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    I finished my chemo a few weeks back and have had scans since and went to see my oncologist yesterday. He's telling me he now believes I'm in remission and there's currently no sign of the disease. I'll be back for scans every 3 months, plus other check ups as a result of my surgery, but it seems I could well have put this behind me. The words from the oncologist yesterday were sweet "go and live your life and see you in 3 months".
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    Great news Barry. Her indoors has just learnt she is in full remission from lymphoma. Just shows this bastard disease can and will be beaten.
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    Let's get a couple of things clear. It isn't the same thing if somebody posts a picture of a white guy with a white cartoon because its a complete false equivalence; racism doesn't work both ways and it shouldn't. You see, racial prejudice can indeed be directed at white people (e.g., white people can’t dance or a white man can't jump) but it does not hold the same weight of impact because of the systemic relationship of power. When backed with power, prejudice results in acts of discrimination and oppression against groups or individuals...and white people have never been historically oppressed. But let's remove all of that context and narrow this down to a footballing conversation: the same thing still applies. Which race of players is continually subjected to monkey noises and racist chants in big football leagues across the world? Black people. So whilst Silva's actions may seem on the surface as a harmless joke (FWIW, I do not think he is racist, just a really dumb cunt), but then so can anything...right? I'm sure the ultras in Italy would tell you that monkey chants are just a cute animal noise. Have you ever heard of somebody joking with a white guy as to why he looks naked when wearing a white t shirt? No you haven't, because skin color is primarily the topic of jocular badinage when it is aimed at black people. Why? Because their skin color (and that of other ethnicities) is seen as a deficiency or imperfection, historically. Secondly, the idea of 'it's just a bit of banter between mates' doesn't fly once you post it on social media. I don't give a fuck if Mendy found it funny. Hell, Mendy would have got mildly turned on by it and jacked off. Anybody consuming that content has the right to be offended, and not only behalf of themselves. My godson is a young black footballer - how does he compute that? What if one of his team mates photoshops his face onto that comparison as opposed to Mendy's? Fuck Silva and fuck his bald cunt of a manager. They may not be racist but they are certainly obnoxious, tone-deaf and insanely arrogant.
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    They just say about how well I responded to the treatment, it was beyond what they could predict. On my 1st 2 rounds of chemo, I got more than 50% reductions each time, some tumours reduce by much more than that. They have not been any more specific than that. They told me at the outset I would never have an operation, as while they could get rid of the primary tumour if it shrunk, it was too big an operation to put my body through with everything else and they could never cut it all out. It all started to change once they started talking about removing the main bulk. I did get an additional drug along with my chemo (the type is known as a mab), which while it's not completely new it's only been around in this country for 4 or 5 years (my drug, not mabs in general). I do wonder if they still don't quite understand just how good the combination of this drug and the chemo can be. And obviously for different reasons, they use different combinations of chemo, which are then used in combination with these new targeted drugs. All in all, I almost don't care why it's worked. I've learnt a lot of the time as smart as these specialist are, they're learning with every patient. I'm just happy (although right now mostly incredibly stunned) that I've got here. The expectation he set me at the start (when I was asking for a survival rate from where I was) was he'd never had 1 patient who'd recovered from where I was, so I think I've just been really lucky the combination of drugs he picked turned out to be perfect for me.
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    Thomas Cook have just announced that Everton’s travel to European matches for the next 5 seasons will be unaffected.
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    He doesn't have to be in that group to be in that group, but he is in that group.
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    Hotel breakfast, don’t know what it cost as was in with the room price. Excellent.
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    Beat me by 5 seconds. Know what that means? Your joke was a pace joke. Doesn't count.
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    Those stadiums were designed at pace so they don't count.
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    I think Solskjaer has the support, you could hear the chants of Ole through the crowd, even at end when West Ham were passing the ball amongst themselves.
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    Ah the best laid plans of Meiss and men.
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    Perhaps reading too much into one result - the old White Hart Lane was hardly a fortress - but, not for the first time, I'm going to suggest that deciding against tearing down Anfield and starting afresh was, on balance, a good idea.
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    It's absolutely fantastic. Especially after the totally over the top, feet off the ground, ridiculous media coverage that was, in the weeks/months after he got appointed. The media was operating with a Solskjær table, meaning they fucked off the real PL table and only displayed it with the games after he took charge. Safe to say, they haven't used that in a while but I would like to see it now. Long may it continue, I'm loving every second of this. He's so out of his depth it's glorious, the fucking idiot.
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    Currently baking like a woman possessed for the weekend long Coffee Morning I'm running at work for https://coffee.macmillan.org.uk. Here's hoping we raise a decent amount. It shouldnt be like this though
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    “Fair play to Watford, hopefully this gives them confidence to have a go at City this weekend.” *stares at Usher*
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    Your occasional reminder that buying Bolasie allowed Palace to buy Benteke allowing Liverpool to buy Mané.
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    Tilda's kitchen. Comfortably the best breakfast to feature on this thread in many months. Every element cooked to perfection with the exception of one poached egg cooked a few seconds too long. Black pudding a highlight. £8.50 so ardja prices but we'll worth it. Toast not pictured but included, toasted brown with real butter.
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