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  1. jp carroll

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    Cant really get on board with JAmes Milner signing. There is too much in common with the Joe Cole signing 5 years ago.England international coming from a very successful club where he wasn't first choice on a free with massive wages, 29 years old and being hailed as major signing. Can see us loaning him out next year because nobody will take him as his wages are too high and he is no longer up to it.
  2. jp carroll

    Liverpool vs Chelsea (Apr 27 2014)

    I think Ramires is looking at a 5 game ban for his previous record with red cards
  3. He played in the away win at Highbury that season, the one were Titi Camara scored after Stevie played him in. I seem to recall that he wasnt totally shite that day, put himself about a bit!!!
  4. jp carroll

    Dani Pacheco

    i dont think anybody will be surprised if Suso and Sterling become regulars, i think most are very confident that both will.
  5. jp carroll

    January Transfer window 2012

    Is Raheem Sterling anywhere near making the 1st team or Suso?, could solve a lot of problems and save us a fortune ???
  6. jp carroll

    Summer 2011

    This is the best post i have read in relation to this thread. i agree with every word
  7. jp carroll

    Worst miss ever (it really is)

    In fairness it was a tight angle and it bobbled just as he hit it!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. jp carroll

    Man of the match

    1. Torres 2. Lucas 3. Reina
  9. jp carroll

    Our day in court

    Absolutely brilliant read, well done
  10. jp carroll

    Chelsea game thread

    I think AGGER is out for quite a while, definitely wont be playing this one
  11. jp carroll

    Mark Clattenburg

    Did anybody notice that when Gomez approached the linesman and gestered for the hand ball, the linesman actually says to him 'i know i know', then the ref approaches the said linesman and goal is awarded. I would love to hear what was said between the two
  12. jp carroll

    Kop Faithful - MacQuarie campaign

    Sent Sent Sent. Keep it going lads.....
  13. jp carroll

    High Court Date and Time

    When the fuck did Kenny Huang re-appear????????????????
  14. jp carroll

    Game Thread vs Blackpool(h)

    Anybody got the team ???