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    Scaring people with my massive wolfdog!

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  1. Gruntfuttock

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    It was very good,all episodes up on Iplayer if anyone wants to check it it out.
  2. Gruntfuttock


    Over 3 inches of rain causing flooding in Sheffield this evening,the Meadowhall area with the River Don is getting near 2007 levels.
  3. Gruntfuttock

    Old School

  4. Gruntfuttock

    Old School

  5. Gruntfuttock

    Old School

    Reunited with Action Man after 36 years!
  6. Gruntfuttock

    Old School

  7. Gruntfuttock

    Bird fancying amnesty thread

    From the current series of Taskmaster,Rose Matafeo.
  8. Gruntfuttock

    Old School

    35 years ago tonight,the BBC traumatised a generation with the first showing of THREADS.
  9. Gruntfuttock

    Old School

  10. Gruntfuttock

    Old School

    Star Wars was shown for the first time ITV on 24th October 1982,just before we got our first Teletext Telly (remote the size and weight of a brick) and Ferguson VCR. The Empire Strikes Back (1980) wasn't shown until 1988 and Return of the Jedi (1983) was 1989 while having been available on vhs for several years before.
  11. Gruntfuttock

    Old School

    Which video to rent this weekend in 1982?