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  1. Imagine if his was us. They'd be outside The Hague begging for us to be stripped of everything.
  2. Falling into the Tories hands this and I wonder if Labour are doing the same again.
  3. This is your chance. No more training. Prove your hecklers wrong.
  4. God the right wing are thick as fuck
  5. Lads like Viking have been shagging them all Although Mumba had bigger balls than Babb even before he created one of our posters
  6. Indian Cottage on Albert Rd actually but I know the Balti house very well mate
  7. Went for a curry with some pals in Southsea. I had Goan Lamb. It was unreal. My mate who sat opposite had a tandoori, we shared some and I’ve just got in and blamed the dog for a fart.
  8. You said you lived in the north of Scotland? Anyway you saying you’ve never met a gay person is just as much bollocks as you saying it’s impossible to knock someone out
  9. You’ve never met a gay person??? What? I know you live somewhere in the outer Hebrides or something but don’t you run IBM or something?
  10. I can see why but it still doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve done so in the past myself. They’re worthy of just being called the IDF. It’s got its own sinister meaning for itself right now.
  11. I thought it was good, if a little too long. Definitely worth a watch if you can find 3 and a half hours spare.
  12. Well whatever Lifey as we all know it will either look like a Michelin start fish or like it’s been cooked by Daenerys dragons
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