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  1. Are they really villains, they are relatively sympathetic?
  2. Stansfield from Leon. "You don't like Beethoven" & "That's why I stopped". Sublime
  3. Has anyone ever legitimately comprehended the lyrics of Smells like teen spirit without looking it up (or being told by never mind the buzzcocks or something)?
  4. I can't believe people have watched Mo for the past few years and would rather have £100m or whatever figure. He's still got it. Fuck the money. He's not a gamble; a £100m+ replacement is.
  5. Also you buy his eventual replacement while he is still here so that they can bed in gradually. Or perhaps Danns will be his replacement and he learns from Mo. But selling for peanuts like £70m which would be peanuts for him would be Everton behaviour.
  6. Who the fuck do you replace Salah with? He's irreplaceable. So, just keep him instead.
  7. Yeah fuck all that, keep the guaranteed goalscorer!
  8. If we take that deal we are fucking idiots.
  9. To be fair, if you have used a salesman to be all those things, he's probably earned that sale.
  10. My estimation of Bernd Leno as a man, just plummeted exponentially accelerated.
  11. Weirdly went to a mate's reunion, he is 7 years older and looks it. He double booked me and the reunion so thought it'd be funny if I turned up and he tried to blag that I was there for a term. The ended up all, quite rightly I may say, thinking I was just a weird cunt. As for my own, I was only talking about it last night. I am in touch with loads of old classmates already and mainly the ones worth staying in touch with in the first place. There was a time where I would have absolutely loved a reunion but there seems little point now as the ones I haven't seen for years I can just message on Facebook
  12. Beer merchants now want £8 delivery so can't be arsed with them, discount dragon have stopped doing any worthwhile beer deals for ages now so need a new bargain beer shop, any recommendations? Mixed cases ideally
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