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  1. Can you legally twat an annoying temp with a heavy object. Fuck sake this prick is doing my head in. Every 15 seconds he's starts fucking laughing to himself or making comments about whatever the fuck he's looking at on his phone Cackle cackle cackle Oh god, Ridiculous Cackle cackle cackle
  2. Could do with Virg and Konate getting rid of the 50p heads on attacking corners. Both wasted sone good chances this year
  3. New formation considering the fit players looks interesting ----------------Kelleher Bradley-Konate-Virg-Gomez-Robbo-Tsmiskas -----------------Endo-Mac Callister ---------------Gakpo--Diaz
  4. Yeah but that'll likely change with Arsenal and City both in the Champions league and favourable draws. Ourselves,West Ham and Brighton all in the last 16 of tbe Europa and Villa in the Conference league
  5. Tell you what the team we have either on loan or injured isn't half bad ---------------------Alisson Trent--Matip--Van den Berg--Beck -----------------------Morton -----------------Thiago-----Bajectic Szoboszlai------------Jota------Carvalho
  6. Could have really done with Thiago or Bajectic giving us a few weeks. The Norwich game is surely going to be a team of kids. Even if it means losing it
  7. Limping to the fucking finish line then. Need to keep going and grind out results but it's sadly trying to hold onto 3rd and win a cup or two now I fear.
  8. Haha Dyche whinging to the 4th official they aren't being allowed to move the throw 10 yards up the pitch after his hollier than though shite earlier
  9. Just seen the score, things going wrong at work and I'm actually having to do stuff so not been able to watch.
  10. Well, my father was a gambler down in GeorgiaAnd he wound up on the wrong end of a gunAnd I was born in the back seat of a Greyhound busRollin' down highway 41
  11. Lucky fuckers playing Palace without Eze,Olise and Guehi
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