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  1. Just nipping on to call you know who, a cunt.
  2. Fucking Pepe, that fuckers got a snidey tackle in him the cunt.
  3. diamondjoe

    Instant cunt identifiers

    How a person treats service staff tells you all you need to know about them.
  4. diamondjoe

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    It'll end in tears if he manages us, guaranteed. Gary Mac as his no 2? May as well have Sammy Lee there or Thommo. Hope I'm proved wrong but I doubt it.
  5. diamondjoe

    West Ham (A) - Sun 7th Nov 2021 (4:30pm)

    Fuck it. Move on and forget about it. Plenty of points to play for yet.
  6. diamondjoe

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    The Naby Kieta fitness thread?
  7. diamondjoe

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Midnight Mass on Netflix. I give it 7/10. Quite good in parts, I loved the premise of it but there are a few dialogue heavy scenes in most episodes that don't go anywhere and eventually fast forwarded through them and didn't miss much. Worth a watch though.
  8. diamondjoe

    Brighton (H) - Sat 30th Oct 2021 (3:00pm)

    Not gonna win every game. Take the point and move on.
  9. diamondjoe

    Man Utd (A) - Sun 24th Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    Heading to a Wedding Present gig after the game. Let's show these fuckers our Brassneck. Also Martin Tyler is a cunt.
  10. diamondjoe

    Watford (A) - Sat 16th Oct 2021 (12:30pm)

    Need the boys up front to have their shooting boots on. Fancy Trent to score a brace having said that. And Martin Tyler is a cunt.
  11. Point might be the difference in the end.
  12. It's odd, Ox has a turn of pace, can beat a man and has a great shot on him but quite plainly hasn't two brain cells to rub together.