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  1. The time for diplomacy is over
  2. Dave D

    Sadio Mane

    Be hard to replace. For me was the catalyst to things starting to go our way. We suddenly looked dangerous with him in the team. So reliable, you can buy talent but it often comes injury prone.
  3. Dave D

    Diogo Jota

    I wouldn't worry too much about Jota. We've got an embarrassment of riches that we've craved for so so long A bit like having lived in a very ordinary tired rundown house for 20 years to suddenly finding yourself owning a beautiful Mansion in the countryside and worrying that you dont like the door handles
  4. Dave D

    Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 (May 22 2022)

    Im applying darts rules- if its all level at the world final the winner must win by 2 clear legs to clear any element of doubt. Its all down to a 501 leg between Baldy weirdo and Klopp
  5. Dave D

    Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 (May 22 2022)

    I havent seen any of the City game but wondered if Gerrard made any tactical defensive changes/subs at 2-0? Guess it would be harsh to throw that at him as they all came in quick succession
  6. Dave D

    Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 (May 22 2022)

    It was the hope that got me.....a growing sense that it was going to be our day that I couldn't quell
  7. Dave D

    The Hangover Thread

    Love it. Thats me all over
  8. Dave D

    You hate it, but everyone else loves it.

    Nooooooooo? Surely not?
  9. Dave D

    You hate it, but everyone else loves it.

    My dislike of Alison Hammond is touch irrational I grant you but when Ive ever mentioned it if she happen to be and on the tv or in the paper etc most people say they think shes hilarious* *these people do tend to be middle aged housewives
  10. Dave D

    You hate it, but everyone else loves it.

    Formula 1 Allison Hammond Red wine
  11. Dave D

    Other Football 2021/22

    Im with you on not giving up but part of me wants it over so we can rotate a bit. To be honest, we really should be able to do that anyway
  12. Dave D

    Other Football 2021/22

    If we had just scored 10 goals in 2 games, only conceding 1, Id have the champagne on ice