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  1. One of the worst things I've ever seen posted on this forum.
  2. Karl_b

    Roberto Firmino

    Bobby's smile and celebrations and Sadio attempting to copy them are an absolute joy. Great to see the front three firing, enjoying themselves and becoming unplayable again.
  3. Whilst Elbow dont do much for me, I agree that Garvey comes across as a top bloke and I really enjoy his shows on 6Music. I'm sure he'll be delighted when Bruce lets him know.
  4. Karl_b


    https://www.hasbean.co.uk/ These are the best online option I've tried. Is there a trendy coffee shop nearby that you could get some from?
  5. Also, Ryan Adams. I fell asleep at Green Man festival when he was on. Dull.
  6. Good shout on Elbow, a band so boring that former TLW stalwart The Prof fell asleep whilst standing watching them.
  7. Karl_b


    Self-aggrandising, narcissistic twat/s.
  8. The Who Manic Street Preachers Blur Red Hot Chilli Peppers LCD Soundsystem All bands with the odd individual track that I really like, all bands I can never get in to in more depth. I don't know if that makes them boring.
  9. Presumably the international media are awaiting news on his skin colour before making that call?
  10. Karl_b

    Resilience (The ability to bounce back)

    I'm with you all on the massive elephant in the room regarding mental health, namely it's all fluff unless you deal with the basics (food, shelter, love). However, going back to the thread title, resilience is something I have an issue with and finding coping mechanisms that mean I don't lie awake at night, trembling and feeling nauseous would be a welcome sticking plaster at this point!
  11. Karl_b

    Resilience (The ability to bounce back)

    I spoke to a counsellor yesterday, who recommended 'mindfulness' as a way to cope with frustration and anxiety. Has anyone used any particularly helpful apps that they'd recommend?
  12. Karl_b

    Resilience (The ability to bounce back)

    In the context of forthcoming parenthood, I've found myself thinking a lot about how resilient I am. The answer is "sometimes, not very". I've been reading "The book you wish your parents had read and your children will be glad that you did", which is, simply put, about the emotional relationships we have with people and how they effect us and our children, friends and family. Simultaneously I've been dealing with a poor work/life balance and the same difficulties and frustrations that many of us face. Then two weeks ago I found that the roof of our two year old extension needs replacing (at no cost to me I hasten to add, thankfully!) and I just broke. I cried and I was angry, over a fucking roof! The coincidence of this, the baby and the book I'm reading made me realise that I don't deal with frustration well, that I lose my temper more than I'd like and it made me wonder why. I don't have answers, I see a lot of my behaviours in my dad and know it's somewhat learned. I've spoken briefly on here, and with a couple of excellent TLW'ers via PM, about a brief brush with anxiety and depression I've had over the last 2/3 years. I don't have particularly good coping mechanisms for stress and frustrations, I beat myself up about it. So, yeah, this is what you meant, right? I'm trying to be more resilient because I want to be a better husband and a decent father. Also, cats in hats, drinking tequila.
  13. Coming from you I'm taking that as a massive compliment and will have a spring in my step for the rest of the afternoon.
  14. A Premier Inn breakfast but because they were quiet it was al cooked to order, so it was better than I was expecting. There's nothing special here but I didn't pay for it, it was tasty enough and it filled a void. 6/10.
  15. Karl_b

    Fixtures, Draws & Results.

    It's a pass from me mate, thanks. Too busy with work and impending small human arrival, thankfully!
  16. Karl_b

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    On your second paragraph, this is definitely happening. Big sites are having problems but perhaps more so are the small, local builders. They're unable to get materials, what they can is often very expensive and subsequently they either can't physically start work or the price is so high that people won't pay it. I know builders at both ends of the scale that are suffering, clients won't foot the extra costs.
  17. Neither breakfast-y nor burrito-y, repped for the sheer cajones to post that in this thread.
  18. I have a few hotel stays for work coming up in the next week, I'm hoping to spoil the GF with some shite breakfasts. You lucky cunts.
  19. Karl_b

    Winter of discontent

    And then he blamed a global shortage of HGV drivers. Sure thing.
  20. Karl_b

    Boris Johnson

    Fucking hell, I mean seriously, fuck...ing...hell.