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  1. They’ve arguably won more than us this season and we greatly assisted them while ruining our own season. Great stuff. Thanks lads!
  2. If Man United win this trophy, we facilitated it much more than Man City did.
  3. Good player in fairness to him and he’s scored in big games. Hope we see more of our own youngsters like Danns and Clark next season.
  4. I want Man United to lose all day. Absolutely grim that they’ll potentially end up with more prestigious silverware than us this season. Can only thank our players for those wonderful displays at Old Trafford.
  5. I guess that’s one way to make yourself stand out to your new bald manager.
  6. Came on here just now after hearing about Code’s astonishing attack on Klopp on the news headlines just now. Klopp has split the fanbase just like all our other managers.
  7. Retired in 2018 after a few stints in the Danish second and third flights. Probably would have improved us under Hodgson.
  8. I struggle to think of any manager who would succeed there at the moment, but a 38–year-old former assistant to Solskjaer who never played to a high level and is still pretty much a novice should keep this show that we all love so much running for at least one more season. Potter had a higher pedigree going to Chelsea and didn’t command a scintilla of respect from a similar viper’s nest of players. Lots of bad dickheads in both those dressing rooms still.
  9. Wouldn’t happen under Michael Edwards’ watch.
  10. Euros will be good once it hits the knock-out rounds. Germany overdue a few performances. They certainly have the players.
  11. You would have gotten good odds on Craig Bellamy becoming assistant manager of Bayern Munich when he was using Riise as a driving range.
  12. McKenna already spending next December’s Chelsea pay-off in his head.
  13. I think an upgrade on Endo at 6 should be a key priority this summer. That’s probably quite a simplistic view these days with the inverted full back and double pivot stuff, though.
  14. Gasperini’s age will go against him for big jobs, but he’s been excellent. He made very light work of us and Leverkusen.
  15. Is he that bad? PSG and Chelsea would be toxic environments anyway. Bayern fans seemed to want him to stay.
  16. Really hard side to play against from the European games I saw them in this season. Same is us, I think Leverkusen struggled physically.
  17. Kompany to Bayern. Hearing Joey Barton, Jay Spearing and Roy Hodgson will twerk until exhaustion to find a successor to Carlos Ancelotti at Real.
  18. Alonso found out the minute he had to play a decent side away who weren’t farmers. Michael Edwards 1 Xabi Alonso 0
  19. Gasperini doing it for the more forgetful among us who can’t get a full erection. Neg if you agree; rep if you disagree
  20. Did not match picture or description. The quality of the cape is very poor and the material chafed my thighs. Would not recommend.
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