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  1. Biden withdraws as the Democrat presidential candidate.
  2. From that same article: “In the operating room, we examined Juri from head to toe. This beautiful, meek little girl was missing two inches of her left femur along with most of the muscle and skin on the back of her thigh. Both of her buttocks were flayed open, cutting so deeply through flesh that the lowest bones in her pelvis were exposed. As we swept our hands through this topography of cruelty, maggots fell in clumps onto the operating room table. “Jesus Christ,” Feroze muttered as we washed the larvae into a bucket, “she’s just a fucking kid.” Harrowing. The perpetrators who ordered these atrocities deserve the same kind of justice that Saddam Hussein faced. Vile, bloodthirsty war criminals. Scum. Animals. How else can you describe people who act in such a vile, despicable manner?
  3. A few accounts claiming that De Bruyne has agreed personal terms with Al Ittihad in Saudi Arabia and City are willing to sell him.
  4. Exclusive interviews in the S*n about how they’re going to crack down on illegal immigration and increase raids on businesses like car washes etc. Are we going to get some new mugs from Labour?
  5. Toast is fucking amazing. I’ve just had two rounds with some M&S French butter with salt crystals. Absolutely delightful. Normal butter then a sneaky bastard hit of saltiness at the end. You even get the odd little crunch of a salt crystal once in a while.
  6. The world needs a hero in times of chaos.
  7. Yep, an increasing amount of claims that he’ll be stepping down imminently. As soon as tomorrow.
  8. Super noodle butties. Buttered crumpets dipped in your cuppa.
  9. Going off the amount of players we’ve signed recently where the so called “ITK” journalists didn’t have a clue about our interest until they’d signed, I don’t know why people still buy into these leaked quotes form anonymous club insiders. Half of them are probably made up. We do need to buy a couple of players though. Last season, the squad fell just short and we had a manager who is better (at the moment) than Slot is. It’s just silly to go into the following season without any additions. Saying that, I’m not arsed about Yoro. It’s unlikely he’d start for us this season anyway. If he did, it could be quite the risk starting an 18 year old centre back, week in, week out, in a much quicker and more physical league than the one he’s experienced of. If there’s silly money involved, I’d sooner see us spend that money on a forward. Maybe another wide option or a central striker who can hit a barn door or who isn’t injury prone.
  10. Can’t see it, myself. He's clearly said he’s done with management for a while. And, I’m not sure that the FA would have the gumption to go for him. They seem to have abandoned the foreign manager approach. It’s too bold an appointment for them. They’ll go for a safe, uninspiring choice. Potter, Howe or Carsley. Maybe Rob Edwards, as an outsider.
  11. Vaughan Gething has just resigned as first minister of Wales. Now, I don’t like to put 2 and 2 together but do you reckon Gething will have the balls to drop Kane for Watkins?
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