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    Other Football - 2019/20

    Summer tournaments are finished and people are discussing pre-season friendly games in last season’s thread. A new one is required. We’re all agreed that any and all teams discussed in here are shite compared to the reds.
  2. Captain Turdseye

    The IPTV Thread

    It was mentioned in the XBMC thread that perhaps we should have one of these, seeing as Kodi rarely gets discussed in there anymore. I’m aware that this forum is full of fine, upstanding members of the community and that the idea of streaming TV via these illegitimate means is morally wrong and abhorrent to us all. Other, less respectable people won’t care about any of that so the only thing we can do to help is try out these services so we’re better equipped to point out their flaws. Please share all of your negative experiences in here.
  3. Captain Turdseye

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    She fucking knows it as well.
  4. Captain Turdseye

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Yeah, it’s been said further back in the thread, episode 9, ‘Socks Are Important’ was just stunning TV. My DVD of the film got here yesterday but I won’t be watching it just yet because it’s my bird’s birthday in a fortnight and I thought adding it to her pile of presents from the kids would be a sound thing to do. I’m dead nice like that.
  5. Captain Turdseye

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    You’ve missed episode 10 lad. Came out on all the usual sources on Friday morning. Get on it.
  6. Captain Turdseye

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I’m watching it on LiveScore.
  7. Captain Turdseye

    General Election 2019

    Just back from the in-laws after a roast. Brexit voters, think Corbyn’s a joke, etc. Talk moved to politics after dinner and I knew there was no point engaging so I had the kids coats on and was out of there inside two minutes. Her ma’s a thick cunt, I accepted that long ago. Her dad just saddens me. He grew up in the North East with no money. About as working class a background as you could imagine but it’s all about Brexit for him. Just retired from a civil service job too. Proudly explained that they’d be voting for the Brexit Party until their 15 year old grandson pointed out that they’re not even an option in this constituency. “We’ll vote Tory then. Same thing.” They seem to be doing alright at the moment, certainly better than I am these last couple of years, but it was only five/six years ago that they couldn’t even keep up with their mortgage and borrowed hundreds of pounds from me on several occasions just to keep their heads above water. A part of me wonders what would have happened if I’d told them to jog on. Nice normal people (like her dad, not her snide goblin twat of a mum) are just completely blinkered by Brexit.
  8. Captain Turdseye

    Report: Lallana on the radar of PSG

    Someone needs to get hold of PSG and tell them that their radar is fucked.
  9. Captain Turdseye

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Have you, yeah? What happens in the last one that doesn’t air until next week?
  10. Captain Turdseye

    Jeffery Epstein & Friends

    Erm, excuse me, the Daily Mail said there was no briefing and he wasn’t provided with any of the questions in advance. The BBC just rocked up at the palace and let him explain. There’s nothing to see here.
  11. Captain Turdseye

    Other Football - 2019/20

    +£75 on the footy today. Would have been +£250 if the Dutch weren’t shit cunts.
  12. Captain Turdseye

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Jean Kean. Ha.
  13. Captain Turdseye

    Advice on trainers

    That’s Germans for you.
  14. Captain Turdseye

    Joker - Movie

    I watched it a day or two ago. Decent film. That’s the end of my review.
  15. Captain Turdseye

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I think word of mouth could see it explode like Breaking Bad. It’s that good. Netflix would be wise to try and get hold of it. The episode you mentioned and the final episode of the first series were both amazing TV. Looking forward to the last one of this series next week.
  16. Captain Turdseye

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    You didn’t give a score out of 10...
  17. Captain Turdseye

    The XBMC thread - What it is, how it works etc...

    It was fucking gooood.
  18. Captain Turdseye

    The XBMC thread - What it is, how it works etc...

    Typhoon is your friend. I need to send the kids to bed so I can turn off Children in Need.
  19. Captain Turdseye

    General Election 2019

    It also shits all over the Tories policy which has been one of the main things they’ve been pushing, along with the bullshit about 40 new hospitals.
  20. Captain Turdseye


    No worries.
  21. Captain Turdseye


    That’s subjective mate. It depends how much you use it. If you’re always watching a lot of stuff on Kodi or TyphoonTV then it’s well worth having. It’s basically just access to a lot more links and often they’re a lot better than the links that those apps throw up without it. It’s not essential.
  22. Captain Turdseye


    Not with IPTV, mate. RD just brings up better links to streams of TV shows and movies. It’s got nothing to do with live streaming TV channels.
  23. Captain Turdseye

    Lib Dems

  24. Captain Turdseye

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    I’m back to drinking on the odd occasion. Not really beer though. I’ll have a pint of Guinness and then switch to whiskey or gin with lemonade and drink it slowly. Basically, I’ve turned into my nan.
  25. Captain Turdseye

    General Election 2019

    Nationalising water, energy and Royal Mail would pay for itself within seven years, research says Shareholders would not be paid ‘market value’ for assets under £50bn nationalisation. The nationalisation of water, energy grids and the Royal Mail would save UK households £7.8 billion a year and pay for itself within seven years, according to new academic research. A report by Greenwich University's Public Service International Research Unit put the total cost of compensation to private sector owners at just £49.7 billion - around a quarter of the widely-quoted £196 billion price tag calculated by the CBI last month, which also covered rail. Labour's manifesto for the 12 December general election is expected to include commitments to take the rail network, National Grid, water and mail delivery back into public hands. PSIRU director David Hall said his estimates were based on compensating shareholders for the amount they have invested in utilities being taken into public hands, rather than paying out a "market value" price as the CBI suggested. Savings are calculated by comparing the current cost of dividends and interest paid by private companies to the cost of refinancing with debt raised by issuing government bonds. Prof Hall found this would save the UK £2.5bn a year on water, £3.7bn on gas and electricity and a further £1.4bn if existing Private Finance Initiative projects were nationalised. Professor Hall calculates that the average household would be £142 better off a year as a result of nationalising energy grids, and £113 better off if English water companies were publicly owned. "Based on intensive empirical research, this paper shows that public ownership of utilities would result in annual savings of just under £8bn - so nationalisation would pay for itself in less than seven years," said Prof Hall. "Nationalisation would cost less than £50bn if shareholders are compensated for the amount they have actually invested, rather than costing the country nearly £200bn as claimed by the CBI last month. "UK law does not require that they be paid the 'market value', and it is up to parliament to decide on a case-by-case basis the appropriate amount of compensation." Cat Hobbs, director of the pro-nationalisation pressure group We Own It, said public ownership would allow the companies to pursue improvements seen in state-owned enterprises such as the French postal system, which offers food deliveries, home care for people with chronic illnesses and a key concierge service as well as delivering letters. "It's absolutely clear that privatisation is bad deal for the public purse, and for our public services," said Ms Hobbs. "We're wasting billions on shareholder dividends and the higher cost of investment in the private sector. By bringing our services into public ownership, we could use that money to deliver better services for all of us. "Other countries are showing us what this would look like in practice. From Paris cutting bills, cutting leaks and delivering still and sparkling water fountains all across the city to Denmark leading a renewable energy revolution through its publicly owned wind turbines, public ownership is flourishing."