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  1. Remmie

    The GF's Favourite Ever Song - Nominations

    Obviously a Beatles song will win, I predict the biggest challenger will be Stand by me (not the fucking Oasis song for fucks sake).
  2. If anyone is saying Keita they need to give their head a wobble as that's bollocks. Sure he's been a disappointment but a mile off our worst ever signing.
  3. Remmie

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    So this Cece Taylor (I hadn't heard of, nor Craig Telfer) has won an NCAA title, I'm sure all those devastated by this can tell me all about who came second and why it has destroyed their career. I googled this person and it came out with the following: Telfer sought to compete in the 2020 Olympic Trials in the 400-meter hurdles, and was initially accepted into the field. She was later removed from the event after USA Track & Field determined that she did not meet the testosterone threshold for transgender athletes. Surely this is a win for the likes of Trump, Rico and other anti-trans types? But please, continue to lose sleep over it.
  4. Such an incredible show they put on, it's a real performance piece and not just musically. I didn't know a single song of theirs when I went to see them, in fact I still don't (laziness on my part) but absolutely loved their set.
  5. I only knew Young Hearts Run Free going into this so gave them all a listen. Was tempted by the familiar but went with Waiting for Superman. Incidentally The Flaming Lips are brilliant live.
  6. Remmie

    Have a rant thread

    Nobody puts Partridge in the corner.
  7. Remmie

    Cheers: Diane or Rebecca

    Diane because I have eyes.
  8. Remmie

    Have a rant thread

    But more importantly, also in Alan Partridge.
  9. Someone needs to enlighten the author of that powerful, stunning piece of literature that Cafes accross the country have been attacking breakfasts with beans, with flagrant disregard of the bean juice touching the beautiful innocent egg. Baked beans never should have been invented in Heinz-sight.
  10. Remmie

    Have a rant thread

    On the same token, expecting a current teenager to have a grand to spend on learning in Tory Britain is a big ask.
  11. Remmie

    Have a rant thread

    I had lessons when I was 17 that my grandma paid for. After I had had maybe 12 lessons, perhaps it was expected I would have passed by then, but I was on my own and ran out of money. No family car and not a huge need to drive, I cycled everywhere anyway and sometimes took the bus. Wish I had learnt then though as I enjoyed the lessons more, things seemed to stick a lot better at that age and the lessons were only £12 at the time, but earning £3.30ph and my shit part time job wasn't going to cover that. Maybe if I had been a petrolhead or lived in a rural area like you I would have had the sufficient motivation to work long hours to make sure I pass. What makes less sense in all fairness is why I didn't try to learn from when I finished uni up until about 36.
  12. Remmie

    Have a rant thread

    I have a bit of sympathy for Mrs Section_31 about the driving thing. I had lessons for 2 fucking years and not a single one went by without having what would have been a major in a test. I never suffer from anxiety and am generally very lucky with my mental health but driving lessons changed that. I dreaded them all week and a bad one would put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. Not to mention the cost, it's £30 an hour now. I stopped taking them when I got made redundant and have very little desire to learn again. It also sucks camel dick being a fucking adult not being able to fucking drive. Hate asking for lifts but sometimes it's necessary. Got a mate's wedding in the lake district this weekend and the public transport is useless. He has offered to get some friend to pick me up from Windermere, I feel like a right prick about it. Will buy the groom and driver lots of ale I guess. Your Mrs seems a good sort Section, I'm sure she was feeling bad about the situation as well. When you take a job, factoring in how to get there and back is kinda crucial, so not sure when that decision was made but she will have to have accepted the consequences. I've missed out on a couple of jobs because I couldn't drive there. Making changes will be better for you both.
  13. Remmie

    Shift work and Nights.

    Nah fuck off the pleasantries now you have the next role lined up. How many chances in your working life do you actually get the chance to say what you really think?
  14. Remmie

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Transgender girls are they?
  15. Remmie

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    He tweeted something taking the piss out of Harry Kane didn't he and maybe they are conflating it with historical racist tweets of other footballers/celebrities?