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  1. Jenson

    Other Football - 2019/20

    This is disgraceful from a Premier League team.
  2. Jenson

    Other Football - 2019/20

    This is a joke. 4 now
  3. Jenson

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Watford doing great here. Only 3 down after 10 minutes.
  4. Jenson

    Other Football - 2019/20

    1 minute! Fucks sake
  5. Jenson

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I agree it's not the best look especially with the way every media outlet will jump on it, but Watson, Streeting, Phillips et al can all get to fuck as far as I'm concerned. It's one thing having different ideas or beliefs but it's completely different using your position to continuously undermine what the Labour Party are trying to achieve.
  6. Antonio Brown released by the Pats. That lasted long.
  7. Was out on Tuesday night watching a certain game. Had a few shandies but nothing excessive, fell asleep on the couch last night at 8pm and didn't wake up until 7am this morning.
  8. Jenson

    VAR shit show 19/20

    For me, the only way it's going to work is if the referee on the field can look at the replays (like in the World Cup). VAR can tell him that he should look at an incident but the final decision is his. I know the time taken to do this is a problem but I don't see any other way of doing it without taking all authority from the on field ref. Maybe some kind of NFL-style challenge system can also be used.
  9. Jenson

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    Totally agree. It's a trophy we've never won and I badly want that World Champions badge on our sleeves.
  10. Jenson

    Lib Dems

    New Lib Dem Brexit policy = Electoral suicide
  11. Bobby Firmino take a bow. That was outrageous!
  12. Jenson

    Life insurance

    Try Moneysupermarket.com for comparisons. If you want cheaper premiums then you can go for Decreasing Cover, whereby the payout decreases over time (usually to track a repayment mortgage) or you can go for Level cover whereby the payout stays the same during the lifetime of the policy (premiums are more expensive). MoneySavingExpert.com is a good place to get advice.
  13. Jenson

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    To get that much shite into one small paragraph is genuinely impressive. I was actually torn between the neg or rep.
  14. Jenson

    TLW Deathpool 2019

    I'll replace Mugabe with Jimmy Carter
  15. Jenson

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Just one more reason to fuck the House of Lords off.