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  1. The worst we've played since Madrid. We're out unless Klopp gets a grip Keita bad mistake as he was last year against Madrid. Robbo and Trent appalling and Jotta useless. Fuck!!
  2. Dealt with my first Ukranian yesterday... she seemed happy to be here. A local church have set up English lessons run by retired teachers and ex pat Ukranians... seems like the local community are being very supportive Lovely to see
  3. mattyq

    Happy Birthday Stringers

    Hope Mr Champ had a good one, too!
  4. mattyq

    Happy Birthday Stringers

    Happy Birthday, Peter! You share your birthday with Oliver Cromwell and Edward II... a heady mix
  5. We're making them look like Aids riddled cloggers
  6. Let that be a lesson to you, young man Get yourself down to the docs and get checked out for the bad shithouse dog aids... you've almost certainly contracted a case judging by the awful sight of that
  7. mattyq

    Russia v Ukraine

  8. mattyq


    Haven't ironed anything in at least 5 years Seems like a strange way to be spending any time
  9. mattyq

    Russia v Ukraine

    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe... attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.. I watched C beams glitter in the dark
  10. mattyq

    Happy birthday Rico.

    Yo must be almost as old as Stringy now Happy Birthday!
  11. mattyq

    First Celebrity Crush

    The lovely Harriet Wheeler
  12. mattyq

    Man City 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 10 2022)

    Worryingly, we've been second best to them or a few years now We were lucky again yesterday Fab was especially terrible and we looked nervous and disjointed Klopp needs to try something else this weekend... we're losing the initiative