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  1. Lee909


    This is sone shit news Heard he was having a terrible time trying to recover from covid but fuck. Hopefully he can make a full long term recovery
  2. Lee909

    GK's Draft.

    ARdja - Alisson Becker Lee909 - Jan Oblak Alex_k No2 Skidders Pidge CT Eel Stig Dynamite Bruce rb14 John102 Street Preacher Istvan Mr Holliday SD Scott_M Karl_B Sir Roger. @Alex_K
  3. Lee909

    Football Manager Comp (Rules)

    Cheating cunt Is Socrates still listed as a player for Garforth Town? I know he's dead and all but probably would still show more urgency than a certain belguim forward does for us off the bench
  4. Lee909

    Football Manager Comp (Rules)

    Ok, just wanted to check as i didn't take part last time. Same teams for three seasons then
  5. Lee909

    Football Manager Comp (Rules)

    Also do we choose a formation and tactics or how does that work.
  6. Lee909

    Football Manager Comp (Rules)

    So does it draft like the normal draft one pick at a time? Also is there a place i can see what position a player is listed as eg. In many fantasy draft Salah is a midfielder and really he is a LW/LF.
  7. Lee909

    FM 2021 Comp (Manager Poll & Team Name)

    Some mind telling me what I'm actually doing in this. I don't have a clue how this works
  8. Lee909

    Sheffield Utd (A) PL - Sun 28th Feb 2021 at 19:15

    Never doubted you shiny teether bastard
  9. Lee909

    Boxing 2021

    Not watched this Bruno vs Tyson thing but just saw the advert Bruno i would have reigned supreme without Iron Mike Pretty sure Evander Holyfield,riddick Bowe, old man Foreman and later Lewis would have battered him
  10. Lee909

    Sheffield Utd (A) PL - Sun 28th Feb 2021 at 19:15

    Every fucking time they go down this cunts blows up, yet waives play on or just ignores anything the other way
  11. Lee909

    Sheffield Utd (A) PL - Sun 28th Feb 2021 at 19:15

    This Mane didn't make the space for him,styayed behind the defender
  12. Lee909

    Sheffield Utd (A) PL - Sun 28th Feb 2021 at 19:15

    How is that a foul I see where this is going today