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  1. Yeah that doesn’t sound good.
  2. He’s young enough to develop that part of his game, no? What/who would we spend the cash on?
  3. Only going to include players I’ve watched. Best 1. Virgil - Best centre half I’ve ever seen. Worth every penny. 2. Mo Salah - Already one of the best players we’ve had. 3. Alisson - Best goalkeeper in the world. Worst 1. Markovic - We paid £20m for him and he couldn’t even get a game for Fulham. 2. Balotelli - Awful first season and couldn’t give him away. 3. Keita - I like him as a footballer but he’s our 4th most expensive signing ever.
  4. I watch a fair bit of Arsenal, I have a soft spot for them, as I lived in Angel for a bit. He’s a decent enough left back, not near as good as Robbo or even Tsimikas.
  5. That’s a big call, as he’s shown very little at the top level so far.
  6. I believe that’s a dig aimed largely one poster. IIRC Arnaud and 3 Stacks were raving about Tchouameni and then said poster called Tchouameni him as a hipster player because in the one game he watched Tchouameni he wasn’t very good or something like that. Not naming the poster as I don’t want to reignite an old feud between said poster and the Ligue One lads; 3 Stacks and Arnaud.
  7. Ceiling - Thiago Longevity - Xabi I reckon that’s pretty clear cut and difficult for anyone to argue against in good faith.
  8. Caught the last half hour. Mo is an absolute superstar, Nunez looked real dangerous, Naby had a nice cameo, Elliott needs to practice his weaker foot, Jimmy Milner is a machine.
  9. A very good player, but really poor fit to the spirit of the PL IMO. The sooner he leaves the for Spain the better.
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