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  1. Captain Howdy

    Donald Trump

    He’s insane isn’t he?
  2. Captain Howdy

    When is Violence Justified?

    You said that if Corbyn said throwing a milkshake was violence that you’d disagree with him, the gif I posted represents my view that I don’t believe you.
  3. Captain Howdy

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Good old tussle between Tranmere and Newport in the playoffs. Tranmere have a defender called McNulty who is in the worst shape I have ever seen for a professional footballer. Extra time now
  4. Captain Howdy

    Serious Incident in Sheffield.

    I think they are probably just mindful that there will be a trial at the end of it and so are scared of saying the wrong thing, I’ve no idea though as I haven’t really followed this and don’t know what’s been said.
  5. Captain Howdy

    When is Violence Justified?

  6. Captain Howdy

    Favourite Film Posters

  7. Captain Howdy

    Favourite Film Posters

  8. Captain Howdy

    Best and worst endings of TV programmes

    Best Breaking Bad, worst The Prisoner
  9. Captain Howdy

    Top 10 Favourite Kid’s Television Programmes

    Top Cat Banana Splits Tom and Jerry The bear in the big blue house Swap Shop Wacky Races Hong Kong Phooey Wait till your father gets home Goosebumps Tomorrow People
  10. Captain Howdy

    When is Violence Justified?

    See the initial shock on his face though, that’s where the assault is I think, there’s just no place for it.
  11. Captain Howdy

    Man City - the new bitters?

    They do seem to have a weird obsession with us like, what’s that all about? You would think that they would be more focussed on rubbing Utd ‘s nose in it but there doesn’t seem to be any great mutual dislike between them, very odd
  12. Captain Howdy

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Very good
  13. Captain Howdy

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Lidl and Aldi are boss, save me a fortune