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  1. mattyq

    Opposition View: Everton

    They're clutching at straws... you have to give them something to feel better about; something to make them hope. We all know it's the hope that kills you
  2. mattyq

    Opposition View: Everton

    Back in the 80s when they won the League a few times, I guess
  3. Get yourself watching this... it's good You just have to register https://rakuten.tv/uk/movies/matchday-episode-7-the-18-day-storm
  4. mattyq


    Quay 33 does a magnificent Pork Belly and the Harbourside Fish & Chips does a pretty good gravy for the South and excellent fish The bar above the Distillery is a smart place to take the good lady Love the Barbican
  5. mattyq


    Is it ok? Hope it all works out for you, mate
  6. mattyq


    Where about are you in Plymouth, Col?
  7. mattyq

    Happy Birthday, Mr Harry!

    Happy belated birthday to one & all! Live long and prosper
  8. mattyq

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Haha, he admitted that he did endorse it and then apologised for it So, I have to presume that your presumptions are a bit iffy... Jeremy apologised for it and that's fine but the fact that he never twigged in the first place worries me
  9. mattyq

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Listening to the radio this morning they had some Jewish bloke on who claimed Corbyn was AS due to his endorsement of that dodgy mural of 2 obviously Jewish guys trampling over the backs of the poor and the fact that he has steadfastly ignored the Jewish Council an done nothing to improve the situation with them. That mural was very dodgy... it was immediately apparent to me that it was AS... it was directly out of some Goebbels propaganda poster circa 1942.. I fail to see how Corbyn didn't immediately recognise it as such Re the Jewish Council he met them April last year and promised to organise another meeting a little later... they never heard back from him. This smacks of lousy leadership to me. The mural I can't explain... I really don't think he's AS but is he really that naive and/or stupid? I don't know Either way it's all very poor, indeed It goes without saying that the Rabbi is deffo a bad Tory and the Tories are almost certainly worse than Lab re Islamophobia and all round racism but it's still absolutely shit
  10. mattyq

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    This is nice
  11. mattyq

    General Election 2019

    If the Tory lead gets down to 6% we're in business so a way to go Not impossible, though
  12. mattyq

    Christmas Adverts

    Can she be gotten rid of in some way?
  13. mattyq

    General Election 2019

    I haven't got a clue what's going on in this election The Polls suggest the Tories are all but home & dry but that's not the feeling I get talking to people and social media Feels almost like Trump winning... there's something going on under the surface not being picked up by the Pollsters. Of course, that very well might be wishful thinking Swinson's been a disaster which has surprised me. Corbyn has been pretty good. I'm not his biggest fan and I think he's got it badly wrong over Brexit but he does appeal to the youngsters, let's hope they vote in numbers Johnston is a cunt and incompetent but the oldies love him... I think there's still they still love a Toff quoting Latin, doff the cap tug the forelock type thing and there's Brexit which they also love
  14. mattyq

    General Election 2019

    Maybe if you'd used English..