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  1. torahboy

    Israel - A Rant

    Zionists never explain. They just do stuff. Apparently it's ok to be like that because they read it in some old book.
  2. torahboy

    Israel - A Rant

    Israeli will never know peace and safety. Its very existence guarantees conflict and that conflict will continue until it no longer exists.
  3. torahboy

    City (H) Premier League - 10/11/19 - 16:30

    Guardiola channeliing Jesus.
  4. torahboy

    City (H) Premier League - 10/11/19 - 16:30

    Our second goal reminded me a little of this.
  5. torahboy

    General Election 2019

    Ian Austin is a bastard who was adopted by a Jew. Austin never became a Jew. You can aacuse him of what you like and it can never be construed as anti Semitism. This whole Board of Deputies supported attack on Corbyn and Labour has just about run out of steam but while you have the swivel eyed loons of the JLM still affiliated to the party Labour can never be sure the bullshit lies won't start again.
  6. Apparently in Yorkshire, near Leeds, with his sister and their kids.
  7. torahboy


    Birmingham should just be bombed, scabby west Midland bastards. This fucking audience is by no means randomly selected. I always said that accent of theirs isn't misleading; they actually are fucking thick.
  8. torahboy

    Jamie apologises to evra for Suarez t shirt protest.

    Things are fine here, Mt Slip. Could always be better but the start to the season makes everything else tolerable. Hope everything is ok with you down in your tropical climes. Take care, sir.
  9. torahboy

    Jamie apologises to evra for Suarez t shirt protest.

    On French radio after that game Evra said that Suarez had called him 'nigger' ten times. That was a lie. Evra is a liar. Why would anyone feel the need to apologise for taking sides against a liar? Evra and Ferguson both lied to the referee after the game. The resulting hearing found that Suarez, based 'on the balance of probabillities' did abuse Evra. So no racism was ever acrually proven against Suarez. What exactly is Carragher apologising for? Wearing a t-shirt that supported a team mate who was at that time being condemned throughout the media as a racist, without a shred of reliable evidnce to prove that allegation? Evra had a history of calling out racism where it didn't exist - remember the Chelsea groundman incident? -and for the FA to condemn Suarez on the word of a proven liar merely on some dragged from their arse criteria was as shameful as racist abuse. Carragher is now Sky's bitch and he will do anything that he feels may please his paymasters. It makes you want to spit.
  10. torahboy

    Man Utd (A) 20/10/19 - Premier League

    Dreadful performance against a team that aren't fit to smell our shit. Yet bad as we were it was the officials that cost us two points. The credit given to United for a performance that you'd expect from a non-league team in the third round of the FA Cup is ridiculous; they are absolute shite! Stick it in the file marked 'Fuck It', and on to the next game.
  11. torahboy

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Anthony Taylor, City's very own official, referees this one.
  12. torahboy

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Judging by the colour of her teeth she had a fucking good chew on it.
  13. torahboy

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    She's playing the anti Semitism card now. The fact that she was a right wing Blairite, more concerned with Tel Aviv than Toxteth, seems to have slipped under the media's radar. Her timing for this is designed to resurrect the anti Semitism bullshit in the run up to a possible/probable eneral election campaign. Hideous old dybbuk deserves whatever shit gets shoved through her letter box. She could and should have fucked off at the height of the BoD's feeding frenzy last year. Utter cunt.
  14. torahboy

    Other Football - 2019/20

    National League stuff ..... but only occasionally reaching those heights.