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  1. Kevin D

    Negative cunts

    As of today we are 10 points clear of the champions. Anybody who supports the club has now got to seriously believe that the most likely outcome with 20 games played is that we will be champions. However, there is a contort of us who must surely believe this is not real life. At some point Lucy will pull the football away and we'll be on our arse, again. That is what the footballing God's have done to us since Istanbul, and rather than bring everyone down, we should have our own thread to be negative, pessimistic and cautious.
  2. Kevin D

    Most overrated Liverpool XI

    Thank you, Peter, for being you.
  3. Kevin D

    Rangers F.C. Appreciation Thread 2018-19

    Tell you what, Stevie and his players will wake up in the morning knowing they were in a game on Saturday.
  4. Kevin D

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    We would have won 6-0 under Gerrard.
  5. Kevin D


    Anthony Joshua has Wembley booked for April 13th to defend the heavyweight championship of the world and if he is any type of man, he'll accept our challenge.
  6. Kevin D

    Newcastle (H) Boxing Day

    It is great for the public here at Liverpool to see us. They must have been wondering what this team everyone is talking about are all about and now they've seen. We were wonderful.
  7. "Your not inconsiderable weight" after calling him fat 20 different times gets me.
  8. Sugar Ape, did I miss any classics?
  9. Kevin D

    Newcastle (H) Boxing Day

    We're going to bum you, We're going to bum you, We bummed your neighbours, We're going to bum you.
  10. My mistake, later in in the very same thread, Mark goes on to explain the night that he didn't write his dissertation as he was wanking repeatedly to Dip it Low:
  11. I don't know that it gets any better than that. However, we should add context to his decision to wank repeatedly instead of writing his dissertation, this is the video in question:
  12. Section_31 is a journalist, but he initially failed his dissertation at University. Bright guy, dedicated and articulate, so why did he fail his dissertation? Well, in the Christina Milian thread, he explained it -
  13. Kevin D

    Most underrated Liverpool XI

    12Dubravka 19Manquillo 5Schär 6Lascelles 3Dummett 11Ritchie Astu 4Ki Sung-yueng 10Diamé 17Pérez 9Rondón Substitutes 13Muto 14Hayden 15Kenedy 18Fernandez 21Joselu 22Yedlin 41Woodman