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    • I reckon about 3/4 of us like to think we do but don't actually have any fucking idea. 
    • You’re a massive ranker aren’t you Tone? By that, I mean you just really love ranking. You see stuff you like and then you just get an uncontrollable urge to rank.  
    • Nil Vegan Food Nisi Shamen.
    • If we don't get in the CL, they will use the excuse that it is difficult to get people due to this and Covid.   If we do get CL, they will use the excuse that it is difficult to get people due to Euros and Covid.      Win, win.
    • Every club in the world is impacted by the pandemic.   There is great talent in France, Portugal and Holland that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Those clubs are likely skint. That's before we talk about the clubs in the bigger leagues.   I said it before I don't mind us doing the poor mouth routine. It's stupid to be like the Mancs and get taken to the cleaners. However, this summer feels like a big one with the owners. There is still a top team there but we just need a jumpstart again. If they can't give that to us, I think there will be hell to pay.    On the whole, I think they have made a lot more good than bad decisions as a result of their business ability and getting in the best in their fields (Jurgen and Edwards) to put us in the position we got to. This summer will tell us a lot though because those lads can only work so many miracles to keep things together.