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  1. Dave D

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Dont get me started on that little favourite of mine
  2. Dave D

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    I could fill in for 4 weeks. Money could be an issue as it would only see me earn around £160,000 but needs must
  3. Dave D

    Shite things about Winter.

    Many decent pubs with beer gardens?...... Thought not!
  4. 60 quid in Argos. Never see the bell whiffs again
  5. Dave D

    Shite things about Winter.

    Shits getting real. Mooks going down. Can you catch it on the interweb if you share a forum thread? Also, If Mook has paid 12 months membership but becomes incapicitated can he claim it back? Seems fair.
  6. Dave D

    Shite things about Winter.

    -25? Where do you live? And why do you have a car and not a sled and wolves?
  7. Dave D

    One night stands

    If I had the bottle to talk to her I would have asked her how to trim a particular bush that is out of control. And then run like fuck
  8. Dave D

    One night stands

    I was about to get down to business with a girl I had met in the pub one New Years eve many moons ago, really fancied her. In the throes of taking each others clothes off (very pissed) she bit me. Not a just a nibble, fucking hard. I managed to wince and keep it cool like the fonz. Then she did it again. Even harder. This time I sort of stood up trying to see if a chunk of me was missing. At which point she started getting dressed muttering that "she knew I wouldnt be able to handle her" and off she went. Nice girl. Works at the local garden centre now.
  9. Dave D

    The Ship and Mitre

    Half a pint of Ursula and Im anybodys Cheap night
  10. Dave D

    Shite things about Winter.

    I hate that. Trains especially seem to be gigantic test tubes full of cold viruses
  11. Dave D

    Great Non-Liverpool Footballing Images

    Deathrow records and John from Inverness all up in this shit
  12. Dave D

    Shite things about Winter.

    If you do croak it can I have your password so I can continue your good work on the forums?
  13. Dave D

    Shite things about Winter.

    She tends to go to bed about half hour before me, sometimes I go up and its hard to find her beneath the pile of duvets, blankets and dressing gowns. Shes probably not cold at all- just sending me a message loud and clear!