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    Hearing it's unlikely that Mo passed it on to him.
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    They've just spent the last 20 odd years sneering and bitching about everything Liverpool do. They've moaned about Liverpool running down the Anfield area by dithering over a stadium yet they've tried moving away from Goodison repeatedly without giving a thought to what the indecision does to the surrounding area. What have Everton done that is so great for that area what Liverpool failed to do for Anfield? They spent years moaning about Liverpool taking a Victorian park over to either build a new stadium or expand the Anfield road end. Now they want to build on a dock that has world heritage status they want to completely ignore it and get their stadium built at all costs, even if it means the city loses the title. Personally I think it's a load of bollocks but you know for a fact that if Liverpool were doing it they would be going mental. They moaned about Liverpool taking a NW development loan for the possible stadium in the park. The club paid it back but they are happy to ask the council for money for a stadium and pay for a training ground. The club tried to furlough the staff in the summer but backtracked. However the peoples club owned by a multimillionaire who lives in Monaco to avoid paying tax stands by and lets two outsourced companies furlough shop staff and catering staff whilst also taking money from their fans for games they cant go to. They played the plucky underdog card for years having no money and saying they were a proper football club, the last of the Corinthians etc. Yet as soon as someone flashes a bit of money at them they say "we're fucking rich" and it doesnt matter where Uncle Uzzys money comes from. They've ripped us for years for having Norwegian and Irish fans but now they want loads of foreign fans in Colombia and the USA because of their Instagram signing. The fucking bellends suck off the Mancs at every opportunity because their hatred for us trumps everything yet they make out they are the original scouse club. They were screaming for null and void non stop, getting on their high horse about footy being irrelevant but now they arent languishing in 12th they suddenly don't care about people dying. Yet ask them why they can't give you an answer or just call you bitter. They've got all giddy about getting a song to no1 yet when Liverpool do anything like that its fucking embarrassing and shows we are a "different breed". They will buy footy tops of teams playing Liverpool and have parties if we lose a final but if Liverpool fans laugh or take the piss out of Everton you're an arrogant bitter Kopite.
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    Went to the night do of a female colleagues wedding and as I went down the greeting line I noticed the best man had a black eye and said to the groom ( his brother ) 'I should have got here earlier, looks like I've missed the fight' upon which he hissed to me ' its a fucking birthmark ' Not my finest hour
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    I'm pissed off, angry, very very down and in a hole with this fucking pandemic. I've let that and my frustration bubble over and i've projected/vented on here whilst full of ale - that has led me to come out with some stuff at best clumsily, at worst insensitively. Apologies for any offence that may have been caused.
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    I've just become an uncle. Brothers missus had to have a c-section today as the baby was too small (Not due until mid October). The baby was born at 5 to 1, has been taken with the specialists for a full health check. Probably looking at 5 days or so in an incubator. Just wish my mum could have hung on long enough to see her first grandchild.
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    Think we all need to calm down a bit and beware of kneejerk reactions
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    ‘Mild Symptoms’ same as Alex. I hope the deplorable fuck has the worst, drawn out case possible, that riddles him. I also want the name of every person to have died of the ‘China Virus’ whispered into his ear as he lays in agony not knowing when he’s going to pass away. I want him as to once realise that you could help your fellow man, if you choose, but his ego wouldn’t let him and now he’ll pass in the same as all those faceless mother/fathers/sons/daughters. This intellectually stunted fuck is the reason why millions/billions are suffering and I’d not spare an idle thought about his recovery. Fuck him, fuck his family, fuck his supporters and fuck anyone who defends the indefensible chancer.
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    Null and void, it's the only way, lives are at risk. I know our neighbours are having unprecedented success and it is unfortunate for them but if it was us clear at the top I'd be saying the same thing.
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    Everton trying to goad us with a mural reminds me of Rimmer from Red dwarf proposing a method of taking on a space mutant: "I propose we hit it hard and hit it fast with a major -- and I mean major -- leaflet campaign"
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    Tesco should use its wealth to protect local shops, small business. The money at the top in football is shocking but where isn't it shocking at the top comparative to at the bottom. Why single out football or footballers. Demand they look after others in their sector but its dog eat dog everywhere else. Im not even saying they shouldn't help out or that the money shouldn't be regulated in a way that helps sustain football at lower levels but it shouldn't be demanded or expected unless it is everywhere. If football is a community then its upto football itself to decide. Look at these greedy working class lads at the top of their field earning huge money its disgusting, whilst Etonian politicians with 10 jobs, paid speeches, avoiding taxes in off shore accounts, make decisions and hand out contracts as favours for favours tell us we are in it together and should pull together. Fuck them! fuck the likes of the daily mail journos who suddenly find this charitable nature and worry for the underdog because its grown from a seed of outrage. Something else to blame rather than.. I dont know maybe outraged at wealth not paying its taxes, members of Parliament with offshore accounts, they want to tell us how to live but not contribute. They want their cake and to eat it and your cake and then point to the skinny bastard and tell us he ate it. They have no morality unless its a distraction. Fuck them.
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    Didn’t take long for them to revert to type, the little rats. All we had to do was go above them on goal difference for the festering effluence that is modern Everton fandom to seep to the surface like the slime in Ghostbusters II. I hope those cutting them slack earlier now see what they are dealing with.
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    A lot of goodwill going towards Everton on here. I have family, friends and neighbours who are blues and I say this from the heart. Fuck off Everton.
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    This is where I'm at. Still loads to do but I'm getting there. Coat of grey paint on it now but need to add fascia board and guttering before focusing on the inside.
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    Boris Johnson is a CUNT.
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    Thank fuck that's over. Some of the scenery was spectacular and managed to avoid the rain but that was the toughest day yet by some margin. https://strava.app.link/vE4nuGw8kab Even had a four legged friend keep me company for half a mile so.
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    Yup, no.3 is bollocks The glory of Richie Benaud on the first morning of the First Test Harry Carpenter and Barry Davies and the great Bill Mclaren not to mention the incomparable Des Lynam And it was all free to air
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    "You talk like Michael Angelis And you dance like Chippy-tits the Mayor. Your clothes are all made by Lonsdale, And there's dandruff and nits in you hair. Yes there are."