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    • Lots of them are absolute cunts.
    • Fucking awful news.     That rooftop shot is from the hotel next to mine, which was next to the Shangri La which got bombed and is in the middle of where the other bombs went off.   I was only in Sri Lanka for two weeks but it was genuinely two of my favourite weeks I’ve spent in Asia, the people melted my stone cold heart with their generosity and friendliness and it’s a place I will definitely go back to.    What the fuck is wrong with people?
    • Got home from work about an hour ago. I put BBC news on whilst finishing last night's curry (living the fucking dream here). After I finished my tepid biryani I accidentally sat on my remote and this genuinely happened upon my tellybox. I'm not arsed about knocking one oot but it was an unexpected pleasure to encounter tits and arses on the telly:   Edit: I've been watching this for a few minutes now and I'm now actually tempted to knock one oot.    
    • My main barmaid took an overdose in the early hours of Sunday morning because she had a row with her divvy boyfriend so basically I'm fucking working.    She has some issues, not enough to sling a rope round her neck and do it properly but enough to down a few paracetamol and anti depressants then immediately call an ambulance. Apparently she needs the next few days off to recover. Buzzing. Don't get me wrong, I do give a shit about her and she's ace at her job but ffs love, you're 24, you've got a kid and a job. Don't be a 17 year old drama queen.   Merry fucking chocolate everyone.