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  1. Lee909

    TLW Season Tickets - A Plug

    Sounds like Cancer Research when I was in hospital.
  2. Lee909

    xbox one s vs xbox one x

    Yes Big change in the series from the last two games. Interesting changes between the two aswell. In Origins the map areas tell you how tough each region is by levels where as Odyssey the whole map just levels with you. Loved both of them. The season passes are on offer for £15 each at the moment. Not played the Origins add on yet but the Odyssey one was well worth the extra money
  3. Lee909

    Great Sporting Photos

    Lane 1 and Lane 5 clean the other 6 all drug cheats.
  4. Lee909

    Boxing 2020

  5. Finding the opposite fir myself. I've not really missed it and don't really care. I think I'm nearly done with sport to be honest. I'll still watch our games and keep a eye on results but days of weekends ruined over result went in the bin a few years back
  6. Lee909

    Winter break, fuck that!

    All sounds a bit
  7. If the lockdown goes on into May I reckon the Government would love to have football back if it can. Multiple games over multiple days. It would keep the masses happy at a time people will be getting more and more restless coupes up. Still all seems a bit surreal to me overall. I guess as I'm being forced to work through this my routine hasn't changed. It just feels like working over a Xmas break with empty offices etc.
  8. Lee909


    Seen that a while back. You know the second that big bastard got them doors opening hes thinking 'oh I fucked up'
  9. Lee909


    Maybe interest some of you with kids during this shit.