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  1. Kevin D

    Legends v AC Milan 23/03/19.

    It won't be better than last year: https://streamable.com/bp182
  2. Kevin D

    Sadio Mane

    This guy, Mane. This is my kind of guy.
  3. Kevin D

    Happy St Patricks Day

    Christopher Moltisanti: I'm going to hell, T. Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: You're not going anywheres but home. Christopher Moltisanti: I crossed over to the other side. Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: You what? Christopher Moltisanti: I saw the tunnel. And the white light. I saw my father in hell. Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: Get the fuck outta here! Christopher Moltisanti: And the bouncer said that I'd be there, too, when my time comes. Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: What bouncer?  Christopher Moltisanti: The Emerald Piper. That's our hell. It's an Irish bar where it's St. Patrick's Day every day forever.
  4. Nobody is bigger than the club. Great as they are, this club was here long before and will be here long after Gerrard and Rafa. Newcastle means more more than any two people.
  5. Anybody know if YNWA, roatl, are still functional forums/fanzine? Whenever Dave had fucked off to argue with the badge man, I thought Raotl was a solid sub.
  6. Kevin D

    Pub in London before Fulham

    He is from Brazil! But it does sound fairly cool. ...theres something that the Kop want you to know. Very tough needle to thread.
  7. Kevin D

    Pub in London before Fulham

    Mad, that. The athletic, 6ft4 beast Dutch guy who transformed our team? Yeah, not for me. Suzy, you have been on the GF. Could you imagine if VVD was almost exactly the same, but a woman? I genuinely think the server would have imploded by now!
  8. Kevin D

    Pub in London before Fulham

    As strange as it is, my female friends admire Van Dijk, but they don't properly fancy him. They concede he's tall, strapping, but he doesn't scratch them where they itch. The boys, on the other hand. Vand Dijk is a mythical 6'4 gunslinger who was absolutely born to dominate that 18rd box. 100 gets you 50 that Jairzinho, Aws and Dave U condemn me for failing to understand how great he is.
  9. Kevin D

    Pub in London before Fulham

    What do you make of the Firmino song? Lyrically, it raises serious questions but anything that can get Anfield to sing in unison always has always got me. I genuinely don't know what to think?
  10. Kevin D

    Pub in London before Fulham

    As much as it does sicken me to be outwith either Scotland/north England - i am in finsbury park for the game tomorrow. If anybody could let me know of a good pub, I'll be leading from 12:00pm the "he's our centre half" chants.
  11. Kevin D

    Favourite Dirk goals/moments.

    Absolutely fantastic. When he wakes up, Stringvest is coming to take what we've got.
  12. Kevin D

    Favourite Dirk goals/moments.

    It was mixed messages. He was messing with my head. I lost respect for him, to be honest. He used to phone me up and tell me I was a wonderful guy, and would I like to go and see Tinie Tempah live at the Arena with him - and then he'd not phone back and go with someone else. It was disappointing, to be honest.
  13. Kevin D

    Favourite Dirk goals/moments.

    Get your RedShadow out for the lads. Doctor Troy will be wanking himself silly.