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  1. Elite

    Ideas for a short break please

    Your little toe
  2. Purps wont be asking to squat this fella.
  3. Elite


    Isn't his bird heavily involved in his training? Team Alpha Male appears very much like a fraternity type group. They'd probably get a new American Pie movie from that lot.
  4. Elite

    Roberto Firmino

    This. On his day he's fucking brilliant but he's been very inconsistent most of his career with us. Last season he delivered for the majority of the season and I thought he's cracked it now, he's developed into a top player that can do it week in, week out. Our front three do get played pretty much every game, so a bit of competion will help on the tiredness front, it's something we need to address this summer.
  5. Elite


    Yeah, monumental downfall that!
  6. Elite


    I agree about it being a disaster, they have completely shot themselves in the foot by their lack of consistency, especially the whole Jones farce. In regards to TJ, going down to 125 was a spectacularly bad decision.
  7. Yeah I'm struggling with the new season as well.
  8. Elite


    I am only just realising how fucking ace they are. They will improve the majority of dishes but don't get the credit they deserve, they should be awarded a Knighthood from her Royal Maj herself, the old cunt.
  9. Elite


    Dillashaw has been popped for Peds and has given up his belt. No doubt he won't get any cover ups like Johnny Bones.
  10. Elite

    Good value family holidays for this summer

    You're better going abroad. Guaranteed that if you book a summer holiday in England, you'll be playing board games in your caravan like in that episode of Father Ted.
  11. Elite

    The McCanns...

    Deadlifts and Dicks
  12. Elite

    GF Car Buying Advice Required

    They'll more than likely accommodate you with a new deal if you use the same dealership seeing as they'll be getting more money from you. I'm in the same boat, 2 years into a 5 year finance for a Focus. They are good cars but I get what you mean about being pretty dull, I'm going to grind it out and upgrade in another 3 years whilst you're swanning around in your new motor. Cunt.
  13. Elite

    Soft drinks

    It tastes very sugary surprisingly enough.
  14. Elite

    Soft drinks

    Well he is of Carribbean descent.
  15. Elite

    Soft drinks

    Aldi do a knock off Lilt, it's about 20p a bottle but very nice, it's only about 8 calories a glass as well.
  16. Elite

    Any interest in a new boxing prediction league?

    Pulev - KO Edwards - Points Buatsi - KO Okolie - KO Ritson - KO Bowen - Points
  17. A vote in the draft will do pal.
  18. Elite

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Gomez injury record is a massive concern. Shame, as he was outstanding before his latest injury.
  19. One of my favourite threads.
  20. I knew you'd be back in here.
  21. Elite

    The McCanns...

    Trains, Veins and Stains: The True Story of Purple Aki