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  1. Salou

    Geordie Arabia

    Isn't Bruce a slumlord? should use some of that 8 million to fix up his tenants homes. Also he is a really shit manager, I don't understand how he keeps getting jobs.
  2. Salou

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    https://theathletic.com/news/newcastle-takeover-expected-to-go-through-in-near-future/Ukxibz60EBXa?source=twitteruk For those that have the athletic - Matt Slater basically saying this was one of the main reasons why PL didn't want takeover to go through - commercial interests above moral ones of course whenever it comes to money.
  3. Apparently there is another International break in November?! is that true!? EDIT: Just checked - yes there is, what the hell!? So September, October & November all interrupted?!
  4. Porto keeper had his match bonus on +5 goals for sure
  5. Redcafe seems to have already decided that they all would have preferred Grealish to Sancho. Very very early days but it doesn't like it will work for Sancho under Ole.
  6. Salou

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Atletico are funded by very high levels of debt and similar to us have had a sell to buy policy, in fact they've been in pretty precarious situations financially and have had to use player trading to balance books once the Wanda money dried up as well as whatever they had going on with Azerbaijan. Atletico get a good rep because they do a very good job of replacing there strikers Torres/Aguero/Falcao etc
  7. Salou

    Mohamed Salah

    Only 59 to overtake Gerrard, he'll do that within the next 3 seasons (this one included).
  8. Salou

    Lesser known delicious foreign food

    It's amazing how much of food around the world is just basically the same thing with a little twist for each region. Just look at the different types of flatbreads from region to region or basically any 'pastry stuffed with meat' across the regions and the only difference most of the time is shape and the spices used to cook it. To genuinely find the 'original' of something is very very hard. Taking your example of croquettes - just look at the wiki on it and all the different versions across the world! Food and the way it travels is amazing. Croquette
  9. Salou

    Lesser known delicious foreign food

    Just had Lomo Saltado for the first time ever. Peruvian dish - A bed of chips (fries for the americans) and rice with sauteed onions/tomatoes/cut tup steak in soy sauce. Can't believe I've lived in NYC for 4 years now and this is the first time I've tried it. Amazing.
  10. Salou

    Nike deal

    we are making more money commercially including from the kit deal but of course thats taken away from losses in other forms of revenue such as match day and tv
  11. Salou

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Barca have options on both pedri and fatis contracts to extend them by a year or two
  12. Salou

    Nike deal

    More money
  13. Salou

    Andrew Robertson

    Anytime Klopp or the club say its not serious over the last two years they end up being out for months...let's hope it's not another one of those...
  14. Carabao Cup 2022 winners with this team
  15. I've seen this on trains and at concerts where people have their phone brightness etc at settings such that the scanner can't pick it up. Also reading feedback from the SoS statement and other comments people seem to be having issues downloading the actual pass to their NFC wallets on their phones.