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  1. Rico1304


    I work in an office of 40 and at least 3 people have tested positive and one nearly died.
  2. Rico1304


    That one in Whaley Bridge that nearly collapsed last year.
  3. Off to Berlin on Friday!
  4. Rico1304

    Freedom of speech

    The Head of the Auschwitz Memorial has offered to find 120 volunteers to do a month each in his place. In other news Richard Dawkins has been uninvited from a speaking event at Trinity college as he may make some students feel uncomfortable.
  5. Rico1304

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    You’ve been slinging insults at AoT all day (and for weeks) but for some reason you won’t take insults being thrown back? The implication is you’d leather him, but for all you know AoT could be a ninja warrior, or an 8 stone weakling. What would you do if he said these things to your face?
  6. Rico1304

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    This response has always fascinated me. Exactly like when PB said it to me, why the fuck wouldn’t I? Does it mean you’ve never had anyone disagree with you? It’s mental.
  7. Rico1304

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Well said.
  8. Rico1304

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I’m going to Berlin next weekend, do you two want to come?
  9. Rico1304

    Cancel Culture

    Says he’s been given £5m to set up the party.
  10. Rico1304


    I preferred his purple shell suit days
  11. Rico1304

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/the-nhs-has-quietly-changed-its-trans-guidance-to-reflect-reality Why?
  12. Rico1304

    Police are cunts

    I’m not saying he’s not fucked up, he obviously has and should be fired. But calling for a prosecution is mental. I fucked up at work the other week and it cost £90k.
  13. Rico1304

    Cancel Culture

    Grifter. Playing to the gallery but made easy by the lefts inability to say ‘no, that’s bollocks’.
  14. Rico1304

    Police are cunts

    My limited understanding is that he absolutely couldn’t. He absolutely made a mistake but that didn’t lead to the death, the bloke pulling the trigger led to the death. The implications of your view are pretty far reaching, say a copper missed evidence and didn’t arrest someone and they murdered someone. Copper guilty? Massive overreach.
  15. Rico1304

    Police are cunts

    Aren’t you forgetting the bloke who actually did the shooting? The poor copper who messed up can’t be held liable for the subsequent actions of the murderer.