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  1. Freddo

    Replace the front three

    Raphinha Haaland Doku
  2. Freddo

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Can't say fairer than that. That was the best and most obvious option
  3. Freddo

    Geordie Arabia

    Obviously nothing in the rules to stop this takeover. That is what the Premier league need to look at and sort out. But the cat is out the bag now and things can't go back now. You'll see the Chinese involved soon enough amongst others. What do the established clubs such as Liverpool, United, arsenal, spurs etc think about this. I guess we know given the super league debacle. It seems to me that the PL don't give a dn about the clubs such as us that have actually made their brand the biggest in the world. Yet there are no protections for us and others. That isn't right, surely. I also hear the comments about not being arsed after this. Does anyone think, fuck em and feel as a supporter of liverpool that we want to take on another state sponsored team like we have under Jurgen with city? Defiant in a way. Anyway, fuck em.
  4. Freddo

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Sure I saw fabinho limping. Feeling his quad or groin. Out of the internationals
  5. Freddo

    Other Football 2021/22

    It'l be very interesting to see how they fare in their double header with Atalanta. They are a very good side who are well coached. Those 2 games are vital for their ambitions.
  6. Freddo

    Curtis Jones

    Top class today. Given regular game time you'd imagine he can go on and become a key player for us. The way he keeps the ball under pressure and in tight spaces his excellent.
  7. Your not expecting January signings are you?
  8. What a mess of a game. Chances spurned left and right. Robertson needs to pick up as tsimikas is really showing up now. It didn't take much for them to rock our usually solid backline. That's a big worry. Midfield runners off us in the first half left unchecked. Think they had us tactically in the first half. And stop the crosses. Put pressure on the crosser. Positives..... Mo great finish from a wonderful pass. Nothing else
  9. You've got to stop crosses. We haven't done that all game
  10. Be interesting to see tuchels approach here. Do we need a bit more control in midfield, get thiago on? Or really go at them. Whatever the plan, let's fucking batter them
  11. Freddo

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I think most of us agree that we need to strengthen the squad. Seems that the trouble we're having is shifting origi. Maybe we sent him a message today by not including him. I personally think we'll be in contention for the title and that belief will be furthered should we get a good forward player in.