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  1. Dont get carried away, the bitters will injure a few on Wednesday evening.
  2. Looks like he's in the queue for a prostrate exam.
  3. The presenter on Bein sports asking the stupidest question of the season. "Could the Southampton keeper have done better on the third goal?"
  4. Our worst half of the season, absolute disgrace.
  5. Thiago going full Phil Jones with that header.
  6. Say what you want about Jota, he knows where the net is.
  7. Juno - 7/10 Bit of a womans film, its watchable enough.
  8. Hopefully you'll become part of the fan club with me and @VladimirIlyich
  9. Elite

    Happy Birthday Angry

    I've just checked to see if it's my birthday today as it appears it's every cunt else's.
  10. I bet the other 4 families are shitting themselves.
  11. Elite


    If you don't get it, I want your blood serum and I'm not afraid of using weapons to get it.
  12. Elite

    Favourite Comedians?

    I like Troy Hawke from the little I've seen of him, nice gimmick and does it well.
  13. Elite

    Happy Birthday Angry

    Happy Birthday lid.
  14. Quite an exquisite dresser as well. Fergie will need to up the security on his stables though.
  15. Elite

    Small pleasures?

    Hopefully you don't have the same problem Saul did.
  16. Elite

    Sons of Anarchy

    Being doing a rewatch of this and those Irish accents in season 3 are ridiculous, funny in fact.