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Peanut butter

Crunchy Vs smooth  

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1 hour ago, sh#t waffle said:

The only time I would willingly eat smooth peanut butter is in a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Textbook answer. 

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I like both but prefer crunchy. In the midst of a UC flare crunchy peanut butter (and nuts/seeds generally) scrapes my insides to fuck so I see smooth as the medicinal option.


PB&J on toast is the absolute nuts.

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    • That game last night was littered with mistakes, simple passes going out of play or to the opposition, both defences showing a lack of understanding with one and other and wild challenges purely down to bad decision making. I can only envisage a load of pain for Arsenal fans next season and I doubt Leicester will by vying for a top 4 finish again. 
    • We've got a few youngsters with tremendous potential who could be about to have a breakout season. But that's not as interesting to some as waving huge cheques about.  I understand that, I get the general frustration. But the combination of FSG and Klopp's track record suggests they know what they're doing. Some seem to be more concerned with other clubs signing players - who gives a fuck what they do ?  They fucking need to sign quality just to catch us up ! I get the distinct impression some are less concerned with genuine team development than they are with a new shiny mega expensive signing.  That somehow we need to spend as much as others, or be seen to be failing.  Total bollocks. I knew Klopp's track record, I had absolute confidence in him from the day he signed.  And he's exceeded my wildest expectations.  He puts faith in his players, and it obviously works as winning 4 trophies in 13 or so months is no fluke. I can't blame FSG one bit for being cautious, nobody knows what the immediate future holds and it could be potentially suicidal to go splashing large sums of cash around when you don't have a guaranteed income to back that. Yes we need to continually keep trying to improve to stay on the perch we took so long to get back on, but it doesn't necessarily need to jeopardize the club's future. Ferguson did it at United, it could be that Klopp may emulate that now.    
    • Even if we hadn't played Leicester twice, it would be impossible for Lallana to play against us anyway. The player registration for this season is closed.   It was the right thing for the club to extend Lallana's contract until the end of this extended season. You only have to read/listen to how he's thought of at the club to appreciate why that decision was made. (That equaliser at Old Trafford certainly earned him the extension too, imho).   Also love the way Jimbo Pearce only Tweets out half of the comments made by Klopp regarding potential transfer activity:
    • Yeah, I have a soft spot for Borussia Mönchengladbach due to the friendship between fans after the 77 final in Rome. If a fan of theirs notices you are a Liverpool fan you end up chatting for a while, they love us. Same with Dortmund fans. I obviously like Arminia Bielefeld my local team but not a fan as such, just get a match in now and again for my live football fix. I also keep an eye out for a local team I played for in the Landesliga in the 90's, TUS Jollenbeck. Loads of other teams that I keep an eye out for the score, but purely down to being a fan of the sport and mainly based on whether I had a good time visiting the City. 
    • Infrastructure doesn't count towards FFP, so they're free to spend how ever much choose to.   They could do the planned work on the ground, but it's probably best to put it off due to the 'thing' that's floating about, but even if they built a stadium made of gold it wouldn't effect FFP.
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