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  1. torahboy

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    I'm not much of a lip reader but it seemed like Souness asked Carragher if someone had "farted" just as Evra began to speak.
  2. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Trying to satisfy those who will never be satisfied is pointless.
  3. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I was there today. The only time I felt in any way inspired to react was when the BoD 'pledges' were unaimously accepted as being adoptable. This is a right wing, almost unanimously Tory, bunch of religious fanatics representing a minority of a minority, demanding that Labour Party policy is dictated by their devotion to a Zionist apartheid state that specialiises in murdering children. The level of acquiesence was fucking painful. The Friends of Palestine were outside the halll, handing out leaflets in a peaceful and dignified manner and it hurt to know that Israel rather than Palestine was the consideration with our potential leaders. Long Bailey was the msot impressive. Thornberry was fairly witty. Starmer was boringly soliid. Nandy was, well, what do you expect from Wigan? Phillips was basically the limited, uninspiring, self centered, hateful clown we always thought she was. And they said she was just a big pair of tits.
  4. torahboy

    Ricky Gervais

    I'm not sure but this looks like a bit of a slap down for Gervais. Being mentioned in the same headline as Clarkson - unless you are accused of his nurder - is shame enough for anyone. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jan/12/ricky-gervais-and-jeremy-clarkson-are-no-laughing-matter
  5. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Fair enough.
  6. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Don't think they have actually comitted yet as a list of contenders isn't finalised. They're fairly centre left so Nandy or Starmer may be their choice.
  7. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    A couple of articles about the Brummie Bubbles Rothermere. https://averypublicsociologist.blogspot.com/2020/01/the-problems-with-jess-phillips.html?fbclid=IwAR0Ebe-UkG_F7m7fNaq_pbD5FjpgHPjyqpRDyrrDQ2Ah_oCJCoHPPjo_tEk&m=1 https://tribunemag.co.uk/2020/01/jess-phillips-is-not-the-answer?fbclid=IwAR0yU4Vb5jcdUn3QGgweRPWwziFdJW5Os2WqB-nKpJoOiifiTCV7coLCyK4 Both, in their way, conclude that Phillips is little more than a lump of self promotion.
  8. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    It would be very satisfying if she polls less than Liz Kendall's 4%. Her media friends, though, wiil feature her strongly for a couple of reasons - the belief that she somehow represents the majority of 'traditional' Labour voters and, more aligned to their true quest, that she will be the massive car crash that will kill off the party altogether. Avoid like plague.
  9. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    And I thought the election result was depressing.
  10. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Would a civil war help? At least our party has experience in that field.
  11. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I'm a member. I haven't been made aware of any such results.
  12. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I didn't think the manifesto was either truly presented or seriously debated in the media. 'Brexit', we were told was the central issue and I'm fucking well sure the people of Blyth never considered anything other than Corbyn being a 'Commie' and '17 million voted 'leave'. Far from the manifesto being rejected by these poor, ignorant bastards it was probablt never diiscussed. I am also a party member but a return to anything remotely like the politics devised by Mandelson, Campbell and Powell would make me think about how well represented I am by 'managed, caring capitalism'. Starmer may well be an acceptable option, but the likes of Phillips, Cooper and Nandy wouldn't do much to unite or progress the party in the direction that Corbyn's brand of socialism has pointed. And, far from rejecting everything that happemed in the past, I would take a few more leaves from Atlee's '45 manifesto. After what this current shower of Tory bastards are going to do to us 2025 will feel like rebuilding afater a war. None of our current potential leaders are perfect but Long Bailey and Starmer working together and gathering a shadow cabinet that can maintain an agreed diretion wouldn't be awful. Yet the party is still infested with centrists that will not accept anything other than a return to Blairite days. Internal feuds cost us dearly over the last three elections, all of it coming from the centrists.
  13. torahboy

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    YouGov polll just over a thousand people who declare themselves to be Labour Party members to point to whom the Tories would like to see become Labour leader. This manipulation by the right to eliminate other than the right, far right from our politics is a tactic honed by fanatics like Bannon and now Cummings and was used to destructive effect in the General Election. I'm sure the Labour memebership will ignore aything coming from other than their own sources to decide the next leader. The question for all members is do they want a return to the sort of centre ground politics that gave us. PFI, free schools, loose regulation for banks, lax tax requirements for multi millionaires, creeping NHS privatisation, tuition fees for students and the Iraq war or they do they want a persuance of the policies that were contained in the last manifesto?
  14. torahboy

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Watching Burnley is nature's way of telling you that sight isn't always a benefit.
  15. torahboy

    Other Football - 2019/20

    'Iin terms of the game, Jim?' 'It was what it was'. Thank you for that, Mr Beglin, you utterly retarded pie crust of a man.