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  1. Jordy Brouwer

    What was the moment you knew we had number 6 coming?

    To be honest I didn't even fully count on it AFTER Divocks second. I even posted "this isn't over". Therefore I can't virtue signal on how I "always believed" or anything and even if I did; you shouldn't believe me.
  2. Jordy Brouwer

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Divock Origi

    Nobody want to be ruthless and unsentimental but given what we are up against, and the authorities refusal to do anything about it, do we have a choice?
  3. Jordy Brouwer

    The "Bobby" role and who could do it

    Bobby. Had to say it.
  4. Cool. We'll overtake the "Dallas Cowboys" yet!
  5. Wonder what it will do to the value of our "global brand". It doesn't matter I'm just curious. Got to be worth a few tens of millions one would think.
  6. Not me, I was like the Fonz in a fridge.
  7. Jordy Brouwer

    That there London

    Austerity and the cuts to police officer numbers has been a significant part of it to be sure. I just don't like this - problems are always the others sides fault mentality. An unwillingness to get tough with criminals has been a long standing problem on the left and not all of the problems can be pushed elsewhere.
  8. Jordy Brouwer

    That there London

    I was assaulted in London on the Tube. I was going to visit my Dad who was dying with pancreatic cancer (he has since died) and was assaulted by a guy because I got in his way on a crowded tube. The police did nothing. Now I would not look forward to going there. For people blaming this all on conservatism; their Mayor is not conservative. The situation is similar to major US cities where the local government is left wing and crime is exploding higher. A failure to get tough on crime has been a long standing failure of the left.
  9. Jordy Brouwer

    George Galloway

    Whether or not you like what he said I think a lot of people are getting sick of this being the way that disputes are settled. Galloway will try to get his own platform and at least that will be outrage mob proof.
  10. Jordy Brouwer

    George Galloway

    Not really he's had some really good debates over the years.
  11. Jordy Brouwer

    George Galloway

    He's doing his talkshow live from his YouTube tonight at 7. I like people going solo so they don't have to answer to anyone and cow to outrage culture. I don't agree with him on everything but I support free speech and diversity of opinion and he is one of the best debaters in British politics. I thought the tweet was a bit asinine but no it wasn't racist.
  12. Jordy Brouwer

    Community Shield & Supercup 2019

    Yeah there's no reason not to win them.
  13. Yes the ball to Mane was really good and crucial.
  14. Jordy Brouwer

    James Milner is....

    Quite vascular.
  15. Jordy Brouwer

    Jurgen Klopp Thread (Official)

    I'm glad he fell in the right direction.