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  1. De Bruyne gets injured anywhere in that run and we might have something.
  2. I don’t think selling him is viable, because we wouldn’t get anywhere near what we paid, so we’re in this for another season. Still, you have to wonder how many sitters he can miss before the new manager decides “Fuck this”.
  3. I don’t want to see him for the next few weeks.
  4. Never really been comfortable with the idea of leaving half the pitch undefended on the theory you’ll score more goals than the opposition, but it was producing results. It’s not producing results, anymore. I also think Clark, McConnell and Danns need to be getting significantly more game time. They’ve proven themselves to have the quality, hunger and determination to be in the team on merit.
  5. “ Well, titties notwithstanding”
  6. Looks like he hasn’t missed a beat. Unbelievable save.
  7. He was pissing me off again, today.
  8. Doesn’t change a thing, for me. If anything, it makes me hate him even more.
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