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  1. Section_31

    Adverts you hate.

    Keep hearing radio ads for fucking Haribo, gives me the serious urge to kill.
  2. Section_31

    Donald Trump

    Trump leading in texas apparently because the Latinos love him despite all the wall bollocks, mental.
  3. Section_31

    The Space Thread

    I always feel underwhelmed with nasa announcements because you know they won't do anything interesting about it anyway. "Water has been discovered on Mars meaning we could build a base there." "Are you going to?" "No." When you think of the pictures beamed back from the Voyager probes, the deployment of Hubble, the moon landings, it's been a barren couple of decades. Say what you want about the USSR, but competition does stir progress.
  4. Section_31

    Donald Trump

    It's his accordion hands that get on my tits. I dunno why but I get the impression he'd be unintentionally hard as fuck, like if you hit him he wouldn't notice.
  5. Section_31


    Disgrace that.
  6. Section_31

    Hijacking off the Isle of Wight

    Yeah, if someone claims to have been in the SAS it's usually a sign that they weren't and are mental, it's probably the last thing you'd want anyone to know lest you wanted Martin McGunniess's daughter popping round your house with a meat cleaver. Chatted to a bunch of TA fellas once before they went to Afghanistan and they were all to a man, grade A bellends. Like you'd shake someone's hand and they'd squeeze the life out of it. They had to pose for a picture and they were pushing each other over and stuff. By contrast, spoke to a former SAS bloke who'd been in the Falklands, really down to earth and talked about the stuff he'd done the way I'd talk about a shit I'd done or a game of crazy golf I'd played a couple of years back. He was working in a curry's warehouse or something when I spoke to him, nobody knew what he did or where he'd been.
  7. Section_31

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    SNP 5%, erm, was that in England?
  8. Section_31

    Hijacking off the Isle of Wight

    Yesh kind of stands to reason that. Psychopaths have smaller fear centres in their brains so they're not that arsed about taking risks (in any walk of life) and for the same reason aren't that arsed about killing you.
  9. Section_31

    Hijacking off the Isle of Wight

    Yeah I used to know a bloke that did comedy gigs around Hereford and said the SAS fellas used to come in the pub and they pretty much all looked like Phil Collins. American special forces tend to be picked for physical prowess, how long they can stand on one foot and all that bollocks, British special forces are chosen for a combination of brains, stamina and not giving a fuck. I read a training officer describing them once as "having a generalised ambivalence to their own safety and the suffering of others". Borderline psychotic in other words. You even see it with the likes of Bear Grylls. Spots a paddling pool about three feet across and decides to jump into it from 100ft up.
  10. Section_31

    Donald Trump

    Gotta be a moron to put that in writing, ACLU will put his nuts through a fair-trade coffee grinder.
  11. Section_31


    No I don't think they've by-passed any safety stages, it's more the production phase they've shortened. They've been making the vaccine for months before they know it even works, with governments agreeing to take on the financial burden of defunct product if it doesn't work.
  12. Section_31

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    It's testimony to your average bitter fan that their club has been the one which has undoubtedly benefitted most from having no fans in the ground.
  13. Section_31


    Yeah it definitely warrants caution but there seems to be consensus from most of the scientific community around the need for proper checks and scrutiny. What I don't want is for piers corbyn types to torpedo a way out of this mess for a lot of people.
  14. Section_31


    We're in anti vaccer territory there, if people don't want it then fuck'em, they can stay in the house until they run out of money.
  15. Section_31

    Top 10 most annoying famous people

    The omnipresent Ranvir Singh. Swear to god I've seen her on good morning Britain, then loose women, then heard her on the radio then seen her on news at 10 all in the same day. She's on strictly bollocks now so virtually every story on good morning britain is about how our ranvir did at the weekend.