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  1. Kevin D

    Joe Biden

  2. Kevin D


  3. Kevin D

    Boris Johnson

    I was naive enough to think it was over in January. That was when they admitted the party, the day before the queen's husband's funeral. I thought even, for this lot, that would be a step too far. I now see that this will never be over.
  4. Kevin D

    Boxing 2022

    First two were classics. Will see what ticket prices look like, would love to watch this in person.
  5. Kevin D

    Another US Shooting

  6. CTU had a mole in it in all but 1 of the 9 seasons, which is pretty impressive. The writers found something that they liked and stuck with it, no matter how implausible and how many people kept complaining. I admire that.
  7. Kevin D

    Mohamed Salah

    100m signing on fee is now the standard and you’d be a fool to turn down that amount or not use it for leverage.
  8. Kevin D

    Sadio Mane

    Can’t really blame him. With Origi gone, what’s the point in staying?
  9. Kevin D

    Tom Werner Interview

    Fuck him.
  10. Kevin D

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    “Men’s laws give you the right to… but neither God’s nor men will ever compel me” What a villain.