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  1. Remmie

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Pickford has been compared to the Luxembourgese military because they have a small army
  2. Beans are a far worse hate crime than hash browns. Hash browns are as dull as an accountant named Graham that likes Bowls and plane spotting, whereas beans are the edible version of genocide. Repped for using spite in your breakfast decisions though.
  3. Remmie


    Ice Hockey
  4. Remmie

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Our team is already incredible and we are buying Mbappe, Werner, Sancho, Havertz and Troy Deeney.
  5. Remmie


    I know it as Melanzane and it's great, very rich and oozing with cheese
  6. Remmie


    As for Sausages I don't find a huge disparity in the quality to be honest Linda McCartney, Quorn and Cauldron sausages are all pretty good. I do love me some Quorn picnic eggs and also buy Quorn pieces for Mexican food and Quorn mince for Lasagna or Chilli. If you enjoy cooking new stuff I recommend Simply cook spice boxes and recipe cards, it's £10 for 4 recipes and spice packs though you do need to buy the rest of the ingredients. Experiment with marinating tofu and eating loads of Halloumi - I had a belting Halloumi curry at work last week. Another one which you can amend pretty drastically is Eggs in Purgatory if you Google it. Keep on experimenting with new dishes to keep it interesting and see what works
  7. Would anyone outside the TLW get into our gimp XI?
  8. I think he'd look terrific for us.... On the bench next to Mbappe and Sancho
  9. De Parys hotel in Bedford. Full vegetarian breakfast, included with the room price but observed on the menu that it was £8 (£9 for a meat one) otherwise. Naturally I opted out of having cunt plasma off my plate but ruefully neglected to swap it out with something else. Ingredients: Toast: Underdone and unbuttered, without even an option of adding butter myself. It was a decent quality sliced brown though. Eggs: At least the yoke was runny but these were truly the Freddy Krueger editions with all the edges having a thick fried crust which ain't my bag, cooked too quickly in my opinion. Portobello mushroom: Not bad, maybe a bit too watery Half a tomato: Passable. Veggie sausages: I don't mind these sort of sausages generally, they aren't the finest but I can abide them. They don't work with a breakfast though, too crumbly. Hidden under the sausages was roast pepper, a bizarre but pleasant enough inclusion. Hash fucking brown: NOT listed as an ingredient in the breakfast, a hugely unwelcome interloper that had no right being there. Gave it to my wife and got another tomato in exchange, she said it was pretty good and not too greasy. Cup of tea I made myself with some posh teabag, it was very good tea to be fair. 2.75/10 - I've firebombed the place and began torturing the family of the dishwasher who's day off was today.
  10. Remmie


    Agh those carefree days of eating a prekilled, nonindeginous animal because it was shot in the head with a bolt
  11. Bang on, I saw the Floyd comparison very quickly in the instrumental part. It's got so much soul and a hint of Motown. Can't get past it, listened to it 5 times in a row
  12. Remmie


    The point of the rematch is that McGregor fans are thick enough to think he has a decent chance and everyone else will tune in to see him get battered again