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  1. It'll be close with them and Villa. Means our game against them is tougher but at least they'll have to play against Arsenal and City
  2. If they lose this do you reckon Pep does one of his 'this isvwhat you should do' at the end of game to those that miss
  3. Hahaha City fans nick the ball and make Silva wait. Silva fucks up the pen
  4. Saka can't beat man on front post with last corner. Arsenal out Be interesting how Arsenal react at weekend
  5. This We have seen ourselves that playing Sun-Weds-Sun can get you on a run, when result after result just builds momentum as much as tire you out
  6. More diving from Arsenal and nearly leads to a Bayern goal on counter
  7. He seems a bit of a front runner as a player. I've not watch loads of him but with his attitude not someone I see stepping up when things are shit. Got a stinking attitude aswell
  8. Gabriel Jesus making the most of contact. Don't with his cry arse fa e wanting players booked
  9. Arsenal getting lucky again with Bayern now losing their LB and looking vulnerable with a CB out there
  10. Ben White once again block off and pushing the keeper into the goal Unpunished like it's been all season
  11. Absolute shite from Ben White, Trent would be slaughtered for that. The rest ball watching and only Kimmich moving
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