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  1. mattyq


    Little from Column A, little from Column B Long history of the big Tech companies, mainly American, putting in backdoors at the behest of the Government. No reason to think the Chinese would be different
  2. mattyq


    Saw a Tawny Owl hunting the other evening. It was fucking massive It was strangely emotional
  3. mattyq

    The GF book thread

    I read the first one and thought it wasn't up too much You're saying they get better?
  4. mattyq

    Keir Starmer

    If a Jewish person has loads of puppets and likes to put on shows and is really excellent at it are we allowed to call him/her a Puppet Master?
  5. mattyq

    Mohamed Salah

    Rushie, 346 goals. Fucking Hell You forget how good he was and then you see those stats As to Mo, he's bloody great
  6. mattyq

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Can I still have my slaves in January or will I have to move to France?
  7. mattyq

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    Don't think it's a Central Bank, mate. Looks more like the small & medium sized banks that do so well in Germany Really good idea for the Scottish economy
  8. mattyq


    Only 1 in 5 people have symptoms on the day of their test is what it actually said.
  9. mattyq


    Brazil It's stunning inside but just a bit too much for me on the outside https://worldarchitecture.org/architecture-news/effeh/arquitcnika-revitalizes-1970s-brutalist-residence-with-new-program-and-additions-in-braslia-brazil.html
  10. mattyq

    Keir Starmer

    Watching that it struck me that he is very good indeed and the comparison with the Johnson phone in is telling
  11. mattyq

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    A Salzburg brewery according to Google. Must have come across it as have had a few drinks there but don't remember it particularly Innis & Gunn do a very acceptable lager but only draught in Scotland, I think. My current old reliable is Budvar. You can buy it anywhere, it's reasonably priced and it's still lovely
  12. mattyq

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    All of the lagers in that poll taste like piss as well Give me a Guinness or a decent Ale any day... and then you go to Germany or Czech and the lagers are awesome
  13. mattyq

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Carling is fucking rank. Jones is correct for once
  14. mattyq

    Thiago Alcantara

    Won't believe this until I see him lean