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  1. Jennings


    I hope he make a good recovery. I hope the world does.
  2. Jennings


    Boris will be getting the VERY best treatment available. If he doesn't make it then I fear for a lot of us.
  3. Jennings


    Hope your mum makes a speedy recovery, Jordy.
  4. Jennings

    What are your favourite all time magazines?

    The stories were amazing! After reading them, my assumption was that everyone else was having amazing sex with girls who looked liked the models from this magazine, whereas I seemed to be struggling somewhat. Please tell me this wasn't the case. @Pistonbroke? @halewood pete? @Chip Butty? @Qwik? @AnyOtherOlderFuckerOnHere?
  5. Jennings

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    I have hit it hard. I usually am pretty careful during the week, but the lack of a commute means I can get up later. I am drinking JD & Coke which must be very calorific. At work, I walk 5k per day and always take stairs. In lockdown, have done no exercise. I have also started eating a lot of junk food.
  6. Jennings


    Did they also have deliberately confusing colours? Red/oraange, three shades of blue.
  7. Jennings


    This analogy is harder to understand than 'stay at home so you don't spread a killer virus.'
  8. 10 games left. Didn't we play nine games in December? So it would take a month to finish the keague. Worth it, whenever that is.
  9. "Hey Mrs Lurtz, these are some men I met on the internet."
  10. Looks like it's just me Lurtzy. I'll be the fella in the corner, drinking real ale and eating pork scratching, too bashful to ask which one is @Redder Lurtz
  11. When this is over, I am going to go to... ... @Redder Lurtz 's pub. Anyone coming?
  12. Jennings


    Hope you all make a speedy recovery Mr T.