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  1. Best team get the game won and then we can take the foot off the peddle in the last two group games
  2. Lee909

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Losing Gini is going to sting. Should be doing everything to get him a new deal Get this lad a 3 year deal sorted
  3. Played the home leg against Bayern a couple of years back and kept a clean sheet. If Matip could stay fit this pair will win us the league if the injuries clear up
  4. Only saw last 50 mins. Great performance, especially with injuries. Nabby hurt in tackle or just broke again.
  5. Lee909

    The Mandalorian

  6. Lee909

    The Mandalorian

    Should I rewatch the films before watching this. Or the clone war animated stuff. Not seen all the new films yet
  7. Voting for Remmie as he is the only one to field a team. Cunning plan by the others just not sure it'll play out well
  8. Lee909

    The Conflict in Afghanistan

    That would explain the tories new law shielding our lot from war crimes. I see he is giving them another 10% boost in spending.
  9. Rumours going round Bobby has tested positive for Covid If true this international break has been a fucking disaster Bobby and Mo covid Gomez out fir most of the season Rhys Williams injured Henderson and Robertson struggling Fuck off international football
  10. Lee909

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Not enjoying it as much as other two To many things not initially explained
  11. Lee909

    Adverts you hate.

    These manscape adverts on every fucking platform be it TV,Podcast,Social media etc etc Get your man bag and fuck off
  12. Lee909

    Other football - 2020/21

    Sounds like Scotland are going to play Robertson. Said too much of a rusk at the weekend but he's travelling to Israel and they hope he plays. Just more international managers not giving a fuck if a player gets injured
  13. Lee909

    Boxing 2020

    Haven't you just. Cunts. You wish there was more UFC style control, but then the fighters pay would get worse