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  1. Lee909

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    STupid fucking emoji shit plastered on there, but the picture made me laugh
  2. Lee909


    What the worst that happens He smashes somone pops for peds and gets suspended and banned in the US Bellator can still use him in the UK or he can shoot off to Russia or Japan
  3. Stringy will be disappointed looking back at that
  4. Lee909


    recent instagram pic on the right compared to one of his last ufc weigh ins
  5. Lee909


    Vitor has been a roid head since his teens He is fucking jacked now again about to start dstroying people in bellator The only reason i don't have Anderson as high as the others is competition level. Take out hendo and Vitor and its not a great list of top contenders compared to GSP and Jones imo.
  6. Lee909


    GSP is the best ever After that it was Jon Jones and they were well clear of the rest imo, but Jon drug issue put a * on everything he has done.
  7. Fuck Landry playing thursday night I switched out incase he was injured and i wasn't around to change it
  8. Yeah,no other stand outs in the division this year. That defense looks immense
  9. What has Clay Matthews done to piss the refs off so much Another terrible roughing the passer call
  10. Lee909

    Draft by Age Range

    On my phone can someone add Leighton Baines please
  11. Lee909

    Sam Allardyce is a CUNT

    Oh we know you can read accounts Funny yeah says they finished 5th(try 8th) and 12pts off 4th
  12. Lee909

    GF music review club

    Smashing Pumkins - Adore Not what i was expexting at all. As i said nver listened to them before so was expecting more of a 90s sounding rock band. Having read up on the making of the album it makes more sense. Very interesting sound,ethereal at times with the synths and piannos giving it a very soft and flowling type of feel. The lyrics realy do stand out as a man really going through some difficult shit. Starting to feel a misrable arsehole with my reviews as again this is one i really wouldn't go back to. Im not keen on his vocals and the album to me feels like its stuck in some sort of dilema of what it wanted to be. Lyrically it feels very much like it could have come from a grunge band, very depressive voacally and lyrically, but with alot of electronics trying to make it feel more upbeet in a weird wishy washy rock sort of way. I think if you listened to this with the normal teenage angst issues then maybe it would hold something for you. I can't really do to much of the grunge/depressive music and i'm really not a fan of a drone/nasilly type of vocalist. I would like to see this without the elctronics and done like a old MTV Unplugged album where i think the lyrics might have come to the front a little more and not been hidden. I liked the start of Shame, but felt it never delivered what i was expecting. It felt like it was slowly building into something and then seemed to fade and and start building up again with ever getting there. Maybe on another heavier album it would? There are some things here that sound interesting but for me it sounds really mixed up and reading with the shit he was dealing with at the time of writing and recording i guess that makes plenty of sense. I think mostly it's my issue, if the vocals put me off thn i really struggle finding much in the rest of the music. Best Track To Shiela Also really liked the piano on for Martha and blank page I don't hate it like i did the last one but i wouldn't go on my playlist 6/10
  13. Lee909

    Boxing 2018

    If despise Hearn is bizarre i don't wanna be right.
  14. Lee909

    Boxing 2018

    Couldn't care less if he does It's pretty much a 50/50 fight I just can't be doing with the normal overhype of AJ(or any british fighter), the media spin and that smug cunt Hearns grin when he has milked another shit tonne of millions for what is really close to the best fighters in the world. I'm no fan of Wilder i would just like to see the face on Hearn if/when AJ gets beat and he sees the money train coming crashing to a end. Heavyweight boxing if competitive but a joke in class terms
  15. Lee909

    Boxing 2018

    And what have the other two done Parker scrapped past Takem, was shite against Whyte Povetkin has been crap since his drugs ban, was very lucky to get past Price