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  1. suzy


    That’s shit. And here’s me upset I only see my grandson about once every 2 or 3 weeks now.
  2. suzy

    Mv Estonia Sea ferry disaster

    Yes I think you’re right there. I do have a vague memory of the Estonia one but the Zeebrugge one was very close to home.
  3. suzy

    Mv Estonia Sea ferry disaster

    Hundreds of people died Still I suppose you were only 7
  4. suzy

    Mv Estonia Sea ferry disaster

    I remember that very well. My uncle used to work on it. He wasn’t working that day though. Someone locally (they live Dover) swapped his shift and wasn’t onboard that day. Two weeks later he had a motorbike accident and died. When your number is up.... Also I don’t think they forgot to close the door, they regularly used to sail closing it as they moved. Not allowed now of course.
  5. I took exception at the time but immediately felt better once Jurgen said his piece! I liked he called him “Mr Keane” as I do that when I’m being sarcastic to people!
  6. suzy

    Diogo Jota

    Good debut, think he was overlooked (by me as well) by all the Thiago love but he looks class.
  7. It’s what Klopp does isn’t it? Looks for the type of man they are as well as a player.
  8. Tyler willing Arse to score
  9. Aah I thought Jota had scored then!
  10. Save Ali, we definitely need another goal
  11. Got to be happy with that, think we might need another goal though.