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  1. sir roger

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Haven't been to New Brighton for ages
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/new-on-netflix-april-2020-all-the-movies-and-shows-arriving-this-month/ar-BB11YqAX?ocid=spartandhp
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  4. sir roger


    Looks nothing like him Rico, my nephew was a ringer for Mark Lester.
  5. Cheers Cloggy , will watch a few on Netflix and see what I think I like Danny De Vito
  6. sir roger

    Research on Sexuality in Football

    You could be the toast of the Cherry Red Records Isthmian League 3rd Division , rb , You'd be on the One Show by Thursday.
  7. Maybe City will Renault him to us for a few years.
  8. Always thought the Munsters was a cheap rip-off of the Addams Family , hadn't realised they premiered so closely together. Preferred TAF and it's theme tune was Sami's song so that'll do for me.
  9. never watched a single episode of Sunny , what's it about ?
  10. sir roger

    Research on Sexuality in Football

    Done All joking apart, I am amazed that no gay players have come out by now.
  11. sir roger


    Cheers Stig , turns out one of the under-reported symptoms of the virus is that it can cause heart palpitations similar to a mild heart attack, but the paramedic she spoke to didn't want to take any chances so she had to go in for an ECG and blood tests. Feels a lot better today and hopefully the meds will help further over the next few days.
  12. sir roger


    The wife had to attend Fazakerley Hospital A&E last night on a coronavirus-linked issue and it was a scary experience. They have basically split the hospital in half and one half is totally Covid focused. We had to wait on the forecourt until an A&E nurse came out in full space suit garb to take the details and then took my wife through and I wasn't allowed in. She was treated brilliantly and was out within 6 hours but said there were a load of beds all taken with Covid victims and it had the feel of a field hospital. The staff who attended her definitely felt it was going to get worse not better in the short term. The only light-hearted episode was a middle-aged bloke in a tracky who barged past me and 3 paramedics with a bloke on a trolley when the wife was giving her details, to demand a massage from somebody as his back was killing him and he hadn't slept properly for 2 weeks. The looks on the nurse and paramedics faces was brilliant.
  13. sir roger


    If you have to get to work and the train network is on a skeleton service , I am not sure how you social distance on the platform / train.