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  1. Dave D


    They can no longer deploy their devastating dry wit alligned with passive aggressive comradeship to our oppressed people. The new Regime will be fair and equal Im sure. Step forward Stronts and Rico
  2. Dave D


    Turdseye is an anagram for deysetru. Which in Japanese means Doctor of Nothing....... Your Reign of terror ends here
  3. Dave D


    So not only is my Alexa spying on me along with my phone, now my vaccine is as well? Im going to play them off against each other. Alexa wont know what hit her tonight when I stand next to her talking in hushed tones to my vaccine about classified shit
  4. Annoying stuff- When inflating something- paddling pool, bike tyre etc, you get it inflated, take the pump off and then seemingly lose the ability to use your fingers in a co-ordinated manner as all the air hisses in your face as you fumble with the cap/cover etc
  5. My brother won it once- Im sure he only scored 3, might have been 6 at most. Even Ken laughed that he'd managed to win after such a rubbish score He was on first- the 2nd guy was dreadful. Fairly sure he didnt get a question right
  6. And it differs wildly between shops. Some "medium" tops make me look pretty trim. Some make me look like I drink far too much San Miguel Which I do
  7. I replied to your message on here in 59 minutes and 25 seconds- thats not bad at all
  8. 30 seconds? Thats a tight deadline!
  9. Dave D

    The Space Thread

    Whilst I appreciate that deciding on it contents would have been thoroughly thought through, I often wonder what another civilization would make of the golden record we sent out to space in the 70's. They should have just sent Dark Side of The Moon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voyager_Golden_Record
  10. Dave D

    Euro 2020(21)

    Exactly my thoughts
  11. Dave D

    Euro 2020(21)

    Maybe, but slightly ironic when you consider who we have in goal
  12. Dave D

    Euro 2020(21)

    For some reason, despite the fierce rivalries of the day, I could get behind the like of Scholes, Beckham, Lampard, Ferdinand, Terry, Rooney etc when playing for England. Try as I might, I just cannot do the same for this lot. Must be an age thing. Or was it that the above, despite their flaws, were are all top drawer players. This England team are going to canter into the History books and with MBEs galore being dished out.
  13. Finding something you like after comparing similar things online, particularly that you want to go and pick up in store. Either- No stock local to you within 300 miles and out of stock for delivery. Or the site doesnt have a stock check and you have to "check local store for availability" Which never has what you want
  14. Dave D

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Turns out Rafa wasnt first choice- Jossy was offered a 5 year deal but turned it down
  15. Dave D

    Obscure cartoons from when you were a kid

    Blimey,I had them as well, so weird seeing something that you had a million percent forgotten but looking at them is making my head spin to my bedroom in the early 1980s.