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  1. Grinch oxo-cube Jnr has such a lovely ring to it.
  2. Dr Nowt

    Little Things That Brighten Your Day

    This taxidermy rocket mouse someone I know has in her gaff.
  3. Dr Nowt

    Little Things That Brighten Your Day

    Spoke volumes, didn’t it.
  4. Dr Nowt

    Prince Philip...

    Not so dissimilar to Connor Roy buying Napoleon’s wang. Weird fucks.
  5. Dr Nowt


    Feel alright at this point cheers Cath.
  6. Dr Nowt


    Dai Karate.
  7. Rewatched ‘Wild Wild Country’ on Netflix. Cracking series and can quickly rattle through it for a modern show at only 6 episodes. Same as first time round, I was amazed I’d never been aware of the story until I’d seen this. Great clash of cultures and some mental stuff going on. Really like the score and the soundtrack as well, one of those which perfectly nails it’s selection of music at just the right moment to frame a scene, not unlike how Shane Meadows does. As a bonus, one of my mates was brought up by an old hippy who’s been involved with all sorts of quasi-religious cults. They had the full assortment of waifs, strays, seekers, dope fiends, drug dealers and mentalists living with them off and on when he was a kid, and he told me the Rajneeshis who stayed with them kept the Bagwhan’s toenail clippings in those amulets they all wore round their necks. 9 tough titties out of 10 workshy spiritual guru charlatans with the biggest private collection of Rolls Royces on earth.
  8. Dr Nowt

    Boxing 2021

    Christ on a fucking bike. Great commentary on that.
  9. Dr Nowt

    Prince Philip...

    Strongly considering sticking my suit on and romping up and down the lounge to it all afternoon. Funnily enough that song came up on shuffle recently when I had music blaring out, among a load of Americana, Bowie, and the like. I was momentarily very confused as to what the fuck it was doing on my Spotify, until I remembered adding it while turbo-stoned during Lockdown 1, because every time I hear it it makes me truly happy.
  10. Dr Nowt


    Not going to speak too soon as the last AZ jab fucked me like a train and I’m genuinely apprehensive about it doing so again, but I’ve currently only got a nothingy sore throat and a fucked arm where someone threw a javelin at me. Long may it continue.
  11. Dr Nowt

    The Foodie thread

    Just made shakshuka with mini garlic and coriander naan breads, washed down with fresh orange juice. Taste sensation every time.
  12. Dr Nowt

    Prince Philip...

    ‘Do the royals get special treatment?’ Who knew Julia had such preternatural insight?
  13. Dr Nowt

    Prince Philip...

  14. Dr Nowt

    Prince Philip...

  15. He’s probably the poster boy for Klopp’s irritation at the global football calendar being so fragmented and the lack of concern for and protection towards players due to that. Been run into the ground in recent years and in need of a proper summer break.
  16. Dr Nowt


    Just had my second AZ one and I’ve never known someone given a vaccination like it. Extended her forearm back as high as she could then stabbed it down as hard as she could. Should have taken a fucking run-up in a crash helmet or had Raymond van Barneveld lash it at my arm from the other side of the room, the mentalist.