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  1. Freddo

    Nathaniel Phillips

    Wonder if the club will consider keeping him around. He's a good solid pro, gives his all, heads everything, physically strong. He'd look very good with virgil for instance.
  2. Freddo

    Sheffield Utd (A) PL - Sun 28th Feb 2021 at 19:15

    Nah, torben piechnik, ruddock, dicks, itandje etc. But yeah I take your point, he isn't up to much is he
  3. My thoughts exactly. Who will it be next week. Robbie, who I love by the way now as enough experience in India or wherever to warrant a crack at the job.
  4. I guess Gerrard took a lot of identifying. Jesus. It would be the easiest and laziest appointment going. Not for me either. In all probability it'll be back to battling for a top 4 spot and the league Cup.
  5. Freddo

    VAR Thoughts?

    Martin Atkinson I think
  6. Freddo

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I agree with what you've said here. It is unfathomable to me and a lot of us that we spend less than these clubs you mention. I do think that once we get lads back next season we'll be in a good position but we absolutely must strengthen with quality additions. But as I say, we've clearly got no money for whatever reason and it cannot be always about the pandemic and crowds etc etc.
  7. Freddo

    Glasgow Celtic.

    I read they'd held talks. Could be bullshit though.
  8. Freddo

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Is this a trick question. We all know which owners are putting money in. We also have factual evidence that clubs not even in our stratosphere have spent far more than us. I have no clue if anyone else was in the market for us all those years ago. That at point is irrelevant. As I've said, they can't dine out on that forever. I purchased the Mrs a car once. I don't dine out on it forever. Do you not get tired of this ownership group constantly pleading poverty? I do, it seems that winning things is expensive and too expensive for us.
  9. Freddo

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Struggled to find an owner? They purchased the club at a knockdown fee due to all the trouble refinancing with RBS. They can't dine out on that forever. Too big means they cannot fulfil the ambitions in the long term of the club and its supporter base. It means they can't compete with our rivals in the sport. Nobody can say with any legitimacy that they have supported the manager in the last 2 years. Certainly not in 2019. What should have been an opportunity to try at the very least to cement our position they have not done so. If you look at other clubs, they have money put into them. This ownership group uses excuse after excuse as they are either risk averse or not ambitious enough for our club.
  10. Freddo

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Yes that club. That's what I have said. It is too big for their ownership. They are not helping is push on but hey it'll be all okay when Jurgen is asked to feed on scraps in the next window. So yeah, that club
  11. Freddo

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Fair enough. I stand corrected. Hahaha. You've got to laugh haven't you.
  12. Freddo

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I read that. Shes just annoying her. How many times does it have to be said that these owners never spend. They didn't spend when we won the European Cup. Nothing changes for me. And all this talk about struggling to retain best players. I'm not having that. If some of these lads want to jump we all know fsg will push them. All about the dollar. The club is too big for Henry and co.
  13. Freddo

    I want my parade

    Not for me. Full crowds to Whip up a fenzy. What about having the trophy paraded around the ground at the first home game of last season. Or the Palace game, though it'd only be 10k. Boys take the trophy round the pitch. Jurgen then takes it to the centre circle and hoists it aloft. We all pay homage. Then as the trophy leaves the field the new season begins and we slay everyone before us. Then we get the parade.
  14. Freddo

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I see espn's, Mark Ogden is giving it. No money as all prize money as been swallowed for operating costs due to covid. No crowds as ballsed us up. Fuck that talk. Newly promoted sides will spend more than us Id bet. Paupers we aren't but Henry and co love playing up to that tag.
  15. Freddo

    Fans back in stadiums

    You'll have to hang on a little while for that celebration as VAR will have to draw a shitload of lines before we know if it counts. Moments gone then.