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  1. Kevin D

    The NBA thread

    They've also got a multi-part(5 or 6 episodes) look at the late 80s rivalry between the Lakers and the Celtics, with considerable focus on Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. Not as good as the Last Dance, but a pretty good watch.
  2. It's a "players I fancy" thread. There's a reason guys with long hair and dreamy eyes keep getting mentioned. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  3. It was mixed messages. He was messing with my head. I lost respect for him, to be honest. He used to phone me up and tell me I was a wonderful guy, and would I like to go and see Tinie Tempah live at the Arena with him - and then he'd not phone back and go with someone else. It was disappointing, to be honest.
  4. Getting the old band back together.
  5. Kevin D


    The Albino 2020
  6. Kevin D

    Boxing 2020

  7. Kevin D

    The NBA thread

    Jordan completely making up an insult someone had made against him and holding a grudge about it makes me wonder if he's secretly a member on this forum.
  8. Kevin D

    People with great voices/accents.

    Scottie Pipen's is wonderful.
  9. Kevin D

    Expanding your vocabulary

    Vituperation sustained and bitter railing and condemnation