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    On a lighter note, My daughter came round yesterday with her 3 little ones who are 6, 4, and 2. We all sat in the back with my Grandkids playing and they had a ball. It was the first time in a year and it was lovely. I had to go inside for a bit though as my eyes were getting a bit watery because of the 'pollen'. Hearing them playing and laughing is one of my greatest pleasures. I'd missed it, I just didn't realise how much. What a day.
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    Had my two year old grandson in our garden this afternoon, so happy now. It was bloody cold but he was so excited to see us. Good times, he’s had two doorstep visits since Christmas so he couldn’t believe he could come in today (obviously straight through into the garden)
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    You know what, some of what you say is right. These cunts do get away with it because they wear a labour badge, because things are so partizan in the city, all you need is a pig with a labour rosette and it'll be voted in. I am re-watching boardwalk empire at the moment and reading some of the articles this week and thought it all sounded like a plastic Nucky Thompson/Johnson. However you say "evil Tories" like it's not a thing. This is the most despicable government we've ever had. Aside from them being taken to court more times than I think every government in my lifetime combined (and normally lose), they've gone out of their way to allow this virus to spread and kill people because all they gave a fuck about was getting people back into butty shops and nandos. This is without talking about the catastrophe of the early part of the crisis and there was no ppe because we hadn't stockpiled, because they wouldn't pay. Or all the vulnerable being kicked back to care homes because the NHS has been so destroyed by these cunts after years of austerity, that there was nowhere to keep the ill and they sent the virus back to kill even more. Then alongside of that, they've stolen from the public purse. This from the same party that played its part in "The Truth" headlines, which is quite ironic as it almost feels like they have been picking the pockets of the dead this last year. The big difference here, when this council has been caught, the labour party has stood up and said it's not acceptable. All Johnson and his cronies have done when they've been caught, is shrugged their shoulders and carried on the grift. They are the very definition of evil and it is beyond any kind of reason they should be telling anyone how to eradicate corruption.
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    I’d pick the GF instead of FF.
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    Ajax will snap our hands off if we offer them money for a PSV player.
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    I joined because of the match reports and the round ups. I just don't think I have anything to add to the forum. And no, I am not an ex-player.
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    There is a significant difference between the way Real Madrid and City went about spending. When Florentino Perez became president in 2000, the Spanish club made a big fuss about signing big-name players for big fees with massive wages. They were even open about tapping players up. They got Figo, Zidane and Ronaldo this way in successive years. They tapped up Ronaldinho and Beckham before deciding on the latter who was at the time more marketable. They signed Owen after regular discussions with his agent, knowing that we'd have to let him go for a knock-down price a year before his contract expired and he could walk for free. When Perez returned as Real Madrid president again in 2009, he again got the tapping-up machine going, signing the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema and Xabi in one fell swoop for huge fees and contracts. They've still spent significant amounts in the last decade (Modric, Rodrygo, Vinicius, Mendy, Jovic and Militao all cost a bomb, and the likes of Isco, Kroos and Courtois weren't exactly cheap either) but the headline signings have been more sporadic. Only really Bale, Rodriguez and Hazard. In City's case, it's curious they they haven't really gone above £60m in transfer fees, and they are never listed at the very top end when it comes to how much they pay their players and coaches. They don't advertise that they're in the market for big-name signings. Somehow, agents never kick off about City messing them about or not offering enough. Players and coaches never kick off about wanting bumper new contracts. The media never puts City's name to rumours about players joining them for ridiculous transfer fees and wages. The Messi case was probably the only contrary example, and even there the talk was about a deal at City Football Group (or Abu Dhabi regime) level. Everybody is kept sweet. There are financial incentives at play with City that are not being brought out into the open, but would paint a very different picture as to why they are operating on a completely different level to the rest of us.
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    Its not the same. The difference between the 2 is the consequences. They were huge money signings but if they didn't work the impact would've been huge. We're seeing it now with Real and Barcelona, they're shit purchases is biting them on the hole. With City they just buy Mangala, doesn't work, buy Otemendi, doesn't work buy Stones, doesn't work buy Laporte, gets injured buy Ake and Dias. They done the same thing at the other end of the pitch with Robinho, Tevez, Dzecko, Balotelli, Aguero, Boni, Santa Cruz, Adebayor, Negredo, Jovatic, Nolito, Sterling, Sane, Mahrez, Silva and Jesus. They then spin it as Augero is the best 30m ever spent when the reality he's just the part of a billion quid they threw at the wall that actually stuck.
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    Defund the Police is a ridiculous slogan to have used but there are merits in properly funding other services to reduce our workload. Sadly as everywhere else has been cut back (just as we have) we’ve become the go to service for absolutely everything all available on a well known telephone number any time of day when no-one else is around. To provide a proper service to deal with the crime reported thoroughly would probably require quadruple our current Officers/ funding whilst at the same time reducing the burden placed on us for things like mental health when there isn’t an associated crime. That, missing people and domestic incidents make up the majority of what we deal with on a daily basis. We only keep our heads above water by making what are often snap judgements about the seriousness of crime or it’s ability to be solved with a ‘proportionate’ investigation. We don’t attend every incident and of the ones we do less than a third will end up with a statement being taken. Interviews of offenders following that would be even less. I can tell from reading an incident report before I go whether it’s got a hope in hell of getting to a Court. If it hasn’t then I, like every other Police Officer, will move on to the next job likely leaving behind a rather pissed off victim. I’m against the new Policing bill the way. But dickheads battering Officers and burning Police cars was hardly going to help anyone.
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    It’s fair to say, he didn’t have a lot to aim at yesterday...
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    I REALLY HOPE this comes back to bite me on the backside if we turn things around next week but fucking hell, the Club couldn't have fucked up more if they tried this season. Its lurched from one mistake to another, one fucking disaster after another. Tonight was the crowning turd on the dog pile. Poor team selection? Check Half assed approach? Check Mistakes? Check Shit subs? Check Shit refereeing? Check You wouldn't believe this team won the league last year, they look absolutely shot. That Real Madrid side were strolling about with a couple of players in their mid 30's in midfield and 33 year old relic benzema up front. A side that are a pale shadow of what they were. When Mane got tackled by 35 year old Modric (and outrun) that just about summed up this season. The players What the fuck has happened to some of them? Firmino, Mane, Salah? Between them they can't control a fucking ball these days. Mane looked like he had two fucking giant bars of soap on his feet second half as he did his best Djimi Traore impression. What the fuck has happened to him? Wheres his skill? Sublime goals? Pace? All fucking gone. Salah too, good goalscoring record but the ball just bounces off him half the time. Tonight no one was running. I saw Robertson fucking WALK BACK in the first half when Madrid where attacking down his flank. In a fucking CL QF. Thats not Robertson. TAA all over the shop, making mistakes. Fabinho giving the ball away. Our over reliance on a a midfielder who has already said his goodbyes and the only one who can stay fit. We've also managed to turn one of the best Midfielders in Europe, multi trophy laden Thiago into Jay Spearing. Jurgen Again, too busy with his focus elsewhere first half of the season. Arguing for subs, moaning over fixtures. Meanwhile the team was getting badly exposed and the run just after Christmas was not addressed. He continued to persist in two Midfielders at Centre half until both got injured. Bizarre subs and bizarre team selections. Keita tonight. Just totally fucking bizarre all round from someone who is usually so switched on with a siege mentality. The board Where do you begin? We played a Champions League Quarter final tonight with 5th rate CB we've been loaning out for years from the ressies and a bargain bucket centre back from a nearly relegated German side we got on a temporary free. No vision, no planning. Cheap ass approaches in the transfer market. Not building on our momentum. We only got Jota because they agreed on a cheap structure to the deal. The guy in the street could see our injury woes coming (we've been on about them AT LENGTH on here), but no, not the fucking Club. And again we are back to scouring for cheap deals and being clever. Fuck off. Anyway neg away. Tonight tipped me over the edge. The lack of fight and intensity, the shite passing, shite subs, shite co commentator, shite ref and a shite stadium.
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    I'm no conspiracy theorist but any rules brought in specifically to deal with Corona should be removed as soon as safe to do so. I think if you give a government especially one with as many self serving sociopaths as ours its a slippery slope. The Covid passport makes me uneasy overall, more so with being able to enjoy domestic freedoms rather than international travel. It becomes a tip of the wedge to a credit system like China's with complete control and authority because without compliance you are stripped of all access to infrastructure youve paid towards your whole life. I know measures need to be taken to save life but I find some of the solutions a bit scary. These aren't normal times but the solutions shouldn't be allowed to be normalised.
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    The DUP are a horrible bunch of cunts and should be ashamed of themselves.
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    He does like to sniff himself a lot.
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    I had the Russian one and I've just been accepted into the House of Lords.
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    Everyone in Liverpool should fucking despise Joe Anderson. Whether he goes to prison or not he's done virtually nothing to build on the 2008 Capital of Culture award and just overseen years of stagnation. He still hasn't paid back the 89 grand he used in legal fees a few years ago. He gives no impression that he's a remotely serious politician or can talk to business leaders to attract proper jobs to the city. Instead of trying to get Liverpool to rival Manchester in terms of office space and transport infrastructure he's just been happy for Liverpool to be another Blackpool for stag and hen parties. We also have local councillors who actively oppose outside investment and do everything they can to stifle progress. The Bixteth gardens fiasco stopping a £200m investment in grade A office space where a certain councillor likened a smackheads evening hangout to the hanging gardens of Babylon. He basically opposes anything that potentially gets built because someone might make money from it. When Liverpool One was built, Cesar Pelli designed the Chavasse Park building. But the tinpot planning department decided to tell the fella who designed the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur that his design was shit and made him cut it down to a stumpy business park design. The city of Liverpool has a lot of potential but it's been held back by people who only give a shit about themselves while telling its inhabitants that everyone is constantly against us.
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    I can take no credit for this but here is the product of the wife’s (and the previous owners) hard work.
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    When I first moved to London years ago, me and my girlfriend went walking somewhere in central London. No idea where were (even now, as we had a heavy session later and those brain cells must have gone) but we found this nice little villagey type place amongst the urban sprall (maybe it was Little Venice, or Kensington and Chelsea). It was the old days of Nokia 8810s and 5110s, so no GPS - seeing a pub and an opportunity for an early pint I encouraged her to stop off there and ask the friendly landlord, whilst we looked at our A-Z. It was a nice little boozer but rammed, almost entirely by young men, with a few middle-aged men as well. They all looked a bit nerdy with bumfluff facial hair, or tubby bellies - definitely not one athlete amongst them. My G/F looked at the A-Z, whilst I was silently tasked with fighting the way to the bar. I got to the front, almost in the middle of some weirdos who were singing a song about a wizard's staff having a knob on the end. The were doing my head in so I fought my way to an less knobby part. Standing next to a man at the bar, I asked him if it was always this busy. He replied that he didn't have a clue, but said it in a friendly way. "I wonder if it always has so many weirdos?" and he replied "I doubt it". I cut the conversation short as the barman saw me, and that was that. My G/F said she knew where we were, so we finished our drinks and left to explore further. I noticed the bloke at the bar had a very weird black hat, and a pointy beard, so thought maybe my 'weirdos' comment was a bit rude. A few years later, watching tv, I realised it was Terry Pratchett at one of his conventions.
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    I been Pfizered. Kids were waiting in the car. I came out doing a zombie walk across the car park. Apparently that's not 'cool or funny'.
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    Was almost worth losing last night for this.
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    A lot of positives tonight, but probably the best was not having to listen to Jamie Carragher.
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    If only the Tories would fuck something up. Then there'd be something for him to go at. Something...anything... ...a health minister breaking the law; or Home Sec bullying and breaking ministerial code; or someone giving their mistress 125K of public money; or negligence in care homes causing thousands to die; or the chief advisor getting caught breaking his own rules; or the PM telling everyone to protect the NHS from a virus and then catching it himself; or fucking up A-Level students; or forsaking impoverished children; or shafting University education; or giving billions of quid to their buddies' failed enterprises; or spending 75K on eyebrow shaping... ...something...anything.