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  1. suzy

    Mohamed Salah

    Heavily prompted by Mark Chapman!
  2. suzy

    Geordie Arabia

    Exactly. Whereas Bruce said ‘it’s not for me to comment that’s for politicians!’
  3. suzy

    Geordie Arabia

    I see Klopp is the only one yet again to raise the human rights issue. What a guy.
  4. Always good to get that in early! Glad Alisson and Fab are going straight to Madrid, at least they only miss one game then.
  5. Erm that’s your job Ole, to win trophies!
  6. suzy

    Geordie Arabia

    All the Newcastle fans jumping about last night spraying beer everywhere- classy! If Jurgen leaves in 2024 I can see myself becoming less and less arsed about football.
  7. Watched a programme on Mo’s 100 goals on Sky after the match. In his first two seasons it was noticeable that the person who assisted his goals was often Bobby. Sad that doesn’t happen much now.
  8. suzy

    Mohamed Salah

    What more can we say about him? Get that contract signed!