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  1. Chelsea fans were protesting before the game, until the news broke they were out.
  2. Good I haven’t been around much today.
  3. I’ve had to skip about 30 pages so sorry if this has been mentioned but I’ve seen a lot late afternoon of tv praise for Pep speaking out. Did no one praise Klopp for his words last night? Or is he just a dirty German? We don’t half get some stick!
  4. Bloody hell I just saw on the news Chelsea and city were out, now just seen our statement and Arsenals! Have the red mancs spoken?!
  5. Same and I’m so fed up with this season that I didn’t realise it would clash when I booked a National Trust visit for Saturday!
  6. Their goalie looks about 12
  7. Mo was an easy pass for him, more likely to score than Robbo
  8. Robbo should have passed to Mo
  9. We could do with another goal, get Mo on!
  10. It was never a pen but surprised they didn’t give it!
  11. I didn’t recognise him!
  12. Hinchcliffe saying most of our attacks coming from our fullbacks, has he not seen us play before?