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    • My two penn'orth   Love/Hate: Blackout in the red room     Some context: 1990, when this was released saw the apotheosis of big hair stadium rock. All the 'greats' of this genre were either self-imploding or churning out vastly coke-bloated offerings having engorged on the post 'Appetite for Destruction' er, appetite for chart-friendly cock-rock. Slick, over-produced shite was the norm. However, in amongst this bilge, there were some bands who still trod their own path: loud rockers who embraced home-made, lo-fi, left-field rock. Just as they attained a foothold, they were ultimately swept up and aside by the Seattle grunge massive of 1991...   Nonetheless, there were a few gems to come out of this era, (Jane's Addiction for example). I loved this album when it came out. and listening too it 28 (!) years, on - there's some absolute massive stoner-party-rock belters on here. The raw production does it many favours, but the balls-to-the-wall thrust was refreshing in an age of slick, formulaic balladic stadium rock. This is a solid 7/10 album, despite some of the arcane lyrics (some of which are pure 'Anvil'). Nonetheless, the thrust is still honest, raw and genuine. Pour yourself a JD, light up a spliff. turn it up loud, forget your cares and enjoy!    
    • Bill Cosby seems to have disappeared all of a sudden
    • Shaqiri to score a hatrick. The last goal right in stoppage time.    After which he'll complete his metamorphosis into a two headed Eagle, then fly away with the match ball. 
    • No it’s not, it’s the turn of @Bjornebye    Get a fucking move on dickhead.