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  1. redinblack

    Odd things you do that you wonder if anyone else does

    As Bill Hicks said....."if guys could suck their own cocks you ladies would all be sat next to empty seats......looking at an empty stage"
  2. redinblack

    Have a rant thread

    I was at a gig just recently and I had exactly the same, I asked them, then told them, to shut the fuck up or fuck off, they were outraged and called venue security "they had paid for their tickets so could do what they liked". The security dude told us all to be cool, and they stood and steamed at me for a bit before eventually leaving. I hope they had a flat tyre going home.
  3. redinblack

    Milton keynes: shite or good?

    I went there in ( I think ) 1982 to see the Genesis gig with Peter Gabriel at the Bowl. Havent been since, not had a reason to.
  4. redinblack

    Other Football 2021/22

    The Derby isn't a great game it's usually fucking horrible. And we pay for the 6 points big time. It's never enjoyment.
  5. redinblack

    Other Football 2021/22

    I'm mildly hysterical after that. I'm trying to explain to Mrs RiB but she's not really getting it
  6. redinblack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I wouldn't dream of trying to mimic the legend that is Trumo
  7. redinblack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I was told tonight them staying up was "good for the City" No it isn't. Violent Prejudiced Racist Entitled Insular Liars They are everything that is wrong. Fuck them. And if you really ever needed another reason to despise Crystal Palace, you have it right there today.
  8. redinblack

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I dont think she is thick actually, she just lies.
  9. redinblack


    "Chariots of Fire" was always one of the tunes Ritchie Blackmore would have played over the concert PA before Rainbow came on, so apart from it being a wonderful tune I always associate it with good times. RIP Vangelis
  10. redinblack

    American Politics

    He doesnt like division or hate, but when he gets turned down for something he says he "would bet you a signed dollar hes a paedo" He's a cunt.
  11. I use the phrase "Thundercunt". I'm sure I heard it here first.
  12. redinblack

    John Toshack Documentary

    I went to see this film "Tosh" last night and it was very good. It focussed on the rise from Division 4 to Division 1 in successive seasons. Doesnt talk much about his LFC career, but a lot of pieces with Shanks and Tosh saying how much he helped him. I remember Smithy and Cally going there, but I had forgotten about Phil Boersma and Alan Waddle, they arent mentioned but you see them in pictures or in match day programmes. Bob Latchford too. Best bit for me was one of the players talking about them going out for a "wet the babys head" do at a Swansea pub, and the coppers busted them for after hours drinking. All of the squad bar 2 were there, and Tosh was narked at the 2 who didnt go. Sounds like Jurgen. If you get the chance its good viewing.
  13. redinblack

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Mrs RiB gets extremely testy over this, and isnt slow in telling them.
  14. redinblack

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    You could just written "hes a cunt" and saved yourself time