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  1. suzy

    Rita or Sue ?

    Ooh I’ve never thought of 5, off the top of my head - 1. Rita 2. Mike Baldwin. 3. Bet Lynch 4. Roy Cropper (good shout) 5. Blanche Hunt.
  2. suzy

    Rita or Sue ?

    Rita is my favourite Corrie character probably ever. sorry lads, carry on...
  3. suzy


    I saw some of that. They are going to be hit very hard in India at this rate. I dread to think the amount of deaths they’ll have.
  4. suzy


    Hope you all recover soon.
  5. See my mum and dad, see my gorgeous grandson for a big fat cuddle. Then book a holiday!
  6. suzy


    I’ve been going out every other day for a 20/30 minute walk round my local streets. It’s not that pretty but I feel better for the exercise and fresh air. I’d be very upset if I lived a 5 minute walk from a beach and got shouted at for walking along there! However I bet many of those beaches are not that busy in March usually. Ridiculous pictures last weekend of crowds by the sea but some perspective is needed, I read somewhere that someone walked 10 minutes to their local seafront and turned around again as it was crowded when they got there.
  7. suzy


    I’m Scorpio, what does it say for me I wonder??
  8. suzy


    Yes I echo this
  9. suzy


    Wow so much has happened in this thread in the last couple of days. Can’t quote all the posts I want to. Best wishes to all who have/are suffering from this. Grumpy my chippy is closed but after reading this thread glad it was now! Typically we’ve been putting in a new kitchen, what are the chances?? We got a pizza delivered a couple of nights ago and been having cold meat and salads! Fancied fish and chips tonight! Not looking forward to Mr Suzy going back to work on Sunday as he’s in a supermarket warehouse. I’m waiting for home working to be arranged for me. Stay safe all, must admit the Italy numbers are scary.
  10. suzy

    Joe Cole and Coronavirus

    Disappointing- I thought he’d got the virus!