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  1. She appears to be anti-semitic as well as just generally being a stupid fucking cunt.
  2. I guess it'll depend a lot on who the manager is. Whatever happens they'll need to make (along with those above) decisions on VVD, Trent and Salah.
  3. I think there are also better ways we can spend his wages over the next three years.
  4. And Catalan Eva can get in the bin.
  5. I think that would be sound if he was a 100k p/w 23 year old squad player, but he's on massive money and is 32 in a couple of months. I think we should take the last opportunity to get some money for him. Sell Salah and one of Diaz or Nunez, then buy a forward or two who have a brain, can run, and don't require 20 chances to score.
  6. I'll tell you this for nothing, Benito wouldn't have sold off the railways to fucking Richard Branson.
  7. The Krays really loved their mum.
  8. Hands would be getting snapped off for 100m. He's going for free the following year.
  9. He did, fair play to him. Precisely what I'd hope, but not expect, our players to do.
  10. Something fucked up with my stream and for some reason it seems to be playing the commentary audio about half an octave lower. It's fantastic.
  11. I mean, that would be nice. I think there is a paucity of really good managers because a handful have cleared up for the last 10-20 years. So a club like ours is left looking at very inexperienced options. I've loved the style of football we've had with Klopp, and certainly couldn't argue with the rewards taking into account we've had to battle against a team that is cheating, but the idea of a slightly more pragmatic manager happy enough to shithouse his way through European ties or in tough league games...well...that's fine by me.
  12. I'm well aware of that. I'm only saying what I personally prefer, so it is as simple as that for me. I'm not selecting the manager. I'd simply rather a more pragmatic manager who was actually taking steps to address problems with the team than one who was basically buying himself time by playing six up front. And actually what you say is only relevant in the UK, certainly to this degree. Football is about winning in Italy, for example. Not being a big brave lion, or "getting on the front foot".
  13. I don't really care about being the highest scorers in the league, I'd just like to win it. No idea if Amorim or Emery is better placed to do that.
  14. Atalanta just gave up a two nil lead at home to the 17th best team in Serie A. Game finished 2-2. Admittedly it was half arsed to the point that bank accounts need checking. With thirty seconds left the centre backs were just passing it to each other.
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