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  1. Salou

    Redball Liverpool

    Boston Globe (owned directly by Henry and not via FSG) running with the story now and the last line saying potentially wrapped up by end of year https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/10/13/business/if-deal-involving-fenway-sports-group-billy-beane-goes-through-heres-what-it-could-mean/?camp=bg%3Abrief%3Arss%3Afeedly&rss_id=feedly_rss_brief&s_campaign=bostonglobe%3Asocialflow%3Atwitter clever way for FSG to make much all their capital expenditure over the last 20 years, make a small profit all without losing any control. it will have no impact on the day to day running of the Red Sox or Liverpool as they will just be underlying assets of FSG itself though how well they do and how much money both make will directly impact the share price of FSG.
  2. Salou

    Project Big Picture

    lots of amenable suggestions but the big thing is the 'power grab' by the big 6, that provision basically allows them to control all future major decisions as well the ability to veto any new ownership. Increased pre-season means more summer tours as well as reduction of league/efl cup games allows them to take part in expanded champions league for more money. Can't see this going down well with a lot of people and I can see why.
  3. Salou

    Mohamed Salah

    Funny thing last night was before that moment he took it off Jota's feet I actually thought he was being too unselfish for once! Had an incredible game even though he didn't get on the scoresheet.
  4. Salou

    Our wage bill

    Once again, people that believe wages for players (even if it is a guess at a base wage) posted on some random website are just very silly.
  5. Salou

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Palace CEO on twitter has said they've contacted Sky to take it down as the story is a fabrication, no formal or informal bid...
  6. Salou

    Nike deal

    don't mind the collar but that white stripe down the side ruins the whole kit.
  7. Salou

    Nike deal

    no surprise sales are down, everyone is tightening their belts and there is a significant increase in the prices of our shirts. the prices are shocking, they always have been but 100+ for a shirt is a ridiculous amount in this environment, we'll definitely end up selling less over the full year (could be mitigated if we win something major and there is a big burst at the end of the season). Another factor, shirts got released in July this year and would expect the 2021/22 shirt to be released earlier next year so this shirt is going to be around for most likely less than 12 months.
  8. Salou

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    are you being intentionally dim? there have been multiple threads posted on exactly where all the money we make goes. the more we make the more we spend in higher wages or costs - if we didn't win the champs league then we wouldn't be spending as much because we didn't have that cash. If i get paid 1000 a month then i'll spend a 1000 a month, if i get paid 600 a month i'll spend 600 a month - that's our model it's pretty simple. Our costs fluctuate depending on how much we make (one of the main reasons contracts with our players are so heavily incentivised). and what are you talking about that we've pulled in money that nobody else has - just look at what others have made in terms of income and we are very similar, nowhere near united or the other big european clubs. you can criticise the owners for not providing additional funding or taking that risk on future earnings like other clubs do but not spending what we make is the wrong argument.
  9. Salou

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Why are the finance articles bullshit? the articles are absolutely correct - we spend what we make - we don't spend using loans/owners money. its simple, whether that's right or wrong is another question but the financial analysis is absolutely correct.
  10. Salou

    Other football - 2020/21

    Werner has made some great runs and pressed very well...wouldn't have looked out of place in another team...
  11. they paid 12 times more than the previous deal...i would be surprised if anyone else comes close to that with everything going on. China will just pirate it or get someone to offer a fraction. Overseas rights are a much bigger deal for the big clubs as they are more weighted towards those that finish higher up the table (not significantly much but it moves away. from the collective rights of the domestic deals)
  12. PL said they terminated it but in reality it was PPTV by refusing to pay up, kind of like saying you're fired after someone has already quit. Reading some of the finance journos sounds like it could also be a case of Chinese companies pulling investment from UK companies in retaliation for Huawei as this is not the only Western investment that they are pulling out of.
  13. This is why city/chelsea can afford to spend as if they lose out on future revenue (fans in stand/tv rights) they most likely won't care as the owners will cover the shortfall, it even seems like Moshiri has decided to do this for Everton like he has been doing last few years. FSG have never pumped their own money in so they will be much much more risk averse and will most likely keep as much income as possible to manage the shortfall in lost future earnings. I don't doubt that we'll have to take out a loan of some sorts over the next 2 years to account for the shortfall in income for 2020 and 2021 which is inevitable.
  14. Salou

    Our wage bill

    People that believe weekly wage lists from internet websites and thinking its reliable are really, really, REALLY stupid.
  15. Salou

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    And wages aren't the only cost...they've made losses consistently if you take into conisderation all costs. they will make another huge loss - they can do this because 1. they don't care about FFP for another 3 years atleast and 2. moshiri is willing to spend his own cash to make up the difference in cashflow.