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  1. Section_31

    Alec Baldwin - Murderer

    This is the one time I'm gutted Trump isn't still on Twitter. "Terrible actor Billy Badlwin mocked your president on SNL (which has terrible ratings!) and now he's shot someone (claims is an accident) and is going to jail. Who's laughing now Bill!"
  2. Section_31

    Alec Baldwin - Murderer

    Brandon Lee was killed by that big fuckoff Samurai from Dragon a Bruce Lee Story, it was foretold.
  3. Section_31

    Alec Baldwin - Murderer

    As ways to go though, it's pretty cool. If someone asked me how do I want to shuffle off this mortal coil being shot by Alec Baldwin on a film set is right up there.
  4. Section_31

    Alec Baldwin - Murderer

    Blanks are for closers.
  5. Section_31


    The Diana stuff was collective guilt because loads of those moaning about the paparazzi were probably the type of people who bought tabloids every day. I think the monarchy is doomed once she's gone, especially if Charles takes the reins and not William, although he's s tit too. All this shite about them suddenly getting worked up about climate change is clearly the work of some marketing company designed to keep them relevant. It was mental health last year, it'll be dog thefts or some shit this time next year.
  6. Section_31


    I don't mind the Queen to be honest, the rest of them are shite, every single one.
  7. Section_31


    The word is overused these days but this particular Tory administration specialise in gasslighting. Basically they're thick as fuck, I mean genuinely thick as fuck, the likes of Raab and Patel especially, they're stellar overachievers, and if you've ever dealt with anyone like that in a job you'll know they specialise in deflecting blame. They're constantly terrified of losing what they've got, and rather than excel they get by by undermining others, ganging up with other simpletons and never, ever, accepting the blame. It's an absolute snake pit up there. It will never be their fault, there will always be a scapegoat. The migrant, the French navy, the lorry drivers union, the BMA, the teachers. It'll never be them.
  8. Section_31

    Donald Trump

    There's absolutely zero chance of him running to win, I'll grant you he might run to get loads of donations in and then he'll quit the race, but he wants to be President about as much as I want to be Prince Andrew's head of PR.
  9. Section_31

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    We've deffo missed him, midfield has been all over the shop at times and we've shifted plenty of soft goals, but the best attack force in world football covers a multitude of sins. If he'd wanted to go rather than we simply chose to let him go through being mingebags, or if he'd been replaced, nobody would be arsed, but it's mad to say we don't miss him and what was all the worry about.
  10. Section_31

    Donald Trump

    Yeah we're no different at all now, less the religion angle and more the blaming of 'other'.
  11. Section_31

    Donald Trump

    Said it before but I think Trump and the Republicans have thrived on the mindset created by evangelism. By that I mean, the ides of denying the evidence of your eyes and ears and hoping that somehow, someday, you're going to get the just rewards you're owed if you endure enough hardship and just keep the faith. When you see these American towns where homes are repossessed and shops are closed, but there's sboug15 churches on the same street. The idea that 'yes, it's shit, but if you keep praying shit is going to work out.' Don't blame the man, blame the devil. It's not like economics are within the control of man. The republicans seem to specialise in that. Their version of heaven is the imaginary 50s America, if you keep voting them one day you will be Kevin from the Wonder Years.
  12. Section_31


    These are my proposals for a wealth tax.
  13. Which ones do you have? Recommend? Don't recommend etc? We've got Now TV (it was the last thing I bought before the shutters came down during the first lockdown, left Runcorn Argos and grabbed my hat, Indiana Jones-style). Netflix and Amazon. Amazon is very hit and miss unless you pay for stuff, can count on one hand how much stuff I've watched on it but it's got some gems like The Boys and Man in the High Castle. Everyone seems to have Netflix, same as above really, the Marvel stuff is class, there seems to be loads of shite on it though, increasingly so. Now TV has deffo gone down hill, it seemed to have top drawer films on when I first got it now they're few and very far between, possibly due to the launch of Disney and HBO's own streaming services. I had Disney+ just to watch the Mandalorian, which was class, then got rid as it was mostly kids' stuff. I believe that's changed now though? Still, I think the three streaming services is about all I can manage in terms of attention span for now.
  14. Section_31

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

  15. Section_31

    america - fucked up

    Only just realised this thread was started by the beef. Imagine being called fucked up by the beef.