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  1. mattyq

    The Seventies

    Live not far away from Avebury where it was filmed and go there quite a bit. Always think about this series when I'm there... it must have had a big effect on me as a kid
  2. mattyq

    The world of a woman.

    She obviously hates you
  3. mattyq

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    Had a few pints 2 or 3 days before all the pubs closed and haven't touched a drop since. Was ill and haven't fancied it since
  4. mattyq


    At the moment my overriding emotion is anger The silly fucker had everything going for him but the last few years he's been determinedly drinking himself to death and it looks like he'll finally achieve his goal with a little help from Covid Such a fucking waste!
  5. mattyq


    No mate, we were all very worried about him as he's a diabetic, heavy smoker and alcoholic No worries, Ben
  6. mattyq


    It's not great and, of course, nobody can go and see him
  7. mattyq


    Just heard that one of my best mates is in intensive care at the JR in Oxford. His sister says he's got 2 days to respond to treatment or it's over. He's 41 with an 10 year old daughter
  8. mattyq


    I'm fine, thanks Went out today for the first time in 12 days. Stayed well clear of people and had a little walk around which felt really good It's a pretty shitty thing to have and I just had the mild variety. Knackered now. Thing about it was you'd have a day feeling lousy and the next day would be good and you'd think it was on the way out. Then the next day was lousy again... confusing and a bit scary Best wishes for Elite!! He sounded like he was in a bad way but glad to hear he's on the mend
  9. mattyq


    Yup, I felt really good yesterday and back to feeling like shit again today... day 6
  10. mattyq


    Day 4 and it's a really weird ailment 50% of the time you feel pretty alright and quite happy with how it's all going and then 10 mins later your temperature blows up and you start feeling breathless and lousy Really strange dreams as well The one constant is feeling very very tired all the time
  11. mattyq


    Cheers All Had the Flu over the New Year and that was worse Only 2 days in but, fingers crossed, it doesn't start running wild on my sorry arse I'm of a firm belief that avoiding beans in all circumstances is saving me from death. Beaners will suffer terribly like the dogs they are
  12. mattyq


    Pretty sure I've got the evil lurgy High temperature, aches & pains, sore throat, feel like I'm at altitude with shortness of breath, fatigue Fortunately pretty mild at the moment Only been out doing necessary food shop over the last week so fuck knows where I got it from... fucking Lidl.
  13. mattyq

    The Foodie thread

    Damm, that looks good
  14. mattyq


    Bit of a giveaway in the 2nd photo in that they're driving on the right