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  1. Lee909

    Who gets Relegated ?

    10 mins to go West Ham get the equaliser to stay up Villa 96 mins in, Pepe Reina comes up for a corner
  2. Lee909

    Manager Draft - Interest Thread

    Left 2 picks with Alex. Fullu expect the pick stealing bastard to take one
  3. Lee909

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    It's more its strange in a summer with seemingly limited budget yet another CM is being looked at. Especially when you see Bobby looking dead on his feet. We need a back up for him
  4. Lay off the ale you fuckers and we might get a draw.
  5. Lee909

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Twatter starting to get full of Thiago to Liverpool been nearly done. I really can't see it, his age wages and Bayern wanting 30ml. Surely someone has to be going out, or is this Klopp phasing out Milner or possible letting him go to Leeds even with the new deal.
  6. Fair to say not disappointed that somethings come up at work and I missed most of that
  7. They've been throwing themselves to the floor all fucking game. Stupid by Gomez as the little cunt was looking for it and tuggJoe short just as much. But then, Manc Fucking Taylor reffing a Manc game again. No mention of Sterling shirt tugging at all
  8. Fucking Tyler been researching for literally any crumbs of comfort
  9. Who made that block on de Bryune, quality.
  10. Trudging off before all the players get past.