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  1. None of us have any right to complain about anything this season of course, but that result has annoyed me way more than it should have done.
  2. Whatever Robbo's been drinking, I want some.
  3. Fuck me! They're all still pissed!
  4. Suarez or Virg the best player you've ever seen in the red shirt? Steven Gerrard would like a word.
  5. Yeah, asked to be subbed off with a 'knock'. Don't think Houllier ever forgave him either.
  6. Repped for The Blacklist, as I don't know anybody else who watches it.
  7. Ince will never be forgiven for crying off at Old Trafford in the cup in 99, when we were 1-0 up with 10 minutes left. That was the end of him with us.
  8. Jenson


    It's the taste of amino acids, the main example being monosodium glutamate.
  9. Jenson

    Starting again at life in middle age

    Get the Date thread back up and running.
  10. I'll be very surprised if the 2m distance rule isn't reduced to 1m by July.
  11. Jenson


    Data from the Covid app is estimating new infections to be approx 4,900 per day, which is down from 9,700 last week. Also a 'one size fits all' mortality rate seems not to be very helpful. I'd get rather see demographic specific data which would be far more informative I think.