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  1. My Brother went to the chip shop for the three of us (me,him,dad cost almost £30) and I had this slab of fish,to give you an idea how big it was,the plate its on is 10 inches by 10 inches and that's a full tub of mushy peas.Finished it then went for a 5 mile walk with the dog later in the evening!
  2. The 'Boleyn Ground' came back into use over the more widely known 'Upton Park' after it featured as a question on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and most of the Country had no idea (me included!).
  3. Re Lewis Dunk and bananas,The Undertaker has a phobia about cucumbers and Mick Foley and Owen Hart used to hide them in his bags,boots etc in the locker room to freak him out!
  4. Argentina's 1978 World Cup winning manager,César Luis Menotti goes at 85.
  5. Rushie got the winner against Sheffield Wednesday at Xmas 1986 .I was in the north stand aged 15 with my best friend (a Owls fan) and when Rushie scored it took a hell of a job not to react incase I got jumped on ! When he joined Sheff Utd he trained just up the road from my house and changed in the old school pavilion that I had used (shower settings,red hot only! ) during my school days.
  6. When Virg and Ali cocked up and gave Arsenal a way back in to the game and then not beating City told me we weren't quite ready to win the PL ,so anything going wrong after those two games wasn't a surprise,bloody annoying though!
  7. Time for one last mad game like Norwich away in 2016 ,so 4-5 to us!
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