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  1. I couldn’t watch cheers now. Yeah, Sunny should win by a distance.
  2. Numero Veinticinco


    I used to have them plain, but in France I had a cheese and ham one and never looked back.
  3. Sunny is, by far, the best comedy in the last... ever.
  4. Numero Veinticinco


    Yeah, was great. There’s been a couple of times I’ve been like that. The number of volunteers, plus this.
  5. Numero Veinticinco

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    I don’t really see the argument against wearing a mask
  6. Numero Veinticinco

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Which department was he working in and which which two months was he working there? The sources I’ve seen say he was there for 18 months as an account executive. The same source that you quoted saying he worked in a different department said he would have been aware of it. As for your moral equivalence stuff, that has nothing to do with me. I’m talking about double standards. You making strange excuses and them making strange excuses, you dismissing and them dismissing... that’s the double standard. Nothing to do with who was worse for what. That said, anyone who lobbies for convicted murderers are probably not the best people to be associated with. That’s why Clegg removes it from his CV at one point.
  7. Numero Veinticinco

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    No, no, he freely was employed by the lobbying firm, who boasted all sorts of saints, like Enron and Gaddafi. They were involved in ‘lobbygate’, too. You, on two occasions, have tried to paint them as just doing work to get sanctions lifted. What angels. Their primary job was to ‘improve the reputation of Gaddafi’. Lobbyists absolutely are apologists - and worse - in these cases. Once again you’re being flippant in an effort to excuse it, just as those who explain Corbyn’s meetings with questionable people. That’s fine n’ all, that’s what supporters do, but if you’re going to point out double standards, it’s true for all those doing it.
  8. Numero Veinticinco

    Online food shopping

    isn’t it government advice to do your shopping online via delivery? I’m glad the Supermarkets are prioritising those in need. Although I’m not sure how they’re doing that.
  9. Numero Veinticinco

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    What it isn’t about is ‘attacking you’ for ‘pointing out a double standard’, so you can stove that line of bullshit. What it is about, as I’ve already told you, is pointing out your double standard. You made a daft claim about people giving Corbyn a pass. I pointed out that it was nonsense, unless you are only referring to his supporters. I said - and this is where your own double standard comes in, which judging by your previous comment you should be glad I’m pointing out - that the same is true of you and Farron and Clegg. You then went on to claim what I said about Clegg was false, which is a lie, and ignored what I said about Farron. This quite wonderfully demonstrates your double standard. You were criticising double standards with a double standard. That’s pretty hypocritical, something you previously claimed never to have been. I’m going to stop you there. You’re attempting the schoolyard trick again. I didn’t say Clegg was an apologist. I said he worked for one. That’s the second time you’ve tried to do this. First time I can accept as a mistake, but I pointed it out. This is highly dishonest.
  10. Numero Veinticinco

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Just seen this. I‘ll answer now.
  11. Numero Veinticinco

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The best Prime Minister we never had! No.
  12. Numero Veinticinco


    That’s true, but I think the reason for it is that you regularly make proclaim how virtuous you are and how you never start insulting people and other claims of purity. That type of thing leads to this.
  13. Numero Veinticinco


    Obviously we didn’t learn anything outside of the rules for travel and leaving the house.
  14. Numero Veinticinco


    About time. It was quite a chilling watch.