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    • Makes no sense whatsoever. VAR should be used to implement the correct decision.  
    • Now 1-1......hahaha, rubs a bit of salt into the wounds. The Hamster will be fuming if they don't win. 
    • Mad how a millimetre offside not called is a "clear and obvious error" but a dive given as a foul and a penalty isn't.    VAR doesn't make sense. 
    • That's just not accurate though. I don't know what rabbit hole you've gone down, but I beg you not to keep going otherwise you're going to bump into Hades and Dennis Tooth on your travels. You get both sides saying stupid shit. You know, like centre left politicians that don't agree with Corbyn are right wing mentalists, that old-fashioned left-wingers are a mix of Stalin and Hitler. It's just a bunch of internet and media nonsense. What's really happening is the left - all the way from the centre - are taking chunks out of themselves, either for being too left wing or being right wing. It's fucking lunacy. That's not to say the others aren't trying to kick themselves in the own arse, but the centre aren't my enemy. The right-wing economic policies that are eroding our social wellbeing are the enemy. I'm not going to forget it just because I dislike an Ummuna here or a fucking Watson there. The right wing - literally, I can assure you - sit around laughing about this shit. If we ever got our act together and actually started aiming our firepower in the right direction instead of in our own house, we'd be unstoppable. The right would be pushed out. Unfortunately the right are, ironically, much better at working together to get what they want - or much of it - than those who preach unity rather than practice it.