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    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    You’re an open book, Mook. You’re probably offended by this comment, you PC tit. PC Tit would be a great username by the way.
  2. I’m not arguing that, I’m saying there’s people claiming to feel that way but under slightly different circumstances wouldn’t be half as passionate about it. Scouse or not.
  3. If the article in The Athletic is right in saying that another 10 PL clubs will follow suit this week then you have to wonder whether there’d be so much noise if we were, say for example, the 14th club in the league to do this. There’d be plenty of disgust/embarrassment/objection I’m sure but there’s at least a portion of those shouting loudest on Twitter that are faux outraged based purely on the fact that other fans are slagging us off for it.
  4. Captain Turdseye

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    I feel the same as I have for weeks. It’s all just a bit ‘meh’ and uninspiring and all there is to do is wait and see what happens when some sort of normality returns. All I know is the people in my branch are the same people they were last year and nobody’s fucking off just yet. Obviously waiting on developments with Galloway and whatnot.
  5. Captain Turdseye

    Online food shopping

    Sainsbury’s were all out of teabags. The only Pringles left were BBQ. I had a sore throat for twenty minutes this morning.
  6. Captain Turdseye

    Online food shopping

    I went to Sainsbury’s yesterday.
  7. Captain Turdseye

    George Galloway

    That second one is somebody’s living room, isn’t it?
  8. Captain Turdseye

    Online food shopping

    I’ve got a delivery slot myself for Wednesday. Do you think I should list my ailments here for you to decide if I’m vulnerable enough?
  9. Captain Turdseye

    Online food shopping

    I’ll tell you what we all need delivered to this thread. Some fresh beef. This current lot keeps repeating on me.
  10. Captain Turdseye


    Talking ‘bout some intubation.
  11. Captain Turdseye

    The Grand National

    £5 win on Beware The Bear. Don’t let me down, you cartoon cunt.
  12. Captain Turdseye

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Corbyn in the dock at The Hague.
  13. Captain Turdseye

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    He’s got anti-semitism back on the agenda on day 1. Everyone has had a chance to recharge their batteries and the Twitter war can now recommence. Once more unto the breach, dear friends.
  14. Captain Turdseye

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    So you’re denying that you’re into teenage boys? Pull the other one.
  15. Captain Turdseye

    Crouch: Everything Xabi did was class

    Even the way he tried to force through a move to Arsenal oozed class.
  16. Captain Turdseye


    You might change your mind when you’ve sobered up.
  17. Hey, you should get talking to @Nunavut Patrick. You two will get along great.
  18. Captain Turdseye

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Even the ones with dicks.
  19. Captain Turdseye

    Horse racing

    Didn’t know anything about this. Cheers for giving me the opportunity to throw some money away tomorrow.
  20. Captain Turdseye


  21. Captain Turdseye

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    Just bought a litre of gin. I barely even drink. I need to stop reading this forum.
  22. Captain Turdseye

    What are your favourite all time magazines?

    Renewed my Private Eye sub this morning thanks to this thread. Give it two months and I’ll get a poll going based on which of last four editions was the best.