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    From 11pm last night, my dad started to deteriorate. His heart rate is going haywire, he has a blood clot on his lung and has sepsis. Waiting for the nurse to call my mum this afternoon, and the consultant this evening.
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    Yesterday, my dad had a cardiac arrest. They managed to resuscitate him but his heart is still very erratic. They dispersed the blood clot on his lung. He is critical but relatively stable.
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    They've only ever wanted to create herd immunity. This is just another step on the way. If you look at every single initial major decision of this government and then do the opposite, we'd have got through this much better. We'll be sound, we'll have herd immunity in no time. Fucking about pretending to lockdown at the start "stay at home, but the pubs are open". Don't worry chaps, we'll write an app, but Google and Apple can fuck off, we've got mates to feed. PPE, don't worry, well get our mates to get it, much better than specialists - we won't buy any useless stuff. Don't wear a mask, they're useless. We'll build some nightingales, but we can't hire the staff, but it'll be alright. Lockdown is over, can we pay you to go back to the pub and spread the disease? While you're at it, would you mind going on holiday and bring that new Spanish strain back? Oh and now the disease is starting to pick up, let's get the kids right back into school with absolutely no test and trace in place, because well kids can't spread germs can they? And 5 year olds are fucking great at following instruction and remembering all they're told. Oh and follow that up with letting the unis open up too - fuck that distance learning, we need money in from the students for the shit houses we and our donors rent to them. And students are clever right, they won't go out and party and fuck each other to death? Oh, the virus is rife in the north, but we don't need a lockdown because it's just those dirty northerners. Despite the science saying the regional tier controls won't control the virus, let's keep it anyway as it means us in the south can keep going as normal. Here's lockdown2 now it's spread to the south. Lockdown 2 is over, keep those dirty northerners locked up while we party in London despite figures being higher than parts of the north. Oh and then when the disease is rife in schools, let's take the councils to court for trying to close schools. We only need 3 tiers, but her comes a 4th. But the main thing is you can all have 5 days Christmas and the opposition are cunts for suggesting otherwise. I don't see why the vaccine decision should be deemed any different to every other major call they've made during the last 11 months. They look at the outcome that gives the best chance of the economy opening up more quickly and choose it. Even if that's 1% chance of being right and 99% chance of it all going to shit. They're just gamblers on a roulette wheel shooting for "00" with people's lives, livelihoods and the entire economic future of the nation.
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    My mate got this, what different worlds we live in.
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    Cheers Cath and Dec, that means a lot. Suddenly feeling well and having clear lungs as a baseline is very strange after a lifetime, but truly incredible. I could feel the meds working within literally an hour, haven't coughed once since the day after I got them 7 weeks ago - it made my mum well up when I saw her as she's so used to me doing so constantly - and started Couch To 5k last week, which was seriously painful but previously unthinkable. The whole thing is mental, even more so for coming in the middle of Covid, having been locked down on my own for much of the year. To see how happy it's made family and friends even during a shitty time all round has been life-affirming.
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    If you don't have Yorkshires what the fuck do you put the beans in ??
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    A mate of mine lost his mother a few months ago, he's a functioning alky with a well paid, responsible job, 2 kids whom he sees on weekends. My mate lives probably about 20 miles away, by himself, in a rented bungalow in a small village in the middle of nowhere. About 4 months ago my mate got done for drink driving. No-one got hurt or killed but he was massively over the limit and he had zero reason to drive other than he was a drunken dickhead. My mate was convicted and sentenced a couple of weeks ago; licence disqualified for 18 months, suspended jail sentence. He was fucking lucky imo. Amazingly his long term employer stood by him, he hasn't lost his job, they've sorted him out an electric bike and computer system to allow him to work from home whenever possible. For several months now this mate has threatened to kill himself. I'm part of a WhatsApp group that this mate is in, along with a load of other mates (most of whom know this lad far better than I do), and at 8pm tonight he posts a pic of a load of empty tablet strips, suggesting that he's taken an overdose. I posted a message to the other lads asking them if anybody knew his address and if they did then to phone for an ambulance immediately. Nobody knew it. I phoned my brother (who'd dropped this lad off at home a few times before) but all he could tell me was, "the bungalow to the left of the pub which is at the top of the hill in xxx village" I figured there wouldn't be many pubs in the village and a Google search revealed only 5, one of which is called The Hilltop. I phoned the ambulance service on 999 and this was enough and they were on their way. One of the other lads, who lives in Somerset, also phoned the police. They also had an address for him (2 addresses in fact, but 1 of which matched the address I'd given the emergency services) and they contacted Durham police to send somebody too. My mate sent a picture to the WhatsApp group about an hour ago; he's on a hospital bed, looks like he's pissed himself but he's alive. I'm equal parts ecstatic, relieved and angry as fuck. Angry because my own mother died only a month ago, I've only just been discharged from hospital myself, I'm exhausted by this covid and I was about to go to bed when I flicked through my messages to see if there was anything outstanding. I'm so glad I did. I really have no idea what awaits my mate at this stage, because he lives alone in isolation, with the only support available being us via a flipping WhatsApp group, I imagine that if he's discharged and he's free to return home, then it's only a matter of time before he tries to take his life again. Maybe next time he'll succeed. I'm extremely fucked off, relieved, a little shaken, and fucking knackered. I hope the daft bastard is ok.
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    Girlfriend's grandmother died today. Cunt virus.
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    Muted the TV because I was sure there was a strange noise coming from somewhere. Turned out to be my nose whistling as I breathed.
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    The problem with the anti vaccination thing is that it rarely if ever comes from a sane position that can be reasoned with. You could sit these people down with boffins for a presentation and they'd still believe they were lying. This is the untold damage the likes of Trump, YouTube wankers and grifters have done to society. I don't remember anyone not having their BCG when I was in school, and if their parents claimed they suspected it was being used to implant a homing beacon in their kid's arm, social workers and mental health professionals would have rightfully been called forthwith. This is how far we've fallen, we quite frankly indulge, tolerate and even encourage far too much of this shit from dickheads, attention seekers and morons.
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    Day 3 for me. Felt shite all night long - the night seems to be the worst as it's the only thing you think about and you end up going over all the bad shit that could happen (hospital, death, obviously). The Aches and pains are similar to when I had a bad chest infection years ago. I've had problems with my lower back for a few years and this seems to be making it worse, it's like any weak spot it hammers into it. Got up for a piss earlier and ended up lying on the bathroom floor, drenched in sweat on the verge of vomiting. And then ten minutes later it had passed. I'm going to sound really fucking stupid and selfish but I'll be honest I didn't think it would be this bad - I'm 41 and in pretty good health. Hopefully back on the paracetamol and ibuprofen will get me going again. Good news is the wife seems to be past the worst.
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    Touch of Daniel Agger about that Botman in terms of physique and style. Both Dutch too.
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    Nothing, the only difference between 2020 and 2019 was that other people ended up living the same lifestyle as I do, except loads of them bitched and moaned about not being able to go out anywhere because of Covid when that's been my situation for several years due to my life being a steaming pile of shite. You'd like to think all of this will have made people realise how grim life is for a number of people year in, year out when there are no pandemics. But it won't, people will resume being massive cunts because in a normal year their lives are totally unaffected.
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    My Mum rang me earlier to say that she's got an appointment for the vaccine on New Year's Eve. She's 78, hasn't been out of her house since March and is recovering from bowel Cancer. To say I'm relieved is an understatement. Hopefully all our loved ones will get theirs soon. My heartfelt thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this horrible virus.
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    Turned new year here 24 minutes ago. 2020 fuck off. Love to you and yours, eternally! Next year couldn’t be anymore fucked than this, so I wish you better, more, time and the hope that what was lost this year is multiplied by a number bigger than the human mind can conceive and repaid forever. I, you, we, them deserve better. In peace, love and happiness, ’Bruce’
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    Everton have lost more games at home in 2021 than Liverpool have since April 2017
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    Cheers man, I really appreciate that. Not me in The Guardian mate, but I’ve read and been told of loads of cases which match if not exceed my experience of them to date, so there’s been plenty of us singing the same song. There are numerous patients of my clinical team who were listed for a double lung transplant and had been needing 2 week courses of inpatient IVs every 6 weeks for time, who received Kaftrio on compassionate grounds well before it became freely available on the NHS this winter. Many I know of now haven’t been in hospital needing any IVs for a year and are enjoying relative health they couldn’t have dreamt of. My old dear saw this in a magazine recently and sent it to me. All very strange to have lived long enough to witness and benefit from, given the picture in the 1970’s and how new this treatment innovation is still. I’m grateful beyond words, while obviously thinking a lot about the many patients who haven’t enjoyed my good fortune and their families, and not wanting to be too crass given the pain so many are suffering due to Covid.
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    I'm fucking sick of the sight of this cunt. Ever since he let the worst kept secret out, it seems like hardly an hour goes by where his fucking face isn't infesting my telly.
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    Best Film - No Idea Best TV Programme - Ozark Best Album- No idea Fittest Bird - Jurgen Klopp Fittest Bloke - Rico (Ive decided to ignore the post chrimbo dinner sleep pic) Best Moment - Mrs KMD giving me her kidney, and her getting through it ok. Worst Moment - Watching her suffer for about 6 weeks after the op while recovering. Not seeing my parents for 3 months when lockdown started. Best TLW Moment - CD and Elite surviving Corona, Ben getting his new meds and the incredible and continued generosity of the TLW folk.