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    I mean, where the fuck do you go with that? How Louis Theroux hasn't made a show about this fanbase yet I'll never know. "I asked Barbara to show me the proof that Everton were being victimised by UEFA and she showed me a picture from 2015 of Paul Robinson from neighbours wearing red socks. I explained to her that Stefan Dennis was just an actor and didn't work for European football's governing body, but that only seemed to make her more agitated and soon after, she asked me to leave her flat."
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    In my long distant youth there was always a more or less friendly rivalry between the clubs and when I first started attending matches the main taunt that they had was that we were second division while they were still in the first division. Of course then along came Bill and we were back to competing on even terms and regularly beating them. The 5 - 0 stands out in my memory. The last decade or so the shithousery has started becoming more of a part of both the team and their support. After Prickford and Richarlisons assaults last season I really started to detest them. I have started hoping they'd go down some months ago but after Sunday my contempt knows no bounds. I'm generally a fairly affably character (unless people post photos without captions) but complaining about Gordon wanting a penalty after clearly cutting in front of Joel and standing on his foot and that pinhead cunt Richarlisons assaulting Hendo (he clearly waits, takes aim and lays the studs in, a premeditated attempt at crippling our captain, cast iron red, should have been at least a 5 match ban) my bile has been riled and my piss well and truly boiled. I hope Richarlison does major damage to his knees/ankles/anything diving this weekend, something that puts the cunt out of action for months. This would have the triple advantage of keeping him out of the team, making him unsaleable over summer and being a black hole in their finances for next season. He's supposedly the target for many teams but really is only suited to Atleticos style of shithousery. I hope that fat Tory cunt has a contract that would break them if they try to sack him giving him the opportunity to go for quadruple - 4 consecutive relegations, and getting beaten at home to Tranmere in the last game of the season in the second division sending them to the Conference. Although I relish the 3 points and cementing them in the relegation zone, I don't think I've ever been this pissed off 36 hours after a win. Rant over, as you were chaps.
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    Imagine being in the lead from the 2nd minute of the first leg to the 90th minute of the second leg and still losing
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    Imagine how excited Blueshite, Mancs, Chelsea and all the other assorted bitter shitbags were at half time. Imagine how sad they are now. UP THE PISS-TAKING, PISS-BOILING REDS!!!
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    On we plod, towards the inevitable. A recurring dream: the narrow Liverpool victory, the pointless expectation of a City lapse that lasts barely 10 minutes. A nightmare continually fuelled by the three cruellest words in football; you never know… Newcastle was strangely a more convincing win than Everton, yet they still have to put you through it. Such a creative team just can’t seem to put anyone away early these days, but the games come thick and fast and it’s a wonder they’re still standing, never mind winning. As with Houllier’s treble bid, you can see Klopp beginning to persevere with key players and hope they can last out a while longer. There’s always been a fear that rotation would do for us eventually, but it hasn’t happened yet. You’ve seen certain names in the side and assumed the manager’s taking the opposition for granted. Gomez, Milner, even Keita. It must have been gratifying to see those players competing for man of the match. The main doubt over Naby has always been fitness, and I still can’t believe the usual bone-crumble isn’t due soon, but he was brilliant on Saturday. Milner looked ragged against Benfica but towered above everyone else at St James Park. The man’s a force of nature. Of course, his tackle had the usual conspiracists frothing on social media. The worse they get, the funnier too. I still can’t help being alarmed by the number of chances to settle the nerves we needlessly squandered. That must scream of my usual pessimistic doom-mongery. It’s important to point out that this isn’t based on the reds, certainly not these reds, but football’s caprices and its eternal vow to annihilate us all. The key moments are scars that still seep. Sanchez, Thomas, Pardew, Cantona, Demba Ba, Bale/Karius. Not that many in the scheme of things, but there are other pinpricks that still itch. Thank God all of our nemesises (nemesisi?) are footballers, and not referees. Imagine how bleak that existence would be. Actually, we don’t have to imagine it. We just have to listen to family, friends, and workmates in our own city. It’s been a week of incessant Blue complaint, with another letter sent – written in blood, perhaps, or one of those newspaper & paste efforts that kidnappers send. This isn’t Point Of View, dickheads. Why oh why oh why oh why… Discussion is futile with anybody who begins with Anthony Gordon doesn’t dive, or it was a blatant penalty or there is a referee/VAR conspiracy to hand Liverpool every trophy and relegate Everton for a succulent bonus. You don’t argue with the madman on the bus who says he’s Napoleon. “You look good for 450” “How’s Josephine?” “Where’s your funny hat?” – you just go “riiiiight” and move. No argument back means they believe there isn’t one, and the insanity becomes entrenched. “Stop being a gimp” stopped working a long time ago, if it ever did. Enough about them. We are on the verge of avenging their failed, lonely Champions League campaign for them, but would they be grateful? Would they fuck. We focussed too much on Emery’s extraordinary European record, but in truth they did little to hurt us. Again, Liverpool could have done more to ease the tension, but I think they get a kick out of torturing us. We’d have been far happier if the away goals rule still applied, with the home clean sheet fortifying the two we scored. We’ll be straight into it after Newcastle, and the big fear is the possibility of one calamitous, tired night when everything that can go wrong does. These players have been giants - but big enough to circumnavigate exhaustion and fate? We shall see. Villarreal will come out of their shell at home, they must, and that should suit us down to the ground. Saturday’s finishing is the only thing that makes you pause for thought. No matter what happens for the rest of May, we luxuriate in the knowledge Jurgen is hanging around for a while longer than expected. That’s great, obviously, although a tiny sentimental part of me would have preferred him leaving on his own terms in a blaze of glory. He still might, of course, and his wish to embed a boot room mindset deep into the core of modern Liverpool has to be welcomed, given what’s happened to United after neither of their titans were replaced properly. There won’t be another season like this one, of that I’m (almost) certain. It’s incredible how the signing of Diaz completely altered the landscape. It’s like we went from wonderful team/questionable depth to best squad on the planet with just one (admittedly excellent) player. The fervent, realistic hope of more excellent recruits to come can give us all a semblance of calm for our current trophy hunt. Yes, even me. This isn’t an all or nothing season. It’s only the latest chapter. Steve Kelly @stekelly198586 View full article
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    Seems the FA are going to investigate Richarlison chucking a lit flare into the crowd. I hope the cunt gets a massive ban. This, though, from the club: A club spokesperson also added that they will be investigating the matter. They said: 'We will look into the matter but, as far we we are concerned, Richarlison was attempting to throw it out of the ground.'
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    He's taken same money but got his staff a raise. What a guy.
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    Our first FA Cup final for a decade then, and it’s against the team we played in the last one. It’s also the second domestic final this season featuring the two sides. We got the better of an absorbing encounter in the League Cup final to triumph on penalties to claim our first trophy of this incredible season. To say our FA Cup record is poor is an understatement, even if we’ve previously won it 7 times which is more than most. In the last 20 years in particular, we’ve sacrificed progress in the FA Cup to concentrate our efforts elsewhere. In most cases that was down to a lack of squad depth, but all too often it’s been the result of complacency and not matching opponents for fight. This is an opportunity to correct things, and show we genuinely have a squad built to challenge on multiple fronts. Atmosphere. Bravery. Intelligence. Drive. Energy. Work-rate. Ingenuity. Tactical nous. Heart. Motivation. Effervescence. I don’t ask for much. Our previous two FA Cup ties at Chelsea have seen us on the wrong end of a result. In 2020, we were beaten at the Bridge thanks to some calamitous goalkeeping from Adrian. 10 years ago we were bullied by Drogba and co until the introduction of Carroll almost saw us claw our way back. In the latter period of that game, we were denied by the ball being deemed not to have crossed the line, and had that gone in, we looked to have the momentum to find a winner. Alas no. In 2006, things were better. Though Chelsea would easily retain the league title, the FA Cup was a different matter. We were having a very good season in the league, we were hard to break down and we had experience of bettering Chelsea in a semi final. The game took place at Old Trafford in the last week of April (the new Wembley was still a few months from completion so finals continued to be staged in Cardiff), and Chelsea rested one or two regulars. The Reds took the lead after a free kick routine on the edge of the area saw JAR go for placement over power, hitting a low effort around the wall and into the bottom corner. Chelsea, though still in the game, didn’t look as powerful as they did in the league. Kewell had had a pretty good season himself (probably better than his debut season) and he was having an effective game one our left. It was the fella on the other side who would haunt Chelsea once again, with Lil Luis racing through after a defensive misjudgement to lob the ball over the stranded Cudicini. No whinging from the Blues about that one not crossing the line. They had it all to do now, and despite Drogba finding the net with over 10 minutes to go, the final stages weren’t quite as nervy as one might expect even though Joe Cole blazed over late on. We were through, and would go on to claim our seventh (and to date, our last) FA Cup on penalties against West Ham in the Stevie G final. Sleeper hit psychological horror film Silent Hill was atop the box office in April 2006. The film stars professional Yorkshireman Sean Bean and Radha Mitchell (of Pitch Black fame) and is based on the PlayStation game of the same name. She plays the adoptive mother of a young girl who gets visions of the abandoned town of the same name while sleepwalking. She and her husband take the young girl to the almost derelict town in search of answers (as you do!), only to wind up in a car accident from which she awakes to find the young girl missing. It also turns out that the town exists in some weird other dimension populated by folk that turn into monsters, and from which there is seemingly no way out. Added to that is her daughter’s weird connection to this odd place. I don’t recall having even heard of this film and I’ve never played the game, but the basic plot is a little formulaic. I could be talking about any number of films or TV shows here. The fact it was a hit might be more down to the public’s love of this sort of tale, and a bit due its computer game origins. Reviews certainly suggest it’s run-of-the-mill. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tuchel has Kante, Kovacic and Pulisic available for this one. They are either out injured or out of form most of the time but they always seem to be available when Chelsea play us. Our main question mark is Fab’s fitness after he went off injured at Villa yesterday. Form-wise, Mo’s looked out of sorts since the AFCON (Sadio has been our standout since then) and Diogo has struggled to make an impact in recent weeks. Bobby should be available for this one though. I don’t think motivation or attitude will be in question here for any of the players. The question is application. Do we set out with the aim of dominating possession and territory? Or do we look to play it cagey and gradually turn the screw? Whatever we do, we must be bang up for it. A trophy is at stake, and it’s one that only Millie and Ox have any experience of winning. I don’t care that Chelsea have been runners-up for two seasons running already. I care that we make it 3. Let’s go and win it, and make a domestic cup double the minimum of our achievements this season. Upwards!
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    Having clinched our place in the Champions League final, and our third major final of the season no less, we return to domestic matters this weekend for the fixture against Spurs. We now have to focus on domestic matters until the end of the month before Paris awaits. Spurs have had somewhat of an inconsistent upsurge under Conte, with Kane putting aside his pre-Christmas sulking to get back amongst the goals, and Son showing that he can be clinical when presented with chances. They can be a threat if you let them. We are an even bigger threat though, whether you let us be or not, so there’s that. Anyway: Gumption. Energy. Ruthlessness. Tactical nous. Class. Heart. Awareness. I don’t ask for much. Last season’s corresponding fixture (in front of 2000 fans) ended in a 2-1 win for the Reds. Mo got the opener with a deflected effort from just inside the area that looped over Lloris and in off the woodwork. Son raced onto a pass down the inside left channel to slot the ball past Ali 5 minutes later. I don’t think I’ve ever seen footage that shows if he was offside or not but he certainly looked like it in real time. Spurs had some decent chances in the second half but didn’t take them, and Bobby popped up in stoppage time with a bullet header into the roof of the net from a corner. A more conclusive performance came at the start of September 1978. Liverpool were reigning European champions and were looking to make it 3 in a row while also reclaiming the league title they relinquished to Brian Clough’s Forest side the previous season. Spurs meanwhile had been promoted back to the top flight the previous season, and their squad contained a young Glenn Hoddle plus a couple of Argentina’s World Cup winning squad from that summer, Ricardo ‘Ricky’ Villa and Osvaldo ‘Ossie’ Ardiles. We were way too good for them though, routing them 7-0. Kenny got the scoring underway with one of his typical back-into-the-defender-and-turn-him efforts to slide the ball under the advancing goalkeeper. He got his and the team’s second of the afternoon by turning home a wayward shot from the edge of the area after Spurs had scrambled clear from the initial attack. The third goal came when Terry Mac’s right wing cross was headed goalwards by Ray. A Spurs defender got the last touch so it went down as an own goal. It was 3-0 at half time and we could have had 6 or 7. There was no let up in the second half either as Johnno got in on the act, first smashing home the rebound after Kenny’s effort was closed down by the Spurs keeper, and then running onto Kenny’s through-ball to run into the box past a wilting Spurs defence to hammer the ball through the keeper’s legs. Stevie Heighway was brought down in the box meaning Phil Neal would step up to bury the spot kick with his usual coolness. Only this time he telegraphed it and saw his low effort saved low to the keeper’s right. The ref however thought otherwise, awarding a retake as the keeper had moved before the kick was taken. Neal made no mistake this time, hitting the ball high into the net out of the keeper’s reach. The game simply needed some icing on the cake, and it got it with goal number 7. Kenny in his own half turned and playing a ball to Johnno in space on halfway. Johnno turned infield and hit a beauty of a pass with the outside of his right boot over the covering right back into Stevie’s sprint down the left wing. Stevie didn’t even need to look up. He just hit a first time cross that landed on the head of Terry Mac steaming into the box from seemingly nowhere to bury a header into the top corner. A glorious move with a glorious finish, and one of the finest goals ever witnessed in this stadium. Here are some highlights of the game. John Travolta was box office gold in the late 70s, and in September 1978, musical rom-com Grease was top of the pile. Olivia Newton-John achieved film stardom (she’d already had success in the music biz) off the back of her role as Aussie exchange student Sandy who has a summer fling with Travolta’s high school gang leader Danny, before enrolling at the same high school where they rekindle their romance - he mellowing a touch, and she turning from straight-laced white girl into a female version of him. The film was hugely popular then, and both the film and the songs within have remained enduringly popular, leading to numerous stage revivals. Probably every actor or actress who is not Shakespearean-trained has starred in a version of Grease at some stage I bet. It’s polished and familiar, but no way can I sit through it. That means I get bored by the way, not that I jump up and start throwing shapes with reckless abandon! Conte will have Spurs lining up with a back 3, so we need to make sure we are at least matching them for numbers in the middle of the park. The key is to do our thing, not worry too much about what they can do, and hope the officials don’t have a complete mare like they did in the reverse fixture earlier this season, where they were an absolute travesty. Not so much the man in the middle (though he was poor) but the City season ticket holder in the VAR booth who failed to notice a red card challenge from Kane on Robbo, and a blatant shove on Diogo in the penalty area. As ever, it’s all about motivation, attitude and application. Get those right and do what we can do, and we stand a great chance of coming out of it with the 3 points. All we can do in the league at this stage is continue claiming the 3 points. Let’s get it done!
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    A fellow blue replied to Josh’s vile (and now deleted, as is his whole account) Charlie Austin tweet to tell him off for his “kopite behaviour.” Nope. It’s not kopite behaviour. It’s angry, aggressive, scummy Everton behaviour. Own it. Stop trying to give the impression that Evertonians are superior to us and all other fan bases. We go the game. We’re mysterious and being an Evertonian is a totally different, more special experience than supporting any other club is. But, I’m not going to tell you why as you’re not clued up enough to get it. Get to fuck with your invented and entirely unwarranted sense of self importance and superiority. A sizeable proportion of your fan base are deluded, aggressive, nasty shit chatting pricks and it’s boss that everyone else is getting on to what us Reds have known for yonks.
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    Teresa Glover, mother of Ian has died aged 83. She was one of the great campaigners for truth and justice for her son and the Hillsborough victims. May she rest in peace.
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    Here’s the thing about the diary. There are only 7 days in a week so there’s an entry for each day. So you can’t really have more diaries. Just the diary. Here’s the thing about the podcasts. There’s one after every game and others on special occasions. So you can’t really have less of them. Tough breaks. I guess the people who like both get to enjoy that though, eh?
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    Updated…. “So, Raheem, how you uh, how you comin' on with that Champion’s League Winner medal you're working on? Huh? Gotta a, uh, little gold disc there? Gotta, gotta nice little gold winner disc you're working on there? Your Champions League Winner medal you've been working on for seven years? Huh? Gotta, gotta winning run? Yeah? Gotta obstacle that you overcame? Huh? Little story brewing there? Working on, working on that for quite some time? Huh? Yeah, talking about that seven years ago. Been working on that the whole time? Nice little narrative? Beginning, middle, and end? Some losses become draws, some draws become wins? At the end you’re a winner and financially richer from the experience? Yeah? Yeah? No, no, you keep fucking it up.”
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    Just watching the live stream of their fans heading to Anfield. They look well up for it and are a boisterous bunch. Love to see it though. Just a load of happy fans, enjoying a massive night for their team. Getting behind them. No songs about tragedy and dead people. No belts getting whipped off to use as weapons. That’s what big/big European matches should be all about.
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