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    No shit...I was getting score updates on that game in the waiting area of the hospital while they prepped my wife for an emergency C-section. Within an hour my twin boys were born at 27.5 weeks! This was yesterday. Fair to say they've been good luck charms for Klopp's Red Machine. Cheers boys!
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    Went to the community center today to spend the day putting on a Christmas dinner for; the homeless, those below the poverty line, refugees and those, who are well - just lonely and on their own. Knackered now after doing our dinner when we get back after laying and setting the tables, serving to everyone and delivering meals to those who couldn't make it to the center. And as like last year, yes, that's my champion of champions of trifles taking center stage on the afters table. Merry Christmas GF'ers and peace and good will to all and lets hope that next year, a smattering of socialism and care for one another, spreads its ever so tiny little wings into this clusterfuck of greed and egocentric capitalisn shitfest, that we call a nation. Merry Christmas.
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    Roll up! Roll up! Step up for the TLW competition of the decade. A quiz where YOU may be the answer!! It's a quiz about all things TLW. How good is your knowledge of the forum? All questions and answers are to do with legendary posts and posters. Become the envy of the forum by becoming the "Official TLW guru". A link to the quiz will be posted this evening in this thread and the quiz must be completed by tomorrow evening 21:00 UK time. Only one entry per forumite. (multiple attempts will be disqualified and you will be lampooned on the forum). You'll enter a nickname on the quiz. I must be able to work out your forum nickname from your entry. The faster you answer - the more points you get. Prize 3 months membership. (I'll pay you Dave @dave u - unless you want to offer a better prize). If you already have TLW mwmbership and don't want the prize then the prize becomes the Kudos that you are the decade's TLW champ and you can use "Official TLW guru" as your 'forum rank;'/title throughout 2020. I am sure there are loads a way to cheat/ruin it - but I've put a load of work in here, so do your best to play in the spirit intended. Good luck!!
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    Do you know what I wanna do? Do you know what I wanna do. Strut:
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    A few belters I found on toffee talk.....enjoy.
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    Took my lad to his first ever game at Anfield. Absolutely amazing night seeing his face light up at the whole experience. Hoped we’d get a result but never thought we’d be treated to a performance that controlled. Good times.
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    I’ve never seen them so despondent. This has completely crushed them. They’ve been so happy the last couple of weeks. Got the best manager they’ve ever had in the history of their club. Convinced a new stadium is on the way. Anticipating Usmanov is about to pump billions in and have the club competing for the league and champions league. And now all of that has completely gone. They are ruined. Season over in January yet again and all they have to look forward to is watching the likes of Pickford, Sigursson and Walcott flounder and fail for the rest of the season. I’m drinking in their misery and it tastes like nectar. I normally get complete radio silence from them before a derby at Anfield but they were all crawling out of the woodwork for this one. Never seen them so active in the various WhatsApp groups I’m in. Not to mention numerous articles in the press banging on about how Carlo is the only manager to have Klopp’s number this season. They truly believed they were going to win and that’s what has destroyed them. Absolutely no excuses this time for them. They were beat by players who mostly wouldn’t even make our reserve XI. They had the most experienced team on the day. They had the most expensive team on the day. They thought they had a manager who was the equal of Klopp. They thought they’d be knocking us out the cup. They were wrong.
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    The celebrations start on Christmas Eve over here so I'll be chained to the kitchen most of the day with a bottle of liquid Christmas Spirit. Hope you all have a great time with your family, loved ones and friends or indeed your own company. Stay safe and enjoy whatever you choosing to do. xx
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    All the best peeps, from the pissed up scousers of St Kilda! obligatory jester hat as I am now oot, but still not wool.
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    Sat in work with my feet up, eating a bowl of porridge, with a smug sense of satisfaction while waiting for the losers to start rolling through the door where I will proceed to say nothing but will remain here with my sense of smug emanating from my very being. Thank you Everton, you stupid fucking cunts.
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    Potentially life-changing medication. Dog surviving a suspected fatal illness. Fat. Best Christmas ever.
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    Already this evening we have killed a fox with a baseball bat. How is your Boxing Day going?
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    Fitness levels? me arse(literally), am lay here in bed full of the cold, coughing glass, had two hours kip and I’ve had that many Jakemans and Strepsils and drank that much Covonia, I’ve followed through at least 4 times and I feel like shite - but am I gonna cry off tomorrow and look for a rest? Am I fuckers like. I’ll be there full on screaming and shouting till I either shit meself again, make me throat bleed or both. And don’t forget this - this shower of shite have dismissed our world club champions title as a joke, a gimmick, a false crown- we’ll let me tell ye this TLW’ers, the fucking cunts will be calling themselves world champions and throwing it back in our faces for months, years even. So forget your FA cup, forget your league - this is bigger than that - this is about Bragging rights for years to come - this is about keeping these cunts where they belong - which is firmly in our shadow - The players and the manager will be gone in years to come but we will still be here, we still be getting grief off these cunts if we let this slip and play a weakened team that allows them to spawn a win. So, we play our strongest team and twat these cunts, twat them so much they cry and when they cry we twat them even more and bury the cunts and when we bury them, we piss and shit on them and then, we piss and shit on them even more and then we drop a fucking scud in where they are buried, covered in our piss and shit and blow the cunts to smithereens, give them fuck all, play our strongest team and twat the cunts. I’m off now to shower me arse and neck a swift half of Covonia.
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    Ha, ha, ha. On GOT they’ve started a special thread for people wanting to ‘defend’ Liverpool. If you won’t buy into the conspiracy you are being told you have to post in it. Current victim is Kieran who had the temerity to point out that we have the third highest number of injuries in the league and that we’ve regularly rested players. Wonderful.
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    Someone got me ma in law a soda stream, as she buys loads of fizzy water, and is concerned about her plastic usage. Today she's come back from the shop with loads of plastic bottles of still water for her soda stream.
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    Oh well, Christmas Day in the hospital nearly over. Wasn't that bad. Food bit bland but some miniature Gins have turned up. They seem to be disappearing now though! The NHS has it's critics but the staff here have been fucking superb. Loads of chocs etc supplied. Likely here till Monday but it doesn't seem too daunting now. Onwards and upwards.
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    This is fucking ace. laughed my bollocks off reading this out loud to the missus just now. https://www.joe.co.uk/football/what-is-everton-a-series-of-questions-answered-241610?fbclid=IwAR2RRtzUGnLntfI4exG7_zJHwWWNSoiXbki_tFspOwtGCYVpJ2e-1r14Ut4
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    She's stormed upstairs. She was meant to be cooking a roast but I'm too scared to ask when she is starting it
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    It is always one of the things that makes me laugh. The great attacking full backs there's been over the years, some people are "imagine if we had him, we'd win everything", then if we did get him he'd be slaughtered for the 1st time a goal was scored down his side. And with Trent we do have him and we're starting to win everything! Don't worry about what he can't do, enjoy what he can because he's an incredible player and he's only 21. And absolute credit to the manager for seeing what he did in him and allowing the team to develop in a way that allowed Trent to flourish in what appeared at first an unnatural position. I've seen a few people say they'd like to see Trent moved to midfield. It would be the last thing I'd want, as I think playing in our midfield takes the cutting edge of players because of the shift they have to do and how congested the game is centeally. If Trent is to move positions, I could see him ending up in the front 3, although right now I'm just happy where he is and the job he's doing. Finally, I know not a lot has been made of it, but I'm still loving his pass/cross for the winner against Monterey. It was wonderful. Each time I watch it I still keep expecting him to whip it in with pace and instead he just holds off to the perfect moment and measures a pass. It was just incredible.