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  1. Lee909

    Boxing 2021

    So Whyte has pulled out of the fight this week. I smell him and Eddie protecting the mandatory shot at Fury. Eddie can't lose another payday
  2. Didn't see the game,but from what i have read a player was said not to be interfering with play even that he jumped over the ball on its way in
  3. If we beat these cunts in the next game and Porto beat Milan again, i'm all in on throwing out the B team to lose at home to Porto and trying to send these snidey shithouses to the Europa League
  4. Lee909

    Travel Advice Belfast

    I've got to book my Grandad flights into Belfast in Nov for his sisters 90th. From what i understand he only needs to take a LFT before he travels but doesn't need to show results etc. Has anyone travelled to/from London to Belfast know if this is correct?
  5. Lee909

    Mohamed Salah

    Suarez had 31 goals amd 12 assists in 13/14. From the Premier Leagues official site
  6. What a generation of actors these lot where, the stories are brilliant The Greatest Story Ever Told -- Peter O'Toole - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57UeR9ZrzF0&t=2s&ab_channel=BestofHumans
  7. Lee909

    Other Football 2021/22

    Not watched the game but i thought Arsenal/Arteta was being hyped up and had turned a corner. Appears Arsenal are still Arsenal
  8. Lee909

    Tony Hart RIP

    Just seen this on twitter. Brought back memories of his tv shows as a kid
  9. Lee909

    Geordie Arabia

    Who do we think will be the big signings to start with. I reckon James Maddison might be one, will be overpriced for any of the big clubs,english, bit of a name but isnt a guaranteed starter for Leicester. Could see that happening for 50ml plus
  10. Browns have the best 1-2 punch at RB in the league and its not even close
  11. Brown absolutely fucked over here Nothing wrong with the turnover imho, Chargers receiver turned and started taking a step before being stripped, then a bullshit PI call. A game that should be 42-28 is now 35-35