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  1. Kevin D

    Interesting Online Articles

  2. Kevin D


    Would definitely be interested in becoming King, if it's going. Being a monarch is the no work job I've always dreamed about.
  3. Kevin D

    Donald Trump

    I'd have him here. Yes, he's a cunt, but he'd be our cunt.
  4. Kevin D

    Alec Baldwin - Murderer

    I bet Putin is up to his neck in this.
  5. Kevin D

    Peep Show

  6. Kevin D

    The Streaming Services Thread

    Anything worth watching I've got on DVD, but for new stuff I use online streaming sites. Primewire has served me well through the years.
  7. Kevin D

    Boxing 2021

    Taylor/Catterall pushed back to February. Taylor has injured his knee.
  8. Kevin D

    The Many Saints of Newark

    Just when I thought I was out.
  9. Kevin D

    Boxing 2021

    My £1.99 was taken yesterday and next month is showing at the same price. Not sure if it's because I joined last December and they're being nice, or if I've slipped through the cracks.