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  1. Jenson


    If that's the case there's going to be a big problem for the efficacy of any vaccine.
  2. Jenson


    I would think that's because the people driving the case rates at the moment are predominantly the under 30's, so the severity of disease in that cohort is not very high. It's when those infections start rising up the age groups that the hospitilisations/deaths may start to climb.
  3. Jenson

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    You couldn't go in the Arena bar in town without running into at least one of them.
  4. Jenson


    Every single one of them a Trump voter.
  5. Jenson

    Thiago Alcantara

    We may end up not signing him but this is all part of the negotiation.
  6. Jenson


    I don't know what has been said and I don't know on what basis a positive result is being given. All I can give is my opinion on real-time PCR as someone who uses it routinely.
  7. Jenson


    My work. It's what I do. Edit. Sorry, being a bit facetious there. I do actually do real-time PCR in my work. I can't imagine a Ct threshold over 30 being used as the basis for a positive result. My guess would be 20-25 cycles at the very most and I would think that you would be able to see the reaction 'take-off' a good number of cycles before that.
  8. Jenson


    Real-time PCR is not an end-point analysis. 45 cycles is used to take the reaction to it's plateau. The actual measurement of a positive test will be based on the threshold cycle or Ct when you actually see exponential amplification of the DNA (through increase in fluorescence mediated by the FAM probes added to the reaction).
  9. Jenson

    Donald Trump

    This is not a normal President.
  10. Jenson

    Donald Trump

    If Trump loses and refuses to accept the result, all hell will break loose. Civil war is defo on the cards in the major cities and Southern states in particular. The orange gibbon will probably end up nuking California.
  11. Jenson


    Eight schools in Liverpool have now reported positive cases of covid. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/hundreds-pupils-isolating-after-eight-18891505
  12. Jenson


    My boss lives on the Wirral and her husband, who is in his 80s, is currently ill with symptoms of covid. She phoned 119 to book a test and was told the nearest drive in centre available was in Nelson, Lancs, a good 65 miles away! This Government is farcical.
  13. Jenson


    The y-axis on that graph is a bit disingenuous. Compared to the peak the increase in hospitilisations from July is no where near as bad as it looks there.