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  1. sir roger

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Hasn't that Herman Ouseley guy from Kick It Out got a legal background ? , If so how does he assume guilt immediately in any cases involving a possible racist element within 10 minutes without waiting for any conclusive evidence.
  2. sir roger


    Unless they have some sort of issue we aren't likely to be in with any chance of taking players like Dembele from Barca etc.
  3. sir roger

    Boxing 2018

    I can see why Kell would be peeved at losing the money involved , but you can understand why Khan wants to fight Crawford rather than him & one thing you can never charge Amir with is being scared of tough fights.
  4. sir roger

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Some of the in depth analysis on this and the Bournemouth threads would suggest that Jurgen & Sarri are safe in their jobs for a little longer.
  5. sir roger

    Office Christmas parties

    It would be worth the turd brown tank top at Xmas
  6. sir roger


    The only available tickets at the Phil are £135 , I assume you get to play drums for that.
  7. sir roger

    Serious things you shouldn't laugh at

    To be fair, to complete the respectfulness of the scene the stripes were painted over in black.
  8. sir roger

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

    I note NV's subsequent comment & accept the goal should have been disallowed , but where does that leave the incident with Spurs at Anfield last season when Kane was miles offside but after a slight touch from Lovren it was not flagged. We were solemnly told by Riley's groupies that the ref was right because Lovren made a deliberate attempt to play the ball. Well the goalie deliberately saved the ball today didn't he.
  9. sir roger

    Office Christmas parties

    The best Xmas do's I ever went to were when working in a bank on Castle St and were held on Xmas Eve after half-day closing, in Tommy Smith's bar which used to be in Back-Castle Street. Like the last days of Rome they were.
  10. sir roger

    Alisson Becker

    And all of this while trolling the opposition by turning up in fancy dress as a Stabilo Boss marker pen.
  11. sir roger

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    If he is better than Big Games James then I can't wait.
  12. sir roger


    Went to see Tillbrook at The Epstein week before last & he was excellent. Because his voice is so brilliant, I always seem to forget how good his guitar playing is until I see him live.
  13. sir roger

    Date thread

    Reminds me of a mate of mine who got a bit of stick over his girlfriend being 6 foot 1 and just said they were jealous and she was worth the climb.
  14. sir roger

    The FA Cup 2018/19 Thread.

    There's always the Europa.
  15. sir roger

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Blueshite Bingo Respect , full house there , he'll be claiming to be Alan Ball's son next.