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  1. Remmie

    Shit songs by great bands...

    Not sure that many of you love Stereophonics so will probably think I'm spoilt for choice but I rate most of their stuff. Have a nice day is as annoying as fuck though.
  2. Bear vs Monkey with flick knife. Simon's life story. The KFC Otterspool rumble.
  3. Remmie

    FAO: Tony

    Perhaps we're just on a different wavelength on here mate, a couple times you've reacted to something that was meant to be a tongue in cheek light hearted dig and a few times I've genuinely had no idea what you're on about and probably come out with a weird reaction myself. Apologies for my part in it, hope Liam Gallagher wrists you off behind the bins x
  4. Remmie

    FAO: Tony

    Seeing as we're playing the pedantic bellend game give the thread title another read and give your head a wobble.
  5. Remmie

    FAO: Tony

    But would you dunk your biscuit in it
  6. Remmie

    FAO: Tony

    Fucking hell, typo squad are out.
  7. Remmie

    FAO: Tony

    Are you are if this product? What do you think?
  8. Remmie

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Funnily enough store detective was overselling the job title too, not too sure they spent much time at forensics.
  9. Remmie

    Best James Bond?

    Because milking the Bond franchise gives them loads of existing fans and free press in sensationalist articles about people losing their shit over a female Bond or whatever. Thinking about it they'll have one eye on how Marvel are flogging a dead horse and think I want some of that by having the female 007 and still continue with the original James character and have a crossover film. Or 10.
  10. Remmie

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Anyone else on the edge of their seat and pumped for Le Decision II?
  11. Remmie

    Best James Bond?

    Congratulations Hollywood for finding yet another way to flog a dead horse. Not content with fast and furious 17 or whatever we're on and the endless fucking supply of Marvel films what we really need is another Bond film. Woman 007 or not, who's arsed? Loads of people apparently.
  12. Remmie

    The New Cricket Thread

    New Zealand were an absolute class act I thought, perfectly emphasised when Guptill immediately signalled a 6 off Stokes in that last over. Cruel on him that those overthrows and missing out on 2 in the super over followed - surely proof there is no such thing as karma
  13. Remmie

    The New Cricket Thread

    I'm trying to think of anything in sport that has surpassed that and can only come up with Istanbul. Tremendous awful tension.
  14. Remmie

    The New Cricket Thread

    New Zealand deserve this
  15. Remmie

    The New Cricket Thread

    We've all been keen to criticise England throughout the tournament but this is some fight whatever happens.