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  1. Fuck all wrong with Socrates, the issue will always be letting Thiago get picked
  2. If you look at Transfer market they class anything pre 88/89 and youth football Im with Rapey on this
  3. Oh for fuck sake Wait 3 days and some cunt steals your pick
  4. Onaldo and ivaldo next for me please
  5. Disappointing not to take one of them chances but I'd ha e taken 0-0 pre game with Fabinho and Matip playing. Feels like a missed chance but if we score in the away leg first it's game on
  6. The fact Bayern have come and not looked to attack, playing for time just goes to show how far we habe progressed in last few years
  7. Both sides just a bit too frantic in possession. Think it's all the fear of knowing how big a goal would be. A early goal and a completely different game imo.
  8. Really could do with someone who can just slow it down a touch in final third. It's all too quick and scrappy
  9. Milner and Origi Firmini Md Keita I guess
  10. Fuck sake come on Getting set up for the sucker punch here with these wasted chances
  11. Why the fuck are we not running at Kimmich. Get Origi on for Bobby, but more pace and he's fading fast
  12. This refs a prick Just went with the Bayern reaction
  13. Gini is a brilliant all round player