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  1. Absolutely, and this is now the time when we have to take advantage. Beat the teams we should be beating and hope some of the better sides take points off City.
  2. Jenson

    VAR - The Verdict

    There is everything wrong with VAR at the moment. If your first thought after your team has scored is whether or not VAR will disallow it, then it will completely ruin the game. If it's going to be used after every goal, checking this phase or that phase, it will completely ruin the game. If it's going to be used after every challenge in the penalty area, it will completely ruin the game (....you get the drift). The only way it will work imo is if a challenge system is put in place like in NFL/tennis/cricket, and if needed the on-field referee goes to look at the pitchside monitor and makes the decision himself.
  3. Jenson

    VAR - The Verdict

    VAR needs fucking off for this and this alone. This is the whole point of watching football.
  4. Jenson

    VAR - The Verdict

    But onside/offside is not subject to this clear and obvious bollocks. It's not supposed to be subjective, it either is or it isn't. How many offside decisions have been given on the basis of millimetres so far this season with the justification of the technology can't be wrong? Mason Mount against us is one that springs to mind when Chelsea had a goal disallowed for an offside nobody saw. This whole VAR shitshow needs fucking off asap. It's ruining the game.
  5. Jenson

    VAR - The Verdict

    No basis to overturn the offside? You mean apart from the fact Bobby was onside?
  6. Jenson

    Man City - the new bitters?

    The bald fraud can go fuck himself. Just show Sadio that video clip and he'll tear these a new arsehole next week.
  7. Jenson

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Saffers bossing it so far. England haven't even got started.
  8. Jenson

    General Election 2019

    I was going to take the high road and not neg this but the third time and fourth time pushed me over the edge.
  9. Jenson

    General Election 2019

    £1Billion I think
  10. Jenson

    General Election 2019

    Tactical voting will be a must this election and it needs proper organising, if not at national level then definitely on the ground. Take Zac Goldsmith in Richmond Park. He beat the Lib Dem candidate by 45 votes, while Labour, in a constituency they will never win, got nearly 6,000 votes. If it was up to me, Labour wouldn't even be putting up a candidate in that constituency (and vice versa for Tory/Lab marginals), but as that won't happen, then individual CLPs/associations have to be telling people door to door who should be getting their vote to get the Tories out/stop Brexit/second ref. You can bet your fucking life that Johnson is desperately trying to come up with some arrangement with Farage. Lord Ashcroft was even suggesting bribing Farage and Tice off with peerages.
  11. Jenson

    General Election 2019

    Ok, your opinion I can understand, even though I disagree. I don't think Labour have fudged it, they are the only party that has an even split between leave and remain supporters. As such, there is no way they can jump wholesale to one side or the other without alienating a huge chunk of potential voters. The whole Brexit divide now has become toxically polarised and I find it sad that trying to find middle ground is perceived as weak.
  12. Jenson

    The MLB Thread

    Go Nats! Been to see them twice while on my travels, so I'm grabbing some reflected glory.
  13. Jenson

    General Election 2019

    What facts are these then?
  14. Jenson

    General Election 2019

    Labour will not come out full remain either before or after the election because more people voted to leave in 2016 than remain. Labour's policy is to respect the result of the referendum, negotiate a withdrawal agreement, that will be a softer Brexit than what Johnson is offering, and then have a confirmatory vote. Do people really need to be told what way to vote on that? Or would it be sensible for Labour to say here's the deal we have got, this is what it means, the decision is yours. I don't really see what is difficult about understanding that.