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  1. Saturday Jan 16: Reports today that Gini has turned down our contract offer. Seems pretty certain he’s going now. I’m not happy about it and I can’t understand the logic at all. Why are we allowing him to walk away for nothing rather than give him the kind of salary that he’s earned? Maybe I’m over simplifying it but giving him a four year contract and then selling him in two years still has to be better financially than allowing him to walk away for fuck all now? Especially as we’ll need to buy a replacement. Unless they’re under the illusion that Naby fucking Keita is finally going to come good? Please God don’t let them be under that illusion. I hear the arguments as to why we shouldn’t give him what he wants, but look at it this way. Imagine the state we’d have been in this season if he’d left last summer, which he would have done if Barca had any money. We’re in a bad enough state as it is, but without Gini? *shudders* So we don’t pay him because he’s 30 soon and we let him leave for nothing. Then what? We’ve got fuck all money to go out and buy a replacement because whatever cash we do have will be needed on another centre half and probably another forward. How are we replacing him? Klopp and Edwards have earned our trust with how they’ve handled things over the last few years, but this feels different, not least because I suspect if Klopp had the choice he’d want Gini to stay. I don’t like this at all, it concerns me greatly but we have no choice but to just hope they know what they’re doing. Sunday Jan 17: L 0 Man United 0. Shite. At least part of it was. A lot of it was fine, good even. But when there’s nothing at the end of it then it doesn’t really count for much. We had all of the ball and they had the clearest chances. It shouldn’t be that way but this is us at the moment. West Brom, Newcastle, Southampton, they all had hardly any of the ball but they all hd good chances. And it’s not the chances we’ve given up that concerns me as it’s not easy to go through a game against PL opposition and restrict them to no clear chances, unless you’re playing us, so I’m not concerned that Pogba and Fernandez had clear chances. I’m just completely dispirited that we didn’t have any of our own. Actually that’s not strictly true. We had chances but they didn’t look like clear ones because the finishing was fucking risible. What was Firmino doing? He was all over the place today. Usually you have to put a gun to his head to get him to take a shot as he always wants to pass. Today he had a glorious situation where he could have rolled Robbo in and instead he shot. Badly. His choice of pass was abysmal too. It’s like he’s lost the capacity to make any right decisions. Then you’ve got Sadio, who looks great until he gets in the box. And Mo, who’s just been fucking woeful since his angry two goal cameo at Palace after he’d been dropped for that interview with AS. I’m depressed. There’s fuck all to do except watch the footy and that’s just too stressful now. There’s no enjoyment in this at all. Just a helplessness that the lads are struggling and need us and there’s nothing we can do for them. Today brought that home more than anything. This should have been our moment to lord it over United. We’ve waited years for this. Decades in fact. All the shit they’ve thrown our way and now that we’re finally back on our perch we can’t stick it to them because the stadiums are empty. I know there are more important things going on in the world and people are dying. That doesn’t really make this any less distressing though. By the time we’re back in the ground the moment to celebrate and revel in it will have long gone and there’s now the possibility that it might be United taking the title from us. What kind of sick fucking joke is this? If we have to relinquish the title then it better be to City, because if it’s to anyone else that’s going to be the bitterest of pills to swallow. And the officiating today was a fucking disgrace. Blowing up six seconds early because Mané was clean through? You’re never going to convince me that wasn’t a deliberate act to ensure we didn’t score. I don’t know why Tierney didn’t want us to score, I just know he clearly didn’t because that was just not a normal thing to do. Not that we’ll say anything about it. We’re the biggest pushovers in football. You can do what you like to LFC because the only people who’ll say anything are the fans. Look at the lack of free-kicks Salah gets. He isn’t in the top 100 most fouled players this season and I saw something today saying that last season he wasn’t in the top 300 and actually ranked 16th on his own team!! 15 of our players were fouled more than Salah? Fuck off. Why has no-one mentioned this? I don’t understand. I don’t know why Klopp has never had those stats quoted to him and asked for his thoughts about it. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been written about. I mean Christ, the Athletic can churn out 10,000 words on a new security guard farting at Melwood but they haven’t done an in depth piece on this? What am I missing here? This is just teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  2. Report by Dave Usher Initially I wasn’t going to write this as 1) I didn’t feel like I could face it, and 2) I didn’t think anyone would want to read it. The latter may still be true but having had time to sleep on it I actually wanted to get this done and getting my thoughts out there instead of having them rattling around my head will probably help me process all this. I feel differently today to how I felt last night and indeed how I’ve felt for weeks. I’d even go as far as to say I feel better. Not because I’m more encouraged about anything (if anything it’s the opposite) but because the emotions have changed. I still feel sad but I’m not distraught about it in the way I have been of late. Every result has been a hammer blow because all I can think of is how damaging it’s going to be to our title defence. As of now, I’ve written the title off and that acceptance and resignation is almost cathartic in a way. What’s left is just sadness and a sense of resentment about how this shit we’re going through is completely unfair. I’m no longer angry at anyone (other than the constant stream of officials screwing us over) and the main thing I’m feeling today is sympathy for Klopp and the players. I just feel bad for them. Even the front three who I’ve been hammering lately. I was angry but what’s the point being angry at them? They’re trying their best. It’s not working, but you can see they’re doing all they can and they just can’t catch a break. Not just the front three either, it seems like everyone is suffering. Everything is going against them. From little things to big things, literally nothing is falling for them at the moment. I could mention yet more decisions going against us and I will do, but for now I’ll leave that and concentrate on football stuff. It really is the finest of margins right now. Sure, you can say we weren’t good enough but in this particular game I don’t think that’s true. We’ve been shite in a lot of games this season but this wasn’t that. It wasn’t great by any means but we’ve won games playing far, far worse than this. We just needed one chance to go in, one ball to fall kindly for us in the box, the keeper to let one through his legs. Something. Anything. The problem is that when you’re in a run like this you need some luck and we’re getting none. “You make your own luck” they say. Nah, not really. You get luck when things are running for you and you get none when they aren’t. On another day Origi’s shot is an inch lower and we go on to win comfortably. Or the rebound from Pope doesn’t land perfectly by his own foot so he can hack it away from Sadio on the line. I could go on, because it’s just fine margins. Everything we hit against Palace went in and since then it’s done everything but. Sure, we’ve not played well, but it’s also true that fuck all has gone our way. Not one thing. Nothing. I don’t tend to put much stock in those XG numbers but those who do would tell you that statistically what has happened in the last five games is a complete freak occurrence. To have come away with only one goal from the chances created is a huge anomaly, but that’s what happens when things conspire against you. I looked at the players in the second half of this game and you could visibly see they were almost broken. The lack of goals and the bad run of results and everything else around it looks to have destroyed their confidence. To then lose this game to a late, soft penalty, they must feel like the whole world is against them right now. Because it is. Of course there are a lot of things they could be doing better and need to be doing better. The performance wasn’t great but it was mostly alright. It’s not right in the final third, that much is clear, but we still did enough and forced enough openings to have won this game nine times out of ten. But it was clear that the one game out of ten would come now, because it never rains but it fucking pours. Klopp’s team selection was interesting to say the least. I don’t know why he left out Bobby and Mo. It might have been a kick up the arse because they’ve been shite. It might have been a case of just doing something different to throw Burnley a curveball. It could have been a pre-planned thing based on the sports science info they have. Maybe it’s all of the above. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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  4. Another shitty week. I don’t even know if you’ll bother reading this because it’s just been relentless levels of frustration and misery. Footy is shite when the Reds aren’t winning and the last few weeks have been a nightmare. I won’t blame any of you for skipping this because if I could have skipped writing it I would have. I’m finding it hard to even get my head around some of this. Everton being in position to go above us when they’re quite clearly shit is really difficult for my brain to process, but it’s not just that. We’re now behind a Leicester side that we completely outclassed what only seems like a few weeks ago. It was men against boys that day and if you’d asked Brendan or any of Leicester’s players if they had a chance of being above us by the end of January even they would have said “no way”. Yet here we are, looking up at Leicester and United and City and wondering just how the fuck we got here. Well we got here because we can’t fucking score, that’s why. And now I’m having to sit here, watching MOTD, seeing goals fly in and points being picked up and I’m just feeling completely frustrated and pissed off. Pissed off with these other teams and their fancy ways like putting the ball in the net and winning games. Fuckin’ show offs. Pissed off with the completely inept officiating I’m seeing in virtually every single game. Pissed off with the suits who made changes to rules that didn’t need changing which has now only exacerbated the issue of incompetent match officials. And pissed off with our front three for all going shit at the same time and for not playing for and with each other. But enough of them, I’m sick of talking about them lately so I’m going to say no more about the Reds in this and just focus on all these other cunts. Starting with Leicester, who went second after a win over Southampton. Undeserved, not because of how they played but because no team with an away kit like that Southampton one ever deserves to lose. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. Give them a Champions League place for next season so they can show it off in all its glory. Actually don’t, we might be needing that fourth spot unless things pick up. Maddison has run into a rich vein of form of late and he put Leicester in front with a good run and powerful finish. The move started when Ndidi blatantly pulled back Diallo to win the ball but it wasn’t given. Fucking refs again. Southampton pushed hard for an equaliser and Armstrong hit the bar. Leicester had chances too and eventually Barnes wrapped it up with a breakaway with the last kick of the game. Chelsea ended their losing streak with a win at Craven Cottage but it was far from convincing. Mount got the only goal of the game late on but Fulham played a big chunk of the game with only ten men and still looked quite comfortable. Mitrovic must be really stinking it up if he can’t get a game ahead of that Cavaliero jabroni though. He’s awful. He wasted Fulham’s best chance of the first half when he completely missed his kick and the ball hit his standing leg and looped wide. It was such a great move too and it ended with that. The right back who played him the ball was fucking disgusted, and rightly so. Soon after Fulham were a man down when Robinson flew in recklessly over the ball and caught Azpilicueta. Clear red that one. Mount eventually broke the deadlock and then in stoppage time Timo Walcott should have wrapped it up when he went clean through only to shoot well wide. Someone needs to tell him he didn’t sign for us because he’s playing like he’s part of our front three. Staying with Chelsea, you probably missed this but Thiago Silva’s missus was throwing shade at Robbo on Tik Tok. Incredible scenes. Robbo posted a clip where he skinned Jorginho at Anfield and this soft cow went wading in with "Chilwell is better than u dude you even lost to Southampton." Where to even begin with that. It’s embarrassing beyond belief and I had to triple check to make sure it wasn’t fake news. “You even lost to Southampton” when Chelsea have been losing to every cunt lately. You just can't argue with stupid can you? Thiago Silva needs to keep her in check as she’s made him look a tit there. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  5. Can Jürgen Klopp and his currently injury plagued side make a serious title challenge as we hurtle towards the business end of the season? The bookies still think so. Liverpool, Leicester, City, United and maybe even Spurs. At the turn of the New Year it looks to be anyone's title. It's so tight at the top that a draw at home to current league leaders Manchester United and two dropped points has seen Liverpool slip to three points off the pace and fourth place. Stalemate can't separate old rivals There were questions hoping to be answered for many Liverpool fans at the weekend when Klopp's side went up against the old foe at Anfield. A solid first half should've seen Liverpool go comfortably ahead and demanding of a response, but it wasn't to be. Chances weren't finished, yet a number of slick passing movements and ease on the ball against an in form but indeterminate United side will have many fans encouraged in uncertain times. It's true United had the better chances in the second half and a draw was probably a fair result at the end of the day but it left no party on the Anfield pitch satisfied. City take their chances Pep Guardiola's Manchester City were certainly encouraged by proceedings, stomping to a late evening 4-0 demolition of Crystal Palace, and moving ever closer to clinching top spot with their remaining game in hand. The bookmakers had City pinned as favourites to lift the title this season, almost before the Reds had even seen last season's Premier League trophy aloft. Having weathered a difficult period with their own injury woes, it looks to be turning around. It's led a number of those who've already backed Liverpool to win the title to rush to cash out with a wide range of instant withdrawal betting sites offering quick and effective cash outs and withdrawals as the odds are starting to shift - but not all is lost. Can Klopp reinvigorate a war weary side? The answer is yes. Much is currently being made in the media of a three game league goal drought in the league but Klopp was quick to downplay the importance of current form in front of goal. Just as everything seemed to go in against Palace, "that's just football', he stated. Positives can be taken away from the match against United with all three first choice forward men still fit, and a patchwork defence done proud by tight performances of midfield men Jordan Henderson and Fabinho. Klopp has built a side that have experienced the tough travails of working their way up to the top. Although they have become accustomed winners over the last couple of seasons, the senior personalities in the dressing room will certainly not take it for granted. A fixture against a Burnley side well drilled at the back will prove a stern test of Liverpool's resurgence in attack, followed by a visit to London to match up against title hopefuls Tottenham. Liverpool are currently being backed by most bookies at around 7/2 as second favourites to reclaim their title, currently the highest price so far this season. Expect the odds to shorten considerably if they go on a blistering run of form as is certainly due.
  6. tlw content

    Are Liverpool Running Out Of Steam

    With Liverpool failing to win any of their last four Premier League outings, they are no longer straddling their usual top spot of the table and with such a downturn in form, many are asking questions about the current ability of such a talented group of players. Much of the focus this season has been placed upon Liverpool’s lack of available defensive personnel and the litany of combinations that Jurgen Klopp has had to use, on both domestic and continental fronts. However, with the defending league champions having only scored one goal in their last four matches, it is perhaps the line of attack that now needs questioning and although nobody can doubt their footballing aptitude, there are questions regarding their sharpness. The triumvirate of Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino have caused torment for opposition defences in the past two seasons and with manager Klopp seemingly unwilling to rotate, signs of burnout are seemingly becoming more evident. Signs that perhaps could have been avoided, if the man in charge of the Merseyside machine placed more trust in the fringe members of his squad, members such as Belgian Divock Origi and Swiss star Xherdan Shaqiri. With Origi and Shaqiri kicking their heels on the substitutes bench, Liverpool’s attacking trio have been given little respite this season and although the arrival of Diogo Jota from Wolves eased their burden slightly, there is a sense that Klopp still has his favourites when it comes to team selection. Then again, when it comes to favourites and the former Borussia Dortmund manager, this is an accusation that can be levelled across the whole team and with in-game replacements being few and far between, this seems to be only adding to the problem regarding fatigue. With the German being so vocal in the desire to be granted the ability to make five Premier League subs, there is a feeling of bewilderment at present. A feeling generated, by his steadfast refusal to make any of three substitutions that he is already permitted. If their maximum allocation is not being used with anything resembling regularity, then it is exceedingly difficult to make a case for even more and this is where both Liverpool and Manchester City’s managerial pleas fall on deaf ears. While although enough votes have been garnered to block such an amendment, you get the feeling that this push for change will not go away soon and with player welfare continually at the fore, this summer’s European Championship may also feel the brunt of it. Of course, that is of no real concern to Liverpool’s head steward, especially as none of this front three will be called into tournament duty. However, the likes of captain Jordan Henderson and Andy Robertson will certainly want to arrive at the competition as fresh as possible. With so much football being crammed in to such a short amount of time, any player who is called up for international duty in June and then must represent their country after such a busy season, may be all but running on fumes. While it is these fears of player burnout which will be of concern to Gareth Southgate, as the England manager is constantly keeping an assessment on the Liverpool stars that he will hope to call upon. While because the issue of fatigue is so prevalent at present, it could have a bearing on the tournament odds and with sportsbook websites already taking a flurry of bets on who will be the eventual winner, it only needs an injury to alter the odds dramatically. Of course, when it comes to odds and who will be champions of England come May, Liverpool no longer find themselves favourites and with burnout being such a prevalent factor in this, one wonders if this team can find a much-needed ignition spark. In fairness, they have not necessarily been playing bad as such, its more that they haven’t been performing to the levels that everyone knows that they are capable of and although it is good news for the rest of the division, it is bad news for the Anfield outfit. Ultimately, players do not become bad overnight, degradation is more of a gradual process and after hitting such heady heights over the past two years, are we now seeing Liverpool’s collective engines run out of steam?
  7. Report by Dave Usher I suppose we should be grateful we didn’t lose. We could have. Probably should have. They had the two best chances of the game even if we had most of the ball. It was just a continuation of what we’ve seen over the past four games. West Brom, Newcastle, Southampton and now this. Very little difference as far as I can see. Klopp says differently and I'm sure there were things he seen that I didn't. Goals and chances were not among them though, I know that much. I’m struggling with it. Not being able to go the game is really having an effect on me now. I hate this. It’s not enjoyable at all and it’s not just because we’re shite at the moment. Not having fans in the stadium is hurting us more than anyone and this game brought it home to me more than ever before. The lads are in a bad run of form and you can see their confidence is at rock bottom. They need us. This is exactly the kind of occasion when the fans would normally get them through it. A packed Anfield, giving the team that extra push and boost of confidence to go and get the result. They badly need us right now but there’s nothing we can do for them. They’re on their own. We just have to sit and watch on telly as a team that blitzed the league last season somehow finds itself not only behind both Manchester clubs and Leicester, but could quite easily be below fucking Everton if they win their game in hand. It’s hard to process it and I don't know how we got here so quickly. This shouldn’t be happening but it is and unless the players come to terms with it and sort this shit out, things are going to get worse. I stressed all week about this game and I had absolutely no belief that we’d win it. Usually that’s a good thing. Any time I’d doubted this team they’d responded. The wins over the likes of Leicester, Spurs, Wolves etc this season were a big ‘fuck you, we've still got it’ to the doubters. This was different though. I knew it was going to be. I had no confidence at all because of a) how we’ve been playing and b) because it clearly wasn’t just a case of us having a couple of bad games and knowing we’d just click back into gear. The game for that to happen was Southampton last week and it didn’t. That was a red flag and hinted at deeper problems. We’d drawn with West Brom and Newcastle and ordinarily there’d have been a response to that. That’s what this team has done consistently these past few years. That response didn’t come though. We lost. So there was absolutely nothing to suggest we’d get it right against United, especially with no fans there to will a result and performance from the players. That’s why I say we should be grateful that at least we didn’t get beat. I half expected we would, so avoiding the loss is a small crumb of comfort to cling to, especially as the incredible unbeaten home record was extended for another game. It’s the only thing we can take from this really. What else is there? Nothing. It was the same old shit we’ve seen for probably half the games under lockdown. Loads of possession, hardly any chances and the opposition actually having the clearer opportunities. Rinse and repeat. This seems to be who we are this season. We’re a completely different team in an empty stadium. I don’t know how we get out of this either. That’s the most depressing thing. The fans aren’t back any time soon and neither are the centre backs, which in turn weakens the midfield, impacts the balance of the whole team and has rendered us virtually impotent on attacking set plays. But the big thing, once again, was the lack of potency up front. We’re about as threatening as Sheffield United these days. That forward line is staler than a loaf of bread that’s been sat in the sun for six months. Opponents know how to stop them and, quite frankly, it isn’t even that difficult for them anymore. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full report Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  8. Sunday Jan 10: No fairytale upset for Marine, who got stuffed by a Spurs side that rarely got out of third gear. There’s no shame in it, Marine were severely outgunned and the Spurs team was packed with internationals, even if they did leave out Kane and Son. Didn’t help that Marine’s centre forward seemed more concerned with picking arguments than trying to play football. Turns out he’s an Arsenal fan, which explains a lot. Dave Raven was playing too. He’s beaten Spurs before in a cup competition of course. What a night that was. It doesn’t feel like that long ago but it was. 15 years or something. I seem to recall that I had to listen to that on the radio as it wasn’t on telly, which makes it seem like a bygone age. Most of the kids who played that night are long retired, but Ravo is still going. Just. It’s great that Marine made a few quid out of this as the clubs lower down the pyramid must really be suffering without fans. There’s no TV or sponsorship deals to keep them going and there’s seemingly no end in sight with this fucking Covid thing. I’m amazed loads of clubs haven’t gone under already. At least Marine will be safe for a while. They got 300k for this apparently which is great for them. The other clubs in their division haven’t been so lucky though and I don’t see how most teams are going to be able to survive this. Same with loads of small businesses. It’s a fucking nightmare. Shout out to the Red who was there watching with his arm around a cardboard cut out of Klopp. BT were showing it constantly and it caused Everton twitter to lose their minds. Good job that man, nicely done. Meanwhile, Michael Oliver has done an interview and admits he should have sent Pickford off. He says he was going to give a penalty providing there was no offside, but they got pre-occupied with whether it was offside and therefore forgot to check for a red card. Sorry, not buying it. You’re the best ref in the country, you don’t just ‘forget’ about a challenge like that, especially when you see Van Dijk having to go off. I could understand one official doing that, but for both Oliver and Coote to do it is criminal. Not to mention the lino who had a better view than anyone, and the 4th official who could have mentioned it in the headset. Inexcusable and I’ll never, ever, get over what happened that day. The anger will be with me until my last breath. My last words might even reference it. The worst thing Oliver said though was that “none of the players even appealed for a red card”. What the fuck does that have to do with anything? Not that I believe him anyway. Someone will definitely have said something to him about how bad the tackle was. But just because they weren’t surrounding him waving cards he’s using that as an excuse. Shithouse. What it does show you though is that being sporting and worrying about fair play gets you fucking nowhere. He’s more or less said that if our players had harassed him into a sending off he’d have done it. Cheats and twats prosper in this game, and it makes what we’ve done these last few years all the more remarkable because we haven’t compromised Klopp’s sense of fair play to do it. It’s getting us fucking nowhere now though and I’d be telling the lads to ramp up the cunt factor massively and start letting refs know that we’re no longer going to accept being shat on by them. Starting on Sunday. On a lighter note, Sheffield United won their first game of the season today, in the cup, and they used five subs! The funniest part was the club tweeting out that it was Wilder’s 100th win, and someone replied saying “how long have you had that one saved in drafts?”. It’s a good question, as their last win must have been in, what? May or June? Fucking hell that’s bad. Monday Jan 11: Hahahaha United away in the cup. Of course it is. And City got fucking Cheltenham. Only shock is they didn’t get Chorley. Its funny really when you think about it. Klopp always has the ‘no respect for the FA Cup’ thing thrown at him but we always get Premier League opponents which means that any rotation is more likely to get punished. City are seen as the bastions of FA Cup integrity but it’s fucking easy to look like you’re taking it seriously when the list of opponents you’ve been drawn against (so not counting finals) in this competition since 2017 is Burnley, Cardiff, Wigan, Rotherham, Burnley, Newport, Swansea, Brighton, Port Vale, Fulham, Sheffield Wed, Newcastle, Birmingham and Cheltenham. It’s not fixed but it’s utterly ridiculous. I mean what must the odds be on them never getting anyone good even though they go all the way to the final every year? And then there’s us, the flip side of that coin. I’ve long since stopped caring about the FA Cup but I really, really didn’t want United at Old Trafford. United at Anfield, fine, whatever. Bring it on. But we’re fucking shit at Old Trafford. Even when we have a much, much better team than them, we go there and shit the bed. Without fail. So yeah, I didn’t want this and frankly I’m not looking forward to it one bit. I really wanted Everton because we owe them cunts massively and I reckon our lads would be salivating at the idea of getting revenge on them for Virg and Thiago. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  9. Saturday Jan 2: Hmmm. Curtis wished Happy New Year to the “real” fans who have supported him. Apparently he’s been getting the Neco Williams treatment on social media. These people need to fuck off and die. I’ve said it before and I’ll re-iterate it. Anyone sending abuse to players, especially young lads, I hope they fucking die. Twats. Curtis won’t be affected by it as he’s a confident lad, but it’s fucking scandalous that pricks who claim to support us feel they have the right to force their shitty little uneducated opinions onto lads who have more talent in their little toe than these cunts have in their entire bodies. If I ruled the world I’d make a law that says any time some twat sends abuse to a player from the team they support (which is entirely different than having a pop at players from rival clubs, because if you're a player why would you care what a rival fans calls you? Your own fans though, different story completely), a couple of boys show up at their house and drag them outside for a beating. Not even joking. I would happily see these pricks who are messaging our players and telling them they aren’t good enough or saying “get out of my club” sent to A&E. Oxygen thieves, the lot of them. Meanwhile, West Brom ship four at home to Arsenal. Looking forward to hearing Fat Sam on Talksport Monday morning talking us through how he masterminded it. Speaking of Allardyce though, this was absolutely fucking priceless. He’s got three signings lined up for WBA but they can’t go through because of the new Brexit laws. This fat prick was on Talksport a couple of years back belching out about how great Brexit was going to be and how everyone will benefit from it. And now, here he is, complaining that Brexit has stopped him making signings (and a little side profit?). Life comes at you fast, eh, you odious slug. Sunday Jan 3: Maybe the Botman thing was a false alarm as all the media in Portugal are linking us with some cat named David Carmo. Plus the Transfer Window Grim Reaper James Pearce is saying there is no interest in Botman at all. Meanwhile, a City player threw a New Year’s Eve party, breaching Covid rules. It wasn’t Walker though, he’s probably lying low after whatever it was he did last week. No, it was someone else. And if you had to guess which City player would be stupid enough to do this I don’t think you’d need many guesses. Benjamin Mendy is a clown and a move like this is entirely in character. It’s not on though really. They were ‘unable to play’ against the Blues last week because of an outbreak in their squad (allegedly because Walker had a party) and now another one of their players is having a party in his house too. Fuck all will happen, but they should have points deducted for this shit. I don’t agree they should forfeit the Everton game because why should those cunts be handed three points for nothing? Nah, play the fixture, but if it turns out that the outbreak was self inflicted then City should have points docked. Still, even with six players out with Covid they still battered Chelsea. Helps that they’d had the week off to prepare, but the real advantage they had was Lampard being in charge of the opposition. Twitter was weird today. Chris Kirkland got into a spat with the son of Paul Scholes. Seems Wee Scholesey’s kid threw a New Year’s Eve party in the family mansion, and Kirky not only condemned it, he tagged him in while doing so. The response was exactly as I’d expect. No contrition, no regret, no humility, just abuse, which proved Kirkland’s point really. Have to laugh that he called him a “washed up Wigan keeper” though. And what exactly is your claim to fame, junior? This is the first time anyone has even heard of you, you soft cunt, and it’s for breaking covid rules. Go back to sponging off your arl fella and *googles* “punching a former school pal in unprovoked attack” and “playing football for Chadderton in the ninth tier” hahaha. You could only dream of playing for Wigan, you tit. Also on Twitter, the club wished Adrian happy birthday and I made the mistake of looking at the replies. “Get out of my club” “please leave” etc It’s his birthday you fucking bad, bad virgins. Have a day off. What are you even hoping to achieve? Klopp isn’t making a decision based on you tweeting from yer ma’s spare room. So the only thing that will happen is Adrian himself might see it if he checks his mentions, and he’ll probably get a little hurt by it as he’s only human. Still, as long as YOU feel better eh? Honestly, these people are the fucking worst. Also today, Gerry Marsden died. Fucks sake. 2021 picking up where 2020 left off. I’ve heard loads of versions of YNWA but Gerry’s has ruined them all for me. Any other version I’ve heard I’ve tended to go “this is shit” because there’s only one version of it for me. Obviously I’m biased, but it’s just the best. Others might have better voices but no-one did the song better. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  10. Report by Dave Usher I don’t even know what to take from this. Other than progress to the next round, nothing positive, that’s for sure. It wasn't an enjoyable watch. At half time I just felt embarrassed. It’s one thing being held by West Brom or Newcastle, but this was quite literally a fucking youth team we were up against. As BT informed us at least a dozen times during the broadcast, half their side were dropped off by their parents because they were too young to drive. And we went in at the break 1-1. Jesus. The second half was much more like what it should have been from the start and the result was comfortable enough in the end but it did absolutely nothing to make me feel any more encouraged about how we’re playing at the moment. In fact, it did the opposite. If you're not worried, you're not watching. Klopp picked a strong team and for me that was the right thing to do. We’re usually garbage when we have too much time between games so it made sense to play most of the regulars in this one. Of course there’s the risk of injury and initially I wasn’t thrilled about Fabinho being out there as he’s now become the most important player at the club. We are completely fucked if anything happens to him. On reflection though, picking him - or any of the other senior players - wasn’t a risk. This wasn’t like starting Salah, Jota and others in a dead rubber CL game sandwiched in between league games. The circumstances are completely different. Resting players for this would have done more harm than good, especially when it became clear that Villa had no players available and would be fielding a load of untested teenagers. Klopp said after the Southampton game that there were a lot of things we needed to work on in attacking areas and that he wanted to do a lot of 11v11 in training in the build up to the United game. So, a game against Villa’s kids was going to be much less taxing for our senior side than a game against our own second string. Pre-Covid, in a week like this we’d have invited a local lower league side over to Melwood (or new Melwood now) for a behind closed friendly. And all the senior lads would have played. This was no different. In fact, it was a much easier game because WE WERE PLAYING A LOAD OF KIDS!! Not even Villa’s best kids, as some of those were unavailable because they either train with the first team or they were in contact with ones who did and therefore had to isolate. This is just a teaser, view the full report here Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  11. West Brom have followed up their draw at Anfield by shipping I’ve against Leeds and four against Arsenal, who have now won three on the spin. Allardyce isn’t smelling himself anywhere near as much as he was a week ago. Instead he’s bemoaning how Brexit has stopped him making three signings. A far cry from this…. West Brom’s defending was horrendous, just as it was against Leeds. This is the thing though. They defended well against us because that was all they were really focused on. They did counter attack a little in the second half when they played us, but mostly what they wanted to do was defend with everything they had. As with a lot of these negative, bottom dwellers, as soon as they have to think about attacking there are gaps everywhere and they get exposed for what they are - shite. I’m proper fucking wound up now just thinking about it. Dropping two points to these shit cunts. Fuck off. This season is doing my head in. Still, better to be complaining while sat at the top (albeit only just) than being where Arsenal are. They’re improving though, seemingly. Tierney’s brilliant individual effort set them on their way. Great goal that. The second goal was boss too, albeit a completely different type. This one was old school Arenal, slick one touch passing and movement around the box finished off by Saka. Lacazette made it 3-0 and added another one soon after to wrap it up. That Smith Rowe lad has made a big difference to them. I don’t like, obviously. It almost goes without saying when he wears his socks like that. He’s given them something they’ve been lacking though. He’s what I imagine Ozil would have been if he hadn’t kept pulling his disappearing act. When West Brom go down hopefully this time they stay down. These yo-yo clubs are boring. West Brom, Watford, Norwich… make your mind up. You’re either Premier League or Championship. I’d much rather they just fucked off and let the likes of Brentford, Preston, or even throwbacks like Luton and Forest (the fucking scabs). Arsenal were never as bad as 15th place but they aren’t good either. Maybe those kids will give them something to build upon, but most of those players need fucking off. Not sure any big club has had worse recruitment in recent years as they have. Having tumbled off the window ledge Mrs Doyle style after going top a few weeks ago, Spurs got themselves back on track with an easy win over Leeds. Not a surprise this. Bielsa’s style is tailor made to be Mourinho’d and that’s what happened. Leeds attacked, Spurs repelled them and then killed them at the other end. It might have been different if my boy Bamford had converted a good chance at 0-0. He missed and then Spurs were given a dubious penalty. Dubious mainly because it looked to be outside the box, but also because occasionally those decisions go against the forward. Not that it should go against the forward, but sometimes they do. It usually depends on who goes down. Bergwijn stepped across the defender who collided with him. Bergwijn hit the deck because he wanted the decision. If that had been higher up the pitch he might have stayed on his feet and got away from the defender, in which case he might have been the one penalised. I’ve seen that so many times where the attacker is wrongly penalised. It’s always annoyed me because I think it’s clever play by the forward. You’re entitled to shield the ball and if the defender over commits then that’s his fault. In fact, I got sent off once in school for telling the teacher to “fuck off” after he gave a foul against me for turning a defender exactly like that, so while I side with Bergwijn I do think it looked outside the box. Put it this way. If that was Salah or Mané in that situation, what do you think the outcome would have been? Most likely would have been “no foul, play on”. Next most likely would have been “foul on the defender, free kick to Leeds”. Then you’re looking at “foul, free-kick on the edge of the box”. Penalty wouldn’t have even been on the table. Kane scored and Spurs were never likely to let it slip. Leeds had a go, they always do, and Harrison went close with a dipping shot from 20 yards before Son tapped in a brilliant cross by Kane to make it 2-0. Alderweireld added a third that the keeper made a complete mess of. He’s a weird one him. He makes world class saves every week but I’d be reluctant to say he’s really good. He might be, I don’t know. I think he is, but don’t hold me to it. I got my fingers burned with Pickford who I thought was boss at Sunderland because I’d see him making worldies every week. That’s not what makes a top keeper though. Sometimes they are making those spectacular saves because their positioning is shit. It’s really difficult to judge I think. Meslier is only a kid though so you’d assume he’s only going to get better. What’s with the shit music Spurs are playing after goals? I know we can’t talk, when we’ve got fucking “Song 2” blasting out (at least I think we do, it feels like months since we actually scored so I’m not sure), but this is a trend I’m not liking. When fans are allowed back into stadiums in 2025 they’d better fuck this off. Doherty was sent off for two yellows. The first one he actually missed the lad by a long way. He had a bit of a swing but are we booking players for not getting anywhere near fouls now? David Coote is anyway. The second yellow was correct though so he finally got a decision right. Who’d have thought that the best game of the weekend would be Brighton v Wolves? Not me, that’s for sure. It was though. By a mile. Connoly toe poked Brighton in front early but the lead didn’t last long as Seiss headed in the equaliser. I don’t like Connoly and I’m fairly sure it’s 100% because he looks like a young Wayne Rooney, which in fairness is as good a reason as any for not liking someone. He’s even doing fucking overhead kicks like Rooney and he was within a whisker of replicating that famous Manc derby winner. The two main differences being that Connoly didn't score but he did at least hit it with his boot and not his shin. Wolves went ahead when the Brighton keeper palmed a Neto shot onto Dan Burn and it bounced off the big man and into the net. Never made it 3-1 from the spot after Burn hacked down Adama. Clearest pen you’ll see that one. You may have noted the lack of a ‘my boy’ in reference to Adama. He’s lost his ‘my boy’ privileges for now. It’s a fluid situation though and I’m not making any definitive decision on it yet. Maupay won and converted a pen to get Brighton back in it and Dunk powered in a header to equalise. The fun didn’t stop there though. Trossard thought he’d put Brighton in front but Andy Madeley had blown for a foul. It was never a foul in a million years and if he’d just waited instead of blowing his whistle then VAR may have sorted that one out. I say ‘may’ because frankly who knows? Second guessing these things is impossible, but he was defo too quick with his whistle. Adama then went on a mazy run past three defenders before throwing himself to the floor after being dispossessed by Dunk. One, it wasn’t a foul. Two, Dunk got the ball anyway. He was much livelier in this game than he has been though, and he put one on a plate for Samedo at the end only for him to head over from close range. Maupay channeled his inner Lovren afterwards by telling everyone about the team-talk he gave at half time. “I told the lads they weren’t giving anything and needed to run more” etc. Astounding levels of arrogance there and no sense of self awareness whatsoever. He seems like a tit him. And not a likeable tit like big Dejan. People keep telling that Bissouma is class, and he’s actually been linked quite strongly with the Reds. I need to watch him closely as I’ve never really been overly impressed any time I’ve seen him. That Ben White is another we reportedly have a long standing interest in. He’s playing in midfield at the moment which is a bit of a red flag to me. If he isn’t good enough to be one of Brighton’s THREE centre backs then is he good enough for us? Of course right now I’d gladly take him. Maybe they’ll swap for Origi? Speaking of centre backs though, Wolves are asking for trouble going with a back four. They’re shipping goals and it’s no surprise to me as I’ve said for fucking ages that Coady in a back four is not going to go well for him or them. Maybe it’s injuries, or maybe they’re trying to find a system to get the best out of Adama. They look a bit unbalanced at the moment after looking so well organised for so long. It’s a good test of Nuno Holy Spirit’s credentials though. If he changes the system and gets them to the level they were before it’s another string to an already impressive bow. I wonder sometimes though if some of us are guilty of over-rating him a bit just because he’s such a top fella? Sheffield United lost again and still have more subs than points. As embarrassing as that is, they’re also the only side in the league to have been given less fouls than the Reds, which is pretty shameful. Imagine getting less free-kicks than a team that refs are deliberately not giving free-kicks to. It’s almost impossible to be that bad, so fair play to the Blades. Seriously though, you can understand why they don’t get many fouls as there is virtually no guile or trickery in their side and they don’t see much of the ball. Explaining why we aren’t getting them is much more difficult, at least without sounding like one of the tin foil hat wearing brigade. Just because we’re crazy doesn’t mean we’re wrong though. It took just three minutes for the Blades to go behind at Palace as Schlupp latched onto a loose ball and scored with the aid of a deflection. If I was a team-mate of Zaha I reckon I’d smack him right in the fucking mouth. He’s always berating those around him and flinging his arms up in the air. He got to the byline and cut one back for Benteke who failed to convert it (wasn’t even a bad miss, he just had it blocked by a defender) and Zaha is having a pink fit shouting “OH MY GOD” like Kevin the Teenager. He does this shit all the time lately. I’d not noticed it previously but he’s a right spoilt whiny bastard these days. Just because he’s their best player doesn’t give him the right to carry on like that. Mind you, he might not be their best player for long, and I don’t mean that he’ll finally get the move he’s been angling for either. I mean that Eze kid might eclipse him soon the way he’s progressing. He made it 2-0 with a glorious goal six minutes into stoppage time at the end of the first half. He was just gliding across the turf leaving defenders in his wake before he rolled the ball into the bottom corner. Usually players will go for power in that situation as he was a good 20 yards or so from goal, but he just stroked it into the corner. Fantastic goal. Zaha was the first on the scene to congratulate him but I bet it was through gritted teeth. Hodgson pulled no punches afterwards when asked about his captain breaking Covid rules by mixing with Fulham’s Mitrovic and others on New Year’s Eve. He made no excuses, said it wasn’t acceptable as it puts the club in a bad light and that although Milovojevic had said sorry that wasn’t enough. Good for Roy. Mourinho didn’t seem pleased at the antics of some of his South American contingent who did something similar, mixing with West Ham players and their families. He stopped short of laying into them but the implication was there that he’d be dealing with them harshly. Then you have Guardiola, defending the antics of Mendy. Not really surprising though. City’s whole culture is that they are accountable to nobody and rules are for others to follow, not them. Fucking scumbags. On that most perfect of segues, United beat Villa thanks to a questionable penalty. I didn’t watch it and I’m forwarding the MOTD highlights because fuck this shit. I’m boycotting all of their games now for the sake of my own sanity. I’ve seen the penalty incident and it’s just the same old same old. You can easily justify giving it because there’s contact. That’s never the issue though. The issue is that every fucking appeal they have ends up in a pen. I’ve seen a lot of people saying Pogba tripped himself up but that’s not really the case. One of the easiest ways to trip someone up is to clip their back leg so it hits their front leg and puts them down. It’s like an ankle tap tackle in rugby. That’s what happened to Pogba, there was a little knock on his back leg and it put him down. I think the reason people get so angry is because any time they appear for a pen they get it, and because not long before that Pogba was blocking Luke Shaw for not going down in the box (I saw that clip on Twitter). They know. They know it. If they go down they’ll almost always get the penalty, so no wonder Pogba has that attitude. I have nothing else to say about them or about this game because I’m struggling to get over the sense of shock and injustice that these cunts have wormed their way back up the table off the back of incredible luck and favourable officiating. I’m not handling it well at all which is why the best policy is to try and pretend they don’t exist. The only good thing about the weekend’s fixtures was Everton losing to Moyes. I’m not surprised, because they’re shit. I have been saying that for a while. And West Ham and Moyes proved it. Everton are shit and in a false position. They’ll be well off the pace come the end of the season and frankly it’s annoying that they are where they are now. Because they’re shit. They lost 1-0 to West Ham and I don’t even need to tell you who scored, because he scores every week. If he doesn’t win the Golden Boot then West Ham should demanding a recount and the fans should march on the PL Headquarters. MOTD reckon he’s only scored five goals this season. Get the fuck outta here. This is complete bullshit. Onto Sunday now. Newcastle kept a clean sheet against us but Leicester had little trouble cutting them open. The finishing wasn’t great until Maddison finally thumped one in from a Vardy cutback. Tielemans added a similarly superb second. Big Andy came off the bench and walloped in a volley to set up a tense finale but Leicester held on. Barnes could have wrapped it up but instead of scoring he lashed it into the face of Darlow. Given the choice I’d have taken the same option, so well played, sir. That Darlow cunt had his little dive for cameras early on when he flew through the air and then pulled his arms away from a Maddison shot that was at least ten yards off target. Any other keeper in the league other than Pickford just stands and waves that one wide. Not this cunt. I fucking hate him and I fucking hate our front three for making him look good the other night. Finally, City complete dismantled Chelsea. Everyone has been creaming themselves about City after this but them looking as good as they did was at least as much down to how bad Chelsea were than it was City being brilliant. Yeah City did look ominously good, but they haven’t done that to anyone else this season and there’s a reason for that. Chelsea were fucking awful without the ball and made it easy for City. City were without Ederson and for some reason Claudio Bravo wasn’t there either. Did they fuck him off and I’ve somehow missed it? They had some American fella in goal and the first thing he did was pick up a backpass and give away a free-kick. A free-kick OUTSIDE the box. He picked it up a yard inside the box, so why is the free-kick being taken outside? For one thing, if it was outside then the keeper should have been booked. But it wasn’t, it was well inside. Nice job, Anthony Taylor, you shit, bald, manc, tit. The free-kick amounted to nothing and that was as good as it got for Chelsea who found themselves 3-0 down by half time. Gundogan broke the deadlock after a move that seemed to develop over about five minutes and a hundred passes while Chelsea chased shadows. Foden made it 2-0 from a De Bruyne cross. Nice little finish but why was Chilwell five yards behind everyone else playing him onside? De Bruyne added a third after Sterling ran clear all alone from his own half but predictably messed up the finish. Luckily for him the rebound fell to De Bruyne who showed him how to finish. City could easily have had another three or four as Chelsea were all over the place. They were running around and there was no shortage of effort, but pressing when you don’t know what you’re doing it pointless against a side who can move it around like City. If only Chelsea had a coach who knew his onions, instead of one who only knows onions when they’re on his triple cheeseburger. Timo Walcott had another uninspiring performance capped by an embarrassing moment when tried to take a corner and kicked the corner flag instead. I’m saying nothing. Except I told you so. View full article
  12. Report by Dave Usher Anyone else wishing the footy had been put on lockdown like everything else? We need a factory reset. Watching us at the moment is like when my mac freezes and I’m staring at the spinny disk thing waiting for it to correct itself. It rarely does and it usually needs switching off and on again to start working normally again. The Reds aren’t going to have that luxury though. They have to play through this slump but the fixtures aren’t getting any easier for us. Not that any fixture is easy at the moment anyway. We probably wouldn’t even beat Sheffield United right now, and they’ve still got more subs than points. Shit, you just know Brewster would bang in a last minute equaliser given the way things are going for us right now. Once again we weren’t good enough. One shot on target is fucking abysmal. The overall performance wasn’t bad and it was really just a lack of cutting edge that did us in. We controlled possession, moved the ball around into the right areas and I’d say did 90% of what Klopp wanted us to do. That final 10% killed us though. Zero quality in attacking areas and virtually zero for their keeper to worry about. When things don’t go well the first thing I always focus on is us. How did we play? What did we do wrong? Were we unlucky or did we not do enough? I rarely look for excuses and I’m not doing that now either. I can see that our attacking play has not been anywhere near what it needs to be. There are a lot of things to be concerned about currently and I’ll get to that in more detail shortly. We’re not playing well, we aren’t creating enough and the side has been unbalanced by those injuries in defence. We’re in a bad run and we have to battle through it. You know what you need when you’re in runs like this? You need a break and you need to be playing on a level playing field. The only luck we’re getting is bad and the playing field is currently so slanted I’m surprised the players aren’t falling off it. We had TWO clear penalties completely ignored in this game. And fuck all is being said about it, either on commentary or in the post match analysis. Why is that? I’ll tell you why. Because either consciously or sub-consciously, everyone seems to have the attitude that “well if you’re as good as everyone says you shouldn’t need any help from the refs”. The ‘sexy’ media story is “what’s wrong with Liverpool?” and no-one wants to point out that we are being held to a much higher standard than everyone else. We’ve had 12 subjective VAR decisions go against us this season. The next highest is apparently five. That’s a fucking incredible margin. Seven more subjective decisions against us than the next highest. Yet apparently mentioning this is just an excuse and we should be looking at the performances of our players and not the refs. Can we not do both then? “Crying about penalties when you only had one shot on target”. What, so because we’re struggling for form we aren’t entitled to have referees enforce the rules of the game? Get to fuck. I can say that we aren’t playing at our best but I can also say we’re continually being fucked over by officials. Both are true and pointing out one of them is not turning a blind eye to the other. United are being lauded to the fucking rooftops but they haven’t been better than us this season. Not even close. It sure helps though that any time you’re struggling you can rely on the refs giving you a penalty or two to help you on your way. If we had that luxury the table would look a lot like it did last year. It’s like I’ve been saying. It’s not that the penalties United get are blatantly not penalties (barring some glaring exceptions), it’s just that every appeal they have seems to be given. Whereas with us, those same type of calls are ignored. And when they aren’t given no-one cares because “they even out over a season” or “you didn’t play well enough, focus on that”. Honestly, it’s fucking scandalous what we’ve been subjected to at times this season. Our players are fouled in the box and it’s “you shouldn’t need penalties to beat Newcastle / Brighton / Southampton / whoever”. It’s like there’s an unofficial handicap system that’s been introduced because of how far ahead we were last season. What do you want a penalty for, aren’t you meant to be dead good? I hate blaming referees as my main focus is always on what we can do better. And there are plenty of things we can be doing better right now. I’m not shying away from that. Nevertheless, a penalty is a penalty and when you aren’t being given them for clear fouls it’s just not acceptable. If the ref and VAR did their job we’d have won this game and therefore I don’t think it’s unreasonable to be extremely fucking pissed off about that. Things are tough for us right now and we’re nowhere near our best. But you can’t overlook that we’re being asked to play with a deck that’s stacked against us. They were blatant fucking penalties but not only was the ref not interested, but VAR was like “nothing to see here, move along, move along”. Compare that with any decision at the other end, where it’s a five minute forensic analysis with slo mo’s and fifty different angles. There were other mad decisions too, such as the foul that was given against Salah when a defender ran into the goalkeeper and caused him to spill a cross. Mo was merely an innocent bystander and no involvement in it at all (which could also describe his second half performance actually). The only reason that disgraceful decision wasn’t a big deal was because Bobby somehow failed to put the loose ball into the empty net. That cunt Marriner couldn’t blow his whistle quickly enough there. And because of how quickly he blew, VAR wouldn’t have been able to over-rule the incorrect decision and given the goal had Bobby done his job. What about the lunge by Walcott on Milner late on? Studs up, dangerous, out of control. Not even a free-kick. And again, fuck all mentioned by the commentary team. They set the narrative for these things. You can’t under-estimate how much influence they have on perception with the replays they show and what they say about them. They brushed off both penalties and said nothing about Walcott’s challenge. And guess what, other than Klopp nobody else wanted to talk about them either. The TV coverage has a massive impact on storylines and narratives after games. Tyler and Smith did spend a good bit of time complaining about Trent stealing six yards on a throw deep in his own half though, and how much of an ‘influence’ that could have on Southampton’s ability to get up the pitch and relieve the pressure they were under. But there’s nothing untoward about that, honest. Fuck off you agenda driven cunts. It’s the two penalties that need talking about though. The one on Sadio looked a pen the first time I saw it but I wasn’t sure until I saw the replays so I understand why Marriner didn’t give it on first view. It was clumsy as fuck from the defender and it wasn’t even a case of Sadio making the most of contact. He was just fouled, pure and simple. Why is VAR not telling him to check? Cunts. I’m as concerned as any of you are by how poor we’ve been in the final third for large parts of this season but you just can’t brush shit like this off. It isn’t excuse making. It’s a massive handicap to overcome. Look at that pen United got against Villa last week to turn one point into three. I’m in a minority in that I actually think it was a pen, but it was nowhere near as clear as the one on Sadio here, or on Sadio at St James’ the other night for that matter. Then there’s the handball. The lad comes flying out and hurls himself in front of a goal bound shot and he blocks it with a hand that is away from his body. That’s just a stone cold penalty, no ifs ands or buts about it. Look at the one given against Gomez at the Etihad and then look at this. Now tell me that the reason we aren’t clear at the top is just because of how we’re playing. You have to be almost perfect every game to be able to overcome officials who are giving you fuck all, and no team is almost perfect every game. I’ve spent a lot of time so far talking about the officiating and I make no apologies for it. I could go on, as this is such a big fucking deal and there is no doubt in my mind that we are being shafted here. But there’s fuck all we can do about it, so the only thing we can do is play so well that we can overcome this handicap that has been placed on us. We shouldn’t have to play with that burden on us as it’s blatantly unfair. No-one else has to play with that burden (except Burnley, who have been getting shafted like this for years) but it isn’t something we can control so we have to focus on what we can control. So the first thing I’d be looking at if I’m Klopp is that front three. Refereeing aside, they were our main problem in this game. In fact, they’ve been our main problem in this bad run we’ve been on. One goal in three games. Not good enough. I’ve been saying it for a while now but they just aren’t as good as they were, collectively more so than individually. The production has dropped off from them season by season and that trend is continuing now. I haven’t checked but I’d be fairly confident that they’re on course to score less than they did last season. It’s a downward trend and it surprises me that more isn’t being made of it. The pundits are still billing them as “that much vaunted front three” and always talking about how brilliant they are. BT are the worst for it. Every time we have a Champions League game Lineker, Ferdinand, Hargreaves, Owen etc are waxing lyrical about “the front three”. Lads, 2018 called, it wants it’s analysis back. The numbers paint a different picture. Much like the majority of pundits, we’re guilty of judging them on how they’ve played in the past. We judge them on their good games and gloss over the bad, but there have been too many bad ones, individually and collectively. They might be great in our next game and everyone will be kissing their collective rings again and hailing them as the best forward line in world football. They aren’t. Not no more. They have too many of these games. Last season we were usually able to overcome those bad games and win by the odd goal, mostly due to being tight at the other end. We no longer have that luxury. It’s not like we’re leaking loads of goals but it now feels like any one we do concede could be crucial because, and this is a bold statement I know, we can’t rely on that front three anymore because they’re too inconsistent. What’s the answer? I don’t have it. All I know is that Sadio is the only untouchable for me. What happens with the other two - if anything happens with them - is a decision for Klopp and Edwards. I tell you what they won’t allow to happen though. They won’t want to let all three of them get old at the same time, as replacing all three in one swoop would cost a fortune. So I suspect it will be broken up at the end of this season but how they do that will depend on the market and who has money to spend. It’s a really difficult decision to make as all three are great players and all are still contributing regularly. My issue with them isn’t about them individually, it’s about the collective. I love them all as individuals but they seem to have lost the ability to link up with each other. It happens in flashes but it used to be every fucking week. Now when they try passing to each other it invariably breaks down. The first half of this game was shit. We just weren’t good enough. We gave away a goal from a set-piece after a minute but aside from that I didn’t think we were too troubled defensively. It was going forward where we looked lost. We dominate possession, pass it around, sling in a cross, pick up the loose ball and then do it all over again. Much of what we do is good but no-one really notices it because we aren’t getting it done in the final third. And any lapse at the back is costly because of that. Trent didn’t cover himself in glory on their goal but he was left marking two players and that may have caused a moment’s hesitation that saw him get caught under the ball and fail to clear it. The finish from Ings was brilliant although he seemed to be hinting afterwards that it was a mis-hit cross. Looked like he meant it to me, but it would typify how things are going for us if it was a fluke. They also cleverly blocked off Hendo and from their perspective it’s a good goal, well worked. I can live with that. Conceding the odd goal from a set-piece is just normal. We should be able to overcome it but right now we can’t. The response was good initially. We penned them back and dominated the ball. We looked to be on the brink of a breakthrough but just couldn’t produce the moment of quality we needed. It was just highly frustrating as it felt like we were in complete control but we just couldn’t create anything. We started the second half really well and set about them with a purpose. They couldn’t get out of their own half and it continued like that for more or less the entire game. The chances we created were wasted and at no point in that second half did I ever think a goal was coming. I knew we wouldn’t score when the two penalties were ignored. It never rains but it pours. Shaq came on for Ox and Trent was subbed for Milner as Tyler gleefully pointed out that he’d set a new record for the amount of times he gave the ball away. That’s a bullshit stat. It’s not like he kept dribbling into trouble or passing it to the opposition. It was crosses. He kept putting crosses in and Southampton kept clearing them. Robbo probably wasn’t too far behind him as that’s how we play. It feels like we’re overdoing it though, doesn’t it? Sick of seeing crosses being slung in to a box that has ten opposing players in it. And why will no fucker ever take a shot? Pass pass pass pass pass pass cross pass pass pass pass cross. Too easy to defend. Have a fucking dig from the edge of the box now and again for fucks sake. Sadio lacked quality but he fought his nuts off and gave absolutely everything. The lack of protection he got from Marriner was a joke. They just wrestled and held him all night. Eventually he snapped and was booked for kicking out after he didn’t get a blatant foul. I felt sorry for Mané. Most of the others seemed to feel sorry for themselves. Where the fuck was Salah in that last 20 minutes? He vanished. Bobby tried but he contributed very little. The midfield controlled the ball but provided no drive or penetration to support the forwards. Thiago was pretty average really. Wijnaldum was the pick of the midfield and he was no more than a 7 out of 10 at best. Hendo was fine at centre back but it highlights a major problem that needs addressing. Not only are we without a three senior centre backs (two of them for the season and the third will probably play no more than half a dozen games) but we’re also without our best number six because he’s now needed as a full time defender. And now we’re taking away another of our first choice midfield to plug him in at the back too? Fuck that. It’s not that Hendo can’t do a job there for us, it’s about what we lose in midfield. We have a defence that is missing Van Dijk and Gomez and now we have a midfield missing Henderson and Fabinho. That’s the spine of a CL and PL winning team ripped out. We still had Thiago and Wijnaldum in midfield so it’s not like we’re massively understrength but all these things add up. And it has to be said that Ox contributed the square root of fuck all before he was replaced by Shaq, who was only fractionally more productive. I don’t want to judge Ox too harshly because he was out injured for months and is still finding his way back to sharpness. You want him contributing more than this though. Not sure why Minamino has been bombed out after doing well at Palace. I’d have brought him on for Firmino with 15-20 minutes left personally as he couldn’t have been worse. The sooner Jota is back the better. We’ve missed him more than we’ve missed Van Dijk. How mad does that sound? It’s true though. We aren’t scoring enough goals and the front three are erratic as fuck. The sooner Jota is back the happier I’ll be. The defence has done well statistically but it is an issue that we’re having to use our best midfielders there and we therefore end up weaker in two areas. Klopp seemed to lose confidence in Williams after he was done by a ball over the top against West Brom. And he lost confidence in Phillips after he was skinned by Calum Wilson. I’m not even saying he was wrong to do so and I’d say Henderson is a better option than both, but taking him out of our midfield really hurts us. So I don’t care how they do it or how much they have to spend, we HAVE to buy a centre back in the next week or so and failing to do so is just unacceptable. In fact, failing to do so is basically waving the white flag on our season. And while we’re at it I’ll tell you what else Klopp needs to do. He needs to make the players watch the stoppage time periods of the last few games and ask them just what the fuck they were thinking taking short corners when we were already well over the allocated time added on. I don’t remember if it was West Brom or Newcastle, but it was defo one of them. And it happened again in this one. It’s braindead beyond belief. You could actually see Marriner looking at them like “I’m trying to give you time to take it here, but you’re taking the fucking piss”. If it happens again then fines need to be handed out. We’re not in a good place mentally. You can see it. The players are shaken by what’s happening. They’ll come through it because they’re winners, but how much damage will have been done before they get their mojo back? That’s the worry. And it’s a double edged sword. As our confidence has dropped, City and United have been given a huge shot in the arm because it wasn’t so long ago that neither of them believed they had a chance. Now United can’t believe their luck. Any time they’re in trouble the refs are bailing them out and then they see us dropping points all over the fucking shop. With a level playing field they’re nowhere near us but in this current climate of officiating then I don’t see how you can fail to be concerned about them. As I said, we need to start playing at a level where the referees performance doesn’t have such a significant impact on us. Our next league game is United and we’ll not only have to beat them but we’ll no doubt have to overcome whatever the officials throw at us too. It’s not fair that we should have to do that but that’s the situation. Our margin for error is tiny at the moment and Klopp needs to get that siege mentality going. Ordinarily I wouldn’t give a fuck about Villa in the cup but that now has added importance. There’s enough time before and after that game to be able to go strong and we need to strike back at Villa after what happened last time. Plus we need a performance to get some confidence back. It’s a bigger game than I’d like it to be and I’m not looking forward to it if I’m being completely honest. Star man is Robbo. He didn’t start well but by the end it looked like there was only him and Sadio still trying to force something. Nobody else looked like they had any belief left. Grim. Team: Alisson; Alexander-Arnold (Milner), Henderson, Fabinho, Robertson; Thiago, Wijnaldum, Oxlade-Chamberlain (Shaqiri); Salah, Firmino, Mané: View full article
  13. Saturday Dec 26: It seems like every press conference lately Klopp is being bombarded with questions about Salah. He doesn’t seem perturbed at all by anything that was said in the interview Mo gave but he’s probably irked that he keeps having to answer questions about it. Rightly so too, as it was all completely unnecessary. The more I think about that interview he did the more annoyed I am by it. It’s not that he said anything especially contentious, it’s just you have to ask why is he even doing that interview at all? He rarely does interviews at all yet here he is speaking to the Spanish press. Why the Spanish press? Speak to the English press, Mo. By that I mean the local lads who cover the Reds. He never speaks to them, yet he’ll do an interview with Marca or AS or whoever the fuck it was? Honestly, it’s proper bizarre when you think about it but his agent isn’t going to set that up without some kind of ulterior motive. Coming so soon off the back of his Covid shenanigans, I’d say there’s a good chance Mo is very much in Klopp’s doghouse at the moment. If I was having to answer questions about him all the time, and then having to walk on eggshells in case I said anything that would add more fuel to the fire, it would annoy the fuck out of me. Meanwhile, Lampard is moaning about the fixtures because Chelsea have it much worse than we do. He’s got a point but it’s swings and roundabouts isn’t it? We’ve had brutal runs of fixtures before (usually at this time of year) and no-one cares when Klopp complains. “This is how English football is, if you don’t like it, fuck off back to the Bundesliga” etc. I can remember us having to go up to play away at Sunderland 48 hours after playing on Boxing Day. Shit happens, especially in the Christmas period. Lampard loves an excuse though. Anything to deflect away from his own deficiencies. It did highlight something to me though. We’ve got it really, really fucking good here for once. We’ve got West Brom tomorrow, then we don’t play until Wednesday. And then our next game isn’t until next Monday. Seriously, this is almost unheard of. Klopp is always complaining about the timing of fixtures and the stress it puts on the players, but we’ve been helped out massively here. Anyone heard of Folarin Bolagun? I haven’t, but we’re interested in signing him from Arsenal according to reports. He’s a striker who will be out of contract this summer. Surely if he’s good enough for us to be interested then he’d be getting games at Arsenal? It has the whiff of Dom Solanke about it. Sign him for peanuts and then sell for good money. Either than or his agent is flirting with us to get Arsenal to panic into giving him the deal he wants, like they did with Saka. I read a report on this in the Express and it just highlighted how daft modern football / society has now become. Just have a read of this nonsense… “The 19-year-old, who was born in New York, commented on Curtis Jones' latest post yesterday with a handshake emoji. Jones then replied with a prayer emoji, which would suggest he was referring to the prospect of a link up at Anfield.” Honestly, it’s ridiculous. This is what we’ve become? It’s like a conversation between teenage girls - “He sent a handshake emoji and then OMG he replied with a prayer emoji”. This is modern football journalism though and it’s pathetic. I’m not even singling out whoever wrote that article either as I’ve done myself. I’ll see a player message another player and immediately start thinking ‘aye aye, whats going on here?’. What’s going on is probably just two players having a laugh at our expense. Anyway, I’ll go out on a limb and say it right now, we won’t be signing this kid. Sunday Dec 27: L 1 WBA 1 Ah fuck off. The only thing worse than dropping points to relegation fodder is dropping points to relegation fodder managed by Sam Allardyce. The sight of his big smug mashed potato face on the touchline, chewing on his gum and being all self satisfied just makes me sick. As much as I hate him though, this result is on us. It’s our fault, not his. He did what he always does. There was nothing surprising about it even though Klopp made a comment about “who could have expected them to play a 6-4 formation?”. Yeah, only everyone in the entire football world. Kinell. You know the only thing that surprised me about West Brom today? That they actually had a bit of a go in the second half. What they did before half time is what I expected. And I didn’t think they’d change even at 1-0 down. Not until the last 10 minutes anyway. But the second half they did try to counter attack when possible. The first half they left Grant all on his own and made zero attempt to support him. After half time they were considerably more willing to get more men up in support of him and they at least gave us something to think about. We were fucking terrible though. They lulled us to sleep and we didn’t wake up until they scored. Matip going off didn’t help. It unsettled us a bit but there’s no excuse really. This was a strong side we put out and we started the game well. Then we just went shit for a long spell. It’s hard to explain, especially as Hendo was out there and usually he is able to prevent this kind of thing happening. We had eight days between our last game and this one and we’ve seen this before. Lots of times actually. Whenever we have any sort of a break we’re flat as fuck when we come back. The only thing different about this is we actually started well and got worse. usually it would be the other way around. I do think that for all the complaining about no rest and heavy fixture load and all that stuff, we’re actually much better when we’re playing all the time. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  14. A lot to get through but not as much as there was meant to be as Covid intervened on some of the midweek fixtures. Not much fun this week really. Hate watching other teams win when we haven’t, and it’s even worse when it’s a double header and we’ve filed to win twice. Not really how I’d want to be spending New Year’s Eve but it’s not like there’s anything else to do is there? If 2020 were a footballer it would be Richarlison. The absolute fucking pits. Ok, let’s get started then. Things are finally looking up a bit for Arsenal. Two wins in the space of a few days has taken some of the heat off Arteta. The win over Chelsea was somewhat unexpected, especially considering the youth of the Arsenal forward line. Saka, Martinelli and Smith Rowe (no hyphen, for some reason) all started behind Lacazette. Mount hit the post with an early free-kick but the Gunners went ahead from the spot. Lacazette converted after Tierney had been felled by James. I’ve watched this about half a dozen times and I just don’t think it’s a pen. What contact there is was actually initiated by Tierney leaving his leg there waiting for James to run into him. James can’t actually do anything about that. His mistake was getting beaten in the first place. Mad how all the pundits I’ve seen discussing it all said it was 100% a penalty. Would they be saying that if it was a foreign forward ‘winning’ a pen like that rather than a good old fashioned honest Scottish full back? Timo Walcott had a chance to equalise but scuffed his shot well wide. Then Xhaka lashed in a free-kick from 30 yards to make it 2-0. There hadn’t been much in the game but Arsenal had shaded it. The scoreline flattered them though. And then early in the second half it was 3-0. Again, out of absolutely nothing. Saka was 100% trying to cross that ball. I don’t care what he says to the contrary, that was a cross gone wrong with his weak foot. He tried to claim afterwards he meant it but he’s a fucking liar. It genuinely annoyed me. He didn’t even do that thing where you say you meant it but you have a little twinkle in your eye that shows you’re taking the piss. This fucker was deadly serious, trying to say he saw the keeper off his line and lobbed him with his right foot. Get. The. Fuck. Outta. Here. A dodgy pen, a worldy free-kick and a complete fluke, and just like that it’s 3-0 Arsenal and it looks like they’re back in business. Nah, they were just lucky and on another day they’d have lost this game, even though Chelsea were shite. With a three goal lead though Arsenal’s confidence seemed to grow and they should have had a couple more. Mendy recovered from his own howler to foil Lacazette and Elneny hit the bar. Then Abraham pulled one back with a cool chested finish. Initially it was given offside but VAR said it was a goal. It was one of those that they could have given whichever way they felt like. We would never have been given a goal in that situation, I know that much. Chelsea then got a pen in the last minute but Jorginho was thwarted by Leno. I proper jinxed Jorginho didn’t I? He’s never been the same since I said he was automatic from the spot. So a huge win for Arsenal and a third defeat on the spin for Chelsea. Fucking hell, what a fraud Lampard is though. Completely entitled cunt. He threw his team under the bus by saying they didn’t work hard enough or want it enough in the first half. This is what he said: “Any game in the Premier League you can’t be below par, you can’t lack energy, you can’t lack desire to win balls, second balls, fight for everything. We lacked it and we were 2-0 down at half time”. The interviewer said “presumably you put that right on the training pitch?”. Nope, that would imply that this is something that Fat Frank could be somehow responsible for. He’s not having that. No siree. “And in the mind. You can prepare as well as you want but if you turn up like that then that’s another thing”. That was to the BBC. To Sky he was even worse. “Not good enough. First half not good enough. Second half, yeah good enough but we had a mountain to climb. We fought second half, the people that came on added speed and energy, intensity.. but that should be a given from the start” When asked why that was, he said “Dunno. That’s one for the players. I’ll take responsibility on the outside but the players have to take responsibility because the message was clear. This was a dangerous game for us. We were lazy to give away a penalty. Lazy to give away the free-kick that he puts in from 30 yards. It’s not about tactics and systems or whatever. It’s about do you you want to run. Do you want to back your team-mate up. Do you want to sprint. Or do you want to jog and say maybe I don’t have to run, and we took that decision rather than the right one”. What a fucking bellend. Defo a tory him. “Not my fault, guv”. What he’s said there is basically “I told them not to be shit but they were shit so it’s on them, not me. Because I told them, don’t be shit. It did get better when I made changes though. I made it better. With my changes.” Arsenal have had some shit results and performances recently but all I’ve heard from Arteta is how his players worked hard and they’re fighting and just need some luck. He could easily have done what Lampard did, but he didn’t because most managers don’t do that. Most take responsibility in front of the cameras, even if they absolutely fucking lay into the players privately. Not Lampard though. He’s the type of cunt who probably brings in his medal collection to show his players why he’s better than them. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  15. Report by Dave Usher On the bright side it was better than West Brom. And Fulham. This dropping points to shite really needs to stop though doesn’t it? It’s all well and good us hardly ever losing, but the old expression ‘its the draws that kill you’ is actually spot on. In 2008/09 when we finished second we only lost twice all season. Didn’t do us any good because of all the draws against shite. There are shades of that with what’s happening at the moment. I’m still confident it won’t end the same way, but we could have put a lot of daylight between ourselves and the pack just by beating two shit teams. After that 7-0 over Palace it was all set for us to assert our dominance over the league and all we had to do was beat dogshit West Brom and a very limited Newcastle. And we failed. Just like we failed to beat two other bottom dwellers Fulham and Brighton. The problem is we’ve been spoilt over the last couple of years. These kind of results are normal. It’s always been like this. The Champions will have several games when they drop points to teams they shouldn’t. That’s why anything approaching 90 points would usually win you the league. What we’ve seen from the Reds over the last two seasons and from City in two of the last three has been the exception to the norm. This is the norm and I’ll be honest, I don’t like it. I’m in a stinking mood today because we didn’t beat Newcastle. The dropped points to West Brom didn’t impact me too much because I expected we’d put it right at St James’ Park. We didn’t. In isolation though this wasn’t bad. We weren’t at our best but we played well enough to win. Not just by one either. If this had finished 2-0 nobody would have said we didn’t deserve it or we were lucky. Unfortunately we didn’t take our chances and we had absolutely no luck either. That can happen and if we hadn’t dropped so many points to shite before this one I’d probably have been completely fine about this. But we have dropped loads of points to shite and therefore I’m not taking this one very well. It’s not that I’m blaming anyone or that I’m angry with anyone. I’m just pissed off and feeling sorry for myself that somehow, if they win their game in hand, United will be level with us. That does my head in. Not just because I can’t stand the fuckers, but because frankly I don’t think they’re even close to being on the same level as our team. If it was Man City who were breathing right down our necks (and if they win their games in hand they will be) that would be easier to stomach. But we’re miles better than United but we’ve somehow let them sneak up on us. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.