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    • I think it could be the steroids. Both myself and my sister take methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis (albeit in much lower doses than a cancer patient would). She's also been on steroids for quite a while as her condition is more serious; she's a teacher, and was immediately put on the high risk list and told to self-isolate. I was only told to do so after I was prescribed steroids following a flare up close to when lockdown started, and was told it would need to be 8 weeks before I could do anything. I can vaguely remember some list where you got points for various conditions/ medications, and the steroids put me over the 'limit'.   Anyway, hope she stays well.
    • That depends on the individual. Not saying for all and not sure how they compare (which is why I asked) but there was a lad with the Rowdies who made more in the summer as a marketing lackey than he did the whole season playing footy. USL is trying to make up the minimum salary to 20k. Which means there are fellas making less at this point.
    • Thanks for that. She got the letter classing her as extremely vulnerable, but I don't think it was just about the cancer. My Mum doesn't really divulge anything, but there are other conditions she has which put her at risk. She's a bit of a nightmare sometimes and does daft things like cancel or postpone important appointments because in her words, "They're bloody useless". They're not. They saved her life. She's always been highly strung, but she's much, much worse since she lost my Dad and I know she blames Doctors for that. She does have a point to a certain degree about that, but as I've told her countless times, you can't tar them all with the same brush. I'm glad you're ok and thanks again.  
    • When washing cars won't make up the shortfall, there's always the let's-start-cooking-crystal-meth option.