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  1. 3 Stacks

    Other Football 2021/22

    Pellegrini is absolutely fried as a manager. Betis as low energy as he is.
  2. That is quite similar to how Wijnaldum played, tbf. High passing percentage.
  3. As someone said above, it'd be nice if Klopp elaborated on what exactly Keita is supposed to be doing or if it could just be more obvious. I think he's better on the left, and way better further up the pitch when we press high and he can use his dribbling ability, but then the end product isn't really there so it's almost like there's no point at all. I don't think he's similar to Wijnaldum in play style.
  4. I thought the players were mostly all good except Gomez, somewhat understandably. And Mane. But if you're going to Blitzkrieg the opponent only to run out of gas and have a collective pant shitting in a 5 minute period that almost costs you a win, the manager should take a little criticism. Got the result in the end though, so no disaster.
  5. Yes, a top class assist justifies his selection. That's how this stuff works, dummy.
  6. Milan were crap. This really shouldn't have been close. Have to be better tactically and manage these games.
  7. Well deserved. Can we manage the game properly now?