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  1. Tyler saying we’re on course for the record of 1-0’s held by Everton! Glad we’ve got 2 though.
  2. Shut up Tyler! Saying Salah has a rep for diving
  3. At last! Mane! Shut up Carra
  4. Good ol Bobby’s got red hair!
  5. Wij,Hendo and Bobby coming on
  6. The only game I’ve enjoyed since football came back is the Palace one!
  7. Thank heavens Alisson is alert
  8. No it’s been postponed next year
  9. How boring is this? I may have fallen asleep and missed the last 10 minutes of the half...
  10. I’ve just come in from the garden! Windy but surprisingly warm here. Almost forgot this game was today... oops!
  11. suzy

    Roberto Firmino

    Don’t we all!