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    Then more people will die, people will not stay in the house for 12 to 18 months, it won’t happen. I’m not saying it’s right or that I agree with it I’m just pointing out what I believe to be the obvious, we’re not even a week in and people are going stir crazy and that’s not even factoring in the impossible economic problems.
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    Agree in principle but a vaccine is what, 12 to 18 months away? It is simply impossible to enforce lockdown for anywhere near that length of time.
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    Yeah but not every one will, the report showed a man and wife fighting with police because they were trying to get to family members for money and were being prevented from doing so, then showed reports of supermarkets being looted, like I say, massive problems ahead.
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    Interesting report on Sky just now, unrest is starting to raise its head in Italy, I mentioned earlier in the thread that long term lockdowns are unsustainable, people simply won’t accept or tolerate them, massive problems ahead.
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    Butcher swears he never got a touch, says he wished that he had just to deprive him of it.
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    I have to ask, what’s an oinkling?
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    Italy records highest daily deaths to date.
  9. Love Bilko, much like Curb I just can’t get into Seinfeld
  10. Friends is ok so I voted that, I just can’t get into CYE
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    Probably, that being said as much of a twat as Johnson is I don’t think his regime is as inherently evil as the Cameron /Osborne monstrosity. In any event any Government of any persuasion could never manage the economic Armageddon that’s about to follow.
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    Not sure the money is there mate I think you’ll find we’ll be paying for this for decades.