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  1. sir roger


    Cameron Norrie quietly having a fantastic season. Up to 26 in the world , number 1 in Britain , edging towards being only the 3rd British male to have 50 wins in a calendar year and now in the final of the Indian Wells tournament.
  2. sir roger

    Mark Lawrenson

    It takes a special talent to make people desperate to have Ronan Keating back.
  3. sir roger

    Boxing 2021

    Thought the ref was a little bit slow to save the other girl there.
  4. sir roger

    Mark Lawrenson

    He was a bit cheesy , but compared to arrogant know-nothings like Jenas he was a master of his craft , and we were always 'we' to him ( unless we played Preston ).
  5. sir roger

    Boxing 2021

    Reminded me of that twitter video of the two little kids doing Taekwando and not getting within a foot of each other
  6. sir roger

    Boxing 2021

    Sky boxing starting in Newcastle. If the fights don’t grab you our favourite female presenter has a black plastic miniskirt on.
  7. sir roger

    Other Football 2021/22

    Keep pressing the thumbs up but not acknowledging Dave's wisdom for me.
  8. How thin is that young lad's arm if you can see Curtis' hand through it ?
  9. sir roger

    Keir Starmer

    Labour increased from 1 Scots mp to 13 in 2017.
  10. Re Shooter's post - Not a bad side at all considering the absentees.
  11. sir roger

    Keir Starmer

    That would be Wales , the only one of the three with a leader even pretending to have any socialist scruples , anybody might think there was a lesson there.
  12. sir roger

    Keir Starmer

    Not looking like Scotland is responding to a leader moving the party to the right , either Sarwar or Starmer. Falkirk by election SNP 39.2 % up 3.5% TORY 38.9 % up 6.8% LABOUR 15.7 % down 11.4 %
  13. sir roger

    Small pleasures?

    How I miss the nights I used to wake up from dreaming I was on a trampoline only to find my daughter jumping up and down on my pillow.
  14. sir roger

    Keir Starmer

    Biden has managed to keep his more radical element in the tent more or less as he sees how important energy and youth are on the ground , whereas Starmer is alienating a great portion of the more energetic supporters completely. Biden also has built a place for himself in the US political firmament over 40+ years whereas Starmer is a pretty new face and strangely enough for an ex DPP he seems to have no real political acumen and is a deathly orator.
  15. sir roger

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    She is the girl who deliberately avoided mentioning her name or her links to the Jewish Labour Movement in the Panorama thing