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    • I binge watched it over the weekend. Some fascinating stuff and new evidence mixed in with loads of mundane shit.   It may be insensitive of me to say but I really don’t give a fuck about how the Avery or Dassey families feel about it all. They’re a bunch of thick, scruffy twats. I was only interested in the bits where Zellner rips apart theories and comes up with new forensic evidence etc.   They could easily have made it into an amazing 3 parter as opposed to a decent 10 episode series. Overall I enjoyed it though.   It made me yearn for some similar stuff so I started watching The Staircase and that has blown my mind. I think it’s even better than MaM to be honest; if you haven’t seen it, get on it.
    • Yup, and according to you, Klopp is just another self entitled, sky generation, dummy spitter. 
    • He’s been in bigger stuff than This is England but you’re right, he’s a shameless gobshite with regards to the rag.
    • Superfan here. Is the midfield is a massive problem? Level on points with the all conquering City. 7 wins 2 draws. Whilst we’ve not been at our best, especially with the front 3 not being ‘at it’ the emphasis is on the midfield, but we’re winning. Problem? I’m just a superfan on his high horse though. 
    • Brilliant episode tonight, with the Doctor having to stop a time-travelling racist who was trying to thwart Rosa Parks in Montgomery in 1955.