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  1. Gruntfuttock

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    AKA Jackie Mason,gone at 93. Seems to be a low scoring game so far this year after an initial burst of deadies!
  2. Gruntfuttock

    Euro 2020(21)

  3. Gruntfuttock

    Euro 2020(21)

  4. Gruntfuttock

    Euro 2020(21)

  5. Gruntfuttock

    Euro 2020(21)

    BBC but with 5 Live commentary on channel 981.
  6. Gruntfuttock

    What bones have you broken and which one hurt the most.

    Femur right behind the knee,fell off my mountain bike on the Saturday evening outside the back door,thought I'd just twisted it. 48 hours later went to hospital on Doctors advice to find a 5 inch crack! Kept in for 48 Hours while the medics decide what to do,eventually deciding on plastering my leg from toe to knee,and knee to thigh with metal brackets connecting the two together,had that on for 10 weeks and my leg shrunk!
  7. Gruntfuttock


    Oh yes,needed it a few times the day before!
  8. Gruntfuttock


    We went to the original Legoland in Denmark the day after the 1988 World Speedway Final that was held a few miles away in Vojens. A teenage me (17) at 6ft'4 just to give an idea of the size of the models.
  9. Gruntfuttock

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I accidentally ran up a £50 phonebill on clubcall,it was when we played Utd on Boxing Day '86 and I was checking the score,but didn't put the receiver down properly.It was a few hours later I noticed and it had been looping round,mum and dad weren't happy when that bill came in!
  10. Gruntfuttock

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Roberto Baggio spent most of the early 90's linked to Utd,especially if they had lost at the weekend,Then it was Del Piero.
  11. Gruntfuttock

    Euro 2020(21)

    Thunderstorm wipes out the Sky signal!
  12. Gruntfuttock

    Other football - 2020/21

    Jesus sent off for trying to volley a Chileans head!
  13. Gruntfuttock

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Brian Laws put through his own net in the semi against Forest at Old Trafford,he was on his knees when Aldo ran past and ruffled his hair in celebration.