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  1. Not sure to non scoring wingers and a 11 goal a season striker is going to do much more than maybe get you conference league though. We really do need to look at the forwards as we have lost so many goals from that area
  2. Another non scoring winger We certainly have a type
  3. Alexander-Arnold’s comments on playing in midfield during a pre-England vs. Malta press conference on Thursday were particularly interesting. “My specific skill set and what I’m best at is someone who plays in the middle,” he is quoted by the Times. “Someone who controls the game, controls the tempo, creates, breaks line, progresses the ball up the pitch. “You probably get more out of me from being in the middle and I’m able to show off that skill set as much as possible. “My role is to go and create and make things happen, control the game in the middle of the pitch, get the ball on to the attackers, play forward, run forward, goals, assists, create chances, get people off their seats.”
  4. I live in a road just about 400m from where my Grandad moved everyone from Belfast in 1966, so I grew up in the area loads in the late 80/90s. The whole road was full of horse chestnut(conker) trees end to end. Now the council has chopped about 80% of them down because they stopped caring for them,allowed them to get diseased. It's more because they don't want the expense or pruning them. So now we've go e from the grass verge off the road being full of trees to dickheads parking cars on them. Turned the whole area into a sithole. Unsurprisingly though, behind the council area is a private expensive area where the trees have been maintained. And no blocks of flats built compared to the 2/3000 extra multi story flats built around here. Funny I found a pictures the other day of the road being built in the 1920s, a d that's my Grandads house on the first on the left. Bit made to think the house is about 100 years old and he's had it nearly 60 years
  5. Pretty cool ideas these for helping with warming and pollution in rivers I'm sure we will jump on tbe idea, or lock up those who want it sambentley_20240718_reel_3414987709492571303_1_3414987709492571303.mp4 sambentley_20240707_reel_3407015595519093237_1_3407015595519093237.mp4
  6. Didn't Trump start giving Clooney shit for telling him to go? Trump knows Biden gives him a easy win. A younger Democrat might be able to swing it but imho they've left it to late the the Republicans will have a field day with a late change. They should have sat Biden down 6 months ago and told him if he run he wasnt getting nominated and he'd do so without support.
  7. That is bloody nonsense Nearly every game Konate has played the last couple of years he's had to try and hold down tbe right hand side on his own because Trent has offered little defensively. He's asleep far to often at the back post. Can we side a solution to that? Possibly, but to blame others for his defensive lapses to ridiculous. It's laziness and his wanting to play in midfield. He's shown he can defend well enough but since Southgate dropped him a couple of years back and the talk of him being a midfielder started he's done less and less defensively. If he thinks he's going to Madrid and beating out Valverde,Tchouaméni or Camavinga he will be in for a shock.
  8. As soon as they added conspiracy to the charge they were always planning to hot them hard. Purely sentenced like that as a deterrent Fucking ridiculous Paedophile sentenced to over two years in prison after being found guilty of over fifty child sex offences. One count of sexual communication with a child Five counts of attempted sexual communication with a child One count of causing a child to engage in sexual activity One count of attempting to incite a child to engage in sexual activity 21 counts of making indecent images of a child 30 counts of distributing indecent images of a child Compare the two Just shows what really matters to those in charge.
  9. Exactly The classic had a decent tournament, let's cash in from his club and agent
  10. I'll be delighted if we can get enough points to avoid relegation by mid april
  11. Not sure another 1 goal in 8 games winger is what we need. He was a sub in most of Galatasaray European games, kept out of the team by Tete,Zaha and Ziyech. Nowhere near good enough Turkish super lig 79 games 10 goals, 9 assists. Champions league 7 games, 0 goals, 2 assists Europa 5 games 0 goals 1 assist
  12. Tempeh stir fry and mushroom brown rice
  13. The biggest fight to see him fail under pressure is Holyfield 1. You watch it and he starts rocky but by rounds 4/5 you slowly watch him wilt. He realises that Holyfield can take his power and dish it back and he crumbles. Tyson never beat a great fighter. Tyson whole legacy is what could he have been,not what he was. Peak George Foreman would habe done to him what he did to Frazier, big George lived to fight small heavies, he loved to punch down and they dipped.
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