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  1. mattyq


    I've been on the co-codamol whenever my back flares up and have found them pretty good. As Harry's Lad says, though, they don't have play havoc with your arse re constipation. Haven't smoked weed for several years but second the benefits re pain it can have
  2. mattyq

    Kicking off in Northern Ireland again?

    Read a book called Big Boys Rules about the shoot to kill policy in the 80s. Enjoyed it if that's the right word. Went into the SAS's role and how active terrorism suddenly became less fun but, ultimately, it was a counter productive policy for various reasons I'm sure you can all work out
  3. mattyq

    Sea, Land or Air?

    Hope we get beat
  4. mattyq

    Bad Aids

    Face masks for the penis... dick masks, if you will
  5. mattyq

    Happy Easter everyone!

    Happy Easter everybody!! Been a lovely day... even a little sunburn
  6. mattyq

    Bad Aids

    It works for bad shithouse Aids too!! Went to South Africa probably 15 years ago and apparently over 30% of Kwa-zulu Natal had it, so 3 million people. Horrific
  7. mattyq

    Bad Aids

    Looks like they very well might have a vaccine for it What a wonderful modern age we live in
  8. mattyq

    Nike deal

    That's the worst Liverpool top I've ever seen
  9. mattyq

    The world of a woman.

    Mine's obsessed with Made in Chelsea. Watched 5 minutes of it with her the other day Could feel myself simultaneously losing the will to live and developing strong inclinations about smashing the telly to fuck
  10. mattyq

    The Foodie thread

    That's pretty much perfect food for me With a nice glass of Porter or a Malbec
  11. mattyq

    Northern Independence Party

    I was told the same and believed it for years before realising it was a load of bollocks. Such is life
  12. I think they expect Yip to win so they're just putting her up to lose quietly and hope Rotherham keeps the Metro Mayor
  13. mattyq

    Northern Independence Party

    Don't know enough about Paris but London's poor area was originally the South Bank, Southwark and went East as that was where the Docks/Industry was New York's original slum area, 5 Points, is in the SW corner of Manhattan, and NYC doesn't really have a prevailing wind direction