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  1. Remmie


    Haha I've been known to do that. I don't know about best, but allthebestfights.com will usually have footage and no spoiler. I've caught maybe 10-15 boxing matches or UFC fights this way and the only one with a spoiler was McGregor vs Khabib from the thumbnail and video description. The other negative is they often have extremely zoomed in footage presumably to prevent some kind of software from detecting it and blocking it. Hopefully there is a better site out there but if you are stuck use that.
  2. Do you eat cheese Rico and Trumo?
  3. Did you read that on twitter by any chance? Was your conclusion "mental"?
  4. I think I have seen Guardians of the Galaxy and T2 out of the lot. I preferred T2 so voted for that though I enjoyed both. Tried to watch t1 but couldn't get into it. I'm also getting bored rigid of the marvel milkathon and reboots that seem to dominate the cinema. Why is it that sequels are usually regarded as shite by most people you talk to yet always seem to coin it in at the cinema?
  5. I bet you shat in a shoe box and posted it to yourself.
  6. Any good? Tempted to go for the special offer they have going
  7. The fake banana taste with E numbers and sugar is not a point I'm missing but the exact reason why it's vile. Its sickly, weird and has a vague snot like quality. Put all the sugar and e numbers in a chocolate or Vanilla milkshake and now we're talking. But no strawberry flavoured shite either thanks.
  8. As long as you like it mate, I'd sooner lick <insert something unpleasant>
  9. It even has the word yummy ont he front, if that's not a dead giveaway the banana bit should be
  10. Milkshakes? Yuck, they are the worst. Using actual bananas is fine but the flavoured stuff is gross. You and Tony have disabled taste buds
  11. Remmie

    Ouija boards

    It's because you had your finger on it you numbskull, these ghosts are picky bastards only using glasses with fingers on them and telling you shit you already know or can't be proved.
  12. No, never heard of them and haven't seen veggie black pudding before, not sure what I think about that
  13. Remmie

    Expanding your vocabulary

    'Pet' loathing Rog? Sounds a bit American to me.