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  1. Remmie

    Rival Players You Respect

    Eugh, I do not get the Berbatov love on here, you are not the only one. Slimy, shit, dad's a rapist Manc prick
  2. Funny? Just makes him sound like a bitter miserable twat which is par for the course realy
  3. It's called untappd. Add me my name is zebkg
  4. There are loads of delicious Stouts nowadays with coffee and/or chocolate notes so don't be afraid to experiment though this one is amongst the very best
  5. 3rd September 2016 and I rated it 4.75/5 I raved about the coffee and chocolate flavours. I love my beer app.
  6. Remmie

    Perfectly Cast Movie Roles

    I agree on this and a young Natalie Portman was also fantastic. But it always amuses me that Jean Reno is meant to be Italian in Leon and he just couldn't be more French if he tried. Tom Hanks was the first choice for Tim Robbins' role of Andy in Shawshank redemption. He probably would have been just as good and brought a different personality to the character but it's so hard to imagine.
  7. Remmie


    And the low quality of the photo where it could just be that she's got bad skin
  8. I clicked on the link, I think most of them are new beers for this year
  9. £35 for a brewdog calendar isn't too bad actually
  10. I use that website a lot, they are pretty reliable and definitely worth making your large purchases through (broadband provider, white goods, clothing, anything that qualifies really), occasionally companies get out of the cashback a technicality.
  11. Remmie

    Boxing 2020

  12. Remmie

    Boxing 2020

    Check out the Charlo one. His twin fought as well this weekend and I am fucked if I remember if it was Jermall or Jermell. Anyway, the victim was Rosario. If the reaction wasn't how it was I could imagine people shouting fix.
  13. Remmie

    Top Lurkers

    He went fucking nuts and posted something a couple months ago. Fucking lunatic.
  14. Remmie

    Boxing 2020

    Couple of weird endings to fights in Taylor's and Charlo's matches, seemingly innocuous looking body shots absolutely destroying the opponent in both cases