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  1. Bjornebye

    Draft by Age Range

    Can someone please add Rooney and Andreas Christensen please
  2. Bjornebye

    Draft by Age Range

    Has to have made a 1st team appearance.
  3. Bjornebye

    Bayern Munich v Liverpool - 1987

    Nervous about this one. Defo start Keita. Maybe swap him with Henderson even though the skipper was immense the other night. Any spares?
  4. Bjornebye

    Draft by Age Range

    We all already know that you are a nonce so shit like that don't wash.
  5. Bjornebye

    The Commuters Rant Thread

    I'd be straight over "Wanna footy lad love? i'll open you up like a can of tuna and my mate over there is a barrister, are you on twitter?"
  6. Bjornebye

    The weather

    I blame him for most things Cath. x
  7. Bjornebye

    Andrew Robertson

    "fuck you say motherfucker"
  8. Bjornebye

    The Commuters Rant Thread

    I bet you fapped to the happening though didn't you you sly old goat.
  9. Bjornebye

    Lily Allen can..

    Fuck. Might not be her dad then.
  10. Bjornebye

    Roberto Firmino

    For a man who smokes 40 regal king size a day, he has remarkable teeth and prowess. Whoever scouted him deserves a fucking medal.
  11. Bjornebye

    Lily Allen can..

    "Come here lassie"
  12. Bjornebye

    The Commuters Rant Thread

    I actually am.
  13. Bjornebye

    The weather

    Its fucking windy! Sarcasm. That rain there in Liverpool about 10 minutes ago was ridiculous. Fucking typhoon season