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  1. Gruntfuttock

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    Robert Fyfe (Howard in Last of the Summer Wine) goes at 90.
  2. Gruntfuttock

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    Jean-Paul Belmondo goes at 88.
  3. Gruntfuttock

    Famous people you've met.

    Neither have I,seen plenty of famous people though! My brother knew Emlyn Hughes quite well,as Emlyn's partner Barbara worked for the same company and he would come by and pick her up from work a few times,he got me his autograph when he told him I was a red! Chris Waddle's daughter works there now and he's met him a couple of times. Mark Bright when he played in the city was quite chatty and my brother knew of his romance with Michelle Gayle before it became public as he was talking to him when Michelle appeared behind him and said hello.The house was right next door to the car dealership that supplied various players with cars.
  4. Gruntfuttock

    Skiving school

    I skipped Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for most of the 5th year. Tuesday was "Sportlng Activities" for want of a better description,you could go hiking,sailing or go to the golf range for example,so the school never really knew where you were (in my case at home in front of the Spectrum!) After missing virtually six months of the 4th year with a cross between Glandular Fever and M.E I could only just manage PE,let alone another set of sport in a week. Thursday was the dreaded social studies double,double period,but as it wasn't much use to me I asked if I could go to the library to catch up on coursework from the year before,did it once or twice,realised no one took any notice and just went home after afternoon registration.If the teachers knew they never let on,maybe because I never missed proper lessons.
  5. Gruntfuttock

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    Actor Alex Cord (Archangel in Airwolf) goes at 88.
  6. Gruntfuttock

    Great Non-Liverpool Footballing Images

    1974 Middlesbrough with a 21 year old Graeme Souness!
  7. Gruntfuttock

    All Time TLW XI (Non Liverpool) Team - Goalkeeper

    Yashin Banks Southall
  8. Gruntfuttock

    Great t-shirts

    Well,I'm getting a bit ancient!
  9. Gruntfuttock

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    AKA Jackie Mason,gone at 93. Seems to be a low scoring game so far this year after an initial burst of deadies!
  10. Gruntfuttock

    Euro 2020(21)