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  1. Klopp would even have gotten a goal or two out of this group, or failing that, a few more shots on target or touches in the opposition box.
  2. El Rojo

    Three at the back

    Can’t see us changing to that system, though we’re overloaded with talent in the position. I reckon Matip would do a decent job as an emergency defensive midfielder if he was called upon.
  3. I’d take 58-year-old Gareth Barry over him at this stage.
  4. The club spent £53m on a player Klopp wanted. Does that make him our third highest signing ever? He was always going to get every chance to make a go of things in a way that a £10m signing wouldn't. Agree that we're not going to get anything near what we paid for him back now, but we should still cut our losses. Is he even a £20m player at this stage? Anyway, we've rinsed enough other clubs over the last few years and one big transfer was always going to go badly. We've come out well on the law of averages. Fees aside, Alisson or Virgil flopping would have been vastly more damaging to us than Keita doing the same. We wouldn't have won the league or European Cup without either, whereas sometimes I forget that Keita plays for us (even during games when he starts).
  5. El Rojo

    Other Football 2021/22

    Would love to see us have a go at actually winning this thing. We've been given a rare break in it too, with Brentford the only other top flight club not playing another from the top division.
  6. El Rojo

    Other Football 2021/22

    First Trump, then Brexit, the planet burning and now Manchester City not drawing Newport or Carlisle in the League Cup. These truly are the end times
  7. El Rojo

    Joe Gomez

    I know, it's actually a slight problem giving them all the game time they need now. The domestic cups might take on a new importance for the management team this year. Already, it looks like we won't be shipping too many goals regardless of how our back four is constituted.
  8. We should of course have signed Anelka, but I'm equally certain that it would have ended in tears not long afterwards if we had signed him.
  9. Getting at least another game in the competition is important for keeping Konate, Gomez, Minamino, Origi and Kelleher primed. Don't need them being completely rusty for when they might be needed in the league or European Cup. I think Jones will play plenty of games regardless. He's doing well in a more disciplined role than he started for us in. Gordon's clearly a talent and Bradley gave a good account of himself too. Already, Kelleher looks almost too good to be an understudy in a position where he won't generally get to play in many games, but that's a great headache to have given some of the reserves - and first choices - we've had in the position over the last few decades.
  10. For the money they would have paid, it’s odd clubs like Wolves didn’t take a chance on Origi.
  11. Origi’s been really good. He’ll deserve his second league and European Cup medals this season.
  12. On Keita - what club would have gone near him in the summer? It’s not like the whole world isn’t aware of how bad he’s been for a few years now. The contract thing is just an exercise in maximising whatever value he has left should some director of football somewhere lose their mind.
  13. Jones has great feet. He’ll be a brilliant central midfielder in the not too distant future if he keeps working.
  14. Did Kelleher rabona-save that penalty? Immense showboating if so.
  15. Ox is horribly out of form. It’s been tough for him since that awful injury. To his credit he’s not hiding. I didn’t realise Keita was playing until half an hour in. The Thiago injury better be a minor one.
  16. The warehouse raves that Tsimikas looks like he takes in between games aren’t affecting his performances anyway.
  17. Time to start running down the clock. Being Lucas on.
  18. Has Minamino just dropped a huge hint that he actually exists?
  19. I bet there’ll be a full house of passionate home fans for that one. Another special night at the Etihad.
  20. El Rojo

    Other Football 2021/22

    I think City's biggest role in the title race might well be what points they might take off Chelsea or ourselves. They just don't look motivated, and failing to buy a striker with their unlimited resources was just fucking weird.