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  1. The boarded up window is from when Mook threw a pool ball at Tony M for beating him at table football.
  2. Dave D

    Top 10 Favourite Kid’s Television Programmes

    Never heard of Paulus the wood gnome. Quick google tells me why- I was obviously shielded from the scary freak
  3. Dave D


    Not you you mad fool. Your Spain bound inlaws
  4. Dave D


    How did they even get as far as the gate?!
  5. Dave D


    You cant be that ignorant surely?
  6. Dave D


    Went to local town this afternoon- kept decent social distance but couple of biffs (looked like husband and wife) walking in front of me were chain smoking whilst puffing out smoke that was flying straight over their shoulders towards me due to the wind- closest Ive come to taking action with people I dont know- fucking idiots (to add to the incredulity, it was walking down a slope into a subway)
  7. Notice to Patrons In accordance with government advice we have now had to shut the TLW Tavern until further notice. We fully understand that will mean no where to drink until you piss your pants so have put a 100 litre water butt outside. We all know you will all miss the famous TLW tavern mixed grill so will be offering delivery to our regulars
  8. Morse Inspector Gadget Frost Rebus Lewis
  9. Dave D


    Im waiting for the card payment system to crash bang in the middle of it all. With supermarkets full of Joan and Kens with enough food and milk in their trolley to last until 2029