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  1. Classic AGP behaviour. Also not surprising a kid brought up in that environment turned out to be mentally ill
  2. He looks fucking ecstatic in the photos (and tall, handsome etc). brilliant
  3. Ha ha, good knowledge! Marple now, but most people would agree having a go at his wife is too low.
  4. Sometimes it’s just best to stop digging.
  5. It’s already been pointed out where you are wrong. I can’t help you any more. Words have meaning. Particularly in law.
  6. You are so fucking close it’s scary.
  7. At last someone who (sometimes) understands that words mean something.
  8. Once again you don’t get to chose what words mean. This isn’t NCIS or Silent Witness.
  9. Yes. Thats just what happened. Unfortunately for you we can all read.
  10. The most astonishing appeal to authority I’ve ever seen is the bloke who claimed he knew all about premature baby care because his ex girlfriend was a nurse. You are just beautiful- no wonder you’re a politician.
  11. “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”
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