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  1. Tell Elliott he is coming on at half time to play the second half, that should do it.
  2. https://www.premierleague.com/news/3788486 This gives a bit more background
  3. The original panel and appeal panel are supposed to be independent of the Premier League (I’m not completely naive) and all findings should be released (but we shall see)
  4. Agreed - has been excellent since he returned from injury, maybe that time out was just what he needed.
  5. Does he still have that house on Merseyside he bought when he was going to play for us in the 90’s?
  6. At least if they do get relegated they can all say told you so.
  7. Is other teams taking them to court still a thing? This will hardly help their cause.
  8. I guess they will be the first Premier Club to be found guilty of failing FFP twice in the same season.
  9. For anybody attending and planning on using public transport to get to the ground.
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