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  1. polymerpunkah

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Al Qaeda: "You mean we didn't have to fly planes into the buildings? We could have just walked in?"
  2. polymerpunkah

    US Election 2020 Thread

    I hope this is the moment when Republican politicians admit the Emperor has no clothes. They've supported/accepted/minimized/ignored his nonsense for years, and they're complicit in what has happened because of it. They're all afraid of getting primaried, the gutless sacks of shit.
  3. polymerpunkah

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Missed this whole putsch as I was at work, as I missed that thread as well. Thought the same thing--all it needs is Gazza with the chicken.
  4. polymerpunkah

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    "sex arse tycoon" I seem to recall that being one of the recommended professions I pursue back when I took the career aptitude tests in high school. The road not taken....
  5. polymerpunkah

    Rate the last film you watched...

    dnoB semaJ ,dnoB I kept thinking that watching "Tenet". But as Anubis says, an attempt to do something with imagination and ambition. And I'm all for that. "Interstellar" is a fantastic movie, one I've watched numerous times. (Not least because it took a few viewings to figure it all out.) Hopefully Tenet will grow on me the same way.
  6. polymerpunkah

    The GF book thread

    Muhammad - A Prophet for Our Time Karen Armstrong By turns history, apologia and hagiography, still a very good place to start reading on a fascinating historical subject. 7 of 10 BTW, if you can hit it when it's open for new members, you should avoid this site like the plague if you're looking for both ebooks and audiobooks: https://www.myanonamouse.net/
  7. polymerpunkah

    Rate the last film you watched...

    "Born Yesterday" 1950 US riff on "Pygmalion" with Judy Holliday, William Holden and Broderick Crawford. It's not perfect, but it's worth watching for Holliday's performance as a "ditzy blonde". She's mesmerizing. 7 of 10
  8. polymerpunkah


    "They're teaching Marxism in the schools!" "They're refusing to teach Marxism in the schools!"
  9. polymerpunkah

    Rate the last film you watched...

    You Are Here: A Come From Away Story A documentary about the grounding of 38 planes in a small town in Newfoundland on 9-11. I'd like to say it's a reflection of all of Canada, but I think it's more a reflection of the fine people of Newfoundland specifically and the people of the east coast of Canada in general. 8 of 10 Same score for "Hunt for the Wilderpeople". I laughed/smiled throughout both, which doesn't go amiss these days.
  10. polymerpunkah

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    All I know is I've got a canoe full of beaver pelts, and once the ice melts (and you re-establish the Empire) I'll be paddling across the country to get them to you toot suite. (Can you imagine those crazy bastards actually transported pelts 2000 miles across Canada by canoe to then ship them across the Atlantic to England to make hats?)
  11. polymerpunkah

    Other football - 2020/21

    Just be glad it's not Leon Osman. I had to turn the sound down. Someone should tell Wolves that they're allowed to try to get the ball into the box.
  12. polymerpunkah

    Other football - 2020/21

    City/Ev match postponed due to too many City covid infections. And someone elbowed Choudhury in the head? That's a shame. Zaha with the first goal for Palace vs Leicester, btw. Decent finish but Schmeichel should have stopped it.
  13. polymerpunkah

    Donald Trump

    It was this dude, wasn't it:
  14. polymerpunkah

    Mohamed Salah

    I think he's the best player in the Prem, at the moment. But as has been said, the only indispensable is Klopp.