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  1. Rico1304


    A Scottish woman has died after drinking a whole bottle of poppers. Ouch.
  2. Rico1304


    That’s the most hateful thing anyone’s ever said about me. I’m not giving away any money. Ever.
  3. Rico1304


    Then why didn’t you kidnap her and send her to me!
  4. Rico1304


    I had to google that.
  5. Rico1304


    And who cares if you hate MN or JOB, I really couldn’t care less. I don’t worship any figure, political or otherwise. Except Lisa Snowdon.
  6. Rico1304


    Remember every other conspiracy theory you’ve been sucked into? File this one with all those.
  7. Rico1304


    1. I’m definitely a prick 2. We are all hypocrites 3. Actually, probably more of a cunt 4. Doubling down, when caught out, never works 5. I was spot on when I said this stupid cunt doesn’t seem to be able to grasp basic concepts 6. Describing yourself as ‘lovely’ is a new low 7, He invented the fact he had loads of WhatsApp messages to try and shut me up (he’s in his 30’s for fucks sake) - in honour of Nantwich Nige he’s now Melbourne Mick to me. 8. CT seems to not like me. Oh no.
  8. Rico1304

    Forum poll - Nancy or Ulrika-ka-ka-ka

    She was fucking awesome in 90’s. If any one of us had got hold of her in those days she’d look worse. (Notwithstanding my dull, and well available story about meeting one of her husbands).
  9. Rico1304


    (Still waiting for the WhatsApp crew to jump in. They either aren’t your mates or don’t exist. Which is more embarrassing?)
  10. Rico1304


    He’s playing the lovely guy defence. Game over. Although he still doesn’t fucking get it. At least 4 people have tried to explain it. Maybe, just maybe he’s completely incapable of understanding straight forward concepts. It’s not as if there was a precedent (there was, the Corbyn/Philips row about being stabbed in the front rather than the back).
  11. Rico1304

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    This is your fault SD (trying to maintain GF traditions. But it’s fucking bollocks.
  12. Rico1304


    TK was right, I was wrong. RIP sweet prince.
  13. Rico1304


    Or a vaccine, or everyone stays in and does as they are told.
  14. Rico1304


    You can only count it when everyone has been exposed. Covid is not Thanos.
  15. Rico1304


    Reading. Hard.