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  1. Lets see what happens when we are in trophy contention- if he's full Sturridge he'll be first out warming up on match days. I agree though- Klopps whole ethos cant carry players like Thiago- they arent up to it for prolonged periods
  2. Dave D

    Blair @ Brown

    The programme changed my view of Brown a bit- I didnt realise how sharply intelligent he was. Not in anyway Prime Minister material though
  3. Dave D

    Blair @ Brown

    Very good watch- having just won the first election and having been up all night, Blair was stood outside of number 10 waving to the press and the millions watching on TV. Stood there quite a while. Turns out, it was because he wasnt sure how to open the door
  4. Dave D


    Commentary as opposed to pundits- getting very bored of the inevitable screeched line whenever Ronaldo scores... IT JUSSSSST HAAAADDDDD TO BEEEEE HIM!!!!!!!!
  5. Bloodyyesbutpissrightoff If you know what I mean
  6. Dave D

    Neil Ruddock

    Ironically, just as the rest of football was becoming ultra fit and ultra organised
  7. Gregory Porter Rod Stewart Drake Beyonce The Verve (Probably all be on the mainstage at Glastonbury next year)
  8. Dave D

    Geordie Arabia

    Maybe, but it would seem they are uber-rich. Newcastle are a club that would gain momentum far quicker than City or Chelsea- a much bigger and more passionate fan base will see them progress pretty quickly. Football is so money driven, coupled with sponsorship and the importance of social media presence (see the likes of Ronaldo and Pogba) and you can see football has changed massively, even from the days of Abromivich showing up
  9. Dave D

    Geordie Arabia

    Wishful thinking. Probably 2 seasons at most
  10. Dave D

    Other Football 2021/22

    Of course he did. He guided them to some fantastic draws and a notable defeat
  11. Dave D

    Geordie Arabia

    January window could be fun. I hope they start bidding for City players that are on long contracts. I can see them going for Kane
  12. Dave D

    Geordie Arabia

    To be fair to Newcastle they actually do have a fanbase that will create atmospheres etc, unlike City and Chelsea. If you chuck in Newcastle with Chelsea and City spending wise its going to be concerning for the rest of us. That said, Staveley/the jubilant fans/the counting chickens before they've hatched gives me a feeling this will not go quite as planned for them.
  13. Dave D

    Geordie Arabia

    Given the general consensus that FSG are shit, (judging by recent trophies Id be curious to see how other fans view that) looking around the Premier League, is it fair to say that of the owners in the Top 8, Leicester take the moral High Ground? Maybe Tottenham?