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    I fucking hate this thread. I come on it to see if any of us who I love and respect are directly suffering. For years I've squinted before clicking on it. This forum has so many truly brilliant decent people and after our Australian shit-stirring whirlwind went I always pray that one day we won't see another one gone. I Lived away for so long, I didn't really see her in my 20's. My mum rang me about 7 weeks ago , she went for a routine check and they found a lump in her lung. She rang me and couldn't get her words out and I assumed she was going to say she had coronavirus but she got it out, It was a lump. She went for tests etc. The day she went in for results I couldn't get hold of her so I rang her fella (I hate calling him that because they have been together 26 years) and he was crying. The lump in her lung they didn't know but she has got bowel cancer. Had an operation 3 weeks ago. Colostomy bag fitted etc. She had it day before we won the league. I took flowers, lucozade, fruit etc to her fella that afternoon because they couldn't have visitors and he was only allowed to see her outside. The doctors said they have never seen anyone recover quicker from that because as soon as she came round she was waling outside for a smoke. My mums always been a smoker (to her detriment) but you can't stop her. She had a week and a bit in there and was allowed home. Had a bit of a turn, went back in and the twat has spread to her brain. In 4 places. She was been with her fella 26 years since she left my dad (tough times but me and our kid stayed with my dad) and they have booked in a wedding. Only a registry office thing but they gave the bands in (whatever the fuck that means) on Thursday. My little brother (28) his girlfriend is due to give both in October. Now as strong as I can be. And despite my gobshite ways on here sometimes I'm one resilient cunt, I seem to be the only one who has accepted reality. Great I'm sure she will make the wedding. I just want her to get to see the baby. Anything after that is a bonus. My mum hates any sport except Wimbledon. I hate that she couldn't see it this year but one of her favourite ever moments in her life was watching the love of her life Goran Ivanisevic win it. Its easy to say "oh god they don't deserve it why does this happen to good people" etc My mum broke my heart. She left me and my brother in 96. She then did a few things that broke our hearts more to the point where I didn't care that she didn't turn up to my passing out parade when I was 17 in the navy. As years have passed , She has tried. And tried, and tried. A few years ago I was at my lowest and it took my mum out of everyone in my life to snap and say "I'm sick of giving you sympathy fucking grow up". If she hadn't said those words I reckon I would be dead myself. All that feeling sorry for yourself bollocks. Well anyway, my mum hasn't got long to live no-matter how any of my family etc keeps saying 'she will recover". Its fucking shit. I'm in the shower or lay in bed trying to get to sleep wondering what the fuck I'm meant to say at the funeral. Its only me and our Liam and he is hopeless at being charismatic and I am just empty. Do I wing it? Or try and write something down. I never thought this disease would harm my life. It took my Grandad 3 years ago. Now its taking my mum. She isn't dead yet I know. Sorry I've carried on typing here like a twat. Anyone of you who have had this bastard in your life, I'm fully behind us twatting it everywhere. xxxx
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    kelly is the kind of girl who'd want to talk about marriage, kids and settling down and stuff when you're both 20, and you'd be wanting to see a bit of the world or whatever and would part company, but then you'd come back and find she'd found a man who really deserved her and was happy, and you'd spend the rest of your life in your underpants drinking skol and waiting for death.
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    Minamino reminds me of myself at the school disco. Shouldn't really be going at 39, mind.
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    A Brendan Rogers season explained in a picture
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    Funeral was yesterday. I've been backwards and forwards between my brother's and mine over the past 2 weeks. Haven't had a clue what day it was most of the time. Been living out of a rucksack and on his couch for most of the last couple of weeks. It's been hard, but I had to be there for him. I can probably find a better word for it, but the funeral etc was nice. Struck the right balance between mourning a loss and a light hearted, humouros remembrance of the one we'd lost. And, it seemed to offer a lot of the family a bit of relief and closure. I'm still struggling to process what's happened and have had a few moments when you expect her to pull up in the car or pop her head around the door etc, until the reality kicks in. Back home tonight. In my own bed. Exhausted. Mainly mentally. A good sleep and a quiet day of reflection tomorrow will help.
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    Paul, the internet went haywire. The reigning Europen champions, the world champions and the English just lit Chelsea up like a Christmas tree:
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    Well that little exchange has shut me right up hasn't it?
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    Why are either of you even arsed what the other one thinks ?, if someone had an issue with my views, (well I'm a senior figure here so they wouldn't dare air them), but if they completely forgot themselves and did, I'd probably just ignore them.
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    It's not pettiness at all. 10 years to get an artist's impression? We're fucking laughing at Everton doing the same in 4 years for a 500m project, not a 60m bolt on to the existing stand. They are constantly looking for excuses not to invest, be that the stadium or the team. The main stand got done because they could ram it full of corporates. They looked at the road end and dismissed it previously because it would take 17 years to pay back. They've been here 10, it'd be half paid for now if they'd got their fingers out. They've only got interested now because of spurs success with that junior level corporate they've done in their ground and they realised they could make more money and the 1st chance they got to put it on hold they did. There is always an excuse in the same way as there is with transfers. There's no value because it's world cup year, there's no value in January, there's no value because of the euros, there's no value because people are scambling round this summer because of the euros last summer, there's no value because one transfer inflated the market. The only time they see any value in the market is when they flog someone. Nobody to flog, the player goes elsewhere and we get fed all this shit "klopp treats the money like it's his own, he wouldn't pay the wages". Then we sell someone and bring in the most expensive goalkeeper and centre back on the planet. He wasn't treating the money like his own then, he was fucking made up to get quality players. In other words he'll spend what his given and he's usually given fuck all. The issue with the stadium is absolutely identical.
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    After what that shithead did during the referendum I’ll never set foot inside one of his morgue waiting rooms. My resolve was only strengthened with the cunts antics with his staff during Covid. Absolute bellend. Try and find a local, possibly independent, and don’t give that cunt a penny of your money.
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    If three goals whizz past a goalkeeper, and he didn’t even see any of them, did they really happen?
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    26 years ago on the 8th of March 1994, a mate gave me a 1/4 bottle of champagne for my 21st birthday with the strict instruction I was not allowed open it until Liverpool won the league again. This is that bottle. It is now in my fridge cooling nicely. I've been off the booze since May, but will be, finally, opening it soon.
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    They’re fucking great aren’t they? I had food poisoning a few weeks ago, so was in the spare room for a few days in case it was the covid as had similar symptoms, and our little mutt lay next to me the whole time - during the day and throughout the night. Didn’t leave my side apart from to go the toilet, eat and go for a walk with my mrs and the baby. No agenda, no calculated thinking, just pure concern and loyalty. They’re amazing. Absolutely piss on humans. Can’t understand people who don’t like dogs. He’s 4 now and if I think about him not being here anymore I’ve got something in my eye and a golf ball in my throat. As you say, best mate a man can have.
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    The thing is here, the people who defend fsg originally used to wheel out we weren't sell to buy. They used to tell us "the money will be there next window", but we all know now the next window never came. Then it was "well if klopp really wanted someone they wouldn't say no", yet klopp has said this week that's exactly what they'll do. And to defend them because they've won something at last... It's like they didn't preside over 1/3 of that 30 years and were our owners during our longest run without a trophy since the 60s. We've had a fucking brilliant 2 years, thanks to the genius of klopp and the talent and commitment from the players. But our model is not set up for sustained success. It's set up to try and get us in the top 4 and hope it goes well. And klopp won't be able to do it forever without players. As I posted I think on this thread only last week. If you want sustained success, look at what us and the mancs did for 40 years and it was buy from a position of strength. Instead what we're doing is just seeing if we can roll the dice again with the same guys because that's the cheapest way forward and they know they've got years of credit in the bank to do what the fuck they want after the last 2 years.
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    How can anyone say they don't like these owners? It mystifies me. I defy you to find 5 better-run clubs than Liverpool in all of world football. Bayern, maybe? The Red Bull franchise teams? Can't think of anyone else that's in our league. Put it this way - which owners of another Premier League club would you rather have than ours? I find that most of the #FSGOUT crowd simply haven't thought through anything beyond "I want more money for Player X." There simply isn't an alternative out there that would be better, and most would be far worse.