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  1. Karen Carney gets an OBE. Souey gets a CBE.
  2. Roy Boone’s ‘brutish maths’ is a little off too, normally they are spot on with their lies and bigotry. Although the 39 Italians stuff still gets aired not like nationality mattered on that awful night. When they meet up with likeminded trogs they love to out do one another.
  3. Not one of these cunts would say a word to anyone one on one, not one of them. They love to go in mob handed the shithouse cunts.
  4. City are about as legit as one of Kim Jong-il’s rounds of golf.
  5. Simple bullying the cunts. Football is truly finished unless they are brought down. Sold out to fucking oil.
  6. This. Refuse to fucking play them the delaying tactic cheating cunts. This cannot go on anymore Ofer the game in genuinely gone.
  7. I heard Liverpool paid to have YNWA played just to ignite the ire of a load of Everton supporting fucking balloons. Like you do. What a load of stupid bitter fools.
  8. Life is so cruel when there are human rats living it up. RIP RL Legend.
  9. This is true someone I know has treated him recently. Not looking good. Very sad.
  10. Been taking tablets for it for about a year I’m 56 too.
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