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  1. Turkey have a nice midfield on paper.
  2. There is no way Bellingham (and Trent, the pregnant thing) aren't absolute deviants. Bellingham is probably Patrick Bateman.
  3. We get it, you saw a YouTube video you didn't like. Relax.
  4. Also, late on this, but England were absolutely awful. Their left side is a complete zero as it is currently constituted and Trent was crap in midfield. His movements are so awkward and cumbersome in tight spaces. Combine that with the always slight lack of giving a fuck he plays with and its just a tough watch, man. Like, what ever happened to his movement skills, he is entering his mid 20s ffs.
  5. France always do this; you cant tell if they are shit or if theyll just win every game the exact same unconvincing way. Beating an always very organized Austrian team is good, regardless of performance. Tchouameni needs to get fit and step up. The fact Deschamps looked at Kante in Saudi Arabia and thinks he is his best option is a little absurd. It is a bad look for some of these supposed top midfielders. Rabiot is just there to carry water, so thats whatever.
  6. He has a ridiculous goal record for them. I'm pretty sure they can't reasonably drop him.
  7. It's just pussy shit. He was making putts all day and then froze over two short ones.
  8. He missed two 3 footers. Has nothing to do with missing a couple fairways.
  9. Rory's such a pussy. Unbelievable.
  10. This might be an all time finish. The Big Golfer won't go away and Rory isn't a closer.
  11. It never seems to change with England. Have tremendous talent but mostly concentrated in a few areas and there's always some tactical and balance issues with the lineup.
  12. They are always more or less in fashion. Haaland, Nunez and Hojlund are examples. Sesko as well, big clubs want to sign him. It's just that a lot of more "traditional 9's" aren't very good at football, certainly less so than the majority of more versatile forwards, so as said, you have to try to find one that more or less guarantees you a goal every game for it to be worth it.
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