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  1. Section_31

    Joe Biden

    "PM becomes first leader in Europe to talk to Biden on the telephone". The words don't exist to describe how cringeworthy this is.
  2. Section_31

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    It will all be healed in a few weeks, oh I forgot to mention you're a professional arm wrestler and you're probably going to lose the title, kudos and pulling power it took you 30 years to regain.
  3. Section_31


    Fucking hell mate, so sorry to hear this. Love to you and your family.
  4. Section_31

    US Election 2020 Thread

    They love this shit the Americans. Concierge in Vegas found out we were scousers and said his family were Welsh having come to the States 'in the 1600s'. My great grandfather was Danish, I've never, nor would I ever, lay claim to being Danish or having Danish root, nor would I go to a Danish bar and ask for a Heineken.
  5. Section_31


    A single shot of the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine produces a robust antibody response within weeks, according to Israeli data that could help inform whether scarce global supplies can be stretched by delaying second doses. At the Rambam Health Care Campus in northern Israel, 91 per cent of the 1,800 doctors and nurses that received the two dose vaccine showed a major presence of antibodies 21 days after their first shot, before receiving the second dose, according to Michael Halberthal, chief executive of the hospital. A further 2 per cent showed a moderate presence of antibodies. “If 93 per cent had a major response three weeks after the first injection, this raises a good question, that you might rather be using the first injection on more people” said Dr Halberthal. At the Sheba Medical Center, similar serological tests at different intervals showed at least 50 per cent of staff with a level of antibodies “above the cut-off point” two weeks after the first jab, said Arnon Afek, the associate director-general of the hospital chain. The data from the two hospitals is based on individual antibody responses to the vaccine and does not a provide definitive assessment of the efficacy of a single shot. BioNTech/Pfizer’s clinical trials were based on two shots, 21 days apart, and did not measure antibody response. Pfizer said it could not comment on independent studies. However, the early findings are likely to encourage those scientists who have argued that the time between the first and second doses of Covid vaccines could be extended in order to stretch limited supplies. “This goes to what’s been in dispute right now in the UK, whether to continue giving just a first dose, so that people receive certain levels of immunity or to go to the second,” said Mr Afek, Israel has sufficient vaccine supplies and is not expected to change its strategy. It plans to inoculate the entire adult population by mid March. “The question of whether the first shot is enough will not be answered out of Israel,” Mr Afek said. “Our policy is to give two shots, but the data we have collected is significant.” Israel’s rapid vaccination programme is being closely watched by epidemiologists looking for data on real world vaccine efficacy and the impact of vaccine-induced immunity on infection rates. The country of 9m people has already administered first shots to more than a quarter of the population, the highest vaccination rate in the world. It has administered second shots to about 850,000 people, including 80 per cent of the population over 60. Frontline healthcare workers were among the first to be vaccinated in Israel, providing a large sample of an at-risk population stretching back to late-December. Stephen Evans, professor of pharmacoepidemiology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said the UK, which has chosen to space the first and second doses of the BioNTech/Pfizer shot beyond the recommended 21 days, was conducting its own studies. “The UK will soon have its own data showing efficacy after the first dose for the different vaccines currently in use and any policy changes should await more robust data,” he said.
  6. Section_31


    Good stuff. https://www.ft.com/content/4d9fe80d-e604-4bbe-b0f8-fd4b8df9b7f1
  7. Section_31


    Patel when asked why the UK had such a high death rate...
  8. Section_31


    See how you go on with the tests but if they find nothing physical I'd deffo talk to the GP again, they'll probably just give you some beta blockers for a bit, they stop those kind of physical symptoms. They're also classed as performance enhancing drugs for snooker and darts.
  9. Section_31


    A 60% reduction in infections among over 60s in Israel, 13-23 days after first dose.
  10. Section_31


    This is the problem when you're a habitual liar like trump and Johnson.
  11. Section_31


    Mrs went to get a lateral flow test last night, she tries to get one at the end of each working week but it was closed. They're all now closed at 5pm apparently. Absolutely bonkers, during what is widely thought to be the absolute peak.
  12. Section_31


    Could it possibly be anxiety mate? It can cause all of those symptoms, bad panic attacks can feel like a full blown heart attack. Covid by its nature (will i get better or worse) must cause tremendous mental distress to people who are going through it, the news doesn't help either.
  13. Section_31

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    This made me chuckle though, what a time to be alive. the revolutionary grassroots campaign of marches and rallies across Scotland for independence. During Covid: regular zoom meets and static-rallies.
  14. Section_31


    People complained about Reid's dress apparently. What kind of animals.