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  1. In hindsight, I think we should have waited until late to May to start our summer break.
  2. Always thought OJ and Pistorius were the buddy film partnership that got away.
  3. Either that or just recount a boxfresh Ronnie Moran anecdote. Nature’s aspirin.
  4. Astonished San Don didn’t simply leave the bedroom and come back in wearing glasses containing a fake nose. She’d never have cottoned on to it being him and he’d have been draining his spuds in no time.
  5. There appears to be some empirical evidence that your hermeneutic skills are working just fine.
  6. Only thing which just got slapped harder than Ngannou is Fury’s ego.
  7. Someone give the man an atlas.
  8. Moaning cunt, this other lad. It’s Karen and Ball.
  9. Didn’t know you were allowed to wear rollerskates in the ring.
  10. They should reroute some of the money they’re jizzing up the wall on fight purses to flying thousands of pissed-up boxing fans in from overseas. Going to be a total waste of any decent fights they put on otherwise, the atmosphere isn’t some optional extra.
  11. More like Winnie Mandela, given she also has a conviction for fraud.
  12. A lazy media love-in script where most of the team are heading for careers in lower league football yet stuffed a decent-ish Championship side 3-0?
  13. He killed Southampton tonight. That’s right, it’s murder on the Dann’s floor.
  14. Could have 10 European trophies by the end of the season, too.
  15. Winning a cup tie Merseyside derby with a side cobbled together with young players is one thing, lifting a trophy against a side constructed over about 18 months to the tune of a billion pounds is quite another. Ridiculous achievement.
  16. Brendan Rodgers: You’re doing a great job, son. A great job Xabi: Fuck off, Dossier man
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