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  1. Jennings

    Google Maps Co-Ordinates

    Yeah - I really enjoyed it. Marching Powder is better though. Let me know what you think of it. I think the stories he tells are real - they just didn't all happen to him, they happened to a number of other prisoners. Maybe tales told in the lock ups at night. I am obviously just speculating - but based on stuff I have seen and read online.
  2. Jennings

    Google Maps Co-Ordinates

    Read Marching Powder. Its a great read. Not based in French Guyana but quality story. Papillon seems mostly made up - I prefer Dry Guillotine for tales from French Guyana.
  3. Jennings

    Google Maps Co-Ordinates

    Papillon allegedly escaped from there. Edit: just checked he allegedly tried but failed.
  4. Jennings

    That there London

    Whoa - that looks cool. I am gonna try to book a table and a batting alleyfor roughly the same time. Will probs injure myself though.
  5. Jennings

    That there London

    Nice one mate. Thanks! I do like the idea of the pre-theatre meal offers though! The family are so excited about the Lion King - although to be honest I'd have preferred the Back to the Future show. I was gonna wake up one morning and do this walk, then get a taxi back. This worth doing? I only picked it 'cos of the famous places en route. I thought it'd be great to do about 6:00AM.
  6. Jennings

    That there London

    Ah yeah - soz....missed that. We are staying in Whitehaven. I was born there and have family in Cleator Moor.
  7. Jennings

    That there London

    We're staying here - the Hawksmoor location looks like it taking us away from the Lyceum - but I'd do it if it you thought it was worth it. BTW - although I am from Ellesmere Port and therefore a Cheshire Landowner, I'm probs not as rich as some of them Southern folk!
  8. Jennings

    That there London

    I've booked this https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/footsteps-of-mudlarks-wednesday-august-25th-2021-millennium-bridge-tickets-160029088311 None of my kids would come on account of it being for 'boring wankers'. I tried to get @Qwikage to come along - but sounds like he's got some pretty important knitting to be getting on with. Ho Hum.
  9. Jennings

    That there London

    My kids are 15,19 & 21. We booked lion king for one of the evenings. Will give this gaff a whirl too.
  10. Jennings

    That there London

    I really fancy that.
  11. Jennings

    That there London

    Where abouts in Cumbria mate? We're doing that just before London.
  12. Jennings

    That there London

    Cheers for the restaurant recommendation. Yeah Looking for touristy stuff. We like history, eating, drinking and having family arguments. Quite fancy a boat trip.
  13. Jennings

    That there London

    I have just booked a few days in London too - in August. Booked a gaff right on Covent Garden. Wanted to do some usual sight seeing walks and I was gonna book:- The Lion King at the Lyceum Mudlarking Tate Britain Tower of London I have heard you can get a boat up to Hampton Court and that is pretty good. What restaurants are very good but not ridiculous - got a family of five? Indian sounds good or a really good Chinese. What else should I do in that London?
  14. Jennings

    The Beatles

    Pete comes across really well.
  15. Jennings

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    It'll be great...it'll have heart... ...but the spelling and grammar on that first script will be woeful. Good luck to him! ...and fair play to Dougie from on here who picked him up and drove him to that interview that time. Both legends.