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  1. Jennings

    Red Dead Redemption

    Can't wait. I am gonna be the Butch Sundance Shane with no name.
  2. Jennings

    New site feedback

    Here's a video to help people use the ignore function.
  3. Jennings

    4-4-2 - The Underrated Formation

    Prefer 4-3-3 or its variants. Did like Johnny King's 4-4-2 at Tranmere in the mid 80's. He played:- ----------------decent keeper-------------- touch RM-----CB -----CB--------tough RB Pacy-------midfield----midfield-----pacy winger winger general enforcer -----Target man-----skillful finisher----
  4. 12 pages!! is that all. We must have been brilliant.
  5. Jennings

    New site feedback

    Here's a vid on making an avatar for your profile. It's not the only way. I can show others if you need anything clarifying. Don't choose a picture that's too big. The forum software will error. I was using Google Chrome
  6. Jennings

    New site feedback

    I've got some ideas for new vids.
  7. Jennings

    VAR Thoughts?

    Takes the passion out of the game. "Best not celebrate until we hear from VAR."
  8. Jennings

    Alisson Becker

    I only counted one. What were the two?
  9. Jennings

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    Match summary as promised… Strange game. No, not the result. Or the performance. Or even the atmosphere - which actually was a bit weird, in that it never really got going - although fair fucks to the Parisians who sang all game whilst semi-naked. No, the thing that was weird for me happened before the game. Unusually, Ainsy was coming the match. Even more unusually he was going to drive. This meant that Bri and I could have a pint or two, as neither of us would be driving. Obviously Ainsy was late picking me up. I started clock watching. Would we have time for the pints? Then he stopped for petrol. The minutes ticked by. He got in the wrong lane in the tunnel and got stuck for a while. But YAY, we got parked up, with just about enough time for beers, if we hurried. Woo-hoo. We left the car at the foot of Everton Valley and began our ascent. Quite a climb for old-timers through the park. As we reached the summit. Ainsy turned "Oh shit. I've left my ticket at home.". Really? It's pretty much the only thing one needs to remember for such an occasion. "I'll go check the car. See if it dropped out my pocket.". We waited atop the hill. He came back. "Bugger it's not there! Must be at home.". This obviously wasn't a new thing to Ainsy. He knew exactly the drill for such occasion, so we headed for the ticket office. Hmmm, I thought, we might just make this beer after all. I am so selfish. "Shit! I think I left the car unlocked." We waited again. Ainsy descended the hill. We waited some more whilst the tiny figure got closer as he returned on his third trip up the hill. "It was locked afterall." Sheesh! A quick hall home confirmed that the ticket was not in the house. He must have taken it. "I'll go back to the car and check again." I was trying to fake a look of interested, supportive yet thirsty. We decided to go to the fan park whilst he checked the car. I mean three people is too many to search a small car. Right? It was late now and the fan park was our best chance of getting served quickly. A text revealed that Ainsy had found the ticket. It had fallen out of his pocket. Whodathunkit. We got him a beer in, and he managed to get to the fan park in time for a nice pint together. After a refreshing couple of pints we made our merry way to the turnstiles. Travelling in anticipation of a great game, with all our bad luck behind us. Nothing gonna stop us now. The turnstile light buzzed and flashed a welcoming green, helping me in to the bowels of the main stand. The noise had started. Singing. Anticipation. I couldn't wait to get in now. I turned around just in time to see an unhappy looking Bri refused entrance at the turnstile and shepherded away to the nearest steward. The club had fucked up the Euro ticket purchases on the season tickets. Anyway. 3-2 . What a result!
  10. Jennings

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    Bobby for me, no?
  11. Jennings

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    U ok hun?
  12. Jennings

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    Two handsome cunts at the fan park on Annie Road.
  13. Jennings

    PSG(h) Champions League Match thread

    Going to this. Can't wait. Hope we don't get schooled. Will post summary later. Will try to post some piccies in this thread from the ground/Sandon.