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  1. mattyq

    Winter of discontent

    I'm happy for people when they get a decent pay rise The problem is that if nurses, teacher's, TAs, lab assistants, hospital porters etc fuck off to the hospitality sector then who's going to do their work? Nobody And if nobody does their work then what's going to happen to hospitals, GP practices, schools, testing labs, dole offices etc? In a pandemic
  2. mattyq

    Happy Birthday Champ

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. mattyq

    Winter of discontent

    Inflation did rise this month. By 3.1% The rate of the rise fell marginally by.1% Public sector workers do the most important and vital work in the economy and we haven't had a pay rise at all. All 6.5 million of us That means effectively I've had a 3% cut in wages this year. Thank you Brexit and Johnson Brexit=Tory
  4. mattyq

    Poverty in the UK

    All the EU countries for sure
  5. mattyq

    Poverty in the UK

    That's interesting info you posted. Going by that my local authority, South Oxfordshire, is ranked 302 out of 319 least deprived areas in the country so, compared nationally very little deprivation. Little pockets in a swathe of affluence Yet it's growing and evident everywhere as Stringy mentioned re Guildford Just a lot less than places like Wallasey and I don't have a downer on Wallasey... got a lot of lovely areas there
  6. mattyq

    Poverty in the UK

    Last time I was in Wallasey was Christmas just before Covid and to my eyes, having lived in the South for 25 years, it looked desperate
  7. mattyq

    Poverty in the UK

    I live in one of the most affluent areas of the country and can see poverty everywhere. The closed shops, the dodgy estates, the prevalence of bookies and charity shops on the High St, the scrawny kids in second hand clothes etc etc Of course, I can see wealth everywhere as well... massive houses. packed upmarket eateries and winebars, big cars etc It's like some sort of unofficial apartheid based on economics rather than colour.
  8. mattyq


    This looks decent in downtown milton keynes http://www.bogotacoffee.co.uk/index.html
  9. mattyq

    Resilience (The ability to bounce back)

    I always used to think this is what separates the truly successful from the rest of us mortals. Now not so sure Look at someone like Trump who's had a million setbacks that seemingly bounced off him to no effect. That sort of thing is just psychotic and not normal or healthy. Similar to the useless tub of lard Johnson
  10. mattyq


    One for this time of year Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness Close bosomed friend of the maturing sun Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch eves run etc, that's all i remember but it's a cracker, Ode to Autumn by Keats
  11. Stopped watching at unsmoked bacon, the dirty get
  12. Nobody likes square plates but still a bit of overreaction like
  13. mattyq

    Legendary Gigs You Were At

    Was at the Donnington Guns & Roses one... my mate who was a bad smelly had a spare so I went along. We got hammered on cheap cider. Iron Maiden were boss, Guns & Roses less so Was also at Glasto for Orbital, was off my head on acid so it was pretty good although not really music related REM at Glasto was great as were Queen at Maine Rd Living in Sheffield in the late 80s was fantastic for brilliant music. One week it'd be Ned's Atomic Dustbin the next Everything but the Girl then Hawkwind, Happy Mondays and Deacon Blue etc My favourite at the time was Marillion in the City Hall
  14. Apart from the beans that looks pretty good Could have done with an extra egg, some mushies and a black pudding... shame about the bean pollution