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  1. Numero Veinticinco

    Mr Inbetween

    And his dad. Wow.
  2. Numero Veinticinco

    Mr Inbetween

    Absolute cracking wasn't it. I absolutely love the show. I've recommended it to about 10 people and never heard a bad word said against it.
  3. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    That's actually interesting. One of the few Tories I can stand.
  4. Numero Veinticinco

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Yeah, looked interesting. I think it’s worth giving a second chance to it. I think there’s a heavy time travel aspect to this one. You see Seven on a bus, etc. W is fucking with people again.
  5. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    Oh, I know mate. It was more a follow on from the tweet Gnash linked. We are in fantasy land here. Probably would also
  6. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    My point is that she won’t even get close to making a cabinet because she’ll be made to look clueless. Start questioning her about NATO and geopolitics, finer points of economic policy, political theory, etc. She’d look like a school girl. As much as I don’t like her and think she’d be a disaster, RLB would be way better than Ange. Nandy better again. Heart and honesty doesn’t seem enough, if it was we’d have Corbyn as PM but we have a heartless liar.
  7. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    I mean, if it’s a choice between her or a Tory, it’s not even a question, but she would be absolutely crushed and made to look clueless pretty quickly. No doubt about her heart (or her boots) but her brains?
  8. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    Rayner-Rayner sauce. Nandy is pragmatic but I doubt it. Ange? Yeah, okay. What next, President Diane Abbott?
  9. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    Yeah, completely different conditions in those. But yeah, he has a good shot of putting another Tory in Parliament.
  10. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    Oh, Galloway won’t win. That’s not on the cards. His job is to make Labour lose the by-election to Tories by splitting Labour’s vote.
  11. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    Yeah, though the comeback is going to be ‘that was Corbyn, not Labour’. It was effectively the same thing though.
  12. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    I think you underestimate Galloway’s draw there. And if Labour had done what many on the left had wanted, and basically carried on the Corbyn approach, the antisemitism stuff would still be a massive hot topic. So you’re just swapping one for the other. Galloway is still beating the Iraq ear drum. Even the most critical anti-Starmerite couldn’t put that on Starmer. It’s not just as simple as ‘BoD’.
  13. Numero Veinticinco

    Keir Starmer

    I was actually hoping you had info on the stuff Rog was saying. Not sure Lib Dem’s we’re all that keen on an alliance whilst JC (the real one, not the Jew one) was leader though.