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  1. If any other cunt starts complimenting another dickhead's breakfast again I am going to lose my shit here, you are not getting the thread at all. I don't care if it's a Cadbury's cream egg served on Margot Robbie's freshly plucked minge, you will look to and succeed at picking fault with it, the pettier and more innocuous, the better. Dribblechin shitlords the lot of you.
  2. Remmie

    Boxing 2021

    Haney seems like quite a likeable boxer but being promoted by Hearn puts me off him a bit.
  3. Remmie

    Make your own AI-generated art

    Got a lift off Fred West
  4. Remmie

    Make your own AI-generated art

    Fucks sake, beat me to it, better picture as well
  5. Remmie

    Make your own AI-generated art

    I messed up the naming but but this is shit house dog aids:
  6. Remmie

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    Has anyone ever put someone on ignore on here that they now like?
  7. Remmie

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    I once predicted that David Haye's title fight against Klitschko had absolutely no chance of being anything other than ace and went out to Germany to watch it.
  8. Remmie

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Maybe he's doing the we're not worthy sign
  9. Remmie

    The GF's All Time TV Theme Tune - Group 23

    For some reason the big little lies theme sounds different in that clip, no idea why though, it's nearly as good but not quite the same. Anyway I voted for that after nominating it despite never seeing an episode because the song is fucking great. Nearly went for 'Film' but the True detective one was good. Not a bad round this, quite a range of decent themes there.
  10. Remmie

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    I've been surrounded by wild dogs 2 nights running in Thailand. There were only 3 of them the first time round and they were barking and snarling, but I was in a foul fucking mood anyway so just took my anger out on them kicking stones aggressively and just shouting any old shit and they soon scarpered. The second day there were fucking loads of them and I've exhaggerated saying I got surrounded by them this time, I saw the burly wild cunts prowling the empty streets ahead and fucking legged it into the cool bosom of a seven eleven. What a shit story. Another mate who went to Thailand was surrounded by wild dogs on the beach while he was lying in his sleeping bag, his bird and her mate wre nearby. He had to fight the fuckers off with a knife and drew blood on one of them. Later on in the trip he was with some mates on a motorbike and they were getting chased by dogs, one of the guys run one of the fuckers over. Wild dogs are a menace out there.
  11. Turdseye posted that already, you are stealing his rep and for that I commend you. And rep you.
  12. Remmie

    Becoming a dad for the first time

    I hope _b is allowed on the birth certificate. It's such a crazy, amazing, surreal feeling when they finally arrive, relief, excitement and a little bit of shitting yourself wondering if you are going to know how to do it. Remlette_b would be a boss name, actually.
  13. Remmie

    The GF's All Time TV Theme Tune - Group 21

    Wow easily the toughest group, all of them are brilliant apart from the Rugby. I feel sorry for SasaS as that'll get fuck all votes even though it's been his best shout so far. Cricket gets one vote, the 2nd is between several: Dr Who, Cheers, South Bank show and Sparta FC.
  14. Remmie

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    Haha that reminds me of doing an all inclusive booze fest at Lloret de Mar near Barcelona. I was sharing a room with 2 mates and was knocking on the door for about half an hour but they were hammered, passed out and weren't answering. So I, rather brilliantly I might add, fooled reception into giving me the key for next door, let myself in there. I then went to the balcony and climbed from next door on to our balcony absolutely shitfaced and several stories up and finally got in to see my 2 dickhead mates sat up talking!