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  1. Section_31

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Serpant, true story about a serial killer couple that used to kill backpackers. One of the best shows I've seen in ages, brilliantly shot and some great locations. 9/10.
  2. Section_31

    The BBC

    That's the thing though, because most producers are probably middle class and white, they view ethnic minorities and working class folks as though they're in a menagerie. There's a dire TV show called Ackley Bridge set "up north" where two schoolgirls hang out on a sofa on top of a skip. Working class people like chips, black people get sickle cell, oriental people do kung fu.
  3. Section_31

    The BBC

    Nah it's legit, all the papers are carrying the same story. https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/idris-elbas-luther-lacks-authenticity-23910338 You only have to watch Eastenders or, to be fair, corry, to see how heavy handed telly types are with ethnic characters. The black fellas over 50 always drink rum and are always related to a wide boy. Because that's how black people roll. The Asian family own a curry house. If there was a Jewish family in there they'd almost certainly own a bank.
  4. Section_31

    The BBC

    Tremendous. I went to an open recruitment event there once and a producer told me one of their staff 'was the son of a docker'. Seemingly being a scouser I must too have had some links to the docks, and that it should be no barrier.
  5. Section_31


    Yeah they're total cunts as a rule, they act like prison guards not someone who is a tourist/visitor's first experience of their country. When we went to Vegas my mate was shitting one because we had to go through Philadelphia. He'd been a few months earlier and said the guards and all the airport workers were cunts. Like one of the guards came through and said "go through, before I change my mind!!!". When we went this jobsworth cunt was holding our passports next to our faces, I thought he was joking, he had a limp so I suspected the worst. He pulled me in to the mini police station and I had to produce two more forms of ID. The two blokes in there looked at my ID and just smirked. I asked if there was a problem and one just shouted "the problem is the guy who brought you in here!!!" When we got to Vegas everyone was queueing and they opened a second barrier, but nobody said "come through here", woman just goes, really sarcastically, "errr hello, this way duh!!" Then she started laughing with her mate. Years earlier in new york they were giving it the shouty bollocks but weren't even looking properly in your case, just shouting. There was this veneer of professionalism but it was largely keystone cops shit. We were waiting for a connecting flight to Amsterdam so they must have assumed we were Dutch (and as we all know, the Dutch don't speak English). My mate was sat there eating a big bag of crisps and we heard the tannoy in the terminal go: "bing bong, now hear this, the guy in the red t shirt....is fat. That is all..." We looked over and there were two airport staff sat there on the desk pissing themselves laughing. It's a strange place. I've always found the man and woman in the street to be lovely, but anyone in a public or customer facing role to be varying degrees of rude, aggressive or thick as fuck.
  6. Section_31


    TUSTIN – In one corner, weighing in at a combined 2,627 flabby pounds, stood 10 Orange County sheriff’s deputies. In the other corner: 2,533 pounds of overweight Santa Ana police officers. Doughnut jokes? Those had gotten old a long time ago. The 10 deputies and 10 police officers who faced off Wednesday morning are all trying to shed 10 percent of their body weight in 10 weeks. It’s a competition, the “Battle of the Badges,” but it’s also meant to draw attention to the nation’s ongoing battle against obesity.
  7. Section_31


    Said it before but I think a big problem is the calibre of recruit the yanks let into their varying police forces juxtaposed with the huge level of disproportionate authority they have to basically twat or kill you. Some 5'2 Elmer Fuddalike who never finished high school and used to work at Home Depot takes a job with the local Sheriff's department and gets given a shotgun, what could possibly go wrong. Going through airport security in the States is always an eye opener, bunch of shouty, rude, fat thick cunts with guns demanding total deference. You never seem to see the FBI getting caught up in shit like this, it's always the types of people who look like they take an hour to tie their shoelaces.
  8. Section_31

    I am addicted to The Shield

    Aceveda was only 32 in The Shield, mad.
  9. Section_31


    Jonathan Bullshit
  10. Section_31


    Hate shit like this. "Realise at 60 your kids hate you then kill yourself."
  11. Section_31


    "To all my connections, sorry I've not been on LinkedIn lately, my baby is seriously ill and we've just been admitted to hospital." There is no bottom with the place.
  12. Section_31

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    Really hope I get this before the Brazilian variant gets here and starts taking down us youngsters. Genuinely surprised I haven't been called yet despite having high blood pressure a BMI which has seen me reclassified at least twice now as a planetoid by Jodrell Bank.
  13. Section_31


    If this was ten years ago, Alan Sex would be all over this with a gif.
  14. Section_31


    We're gonna need another vaccine I guess.
  15. Section_31


    Funny how these stories always come out when lockdowns are lifted. Suspect it's just another example of their carrot and stick approach because they don't have the nous to handle it any other way, "here's a tenner for your dinner" cases spike "rare side effects discovered that can make kids' heads explode" cases go down "I'm off to the pub says Boris" cases go up "WHO tracking new bognor Regis variant that eats expensive dogs". The erosion of trust and personal responsibility coupled with the lack of talent of anyone in public life means that this is the only way they can secure buy in now, like a crap parent who only doles out sweets or smacks. Imagine being in the midst of world war 2 and instead of being levelled with early doors and being able to adapt and hunker down, you were told the war was nearly over one minute, then the nazis had developed a superweapon the next, or that your kids were evacuated one day and brought home the next, then evacuated again a day later. People can adapt to anything, literally anything, there's people out in Siberia getting showered in minus 30 degree weather, people in Africa getting on with their lives while contending with dirty drinking water and all sorts of disease. The only thing people can't adapt to is unpredictability, and that's something these clowns serve up in spades. The mental health fallout of all this will be monumental long term.