head is clear. If you’ve had a few too many beers, and if you think you are getting that “gut feeling”, it’s probably the beer talking and avoid placing any bets. Also, if you’ve had a hard and exhausting day, refrain from logging in and placing your bets. Your tired mind is not clear and there could be miscalculations or bad decisions which can only stop you from reaching your goal. Gambling is an activity that should be reserved for your prime hours, so don’t rush and be realistic. Most people think that football betting is their shortcut to success and fortune. However, that attitude will only lead you to much lost money. What you need to do is approach this as a businessman and be very methodical about everything. Be smart, keep a clear head and discipline and you will manage to reach your profit goals.
  5. Liverpool were surprisingly knocked out of the Champions league, which meant they failed in their defence of the title. The reds were also looking to reach their third final in succession but on this occasion could not get past Atletico Madrid in the round of 16. They went into the second leg at Anfield, looking to overturn a 1-0 loss, so were strong favourites to progress through and very well supported by punters using offers at bookmakers.tv. Georginio Wijnaldum scored the only goal of the game, which meant the match went into extra-time. Roberto Firmino then added a second and his first goal of the season at Anfield, which it appeared would be sending Liverpool through to the final eight. However, the visitors responded minutes later through Marcos Llorente, who then added a second just eight minutes later. This meant that Liverpool now needed to score two further goals, which they were unable to do, as former Chelsea player Alvaro Morata then added a third on the night for the Spanish side. The result meant that Atletico Madrid progressed through to the final eight, winning 4-2 on aggregate and both ties. This was a tough result to take, as Liverpool dominated the second leg with 72% possession and creating 34 shots, with 11 on target. Despite this result, Liverpool are still in the process of producing a memorable season, as they draw ever nearer to picking up the Premier league trophy. However, the league has now been postponed due to the coronavirus, which is now being stated as a global pandemic. It has now resulted in endless sporting events being cancelled, with the European championships also being postponed until next year. The Olympic games have also now been postponed and will now take place next year. The Premier league are now looking at a solution in order for this current season to be completed, with Liverpool just a few points away from the title. From 29 matches played, Liverpool have picked up 82 points, winning 27 matches, drawing one and losing just one. This meant the side have built up a lead of 25 points over defending champions Manchester City, who do have a game in hand. Liverpool are now just two wins away from the title, so it is simply a matter of times until they are crowned the champions. So the big question now is, when will the current Premier league season be finished, with the continued postponement due to the coronavirus.
  6. These are challenging times for everyone. But for Liverpool fans, there is an extra layer to the frustration caused by the world going into lockdown and the sports calendar frozen in time. It’s been 30 years since Liverpool last won the league, but the title for the 2019/20 season is so close we can almost touch it. Of course, it will mean double the celebration when life gets back to normal and the season resumes. But just what are we supposed to do in the meantime? It’s easy to spend the day staring at that Premier League table and slowly going stir crazy – but here are some better ideas. 
 Work out 
 It’s frustrating for us, but imagine what it’s like for the players. Many have been sharing updates on how they have been staying fit under lockdown conditions. Getting some exercise is good for both physical and mental wellbeing, and World Athletics has provided some tips on exercises that anyone can do – even if you don’t have a Premier League budget and a home gym all to yourself! 
 Try your luck 
 An important aspect of the Premier League season for many fans is putting a pound or two on Liverpool and sharing the rewards of victory in a tangible way. Of course, sport grinding to a halt has been terrible news for the major bookmakers. However, those that also offer casino-style games are still very busy. They are offering various promotions to tempt new members during these unprecedented times. It’s worth consulting Best Live Casino to get a rundown of what’s on offer across the various platforms and make an informed decision. 
 Start your own season 
 It’s not just the casino sites that are booming right now. Gaming in general is hugely popular, and for Liverpool fanatics, there are two obvious choices. If you’re into arcade-style action, there’s never been a better excuse to settle down to a FIFA tournament. Alternatively, if you want something a little more cerebral, Football Manager is the perfect choice. Sure, it can drag you in and eat up hours, but time is one thing most of us have in good supply right now. 
 Relive the glory days 
 You might be surprised at just how many documentaries there are about Liverpool. They are available across various platforms, including Netflix, YouTube and even the Liverpool official website. The latter has recently released Klopp’s Journey to the Kop, which is free to stream. Others worth looking out for include Being: Liverpool, a six-episode series from 2012 and the amazing Liverpool FC: Champions of Europe 2005. 
 Do your bit 
 The most important thing at times like this is to keep your sense of humour. But to finish on a serious note, those in the healthcare and retail sectors are working tirelessly to keep things going. Liverpool FC is providing support to local supermarkets, while half a million volunteers have stepped up to the plate to help the NHS protect the vulnerable. So let’s all do what we can.
  7. Free bets are one of the more commonly found bonuses available at online betting venues. Typically, these will be found within the sportsbook section of a website, but they can also be found in live casino sections too. They are a useful way by which you can bet on your favourite sporting event or live dealer game without the need to wager your own money. If you are based in The UK you can take a look at Betpal.com which is dedicated to explaining all about how these free bets offers work and how they can be claimed so you can get out there and start enjoying betting for free today. What Types of Free Bets are there? There are two varieties of free bets you can find at online betting venues, these are: Free Bets The way a free bet works is pretty straight forward with the name being a big giveaway for how it works. Essentially, it will give you the chance to place a bet using funds that are provided by the casino as opposed to the value coming out of your account balance. Either they will be given to you after you make your first deposit, or can also be given to you just for registering your account with your new online betting site. They will either be given to you in the form of a stand-alone free bet, whereby you can place just one bet up to a specified amount, or you could claim A Value of free bets. In the case of the latter, what will happen is the bookmaker will say you have $50 worth of free bets, and you can spread them out over a variety of different sporting events or live casino games. However, the same principle remains and that all these funds will not come from your account balance. Risk-Free Bet A risk-free bet uses a similar concept because they will require you to have placed a bet first before the bet comes into play. When you place this bet, which will usually be limited up to a certain amount, the event you have placed this on will then pan out. Once the bet has been settled, if the bet hasn’t come home, rather than losing that money you put down to wager it, the amount will be refunded to you. As such, you have come off the bet with the same amount that you lost which you can bet again. Thus there is no risk involved. However, if the bet does come home then the risk-free bet will not be activated. Instead, you will simply claim the winnings as they would have payout anyway. As such, it ensures that in the worst-case scenario you have still not lost any of the funds you spent, while in the best case scenario you would be taken home the payout as usual. How to Claim a Free Bet? The method by which to claim a free bet is, like their concept, very easy to comprehend but it can vary based on the type of deal. A lot of the free bet deals will be in the form of a welcome bonus so this is the most useful method to understand. If it is a no deposit free bet, then you will need to simply register your details and, if it is required, opt-in to the free bet bonus. This is super simple. However, in the case of a standard free bet, then this will usually require you meet the sportsbook or live casinos minimum deposit once you have signed in to claim it. Sometimes a deal may offer you a higher number of free bets or higher amounts, reflective of the value of your deposit. While some may also give you more free bets for each of your first couple of deposits to your site. This will be the process for most welcome bonus free bets. However, if there is a free bet deal after the initial welcome deal then it can vary greatly. One of the most common occurrences is that free bets will be given on certain sports. For example, some sportsbook might give you a free bet to use on the final of a football event, such as the Champions League Final. This will then only be eligible to be used on these events. This is just one example of a free bet, and they can be offered for any number of reasons, or just given to you randomly as a reward for being a loyal customer to their site or for achieving something on their site. The best free bet sports betting sites will offer free bets across the calendar year on a regular basis as a way to give back to their clientele. Other betting venues may be a bit more reserved in this area. This is why it is important to always check the online betting sites promotions section prior to signing up and committing to their service. Why Should I Use Free Bets? The reason for using free bets is simply that is gives you an extra chance at glory without needing to spend so much money. When it comes to free bets, they essentially give you the option to benefit from more profit with less concern about the bet coming home. As such, if you lose, it is not such a big deal, as you haven't lost any money, while if you win, it is just a nice extra sum on top of the funds. This is particularly true if you haven’t had to invest any money to claim in the no deposit free bet deal, or if the number of free bets is significantly higher than the deposit you had to make to claim it. For example, being given $50 worth of free bets for a $10 deposit, will be mean four times the chance to win without concern as opposed to just one. Risk-free bets are beneficial for exactly the same reason. If you lose while a risk-free bet is in play, then that concern about losing your money is eradicated as you are destined to get it back anyway, even in the worst-case scenario. While if you win, maybe you have spent the same and won the same regardless, so you will still be contented with the result while also having been able to benefit from peace of mind and could relax while the action unfolds. Odds and Limits of Free Bets Before you go out into the world of sport betting websites and start making use of the many free bets on offer, you should know a few things concerning odds and limits imposed on free bets. When it comes to odds, for example, there will usually be a set minimum odd imposed on the free bets. This means that you cannot just bet on match-ups that are a “sure-thing” and there still needs to be some level of risk involved when you are using free bets. Another thing that will quite often be in place with free bets is the fact that there will be limits on the amount you can win. As such, if you were to place a free bet with the limits being $1000 then it will mean that even if the odds and bet you have put in place exceed that amount that you will not be able to actually claim that. Also, like any other bonuses, you must also get wagering requirements attached (this is a requirement from the UKGC) or any number of other commons T&Cs which you should always be aware of before you claim them.
  8. Liverpool’s hopes of winning the Champions League back to back might be over. But looking back over the last couple of years, few teams have been able to achieve what Jurgen Klopp and his men have done. First, it’s a plethora of records that range from the most away wins in a premier league to most wins after 21 matches. Then there’s the seventh UCL trophy last year, and inspiring developers to created games inspired by the club. That’s right. If you play casino games, there’s a new machine called Liverpool Football Club slots and some sites are willing to let you play the game free of charge. But first, here’s a review of the game. LFC Slot: Overview LFC Slot is a machine with five reels, four rows and 50 pay lines. The game feature’s the iconic Liverpool logo and Anfield stadium as its primary image. If you look closely, you can see the club’s players lined up to match to the stadium. However, the game’s developer, Aspect Gaming doesn’t have the rights to show images of real LFC players. Instead, it uses images of fictional players wearing Liverpool jerseys. Players aside, the logo, scarves and all other references to the club are true. Low Betting Limits You can bet on the game with as little as fifty cents and even adjust your coin sizes whoever you see it fit. Precisely, you can configure coin sizes from 0.01 to 10 although you can only wager one coin per line. On the flip side, you can bet as much £500 per spin. But before you do, this game has a 94.24% payout rate and a medium variance. So, while you might want to hit the jackpot and change your life for good, the game pays moderately. Tour Around Anfield to Win For a game inspired by LFC, you can’t escape a tour around Anfield. And sure enough, one of the features you need to find the Anfield’s gate. Trigger three of them and you’ll get ten free spins instantly. Trigger them again and you’ll get five more spins. The game's wild is not constant. Precisely, you need to spin the player's wheel to determine which player gets to be your wild. For reference, these are some of the featured players: Van Dijk James Milner Adam Lallana Simon Mignolet Robert Firmino As mentioned, the game uses fictitious images, and as such the image used to represent Van Dijk, for instance, doesn’t resemble the real him. That said, the wild symbol replaces all other icons to help you form winning symbols. The slot machine also features a stats section where you can view your recent gameplay, wins, bonuses triggered and the number of losses. It's an excellent feature to help you keep your budget in check. Spin the Reels of LFC Free If you are excited to play the new LFC slot machine but you don’t want to gamble your money, you have nothing to worry about. You can still play the game for real money without risking your cash. Here’s how that works. First, you need an account at a casino offering a no deposit bonus. Of course, you want to join a site that provides the LFC slot games. Once you login to your new account, head on the bonus section and claim the welcome offer. Most casinos with no deposit offer also tend to provide bigger rewards when you make your first deposit. But let’s say you’ll cross that bridge when you get there. In the meanwhile, try playing the game with a no deposit offer. How to Find a Casino with LFC Slots In case you are wondering, you can quickly find a dozen casinos offering the LFC games online. Unfortunately, very few of them are based in the UK. So, to ensure you find a reliable platform, use these tips: Verify Available License Aspect Gaming, the company behind LFC slot, is based in Shanghai. It’s not licensed to provide games in Britain but it works with many casinos based in Malta. The MGA is a trusted casino regulator. However, ensure you verify licenses listed on casinos by clicking on links attached to each license number. If it doesn’t direct you to the MGA website, it’s not a genuine license. Use Trusted Review Websites The easiest way to find a casino that offers the LFC slot is to search on search engines. Precisely, read the reviews of these casinos to objective casino comparison websites. You’ll get recommendations of the best platforms quickly and save your time. Online forums can also help you know which casinos to join and which ones to avoid. What’s more, they can enable you to learn about many games before you play them. Read Crucial Bonus Terms As mentioned, you can play LFC slot game free of charge. But to avoid casinos that take advantage of new players, don't pick just about any bonus. Be selective by choosing offers that have favourable terms. To expound more, avoid bonuses that require you to spend large amounts of money to withdraw the money you win playing a bonus. Also, generally avoid casinos that have high minimum withdrawal limits. Games Library You might want to play more games besides the Liverpool FC slot game. As such, also find out what other games you can play at a casino beforehand. If you love football, find out if the site has more football-themed slots. If you prefer to play bingo, poker or roulette, ensure these games are provided. It’s essential that you can also play casino games on your smartphone. You might be a fan of desktops, but you can’t rule out using your mobile devices entirely. To Conclude The new Liverpool Football Club slot machine everyone’s talking about is the product of Chinese developer Aspect Gaming. It’s a regular video slot with five reels and four rows. But as you would expect, it’s made by someone who loves the reds targeting LFC fans. You can play the game free but use the tips mentioned above to pick the right game.
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  10. Saturday Mar 7: L 2 Bournemouth 1 The result we needed if not the performance we wanted. It wasn’t bad and we deserved the points, but on the way home I was thinking how mad it is that a team that is so far ahead and has such an incredible record, has hardly battered anyone all season. We seem to win by a single goal all the time don’t we? I’m not complaining of course. I just think it’s funny how things have worked out. I think we all expected that when we finally won the title it would be dramatic, heart stopping and would probably go down until the final kick of the season. That’s how we tend to do things after all. So this is weird. The biggest lead any team has ever had at the top. The title could even be wrapped up already in the unlikely even that City lose their next three games. So, from that perspective it’s been a stress free ride, right? Wrong. We don’t have the stress of the overall race (just the stress of whether we’ll all be allowed to finish it) but we’ve had a shitload of games that we haven’t been able to enjoy because they’ve been tight! We needed the heroics from Milner to preserve the points today, although I do feel that had that been a goal we’d have rallied again and won it. This shouldn’t have been as close as it was, especially as I was under the impression that VAR was brought in to help us win the title. Where was it today when Wilson shoved Gomez in the back? Absolute farce. Thankfully we forced a couple of mistakes and that was enough for us to overturn the deficit and record our 22nd straight home league win. What an incredible achievement that is. These last couple of years have been unreal. Man City set a bar that was higher than anything we’d ever seen, and Klopp just pole vaulted right over it. Three more wins now. Two actually, as City won’t beat United tomorrow. We’ve broken City, they’ve given up and aren’t playing with any intensity at all in the league now, plus United’s negative, counter attacking style has given City kittens twice already this season. Almost there now. Almost there. Also today, there was a good interview with Harry Wilson on BT before the game where he spoke about the decision he’s going to have to make this summer. Ordinarily I’d be happy for him to make that decision himself and for the club to just go along with his wishes. I don’t think it’s that straightforward though because of some unusual circumstances. Firstly, if Mo goes to the Olympics then we’re short on the right wing. Shaqiri will probably leave and Elliott is probably a year or two away from pushing for that starting spot. Secondly, we’ll be without Mo and Sadio for 5-6 weeks in the winter due to AFCON. We’re going to be short handed and personally I’d keep Wilson around even if it means he won’t play much when everyone is available. It’s not fair to him but needs must I’m afraid. Something else from today that I didn’t notice until watching the highlights tonight. The handshake thing was excrutiating to watch because the players didn’t know what to do. Instead of scrapping it altogether they made them go through the whole routine only without shaking hands, so what you got was a load of lads looking really uncomfortable and not knowing whether to make eye contact with each other or just walk past. The Bournemouth keeper was wanting to make eye contact and you could see him looking at all our lads as they went past, and if anyone looked at him he gave a little nod. Everyone else just looked embarrassed. I was telling Adrianna about it and she said “that’s nothing, you should have seen what happened at our game this morning”. Her footy team played but I couldn’t watch because I was at Anfield. So she tells me what happened and it’s fucking hilarious. Just like the PL teams, they didn’t do the handshake, but just like the PL teams they still went with the charade of one team having to walk past the other. Where they differed was instead of just walking by, they were told to touch boots instead of a handshake, and it made for absolute carnage, as they had to hop from player to player and half of them ended up losing their balance and falling over. I wish I’d gone to her game now instead of Anfield. Sunday Mar 8: As I expected, City lost again, meaning it’s now just two wins required. Unless Arsenal actually do something worthwhile for once in midweek and beat City, which would mean we only need one more win. So yeah, two more wins then. Always nice seeing City lose, but not so much when it's United beating them. I'll take it of course, but I was enjoying the misery of United fans and this little run they've had has got them all chesty again. Meanwhile, Werner is dropped by Leipzig amid claims it’s because he keeps fluttering his eyelashes at Klopp. Surely a more likely explanation for them leaving out their top scorer is that they’re keeping him fresh for the Champions League game with Spurs on Tuesday? That doesn’t make for a juicy headline though, I guess. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  11. Not the most interesting of weekends this, but City lost again and Everton were humiliated at Chelsea, which was nice. Both of those were on Sunday so I’ll get to them in a bit. On Saturday Arsenal had an undeserved 1-0 win over West Ham at the Emirates. The Hammers were the better side and even Arteta admitted that. So far I don’t mind him, he seems alright considering some of the dubious company he’d been keeping before taking the job. There’s absolutely zero chance his hair is still naturally that colour though. It’s so black it’s almost as shiny as his mate Pep’s chrome dome, albeit in a different way, obviously. West Ham were coming off a much needed win last week but they’re still in big trouble at the bottom. They could have really done with a result here and if they knew how to finish they’ve have got one as they had so many chances. Bowen hit the post, Haller wasted a great opportunity due to a dreadful touch and my boy Antonio somehow put one wide from a yard out. He was also denied by a great save by Leno and all those misses would come back to haunt them as substitute Lacazette converted an Ozil nod down. Initially it was given offside by Sian Massey but VAR correctly over ruled it and gave the goal. Moyes said afterwards, “we had one of the best referees in Europe and two excellent linesmen (his mates Keys and Gray will be proud) who had very good games today, so I’d have been happy to trust their decision and I don’t think we needed to go to someone else”. WHAT??? He wasn’t joking either, he was deadly serious. What a piece of work he is. That’s one of the most ludicrous, not to mention hypocritical statements made by any manager all season. Let’s just completely disregard the VAR if it means the wrong decision goes in your favour, eh? We’ll see how happy he is to ‘trust their decision’ when it goes against him, the crying twat. How come Lacazette is only on the bench these days? He’s lost his place to that Eddie Nketia kid, which seems odd as it’s not like Nketia is some wonderkid is it? He’s alright but he’s not that good. Obviously Lacazette isn’t either. He should be so much better than he actually is. He’s underachieving massively, so he’s at the perfect club really. Arsenal’s midweek game at City was then postponed because some of their players quarantined themselves amid fears they’d contracted corona virus. I know this isn’t a joking matter but I’m not even joking when I say if you’d told that there’d be one team unable to play a game because of a situation like this, then Arsenal would have been number one two and three on my list. Someone probably sneezed at training and before you know it Mesut Ozil is like the fucking ‘boy in the bubble’. Turned out the players were all fine but Arteta has it, which was a bit random like. Several players throughout the league have since tested positive for it, which seems a bit disproportionate doesn’t it? There aren’t THAT many cases nationwide, yet there are about half a dozen premier league players / managers with it. Kind of suggests that football is quite high risk, yet they don’t seem to want to put the league on hold for $om£ r£a$on. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  12. Report by Dave Usher It’s hard to wrap my head around this one. To play as well as that and not only go out, but to actually somehow lose the game, it’s hard to believe. Ultimately it was a tale of two keepers. They had one of the best in the world and we didn’t. The performance was everything we wanted and the only thing lacking was that we couldn’t get the second goal in normal time. It wasn’t for the want of trying. We had chances but we had to work really fucking hard for them. Atletico didn’t buckle or wilt under the intense pressure they were put under by our team and the crowd. They stood firm and made us fight for everything. And fight we did. We threw everything at them and every outfield player was bang at it. We couldn’t have asked for more and this game had so many ingredients that you’d normally have in one of those legendary Anfield nights. For instance, if we’d come away with the result we deserved then we’d be talking about the performances of the likes of Wijnaldum and Oxlade-Chamberlain for a long time to come. We didn’t get the result we deserved though because shit happens, especially when you don’t have a reliable ‘keeper. It’s one of those things. I just think we were unlucky as nine times out of ten we go through with that performance. This was the one in ten where we didn’t but we can’t complain too much after the run we’ve had in Europe under Klopp. In four years of playing in Europe under Klopp this was the first time we’d lost a two legged tie. It was always going to happen eventually, and unfortunately we came up against the most awkward bastards in Europe. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  13. A tournament crossing the boundaries, bridging the gap between cities and countries, UEFA Euro 2020 is finally here. UEFA Euro 2020 is hosted by not one, not two, but twelve countries this year. With cutthroat competition, UEFA Euro 2020 is expected to have an impact all over Europe. Erik King, an expert in casino guides, currently the Editor in Chief of Zamsino.com, shares his ideas on Euro 2020. Here are some of his viewpoints: King's viewpoints Coronavirus impact on Euro 2020 With the worldwide outbreak of Corona, the virus is expected to have an impact on Euro 2020 as well. Italy, currently in Group A, has been severely affected by Corona. With 34 deaths and more than one thousand cases, it is sure to postpone matches. Hungary is the only EU state partly safe from Corona. Keeping this fiasco under consideration, Erik thinks that Corona is sure to kill the excitement of Euro 2020. Euro 2020 was supposed to bring Europeans together and celebrate football, but the terror of Corona is forcing people to stay inside. The matches in Italy are predicted to get postponed, and several cities in Italy are quarantined. Thus, Erik thinks that Euro 2020 is going to be a challenge for organizers and die-hard fans of football alike. Economic Conditions Euro 2020, connecting 12 countries, will largely change the economic dynamics of Europe, keeping Corona's impact aside. If the situation settles before Euro 2020, Europe overall will enjoy massive financial success. With 12 countries on board, the prize money is over €370 million this year. This shows that it already has huge funding. Thus, Erik says that if the condition prevails, Corona might be the cause of a considerable loss. There is a chance that Euro 2020 might be called off completely, just as Formula One canceled Chinese Grand Pix 2020. In the above scenario, economic conditions will worsen in Europe. Significant capital has already been invested in this league. Hence, any negative development will cause the euro to fall, and the stock exchange market to crash. Health Threat As most of the countries have already reported cases, continuing with Euro 2020 might put thousands of lives in danger. King thinks that even if conditions tone down, Corona will still be a looming threat. A large number of Europeans are expected to travel all across Europe for the said league. A person carrying Coronavirus does not show symptoms until 14 days, so such a person at any match is equivalent to an enemy's soldier. King thinks that proper safety precautions are mandatory. People attending the matches or going to public places need to be screened, for which huge capital and funds are required in order to fulfill health requirements. Turnout Corona has inculcated fear in people all over the globe: people are hesitant to go outdoors, they are seen wearing masks, taking precautionary measures, avoiding public places. Many are even scared to eat out. King thinks that this king-sized terror and fear might cause a low turnout all over Europe. People are afraid to go out in public, let alone go to matches crowded with thousands of people. Games like these could be a hub for the spread of Corona, and any sane person would avoid going to such crowded places. This will affect the organizers and the spectators equally, as die-hard fans have already bought the tickets. Thus, low turnout and low revenue are expected. In conclusion, Erik thinks that Euro 2020 is quite dependent on Corona Had it not been for Corona, Euro 2020 would have seen unbounded success. But, with the Corona epidemic, it is better to be united and save as many lives as possible. King says that we still have time, so we should be hopeful, but also be prepared for the worst.
  14. Report by Dave Usher Back on track then. Kind of. It wasn’t vintage by any means but perhaps it was unrealistic to just expect the lads to go from horrible to brilliant in the space of a few days. Maybe the return to peak form is going to be a more gradual process? This was miles better than Watford and considerably better than Chelsea too. Granted, that’s a low bar, but still, improvement is improvement and this was a step in the right direction. Not the giant leap we wanted, but it’s a start. We’ll need to step it up considerably if we’re to beat Atletico but you could see by Klopp’s reaction at full time just how important he felt this win was. He even brought back the triple fist pump. And he did it TWICE. So yeah, we can play much better than this but the three points are most welcome as it nips in the bud some of the absolute bollocks being spouted about us after a few bad results. We went from being “the greatest team ever” to “not being as good as everyone thinks” just because we lost to Watford. I’m not even exaggerating. That debate was taking place in the media. “Maybe they aren’t that special” just because we lost a game. So we weren’t able to emulate Arsenal’s “Invincibles” but this team already has more points and more wins than they managed, and we’re only at the start of March. This win set a new club (and top flight) record of 22 straight home wins. That’s incredible. Yet it would seem that the lads have become victims of their own high standards. Talk that just winning the league isn’t enough and they need to do it with a record points tally and by retaining the Champions League or the season would be ‘disappointing’. The world’s gone fucking mad. I sort of understand the sentiment a little bit, because if we were to lose every game between now and May but won the title because City also dropped points, then yeah I’d be disappointed to some degree. But the season would still be a roaring success because we’d have ended the 30 year wait. Being disappointed with ‘how’ we won the title is something I’m sure we’d get over pretty quickly! The players are obviously aware of the talk because Virgil commented on it this week. I imagine they’re pretty baffled by it really, and rightly so. We’ve lost three of four but to add context to that, one of the defeats is only half time and one of them was with an under strength line up in a competition that frankly, if we’re being honest, Klopp really doesn’t give a toss about. So the Watford defeat is the only one that really counts as a genuine loss. It was a bad one and it was humbling, but we’ve played 29 league games, won 27 of them, had one draw and only suffered one defeat. So you can take you “maybe they aren’t that special” talk and stick it right up your hoop. No team plays their best football for an entire season, which is why Arsenal are the ones to go through a season unbeaten (and even they had a million draws). Form comes and goes and recently it's deserted us, but Watford are the only opponent that has been able to take advantage of us being below par. We’ve got a 25 point lead over Man City in second. TWENTY FIVE FUCKING POINTS. Imagine if someone told you back in August that as we hit the beginning of March we’d be 25 points clear of City and would have won NINE more games than them. It’s beyond all of our wildest dreams. Once again we saw why the talk of a weak league is an absolute steaming fucking pile of Zlatan. I’ll say once more, it’s really fucking hard winning games in this league because the teams at the bottom are capable of beating anyone. Norwich have beaten some of the big boys, Watford beat us and some of the other sides down there like West Ham and now Bournemouth have given us really tough games as well. Brighton at Anfield was hard too. We’re dominating without being that dominant, if that makes sense. We’re running away with it points wise but it’s not as though we’re smashing everyone all over the place. If winning games in this league was so easy, then why isn’t anyone else other than us doing it? This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  15. Saturday Feb 29: Watford 3 L 0. Wow. If you’re going to lose an unbeaten record, may as well do it in stye I suppose, with an absolutely fucking brutal performance and a 3-0 spanking to a team in the relegation zone. I wasn’t shocked we lost because this was a tricky looking fixture given our current form. I never dreamed we’d lose like THIS though. Every single player was shite. That’s really hard to do as even in the worst performances there’s usually one or two who you can say were alright. Not this time though. They were all shit. Even Virgil. Even Robbo. Pure shit. So what does that mean? There has to be an explanation why everyone is out of form as that just doesn’t happen without a good reason. It’s no co-incidence that any time we have time off we come back looking like shite. Usually we get knocked out of the cup and go for warm weather training, and when we come back we start dropping points all over the gaff. This time is wasn’t warm weather training, it was the winter break. It’s the same result though, we come back looking completely undercooked. Watford smashed us everywhere today. They were faster, stronger, hungrier. That hardly ever happens to this team but we were shit against Norwich, Atletico, West Ham and now today. What I can’t really process is that we’re getting worse. If we’d put a performance like this is as soon as we got back it would be easier to understand, but we’ve had four games to sharpen up and instead we’re getting worse. Thankfully we’ve built up such a huge lead that it doesn’t matter, but the Atletico game is next week so that’s a worry. The unbeaten record going is a bit of a bummer like, but on the bright side it will make the rest of the season far less stressful now that we’ve got that defeat out of the way. And far better it be Watford beating us than City or Everton. They’d have loved to be the ones to ruin the record, but tough shit. Sunday Mar 1: What’s this shit with Besiktas’ twitter account taking little swipes at us? The other day they were taking the piss about the time they knocked us out of the Europa League and today they’re going on about how they (and Arsenal) are the only 'invincibles', and they’re tagging LFC into their tweets. These are the same cunts we beat 8-0. Get back in your box your fucking nobodies, trying to make a name for yourself at the expense of the Mighty Reds. Meanwhile, we’re being linked with “Eton Educated Jack Grealish” again today. Lallana is attracting interest from a few clubs and it seems to have all but been confirmed that he’s off at the end of the season, so the press are putting two and two together and coming up with Cantwell. I’ll say it again. Fuck that. In other news today, City won the League Cup again. Surprisingly Villa put up a fight and made a game of it, but it wasn’t to be as the football Gods are still paying them back for this…. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.