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  1. redinblack

    Three at the back

    To paraphrase Bob Paisley " we just try to put out a balanced side and not worry too much about the opposition". I'm with Bob on this one.
  2. redinblack

    Noel Gallagher quits Oasis

    I underestimated the power of The Primate Lobby on here
  3. redinblack

    Noel Gallagher quits Oasis

    I deserve that. My sincerest apologies for my anti-Simian statement.
  4. redinblack

    Noel Gallagher quits Oasis

    I like it. I couldnt have put it better about that fucking fraud and his chimp brother.
  5. redinblack

    Boris Johnson

    That Kuenssberg article on the BBC today was fucking criminal, the last line "they can do business when they have to". They havent fucking done any you daft bitch.
  6. redinblack

    Middle Class Generalisation Thread

    Weve got a latte/espresso machine. I dont use it though, I drink Tea. Out of a mug. Standards.
  7. redinblack

    Mohamed Salah

    They arent coming here. Just pay the man, just do it.
  8. redinblack

    Toy Nostalgia.

    We had Subbuteo f******l, and in time added the Rugby and Cricket games. The latter two werent so good actually, but we played the f******l game for days at a time.
  9. redinblack

    Keir Starmer

    On the other hand, if they had'nt gone into coalition with them, they would'nt have been able to do any of what they did. And we probably would'nt be in the shit we are in now with this absolute train wreck of a government.
  10. redinblack

    Cheese v Beans

    I loaded up on beer and malt whisky. And Cheese. And Water Biscuits.
  11. redinblack

    Cheese v Beans

    Cheese is the thing that the word "wonderful" was invented for. If any degenerates pick beans, they should go and live a life of shame far away.
  12. My final word on this...Ziege. When we signed him I thought "A bit of class, can give us something from full back we havent had for a while" He was absolute fucking rubbish, and whats more is he didnt seem to care. It was the not caring that was unforgiveable, he had talent, he just didnt give a fuck. He stole his wages.
  13. redinblack

    Instant cunt identifiers

    I had a similar conversation with a family member a while ago, he says "I just speak my mind, if they dont like it thats their problem", I said "do you not think constantly acting the cunt is the reason why less and less people are arsed with you as time goes on?". It didnt go well.
  14. redinblack


    Im heading there anyway regardless